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A Week in Paris

A Week in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


A Week in Paris - Rachel Hore Summary

From the bestselling author of A Gathering Storm, and the Richard & Judy Bookclub pick A Place of Secrets, comes a gripping and moving story spanning 25 years and World War II, secrets, family and enduring love. The streets of Paris hide a dark past… September, 1937. Kitty Travers enrols at the Conservatoire on the banks of the Seine to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. But then war breaks out and the city of light falls into shadow. Nearly twenty-five years later, Fay Knox, a talented young violinist, visits Paris on tour with her orchestra. She barely knows the city, so why does it feel so familiar? Soon touches of memory become something stronger, and she realises her connection with these streets runs deeper than she ever expected. As Fay traces the past, with only an address in an old rucksack to help her, she discovers dark secrets hidden years ago, secrets that cause her to question who she is and where she belongs … Praise for Rachel Hore's novels: ‘A tour de force. Rachel's Paris is rich, romantic, exotic and mysterious’ JUDY FINNIGAN ‘An elegiac tale of wartime love and secrets’ Telegraph ‘A richly emotional story, suspenseful and romantic, but unflinching in its portrayal of the dreadful reality and legacy of war’ Book of the Week, Sunday Mirror 'Pitched perfectly for a holiday read' Guardian 'Engrossing, pleasantly surprising and throughly readable' SANTA MONTEFIORE 'A beautifully written and magical novel about life, love and family' CATHY KELLY

Our holiday: a week in Paris

Our holiday: a week in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Our holiday: a week in Paris - Percy Bolingbroke St. John Summary

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Five Days In Paris

Five Days In Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Five Days In Paris - Danielle Steel Summary

Peter Haskell, president of a major pharmaceutical company, has everything: power, position, and a family which mean everything to him. Olivia Thatcher is the wife of a famous senator. She has given to her husband's ambitions and career until her soul is bone-dry. She is trapped in a web of duty and obligation, married to a man she once loved and no longer even knows; when her son died, a piece of Olivia died too. On the night of a bomb threat, Olivia and Peter meet accidentally in Paris. Their lives converge for one magical moment in the Place Vendôme, and in a café in Montmartre their hearts are laid bare. Peter, once so sure of his marriage and success, is faced with his professional career in jeopardy - Olivia, no longer sure of anything, knows that she cannot go on any more. When Olivia disappears, only Peter suspects that it may not be foul play, and he has to find her again. But where will they go from there? Five days in Paris is all they have. Home again, they must both pursue their lives, despite challenges, compromise and betrayal. Everything they believe is put on the line, until they both realise that they must face life's challenges head-on.

The great week in Paris

The great week in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


The great week in Paris - Charles Stuart Cochrane Summary

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The Unofficial Guide to Paris

The Unofficial Guide to Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


The Unofficial Guide to Paris - David Applefield Summary

Providing a sensible, objective, consumer's guide to travel, these easy-to-use travel handbooks provide useful evaluations of local hotels, attractions, and restaurants in all price ranges, honest advice on local attractions that are worth the time and money, detailed maps, tips on special events and festivals, and extensive information on local shopping, sports, nightlife, and other activities.

Inner City Poverty in Paris and London

Inner City Poverty in Paris and London Pdf/ePub eBook


Inner City Poverty in Paris and London - Charles Madge,Peter Willmott Summary

Both the great cities studied in this book are renowned for their imposing streets and buildings, their cultural and political vitality and their cosmopolitan lifestyles, but just outside their centres are neighbourhoods where ordinairy people have their homes, often living in poverty and sometimes in squalor. Two such neighbourhoods were Stockwell in London and Folie-Mericourt in Paris, and are the tale of this 'tale of two cities' told by social researchers. The local studies are set in their broader metropolitan and national contexts, including an examination of changes over time in income patterns in France and Britain and in housing policies in the metropolitan regions. This illuminates the effects of different social policies adopted by Britain and France, Paris and London, to help poor and disadvantaged families. This book was first published in 1981.

A Week from Next Tuesday

A Week from Next Tuesday Pdf/ePub eBook


A Week from Next Tuesday - Matthew Rich Summary

Do you know what will happen a week from next Tuesday? You might find a quite ordinary day with work, laundry, and a child's soccer game. Or perhaps the day will bring an unexpected tragedy for someone you love. Maybe something completely out of the blue will surprise you. While no one can know what today, tomorrow, or a week from next Tuesday will hold, you can know Christ's gift of JOY in your life every day. Despite our best efforts to squelch its presence, JOY keeps showing up because Jesus Christ keeps showing up. With stories from pastor Matt Rich's life and ministry, A Week from Next Tuesday explores the birth, life, death, resurrection, and promised return of Christ to provide a glimpse of this amazing gift that cannot be lost or stolen. Ideal for personal devotion, small group study, and all those seeking something more in their own lives and the church, this book invites you to receive the gift of JOY as you begin to recognize Christ's presence in the ordinary, tragic, and surprising moments of your life.

Realities of Paris Life

Realities of Paris Life Pdf/ePub eBook


Realities of Paris Life - Mrs. Wm. Pitt Byrne Summary

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Pauline Frommer's Paris

Pauline Frommer's Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Pauline Frommer's Paris - Margie Rynn Summary

The best deals on accommodations-budget hotels, short-term rentals, aparthotels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and more The lowdown on Paris's finest museums Finding gifts and souvenirs made in France, gourmet meals at reasonable prices, French lessons, and bike rentals Exploring the "other" Paris-group rollerblading, film nights, shopping in open-air markets, plus nightlife Winner of Best Guidebook for 2006 from the North American Travel Journalists Association (Pauline Frommer's New York City) Free companion podcast on Pauline Frommer's Paris available at Frommers.com

Married in Paris- a Memoir

Married in Paris- a Memoir Pdf/ePub eBook


Married in Paris- a Memoir - Pat Enderle Summary

In 1963 an innocent nineteen year old leaves her small town in Colorado to fly to Paris and marry her high school sweetheart who is serving there with the United States Army. Army red-tape, French bureaucracy, culture differences, language barriers and poverty are some of the challenges she encounters. She relates the joys and sorrows of this incredibly strange experience. After forty years she asks the question, if I bribe a bureaucrat, disobey a priest and forge the best man's signature am I really married?

Charlotte in Paris

Charlotte in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Charlotte in Paris - Annie Bryant Summary

Will Charlotte find Orangina and reunite with her Paris friends, or will a missing drawing by a famous artist send Charlotte and Sophie on a wild goose chase for a mysterious stranger...?

Moonlighting in Paris

Moonlighting in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Moonlighting in Paris - Elle Klass Summary

Follow Cleo as she transforms into the glamorous Justine and falls into a life of unimaginable wealth when Didier the owner of a hotel empire is beguiled by her mysterious and naïve charms. Her life becomes one of luxury and fame beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Remnants of her past continue to haunt her and a new threat appears; is her latest peril related to her past or someone else’s, someone who has become a large part of her new life.

Writers In Paris

Writers In Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Writers In Paris - David Burke Summary

A revealing history of writers who lived in Paris, from Moliére to Henry Miller: the basis for one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Literary Walking Tours. No city has attracted so much literary talent, launched so many illustrious careers, or produced such a wealth of enduring literature as Paris. From the 15th century through the 20th, poets, novelists, and playwrights, famed for their brilliant work—as well as their raucous bohemian lives—were shaped by this enchanting locale. From natives such as Arthur Rimbaud, Jean Genet, and Anais Nin, to expats like Ernest Hemmingway, Samuel Beckett, and Gertrude Stein, author David Burke follows hundreds of writers through the labyrinthine streets of Paris, inviting readers on a fascinating, in-depth tour of their lives in the City of Light. Unique in scope and approach, Writers in Paris crosses from Right Bank to Left and on to the Ile de la Cité as it explores the alleyways and haunts frequented by the world’s most storied writers. Burke explores how the city inspired their writing, and offers revealing accounts of their passions, obsessions, and betrayals. Equally appealing to Francophiles and serious readers, this informative book includes maps and more than 100 evocative photographs.

Going to Live in Paris

Going to Live in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


Going to Live in Paris - Alan Hart Summary

Filled with practical information for those considering living in Paris. Deals with apartment hunting, finding employment, the social security system, and much more.

Tears for Breakfast

Tears for Breakfast Pdf/ePub eBook


Tears for Breakfast - Mary Murray Summary

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The Incomplete Amorist

The Incomplete Amorist Pdf/ePub eBook


The Incomplete Amorist - Edith Nesbit Summary

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An American Poet in Paris

An American Poet in Paris Pdf/ePub eBook


An American Poet in Paris - Charles L. Robertson Summary

An American Poet in Paris is a literary biography of Pauline Avery Crawford, a remarkable American expatriate who wrote for the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune in the 1930s and 1940s. Interspersed in the biography are numerous quotations from Crawford's poetry and letters, along with an account of her fascinating life in Paris, a life that included the turbulent years before, during, and after World War II. Crawford was reared in the frontier town of Fort Collins, Colorado, went east to attend college, and then became a faculty wife. Her early happiness was marred by tragedy when her husband committed suicide, leaving her with two small boys, and her sister, whom she had joined in Paris, died of tuberculosis. Crawford contracted acute articular rheumatism and had to spend two long, painful years in the American Hospital in Neuilly. Despite the loss of a leg, this widow with two young children carved out a new life for herself in the pages of the Paris Herald Tribune. Therein she recorded the events of those dramatic pre- and postwar years in both poetry and prose. As a constant contributor to the "Mailbag," the column of letters to the editor, Crawford became a celebrity in the Anglo-American community even though she advocated American intervention in the war in a newspaper whose readership was largely isolationist. In the postwar years, the editor asked her to create a column that he dubbed "Our Times in Rhyme." In this column, which she wrote until shortly before her death in 1952, she provided an amusing, sometimes sarcastic, and often cheering commentary on world events and life in Paris, leavened with some of the more serious sonnets she had always loved to write. Well informed and well written, An American Poet in Paris throws light on a particular time and place as seen through the eyes of one extraordinary woman, in an unusual and pioneering American newspaper. Crawford's poetry and wit still sparkle, the controversies in which she indulged remain of interest, and her detailed description of life in occupied Paris is especially compelling.

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