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Remembering All the Way--

Remembering All the Way-- Pdf/ePub eBook


Remembering All the Way-- - Bertil Albrektson Summary

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All the Way

All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way - S. L. Richardson Summary

What would you do if you were recruited to be a spy? Could you do it? Charlie Baxter, a student at a small college in the West Virginia mountains, wasnat alive when Stewart and Elliott began their careers as the most infamous thieves in America. He was barely in elementary school when FBI Agent Mike Brenner began to chase them. However, during his sophomore year, when he is hired by Brenner, he becomes the lynchpin of the struggle between the two forces. Charlieas inner battleabalancing his life and his new identity, keeping his actions a secret from those who are close to himais only the beginning of his turmoil. Charlieas search soon becomes a race against time, working for Brenner to find Elliott while trying to evade Stewartas mysterious correspondent. To find Elliott, Charlie has to control the futureawhile looking all the way into the past.

All the Way Down

All the Way Down Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way Down - Eric Beetner Summary

Dale is a crooked cop. It started slow, but grew like a cancer and now he can’t get out from under the thumb of Tat, a would-be kingpin in every vice he can turn a profit with. And now Dale’s number is up—the top brass knows. But instead of getting busted, Dale gets an offer. The mayor’s daughter is being held by Tat in his fortress built from an abandoned office tower. They want her back but if they storm the gates, Lauren is as good as dead. So they’re sending Dale on what could very likely be a suicide mission: infiltrate Tat’s fortress and bring her out alive. If the Mayor even really wants her alive… Floor by floor Dale and Lauren have to fight off an increasingly difficult and dangerous set of obstacles. Meanwhile, Dale’s wife has her own troubles and some of the drug kingpin’s goons are only adding to an already rough day. The clock is ticking down along with the floors of the building and escape is looking less and less likely. But to save her, and to save himself, he must make it all the way down. Praise for ALL THE WAY DOWN: “Last chances, double crosses, and a cop who has to shoot his way out of a fortified skyscraper—what’s not to love? All The Way Down rips. It’s fast and fierce, like a guitar solo that hits all the sharpest notes.” —Meg Gardiner, author of Into the Black Nowhere “Eric Beetner’s All the Way Down is everything a reader could want from an action thriller—fast, suspenseful, and the right kind of outrageous. The stakes ratchet up with each harrowing surprise for crooked cop Dale and reporter Lauren, as they work together to escape the urban fortress of the city’s maniacal kingpin. If every suicide mission was this much fun, we’d all sign on.” —Glen Erik Hamilton, author of the Van Shaw thrillers “Beetner’s Dale Burnett is a dirty cop trying to rescue someone from the clutches of the ruthless criminal he’s been accepting money from...and fifteen floors of non-stop action follows! Beetner is a master at throwing more and more trouble at his heroes, and in All the Way Down, Dale gets hit with everything imaginable. No, check that—you will not have imagined what happens on a couple of these floors. This book is an absolute blast.” —Frank Zafiro, creator and editor of A Grifter’s Song “Relentless.” —Rob Hart, author of the Ash McKenna series

All The Way Down

All The Way Down Pdf/ePub eBook


All The Way Down - Robert W. Burnett Summary

Derrick entered the door with a big grin. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse pullover shirt that stopped at his knees. His surfer shorts stopped at about his ankles, and he looked even more outlandish with his low-cut blue sneakers and blue and green sweat socks. My first reaction was to send him back to change his clothes. After further thought, I decided to give him a lecture and let him be his individual self. Again, George rapidly hit the door leading the players down the hall with his usual, "Lets do this fella's!" The bus loaded up with Colleen handing me a Hall's cough drop as I sat down. The cheerleader advisor knew I had been losing my voice due to yelling so much. Dave handed me an antacid tablet for later, and Lee's wife jumped on the bus to hand the players carrots. All the rituals had been completed, and the big bus moved out for the 55 mile trip to Pittsburgh. The time that I had always wanted to experience as a kid, was finally at hand. It was a chance to coach at the University of Pittsburgh floor. It was a chance to win a gold medal. The most important thing though, I thought, was for a lot of people to change their attitude's about delinquent kids. I wanted people to know that these kids were not all bad if you gave them a chance, and many would and could succeed. As the bus lurched down Interstate-79, I thought, that no matter what, win or lose----these kids had already succeeded.

ÒHad ÕEm All the WayÓ

ÒHad ÕEm All the WayÓ Pdf/ePub eBook


ÒHad ÕEm All the WayÓ - Thad Mumau Summary

The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates were a special team--team being the operative word. There were no superstars--although Roberto Clemente would become one--and nobody had a record season. The Battling Bucs frequently came from behind to win late in the game, with Pirate broadcaster Bob Prince signing off, We had 'em all the way. Pittsburgh was the Sad Sack of baseball through most of the 1950s, and as the Pirates grabbed the National League lead early in the 1960 season, fans wondered if the guys in vest-shirts and black sleeves could indeed hang on. And then there was the World Series, the one everybody but the Pirates thought would be won by the Yankees, where Bill Mazeroski hit the most dramatic home run finish of all sports championships. This book, featuring interviews with Clemente, Dick Groat, Bob Friend and Dick Schofield, tells the story the Pirates of 1960--a team of friends--and their push through a long and magical season.

Africa All The Way

Africa All The Way Pdf/ePub eBook


Africa All The Way - Robyn Hammond Summary

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All the Way Home

All the Way Home Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way Home - Tom Melly Summary

After a terrible accident at CERN, Louie Gage, a 14-year-old boy from the present day, finds himself stranded in another galaxy an unknown distance from Earth. At first, stuck on an apparently deserted planet, just staying alive seems both impossible as well as an all-consuming task, but, through luck and perseverance, he's able to begin his efforts to find his way back home. In his quest, he's both helped and hindered by an unusual assortment of aliens and machines - but finding his home won't be easy in a universe of over two hundred and fifty billion galaxies. And just who is trying to kill him and why? And just how, exactly, do you travel faster than light? ""All the Way Home"" is a full-length sf novel for ages 14 upwards.

All the Way to Heaven

All the Way to Heaven Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way to Heaven - Lawrence Holben Summary

From the Author: What I've aimed for... in this book is neither academic analysis nor a history of the Worker movement per se. Rather, my interest has been a theological exploration of the Catholic Worker vision in all its rich and resonating breadth. The goal has been to present and ... to promote that vision as what I am convinced the movement's founders, Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day, understood it to be: not, finally, a matter of political theory or philosophy ... but rather of profound religious conviction and insight. ____________ Indeed, what is most striking about the now more than sixty years of Catholic Worker reflection, writing and living is the movement's audacity of conviction and action: the unflinching consistency of its call to discipleship; the comprehensiveness of its attempt to bring together all aspects of life into a divinely-ordered, balanced whole; the diversity of philosophical and theological sources it seeks to meld into a unified model for truly human living; the unembarrassed simplicity of its hope.

All the Way Home

All the Way Home Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way Home - Bookey Peek Summary

You're crazy ... She'll take over and shove us out. I can just see this place in winter: no carpets, acres of wet newspaper underfoot, family huddled under blankets while the pig hogs the fire.' Richard and Bookey Peek hadn't planned on a warthog, any more than one would plan a tidal wave, a tornado or triplets, but on Stone Hills game sanctuary, natural disasters have a way of happening when you least expect them. Through Zimbabwe's darkest hours, Stone Hills has become a world in itself, a place where you might share your shower with an owl or your bed with a baby squirrel. Take a fresh look at the hospitality game with a couple whose crocodiles are named after unpopular guests. And follow the barefoot young David and his playmate, the warthog Poombi, as she relinquishes her place on the sofa to return to the wild - much to her indignation. Engaging and delightfully readable, this is a testament to one family's passion for Africa's wildlife and their conviction that nothing can change the essential nature of the land and its people. All the Way Home is the exhilarating and intensely moving story of a fiercely protected piece of Africa in the heart of the majestic Matobo Hills.

Going All the Way

Going All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


Going All the Way - Brian Gleason,Marcia Gleason Summary

The committed relationship is the perfect vehicle for accessing life's greatest gifts. Deep pleasure, profound intimacy, personal fulfillment, and creative expression are some of the many gifts that the committed relationship is capable of providing. But for most couples these possibilities fail to materialize. Instead, partners silently slip into habits of interaction, which choke off their ability to access their immense potential.In Going All The Way, authors Brian and Marcia Gleason offer a model of relationship called the "Exceptional Marriage". Safety and security are the trademarks of a passable marriage. The Gleason's suggest a better option. An exceptional marriage creates space for partners to come alive. Such a relationship involves a radical commitment to support each other's truth and greatness. In their broader vision of a committed relationship the Gleason's encourage and invite couples to claim their human potential through unlocking their full range of sincere and transformative emotions. In most marriages, these responses are hidden, avoiding precisely those areas where the greatest potential for growth and fulfillment exist.According to the Gleason's, a relationship is a living experience which allows couples to move between needs for security and connection and the human impulses toward adventure and creativity. By letting go of their "control patterns" partners can free up their capacity to laugh, cry, shout, tremble and soar together and individually. Going All The Way is a sincere invitation for couples to claim their emotional birthright and to have a truly Exceptional Marriage.

He Led All the Way

He Led All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


He Led All the Way - Dorothy Lord Bausum Evans Summary

Born in war-torn China to a third-generation missionary family, the author writes of her childhood in China and Taiwan and her own missionary calling to carry the Gospel to the Chinese people. Intertwined in her narrative are stories of her familys missionary ancestors who served in both Malaysia and China.

All the Way to Mexico

All the Way to Mexico Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way to Mexico - Norma M. Charles Summary

Jamaican-born Jacob Armstrong and his sister are on the road from Canada to Mexico along with their mother, her new husband, Fred Finkle, and his children, and when he gets there, Jacob hopes to find a soccer game he can get into.

Happiness All the Way

Happiness All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


Happiness All the Way - N.A Summary

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All American, All the Way

All American, All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


All American, All the Way - Phil Nordyke Summary

Through the words of its veterans, details the regimental history of the 82nd Airborne Division 'All Americans' from Operation Husky in July of 1943 through D-Day and Operation Market Garden to the Battle of the Bulge, and finally ending in Berlin as part of the occupying forces.

All the Way Home Again

All the Way Home Again Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way Home Again - Lily Claar Summary

A fun short book written by a kid for kids. Two sisters travel to a far away place to discover happiness and generosity where they least expect it. This is the first book in Lily Claar's Imagination Adventures series.

Laughing All the Way

Laughing All the Way Pdf/ePub eBook


Laughing All the Way - Terry Miles Summary

It's Christmas time and Bea Winslow, Private Investigator and her Aunt, Ms. Julia McKenna, whom she fondly calls Aunt Jewels, along with friends, Sheriff Jim Travis and Captain Eric VonBoatner, are shopping. On a previous trip to the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, Aunt Jewels has spied a painting of a laughing clown, juggling three striped balls and must have it!Errol Fraszer, a gigolo, con man and thief, returns to New Orleans, after spending forty years in an Italian prison for a murder he didn't commit. He discovers the painting he heisted forty years ago from El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain and sent to his partner, Art Collector, Simon Dufuss, is in Lafouchfeye county, Mississippi.With its multiple storylines, jovial characters and exciting plot, Laughing All The Way, is a delightful read. Ms. Miles tells her tale with warmth and you will not only get caught up in the mystery, but also the personal lives of Reba, Lulu and Daffy, making them as real as our neighbors. When plucky Aunt Jewels is kidnapped, Bea's exciting, climatic ride through New Orleans escalates as she races against time to save her!

Success All The Way

Success All The Way Pdf/ePub eBook


Success All The Way - William James Summary

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Boojums All the Way Through

Boojums All the Way Through Pdf/ePub eBook


Boojums All the Way Through - N. David Mermin,Nathaniel David Mermin Summary

Boojums All the Way Through is a collection of essays that presents the dilemma of communicating modern physics to both physicists and nonphysicists. Some addressed to a general audience, some to students and others to scientists, the essays all share a preoccupation with both the substance and the style of written scientific communication, and offer a unique view of everyday science or scientific practice with the intention of increased clarity for the reader. The author believes the tradition of bland and impersonal scientific writing over the past fifty years deprives scientists of powerful tools for enhancing their clarity and capacity to communicate complex ideas. A well recognized theoretical physicist and winner of the first Julius Edgar Lilienfeld prize of the American Physical Society, Mermin writes with wry humor and conveys complex ideas with startling simplicity.

All the Way to Shediac

All the Way to Shediac Pdf/ePub eBook


All the Way to Shediac - Richard A. Gallant Summary

This is a unique book about an old man who was able to successfully adopt a novel conditioning and nutrition plan for young Standardbred race horses, where others, who subsequently tried, would fail. Melding human conditioning techniques with horse sense enabled him to dominate the racing scene against long odds, not the least of which were: old age, poor track conditions, failing eyesight, amateur driver and inexperienced ferrier. Knowledge that he imparted enabled the author to resurrect young horses rejected from the better stables in South Western Ontario, and it is a testament to this old man's methods, that over a nine year period, not one horse claimed from this stable went on to greater achievement.

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