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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Apricots And Wolfsbane, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

Apricots and Wolfsbane

Apricots and Wolfsbane Pdf/ePub eBook Apricots and Wolfsbane Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1446 | Ebook Reads: 1446 | File: Apricots and Wolfsbane.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1946802174


Apricots and Wolfsbane - , Summary



Coronach Pdf/ePub eBook Coronach Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 512 | Ebook Reads: 512 | File: Coronach.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1789012600


Coronach - Kimberley Jordan Reeman Summary

Let the truth be told... SCOTLAND, JULY 1746: an army of occupation ravages the Highlands, committing atrocities with consequences that will reverberate across generations..


Flicker Pdf/ePub eBook Flicker Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1150 | Ebook Reads: 1150 | File: Flicker.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1946802220


Flicker - Myra Fiacco,K. M. Pohlkamp,Chris Barnham,Tracy Renee Wolfe,Ashley Williams,Salena Casha,Sarah Evans,Carla Lewis,Cimone Watson,Melissa Eskue Ousley,Milly Thiringer,Dave Wickenden,Deana Birch Summary


The Boleyn Inheritance

The Boleyn Inheritance Pdf/ePub eBook The Boleyn Inheritance Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 683 | Ebook Reads: 683 | File: The Boleyn Inheritance.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0007373937


The Boleyn Inheritance - Philippa Gregory Summary

From the bestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory, comes a wonderfully atmospheric evocation of the court of Henry VIII and his final queens..

Abducted Hope

Abducted Hope Pdf/ePub eBook Abducted Hope Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 824 | Ebook Reads: 824 | File: Abducted Hope.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1946802182


Abducted Hope - Tracy Renee Wolfe Summary


Principles of Food Toxicology

Principles of Food Toxicology Pdf/ePub eBook Principles of Food Toxicology Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1260 | Ebook Reads: 1260 | File: Principles of Food Toxicology.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1466504110


Principles of Food Toxicology - Tõnu Püssa Summary

Following in the tradition of the popular first edition, Principles of Food Toxicology, Second Edition integrates the general principles of toxicology with a systematic characterization of the most important food-borne toxicants. Ideal as a textbook in a food toxicology course, and also as a monograph dealing with principles of food toxicology as t.

The Sea of Trolls

The Sea of Trolls Pdf/ePub eBook The Sea of Trolls Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1647 | Ebook Reads: 1647 | File: The Sea of Trolls.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1416914323


The Sea of Trolls - Nancy Farmer Summary

“The Sea of Trolls blends ancient history and Norse epics with recognizable bits of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings” (The New York Times). Jack is kidnapped by berserkers from his Saxon village in the year A.D. 793, an occurrence forewarned by his mentor the Bard. Captured by Viking chief Olaf One-Brow, Jack and his sister, Lucy, are swiftly taken to the court of Ivar the Boneless. Ivar is married to a half-troll named Frith, an evil and unpredictable queen with a strange power over her husband’s court. Jack mistakenly casts a charm on her—and is banished to the kingdom of the trolls to find the magic that will undo the charm. Accompanied by Thorgill, a shield maiden who wants to be a berserker, and by the mysterious crow called Bold Heart, Jack sets out on a harrowing and exciting quest for the ages. From National Book Award winner Nancy Farmer, this first book in the Sea of Trolls trilogy is epic fantasy at its best..

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Moonstone's Curse

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Moonstone's Curse Pdf/ePub eBook The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Moonstone's Curse Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1769 | Ebook Reads: 1769 | File: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Moonstone's Curse.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1785652532


The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Moonstone's Curse - Sam Siciliano Summary

The aristocratic Charles Bromley arrives at 221B Baker Street to beg SHERLOCK HOLMES for his help. Bromley believes that his wife is in danger, as she has refused an offer to sell the Moonstone, a fabulous diamond that has been in her family for generations but which is said to be cursed. When a jeweller is found murdered, it seems as if the Moonstone deserves its reputation. Then the diamond is stolen, and Holmes must try to unravel a mystery centuries in the making..

Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment

Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment Pdf/ePub eBook Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 576 | Ebook Reads: 576 | File: Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment.pdf/epub | ISBN: 940116763X


Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment - J.A. Vale,T.J. Meredith Summary

In the last decade, the incidence of acute poisoning in the developed world has risen considerably, so that hospital admissions from this cause now repre~ sent a significant part of the work load of most medical units. The purpose of this book is to provide an up-to-date account of the diag nosis and treatment of all the clinically important poisons. Throughout the text the aim has been to emphasize the mechanisms of toxicity - wherever they are known - so that a rational approach to therapy may be devised. In addition, substantial chapters have been devoted to the psychiatric assess ment of self-poisoned patients and to the role of the laboratory. Two styles of presentation have been adopted. Certain topics are discussed in depth either because of their clinical importance or because recent data have become available concerning pathophysiology or treatment. In contrast, when subjects have been well described previously in general medical texts, for example, carbon monoxide poisoning, the discussion is far more brief and to the point. A similar style has been adopted with recently introduced drugs, where little is known about the effects in overdose. The value of cer tain chapters, especially those on poisonous plants and snake bites, has been enhanced by the inclusion of a large number of colour photographs..

Criminal Poisoning

Criminal Poisoning Pdf/ePub eBook Criminal Poisoning Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 496 | Ebook Reads: 496 | File: Criminal Poisoning.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1597452564


Criminal Poisoning - John H. Trestrail, III Summary

In this revised and expanded edition, leading forensic scientist John Trestrail offers a pioneering survey of all that is known about the use of poison as a weapon in murder. Topics range from the use of poisons in history and literature to convicting the poisoner in court, and include a review of the different types of poisons, techniques for crime scene investigation, and the critical essentials of the forensic autopsy. The author updates what is currently known about poisoners in general and their victims. The Appendix has been updated to include the more commonly used poisons, as well as the use of antifreeze as a poison..

City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire Pdf/ePub eBook City of Heavenly Fire Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1500 | Ebook Reads: 1500 | File: City of Heavenly Fire.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1442416912


City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare Summary

Shadowhunters and demons square off for the final showdown in the spellbinding, seductive conclusion to the #1 New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments series—now with a gorgeous new cover, a map, a new foreword, and exclusive bonus content! City of Heavenly Fire is a Shadowhunters novel. Darkness has descended on the Shadowhunter world. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the Nephilim as Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends band together to fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Sebastian Morgenstern is on the move, systematically turning Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter. Bearing the Infernal Cup, he transforms Shadowhunters into creatures of nightmare, tearing apart families and lovers as the ranks of his Endarkened army swell. Nothing in this world can defeat Sebastian—but if they journey to the realm of demons, they just might have a chance… Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world will change. Who will survive the explosive sixth and final installment of the Mortal Instruments series?.

Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients

Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients Pdf/ePub eBook Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 567 | Ebook Reads: 567 | File: Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1118213068


Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients - Ikhlas A. Khan,Ehab A. Abourashed Summary

The third edition of the unparalleled reference on naturalingredients and their commercial use This new Third Edition of Leung's Encyclopedia of CommonNatural Ingredients: Used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics arrivesin the wake of the huge wave of interest in dietary supplements andherbal medicine resulting from both trends in health and theDietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Thisfully updated and revised text includes the most recent researchfindings on a wide variety of ingredients, giving readers a singlesource for understanding and working with natural ingredients. The Encyclopedia continues the successful format for entrieslisted in earlier editions (consisting of source, description,chemical composition, pharmacology, uses, commercial preparations,regulatory status, and references). The text also features aneasily accessible alphabetical presentation of the entriesaccording to common names, with the index cross-referencing entriesaccording to scientific names. This Third Edition also features: More than 50 percent more information than the SecondEdition, reflecting the greatly increased research activity inrecent years A new section on traditional Indian medicine, with informationon nine commonly used herbs More than 6,500 references Two new appendices explaining and illustrating the botanicalterminology frequently encountered in the text A revised and expanded index Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Used inFood, Drugs, and Cosmetics, Third Edition will continue toprovide a comprehensive compilation of the existing literature andprominent findings on natural ingredients to readers with aninterest in medicine, nutrition, and cosmetics..

International Poisonous Plants Checklist

International Poisonous Plants Checklist Pdf/ePub eBook International Poisonous Plants Checklist Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1825 | Ebook Reads: 1825 | File: International Poisonous Plants Checklist.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9781420062533


International Poisonous Plants Checklist - D. Jesse Wagstaff Summary

Knowledge of plant toxicity has always been important, but the information has not always been reliable. Now, increasing international trade is drawing attention to the inadequacy of regional information and highlighting the geographical fragmentation and notorious discrepancies of thinly documented information. The international community of safety regulators, toxicologists, and poison control personnel requires a single reference compiled of verifiable, primary source reports of common poisonous plants. Intended for just that purpose, International Poisonous Plant Checklist: An Evidence-Based Reference successfully addresses the deficiencies and gaps in the current literature. Using accepted botanic names, the book defines the known set of toxic vascular plants. The use of botanic names satisfies the need for an international standard of identity to support worldwide communication and commerce. Also, taxonomy based on common ancestry and genetic connections provides a rational basis for studying and using plant relationships. The author supports toxicity information with references to the primary literature. Each entry includes referenced citations supporting the toxicity of the plant, symptoms and circumstances of toxic exposure, dosage and potency, chemical analysis, botany, pharmacology, mechanism and metabolism, and control. Finally, the book cross-references selected synonyms and common names. The checklist is organized alphabetically with two types of entries. The main entry documents the toxic plants themselves and a secondary entry lists selected synonyms and common names cross-referenced to the main entries. Including virtually all common animal feed plants, human food plants, and many plants that are sources of herbal products and dietary supplements, tonics, and therapeutic agents, this timely checklist compiles and verifies the known data on toxic vascular plants from around the world..


Fifty-One Pdf/ePub eBook Fifty-One Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 652 | Ebook Reads: 652 | File: Fifty-One.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1946802204


Fifty-One - Chris Barnham Summary



Milady Pdf/ePub eBook Milady Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1127 | Ebook Reads: 1127 | File: Milady.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0451489993


Milady - Laura L. Sullivan Summary

From the glittering ballrooms of 17th Century England to the dangerous intrigues of the French court, Laura L. Sullivan brings an unlikely heroine to the page, turning on its head everything we’ve been told about The Three Musketeers and their ultimate rival. I’ve gone by many names, though you most likely know me as Milady de Winter: Villainess. Seductress. A secondary player in someone else’s tale. It’s finally time I tell my own story. The truth isn’t tidy or convenient, but it’s certainly more interesting. Before you cast judgment, let me start at the beginning, and you shall learn how an innocent girl from the countryside became the most feared woman in all of Europe. Because we all know history was written by men, and they so often get things wrong..

The Folk-lore of Plants

The Folk-lore of Plants Pdf/ePub eBook The Folk-lore of Plants Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 597 | Ebook Reads: 597 | File: The Folk-lore of Plants.pdf/epub | ISBN:


The Folk-lore of Plants - T. F. Thiselton-Dyer Summary

"The Folk-lore of Plants" by T. F. Thiselton-Dyer. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format..


Arabella Pdf/ePub eBook Arabella Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1527 | Ebook Reads: 1527 | File: Arabella.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1492688312


Arabella - Georgette Heyer Summary

Georgette Heyer is known as the "Queen of Regency Romance," and you won't want to wait to find out why! You'll fall in love with Arabella Tallant, one of the most memorable and delightfully exuberant heroines you've ever met. Daughter of a modest country clergyman, Arabella Tallant still dreams of a proper romance, and is on her way to London when her carriage breaks down outside the hunting lodge of the wealthy Mr. Robert Beaumaris. Her pride stung when she overhears a remark of her host's, Arabella comes to her own defense and pretends to be an heiress, a pretense that deeply amuses the jaded Beau. To counter her white lie, Beaumaris launches her into high society and thereby subjects her to all kinds of fortune hunters. When compassionate Arabella rescues such unfortunate creatures as a mistreated chimney sweep and an abandoned dog—proving her love is refined by kindness and grace—Beaumaris finds he rather enjoys the role of rescuer and is soon given the opportunity to prove his mettle... The Georgette Heyer Signature Collection is a celebration of an author who has charmed millions of readers with her delightful sense of humor and unique take on Regency romance. This edition of Arabella includes fun and fascinating bonus content?a glossary of Regency slang, a Reading Group Guide, and an Afterword by official biographer Jennifer Kloester sharing insights into what Georgette herself thought of Arabella and what was going on in her life as she was writing..

Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants

Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants Pdf/ePub eBook Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 397 | Ebook Reads: 397 | File: Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9780387338170


Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants - Lewis S. Nelson,Richard D. Shih,Michael J. Balick Summary

The second edition of this book is created to assist the clinician in the initial response to the needs of a child or adult exposed to a poisonous or injurious plant. It lists common plants that might lead to the development of the symptom complex and describes the mechanisms of action of the implicated toxin, additional clinical manifestations, and specific therapeutics for each presentation. It has methodically enhanced the previous edition’s botanical rigor with insights from both pharmacognosy and clinical medicine to make it a truly comprehensive source for anyone who has an interest in plants..

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition (ebook)

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition (ebook) Pdf/ePub eBook Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition (ebook) Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 914 | Ebook Reads: 914 | File: Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition (ebook).pdf/epub | ISBN: 0071801855


Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition (ebook) - Robert Hoffman,Mary Ann Howland,Neal Lewin,Lewis Nelson,Lewis Goldfrank Summary

The standard-setting reference in medical toxicology—trusted as the leading evidencebased resource for poison emergencies A Doody's Core Title for 2017! For decades, one name has been synonymous with the most respected, rigorous perspectives on medical toxicology and the treatment of poisoned and overdosed patients: Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies. Presented in full color, Goldfrank’s delivers essential, patientcenteredcoverage of every aspect of poison management. The editors and authors are recognized as preeminent scholars in their specialties and provide unmatched coverage of all aspects of toxicologic emergencies, from pharmacology and clinical presentation to cutting-edge treatment strategies. Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition begins with an examination of medical toxicology principles and techniques. It then reviews the biochemical, molecular, and pathophysiologic basis of toxicology, followed by an intense focus on toxicologic principles related to special patient populations. Features Case studies enhance your understanding of the clinical application of the text material Practical focus on the pathophysiologic basis of medical toxicology The Antidotes in Depth sections delivers the expertise of toxicologists across the world as they present treatments for critically ill poisoned and overdosed patients and allow you to easily identify key issues relating to the use of complex and often unfamiliar therapies The principles of risk management, medicolegal decision making, patient safety, post mortem toxicology and the assessment of ethanol induced impairment described in chapters and Special Considerations emphasize the interface between medical toxicology, the law, and quality care.

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition

Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1867 | Ebook Reads: 1867 | File: Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1259859592


Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition - Lewis S. Nelson,Robert S. Hoffman,Mary Ann Howland,Neal A. Lewin,Lewis R. Goldfrank Summary

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Goldfrank’s is the premier toxicology textbook that should be in every emergency department or poison center library. Whether you are a student, resident, or faculty, there is something here for you. If you are a toxicology fellow or poison specialist studying for your boards, this is your go-to book. I highly recommend this work... —The Journal of Emergency Medicine The best edition yet of the landmark text in medical toxicology A Doody’s Core Title for 2020! Covering every aspect of poison management, this indispensable case-based resource has been thoroughly refreshed to deliver evidence-based principles viewed through the lens of an active bedside clinical practice. In no other reference will you find such a diverse roster of esteemed editors and authors who deliver expert insights into every type of toxicologic emergency, whether due to substance abuse or exposure to toxins. Fully referenced and supported by a cohesive organization and full-color format, Goldfrank’s begins with a historical perspective on medical toxicology principles and the general approach to the patient. It then progresses to the fundamental principles of medical toxicology, encompassing biochemical and molecular concepts; the effect of xenobiotics on vital organs and body systems; and toxicologic principles in special populations. The Eleventh Edition of Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies is the most rigorous volume to date, driven by a precise analysis of the latest medical literature and complex cases designed to facilitate differential diagnosis. New to this Edition: • Additional cases and “Special Considerations” chapters designed to enhance clinical decision-making and patient outcomes • New “Antidotes in Depth” provides timely, critical information on toxicologic treatment strategies • New content on toxicogenomics explores its increasingly important role in predictive toxicology • Chapter-ending bulleted summaries of key points • Updated coverage of synthetics such as “K2” • Revised chapters on medical, clinical, and chemical toxicology include updated insights on poison emergencies, treatment strategies, and risk assessment tools.