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Walk the Wire

Walk the Wire Pdf/ePub eBook


Walk the Wire - David Baldacci Summary

Remember his name: FBI Agent Amos Decker is back in a brand new thrilling memory man investigation from number 1 bestseller, David Baldacci. A town with a secret. A lone hunter discovers the remains of a woman in North Dakota’s Badlands. She appears to have had a post-mortem performed on her reminiscent of those only seen on TV shows – but this time, there was no slab, morgue or camera in sight. A victim without a past. The reason why Irene Cramer’s death merits an FBI investigation becomes rapidly clear when key questions surface about her mysterious past. Little is known about this school teacher, where she came from or her true identity. She clearly had something to hide. A hero with a unique skill. FBI investigator, Amos Decker and his colleague, Alex Jamison, are summoned to seek answers in the local community of London, North Dakota, which sits at the very heart of the fracking industry. Enriched with oil money, jealousy and a deep-set rivalry lie beneath a veneer of glitz and opulence. Decker soon realizes that the nearby ‘eye in the sky’, the Air Force Station, may hold the vital clues and that this town holds secrets so explosive that they could destabilize the entire country . . Walk the Wire by David Baldacci is the sixth book in the Amos Decker series. Once read, never forgotten.

Walk the Wire: An Amos Decker Novel 6

Walk the Wire: An Amos Decker Novel 6 Pdf/ePub eBook


Walk the Wire: An Amos Decker Novel 6 - David Baldacci Summary

The number one bestselling author returns with another highly charged thriller taking Amos Decker, who has proved one of his readers' favourite characters to date, on an action-packed investigation with all the trademark twists and turns which make David Baldacci one of the world's favourite storytellers.

Traité du funambulisme

Traité du funambulisme Pdf/ePub eBook


Traité du funambulisme - Philippe Petit Summary

A propos du célèbre funambule et son ami de longue date, Paul Auster écrit: "L'art du funambule n'est pas un art de mort, mais un art de vie: de vie vécue à l'extrême de la vie." Approche du funambulisme comme technique et comme "philosophie".

High Wire/North Pole Walk

High Wire/North Pole Walk Pdf/ePub eBook


High Wire/North Pole Walk - N.A Summary

By encouraging students to read both fiction and non-fiction in depth, to research interesting topics, and to respond to texts in different ways, teachers can increase their students' knowledge of how texts work and help them develop research skills. There are 12 books and one teachers' guide in Set B Double takes. Each book contains two separate but linked titles - one fiction, one non fiction, covering content area themes and topics. There is also a dedicated web page for each book. Teachers can use these books in different ways. Each of the 12 books is supported by a six page teaching plan based on the Read - Research - Respond model. The accompanying teachers' guide is a practical planning and teaching tool - to help assess and identify the needs of individual students and groups and to teach essential literacy skills, based on the foundation of guided reading.

Le cas Fitzgerald

Le cas Fitzgerald Pdf/ePub eBook


Le cas Fitzgerald - John Grisham Summary

Des malfaiteurs dévalisent la bibliothèque de l’Université de Princeton. Leur butin est déclaré d’une valeur inestimable, mais Princeton l’a assuré pour vingt-cinq millions de dollars. Bruce Cable possède une célèbre librairie à Santa-Rosa, une bourgade tranquille sur l’île Camino, en Floride. Bien que son affaire soit prospère, l’argent provient surtout du commerce de livres de collection. Peu de gens, toutefois, savent que Cable a souvent recours au marché parallèle et que passent entre ses mains manuscrits et ouvrages volés. Mercer Mann est une jeune romancière. Elle souffre d’une angoisse aiguë de la page blanche et vient de perdre son poste d’enseignante. Elle est contactée par une femme mystérieuse travaillant pour une société tout aussi mystérieuse. On lui offre une coquette somme pour infiltrer Bruce Cable et son cercle d’amis de la littérature. Sa mission est de se rapprocher suffisamment de lui et de découvrir ses secrets. Mais Mercer va trop en apprendre, et les ennuis vont commencer. Le paradis va devenir enfer, une métamorphose implacable comme seul John Grisham sait en conter. Traduit de l’anglais par Dominique Defert

A Northern Cheyenne Album

A Northern Cheyenne Album Pdf/ePub eBook


A Northern Cheyenne Album - Margot Liberty Summary

A Northern Cheyenne Album presents a rare series of never-before-published photographs that document the lives of tribal people on the reservation during the early twentieth-century—a period of rapid change. Reservation physician and expert photographer Thomas B. Marquis captured Northern Cheyenne life in numerous images taken from 1926 to 1935. After 1960, former tribal president John Woodenlegs and others interviewed tribal elders and, drawing on tape recordings, composed the photos' lively captions. Margot Liberty, editor of this volume, has added her own descriptions, filling in details of Northern Cheyenne culture and history from a scholar's viewpoint.

God Made Me Do It

God Made Me Do It Pdf/ePub eBook


God Made Me Do It - Marc Hartzman Summary

Does God, in His infinite wisdom, convince people to get rid of their car insurance? Does He encourage cannibalism? Does the God of more than six billion people actually have time to root for the Minnesota Vikings? According to some, yes. How do they know? God told them. Luckily, God also told Marc Hartzman to write this book, a collection of the most shocking, absurd, and hilarious things people have ever claimed God asked them to do, and to present them for your pure reading enjoyment. Including: The man that God told to perform surgery on himself God's generous offer to miraculously fill his believer's gas tank The fateful day God (assumedly feeling nostalgic for his teen years) asked a man to TP a police station The woman God instructed to direct traffic—topless And, sadly, many more

To Reach the Clouds

To Reach the Clouds Pdf/ePub eBook


To Reach the Clouds - Philippe Petit Summary

An artist of the air re-creates his six-year plot to pull off an act of incomparable beauty and imagination One late-summer day, a feat of unimaginable audacity was perpetrated on the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The year was 1974. A hundred thousand people gathered on the ground to watch in awe as twenty-four-year-old high wire artist Philippe Petit made eight crossings between the all-but-completed towers, a quarter mile above the earth, over the course of nearly an hour. Petit's achievement made headlines around the world. Yet few who saw or heard about it realized that it was the fulfillment of a dream he had nurtured for six years, rekindling it each time it was in danger of expiring. His accomplices were a motley crew of foreigners and Americans, who under Petit's direction had conpired, connived, labored, argued, rehearsed, and improvised to make possible an act of unsurpassed aerial artistry. In this visually and verbally stunning book, Petit tells for the first time the dramatic story of this history-making walk, from conception and clandestine planning to the performance and its aftermath. The account draws on Petit's journals, which capture everything from his budgets to his strategies for rigging a high wire in the dead of night between two of the most secure towers in the world. It is animated by photographs taken by two of Petit's collaborators, and by his own wonderfully evocative sketches and unquenchable humor.

Why Knot?

Why Knot? Pdf/ePub eBook


Why Knot? - Philippe Petit Summary

“Mr. Petit is the perfect teacher” in this fascinating, educational volume on knot-tying—an art and science that has held civilization together (The Wall Street Journal). Philippe Petit is known for his astounding feat of daring when, on August 7, 1974, he stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between the World Trade Center’s twin towers in New York City. But beyond his balance, courage, and showmanship, there was one thing Petit had to be absolutely certain of—his knots. Without the confidence that his knots would hold, he never would have left the ground. In fact, while most of us don’t think about them beyond tying our shoelaces, the humble knot is crucial in countless contexts, from sailing to sports to industrial safety to art, agriculture, and more. In this truly unique book, Petit offers a guide to tying over sixty of his essential knots, with practical sketches illustrating his methods and clear tying instructions. Filled with photos in which special knots were used during spectacular high-wire walks, quirky knot trivia, personal anecdotes, helpful tips, magic tricks, and special tying challenges, Why Knot? will entertain and educate readers of all ages. “In reading Philippe’s book we are cogently reminded that without the ability to secure a rope, or tether a goat, or make fast the sheets of a galley, much of the civilization that we take for granted would disappear as easily as a slipknot in the hands of a Vegas conjuror.” —Sting, musician and activist “His descriptions are clear, he deploys humor frequently and he makes his points with anecdotes that are colorful and memorable. Explaining the purpose and creation of knots and thanks to those flawless drawings Mr. Petit earns perfect marks.” —The Wall Street Journal

The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy

The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy Pdf/ePub eBook


The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy - Don Sternberg Summary

Download or read The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Terre des oublis

Terre des oublis Pdf/ePub eBook


Terre des oublis - Duong Thu Huong Summary

Au centre du Vietnam en 1975, la femme d'un commerçant fortuné, père de son fils, retrouve son premier mari, considéré martyr de guerre, 14 ans auparavant. Désormais partagée entre deux maris, deux vies et deux conceptions de l'amour, comment s'en sortira-t-elle? [SDM].

Life on the Level

Life on the Level Pdf/ePub eBook


Life on the Level - Jon Lands Summary

Many years ago, the Flying Wallendas were performing with the Circus and were quite a attraction wherever they performed their high wire act. In one city in which they performed, the local weather reporter asked the patriarch, Karl Wallenda, "May I give the weather report on the high wire?" Karl agreed. The big moment came; the reporter stepped out, balanced, and gave a quick weather forecast. In an instant, the commercial break came and the reporter asked, "Mr. Wallenda! How do I step back, right foot or left foot?" In his haste to make high viewer ratings rather than be safe, the reporter was completely unaware of his new difficulty. Karl Wallenda said, "Son, you can't back up--you have to step forward." The nervous reporter said, "Mr. Wallenda, I can't do that; I have never walked the high wire, beside I am one step back from where I started." Wallenda said, "You've got thirty-three steps in front of you and it is safer to take thirty-three steps forward than one step back. Don't be afraid, I'll be right behind you." The principle is true if you are going to live life on the level. Don't be afraid--and step forward. The Epistle of James teaches us about balance so we may walk forward with Jesus, no matter where He guides you. This book, and its study of James, will help you keep your balance as you walk across the high wire of the Christian life. Remember, it is easier to keep your balance walking forward rather than stepping backward. Can't you hear Christ whispering in your ear words of encouragement? Take another step and trust Him as you live Life on the Level.

A Walk with God

A Walk with God Pdf/ePub eBook


A Walk with God - Beverly Keene Summary

Looking for Inspirational reading and short stories? This book has some of each to lift up your day, give you some restful reading, and help take some of your stress away. As you read, reflect upon how the messages inside can strengthen your faith and help you to grow into your own spiritual walk with the Lord.

Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters Pdf/ePub eBook


Boredom Busters - Tommy Donbavand Summary

Veteran children's entertainer Tommy Donbavand gives tips on keeping children entertained, whether it's a single child or an entire playscheme. The book is full of activities that will keep parents from tearing their hair out. CONTENTS: All the fun at the fair - around the world - arty party - body shots - comic strip - crazy golf - dinosaurs! - funny Formula One - get up, stand up - the great indoors - Hallowe'en horrors - hold the front page - hot on the tail - how to train your teacher - knights of the Round Table - let's do the show right here - lost in space - make a volcano - the monster olympics - now you're cookin' - oh, what a circus - on safari - on the catwalk - personalize your computer - pirates - pop stars - potty picture holder - quiz kids - really robotic - redesign your room - science lab - secret agents - under the sea - what a novel idea - wild on the web - write a song About the author Tommy Donbavand is also the author of Quick Fixes for Bored Kids and More Quick Fixes for Bored Kids.

Fleur de cimetière

Fleur de cimetière Pdf/ePub eBook


Fleur de cimetière - David Bell Summary

Lorsque Tom et Abby finissent par se résigner à organiser des funérailles, leur fille Caitlin a disparu depuis quatre ans déjà. Elle aurait eu seize ans. Le lendemain de la cérémonie, Caitlin est retrouvée par la police. Elle rentre chez elle mais refuse de dire quoi que ce soit de l’homme qui l’a séquestrée pendant toutes ces années... Un thriller radical en forme de huis clos familial étouffant.

Walking in Derbyshire

Walking in Derbyshire Pdf/ePub eBook


Walking in Derbyshire - Elaine Burkinshaw Summary

Guidebook to walking in Derbyshire and the Peak District. 60 circular day walks, ranging from 2 to 10 miles (4 to 14km), offer something for walkers of all abilities. The walks start from bases all over the area including Glossop, Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock, Ripley, Ashbourne and Derby. The routes are illustrated with OS map extracts and accompanied with the author's own photographs, as well as including plenty of practical information on getting to and around Derbyshire and the routes. Historic sites including Hardwick Hall, Kedleston Hall, Eyam, Chatsworth House (the fictional Pemberley), New Mills, Cromford, Goyt Valley and Dovedale are also explored, as are Bronze and Iron Age forts, medieval castles and ruined Abbeys. Walking routes pass remnants of ancient civilisations, fine market towns and villages, caverns, castles, country houses and parklands, historic spa resorts and industrial heritage sites, and the book is full of background information detailing the local history.

Colt Under the Wire

Colt Under the Wire Pdf/ePub eBook


Colt Under the Wire - Lenora Swiger Summary

The loving friendship of a girl and her colt is severely tested as they endure the threat of being separated due to his coltish antics, that threaten not only his own safety, but that of others. Though this story was written for boys and girls age 8 to 12 this story is loved by children from 8 to 98 that enjoy a warm fuzzy story with many quick turns.

A Walk on the Sidewalk

A Walk on the Sidewalk Pdf/ePub eBook


A Walk on the Sidewalk - David William McCormick Summary

The book, A History of the African-Olmecs and Black Civilizations of America From Prehistoric Times to the Present Era, is one of the most fascinating, well-researched and well-written books on the subject of the Black and Black African presence in prehistoric and ancient Americas. This book deals with the current and past findings on the ancient African-Americas nations (throughout the Americas). It also studies present-day descendants of these ancient Africans and places attention on the ancient transatlantic as well as the transpacific ocean route by boat. The book discusses the plight of the Black Washitaw Nation of Louisiana and the South, who lost much of their ancient kingdom during the Louisiana Purchase. The plight of California's Black Californians, the Black Jamassee of Georgia, and the Black Caribs (Garifuna) of the Caribbean is examined. The great black civilization of the Olmecs and their connection in terms of language, religion, race, and culture with the West Africans is discussed.

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