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How to Change Someone You Love

How to Change Someone You Love Pdf/ePub eBook


How to Change Someone You Love - Brad Lamm Summary

A powerful, ground-breaking book that shows you, in concrete steps, how to stop a loved one from engaging in self destructive behavior. Stop your husband from drinking himself to death. Don't let your brother lose it all to gambling. Get your kid off drugs. Motivate your best friend to lose weight. Make your spendthrift brother-in-law stop maxing out his credit cards. Get your sister out of an abusive relationship. Erase anger in your co-worker. If you're tired of watching your spouse, child, relative, or best friend go downhill, dragging you with them, How to Change Someone You Love will help you turn their lives around. You don't have to endure behavior that is unhealthy, abusive, possibly deadly, and that threatens to unravel relationships. You can change it. Many books will tell you that you can't change anyone. They advise you not to even try. The problem is, they ignore the tremendous power you actually have to change people. If most books about change are written for the addict or troubled person, How to Change Someone You Love reaches out to the loved ones who know that change is critical and urgent. How to Change Someone You Love is not just a self-help book; this is a help-you-act book. "Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers families and friends to change their loved ones through compassionate, caring and continuing support."-- Dr. Mehmet Oz

When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself

When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself Pdf/ePub eBook


When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself - W. Keith Campbell Summary

Narcissistic men seem like the ultimate catch: self-confident, attractive, charming individuals who are often the life of the party. The narcissist always knows the place to be and who to be seen with. His attention is initially very flattering, but eventually his behavior is not: he becomes aloof and controlling and may cheat. He still seems somewhat interested, however, and often makes enough nice gestures to maintain a girl's interest, leaving all but him to wonder: what is going on? The country's leading expert on narcissism, Dr. W. Keith Campbell, explains how to identify a narcissist, what it means to love a man who loves himself and how to break the cycle of dating men with this personality disorder.

Decoding Love

Decoding Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Decoding Love - Andrew Trees Summary

Read Andrew Trees's posts on the Penguin Blog. A smart, entertaining, and eye-opening look at the science of love, publishing for Valentine's Day Relationships should be so simple. You meet someone. You fall in love. You live happily every after. This "romantic story line" has shaped our thinking about relationships for centuries. But the fairy tale is deeply flawed, and researchers today are making shocking discoveries about how and why we choose the people we love. Drawing from the latest studies in economics, brain science, game theory, evolutionary psychology, and other fields, Decoding Love takes on a topic we all think we understand-how we fall in love-and illustrates that most of our assumptions are wrong. Along the way, Andrew Trees offers surprising new insights into the nature of attraction and desire, as well as an intimate look at the strange intersection of romance and the modern world of dating.

Love Signs and You

Love Signs and You Pdf/ePub eBook


Love Signs and You - Skye Alexander,Rochelle Gordon,Nadia Stiegltz Summary

Love Signs and You is the definitive volume of romantic astrology.

Choosing a Jewish Life, Revised and Updated

Choosing a Jewish Life, Revised and Updated Pdf/ePub eBook


Choosing a Jewish Life, Revised and Updated - Anita Diamant Summary

"As a rabbi and a convert, I appreciate this book deeply for its sensitivity to the complex feelings of those who are exploring paths to becoming Jewish, and for the deep love of Judaism it conveys. I will give it to every interfaith couple, and recommend that they give it to their parents. It is wonderful! " --Rachel Cowan, co-author of Mixed Blessings In the same knowledgeable, reassuring, and respectful style that has made her one of the most admired writers of guides to Jewish practices and rituals, Anita Diamant provides advice and information that can transform the act of conversion into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Married to a convert herself, Diamant anticipates all the questions, doubts, and concerns, provides a comprehensive explanation of the rules and rituals of conversion, and offers practical guidance toward creating a Jewish identity. Here you will learn how to choose a rabbi, a synagogue, a denomination, a Hebrew name; how to handle the difficulty of putting aside Christmas; what happens at the mikvah (the ritual bath) or at a hatafat dam brit (circumcision ritual for those already circumcised); how to find your footing in a new spiritual family that is not always well prepared to receive you; and how not to lose your bonds to your family of origin. Sensitive, sympathetic, and insightful, Choosing a Jewish Life provides everything necessary to make conversion a joyful and spiritually meaningful experience.

The Works of the British Poets

The Works of the British Poets Pdf/ePub eBook


The Works of the British Poets - Robert Anderson Summary

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Up to Me

Up to Me Pdf/ePub eBook


Up to Me - M. Leighton Summary

M. Leighton’s Down to You was just the beginning. “Up to Me has even more shockers in store!” (Examiner.com) For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash. Unpredictable, except when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash’s ‘bad boy’ reputation is well-earned, but he’s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is. Until strangers from the past turn Olivia and Cash’s world upside down. What they want is something only Cash can give them. And if he doesn’t deliver, then they’re taking the one thing that Cash values the most. Olivia always knew that in falling for Cash she was likely to get burned. But this new threat is beyond anything she imagined. Now she has to trust Cash with her life—and for Olivia that’s much easier than letting go, and trusting him with her heart. Includes a teaser from The Wild Ones

How to Get the Man You Deserve

How to Get the Man You Deserve Pdf/ePub eBook


How to Get the Man You Deserve - Fred L Marshall Summary

This book is for every woman who has had a guy lie, cheat, or abuse her. It is also for those that have ever wondered what are men thinking when it comes to sex, relationships, or dating. This book is about realizing all of the lies, games guys use to get with a woman. It was designed to help women figure out who is serious or marriage material, from those that are not worthy of your time. It lists common situations found in dating today such as cheating, dating someone with children, and living together. It is mainly aimed toward the dating and relationship conditions of the African-American community however it contains knowledgeable information that people of all nationalities can relate to. It attempts to rectify common misconceptions, improve moral responsibility, while promoting communication and healthy meaningful relationships. Whether you are currently dating, married, separated to someone or even thinking about jumping back into the dating scene this book is for you.

L'art subtil de s'en foutre

L'art subtil de s'en foutre Pdf/ePub eBook


L'art subtil de s'en foutre - Mark Manson Summary

Un livre de développement personnel pour ceux qui détestent le développement personnel Le discours ambiant nous pousse sans cesse à nous améliorer. Sois plus heureux. Sois en meilleure santé. Sois plus intelligent, plus rapide, plus riche, plus sexy, plus productif. Mais il faut en finir avec la pensée positive, nous dit Mark Manson. "Soyons honnêtes : parfois tout va de travers, et il faut faire avec." Depuis quelques années, à travers son blog au succès phénoménal, Mark Manson explore les aspirations délirantes qui déforment notre perception du monde. Il propose ici sa sagesse pratique, joyeusement insolente. C'est en regardant en face nos peurs, nos défauts et nos incertitudes - en arrêtant de fuir et d'éviter -, que nous pourrons trouver le courage et la confiance qui nous manquent tant. Mark Manson invite à un moment de parler vrai en mode je-te-regarde-dans-les-yeux, fait d'histoires vécues et d'humour potache. Un livre-manifeste pour construire des vies plus réjouissantes, plus ancrées.

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Pdf/ePub eBook


How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - C Powell Summary

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Don't Ask Dick; How to date the right man without becoming a one-night stand:

Don't Ask Dick; How to date the right man without becoming a one-night stand: Pdf/ePub eBook


Don't Ask Dick; How to date the right man without becoming a one-night stand: - Johanna Sparrow Summary

Johanna Sparrow has done it again with her inspiring self-help book for single women looking for Mr. Right while avoiding becoming a one-night stand. Learn why you should have a list of questions for your date. Learn why having sex too soon can cause you heartbreak. Learn what your date really thinks of you. Learn what signals lead to a one-night stand. It’s never good to keep a man around because of sex. The process of getting to know someone should never be rushed. Ladies you are looking for this person to be a major part of your life, so why rush the process? Dressing to get a man’s attention through a more sexual side is one that calls for the question, are you asking for Dick ? Don’t make dating harder than it has to be by asking Dick to give you any attention, since the only thing it's able to offer you, is a one-night stand.

You Lost Him at Hello

You Lost Him at Hello Pdf/ePub eBook


You Lost Him at Hello - Jess McCann Summary

Since writing the original edition of You Lost Him at Hello, Jess McCann has helped hundreds of wanna-be brides walk down the aisle using relationship building skills used in the sales world. By practicing what she preached to her clients, Jess herself is now enjoying wedded bliss herself. In this newly revised book, she teaches daters even more ways to apply successful sales tools to their dating lives. She's proven over and over with hundreds of clients that simple sales tactics can and do work for winning relationships. Jess will teach you to what it means to "Fill Your Funnel" as well as: Know and love your product before you sell it (that's you!) Prospect for new "clients"—where to find them and how to catch their eye. Read his "buying signs" and gauge his interest. Use the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) and keep him engaged in conversation. End your date at the Height of Impulse so he always makes plans to see you again Plus some NEW TRICKS and techniques that Jess has up her sleeve which weren't in the first book!

Colla'd Greens Fuh-ya Soul

Colla'd Greens Fuh-ya Soul Pdf/ePub eBook


Colla'd Greens Fuh-ya Soul - J. Ransom Summary

Tired of meeting the same old guys? Do you just go from bad to worse until you start settling for the bad? Would you like to be wined and dined for a change instead of stoppin' off to get somethin' to eat? Is it you-or them? Find out as author J.P. Ransom dishes up a savvy serving of straightforward advice on love relationships in Colla'd Greens Fuh-ya Soul! Learn how to raise your standards and find somebody decent! Break the choke chains and empty your dog pound of disrespectful men! Then unleash your new attitude and start packing in some first-rate, female-friendly fellas! Don't be skird! All decent men aren't L7 squares! There are some cool decent men out there too! Learn how to spot a potential baby-daddy who would lay up with you and then leave you high and dry with a souvenir baby. When you see him coming, you'll know to take two steps back, turn around, and start pedaling like the Flintstones! Mash some cornbread in ya greens and let's talk about love in J.P. Ransom's simmering Colla'd Greens Fuh-ya Soul!

DIVINE LOVE - Transforming the Soul

DIVINE LOVE - Transforming the Soul Pdf/ePub eBook


DIVINE LOVE - Transforming the Soul - James E. Padgett (Recorder) Summary

This is volume one of 5 books. Altogether the books contain the messages received from angelic realms by means of automatic writing through the mediumistic work of James E. Padgett between 1914 and 1920. They reveal information such as: the realities of the spirit and soul universe; the qualities and attributes of the Creator; laws of Divine Love and natural Love; qualities of Absolute Truth; understanding the human soul, spirit body and mortal body; soul progression on earth and in the spirit world; spiritual laws such as the law of compensation and the law of attraction; the two paths of spiritual development as first presented by Jesus in the first century, each path resulting in the purification of the soul, but only one path resulting in eternal progression, complete emotional bliss and immortality. The major theme of the basic principles governing the reception of Divine Love by the human soul is also covered.


Lily Pdf/ePub eBook


Lily - Jodi LaVohn Summary

There is no available information at this time.

Dark Magic

Dark Magic Pdf/ePub eBook


Dark Magic - James Swain Summary

Peter Warlock is a magician with a dark secret. Every night, he amazes audiences at his private theater in New York, where he performs feats that boggle the imagination. But his day job is just a cover for his otherworldly pursuits: Peter is a member of an underground group of psychics who gaze into the future to help prevent crimes. No one, not even his live-in girlfriend, knows the truth about Peter—until the séance when he foresees an unspeakable act of violence that will devastate the city. As Peter and his friends rush to prevent tragedy, Peter discovers that a shadowy cult of evil psychics, the Order of Astrum, know all about his abilities. They are hunting him and his fellow psychics down, one by one, determined to silence them forever. Dark Magic is a genre-bending supernatural thriller from national bestselling novelist and real-life magician James Swain. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The London Stage

The London Stage Pdf/ePub eBook


The London Stage - N.A Summary

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The X-Mas War

The X-Mas War Pdf/ePub eBook


The X-Mas War - Scott Malensek Summary

The undeniable history of mankind clearly shows us that human conflict has far from passed. In places like Kuwait, Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo, the 20th Century ended brutally. Given the trends of modern conflict, the economic separation of peoples, the rise in religious affiliated terrorism, and the social hatreds that remain between races, tomorrow's wars can only be more violent than those of the past. The X-MAS War is really an anthology of four books: Black Rain For Christmas, The Secret War In South Asia, Sixth Fleet Under, and The Sugar-Sweet Smell of Fear. All four have overlapping storylines. They're tales are all told through the use of news reports, traditional narratives, diary entries, and letters home. Each book is a complete story by itself, but together they give a brand new perspective to the unique aspects of 21st Century warfare!

You Are a Prize to be Won

You Are a Prize to be Won Pdf/ePub eBook


You Are a Prize to be Won - Wendy Griffith Summary

In You Are a Prize to Be Won! CBN news anchor Wendy Griffith shares her personal story of falling in love, and then watching her happily-ever-after dreams disappear. In the aftermath of heartbreak, Wendy discovered the truth about who she is in God's eyes . . . and she invites you to make the same discovery about yourself--not just in your head--but deep down in your heart. In her warm, storytelling style, Wendy shares the heartbreaking experiences that have helped her define real love. You will learn--as she did--to guard your heart, avoid counterfeits, and enjoy being sensationally single until the right one comes along. God's love for you is extravagant and you shouldn't settle for emotional crumbs. You Are a Prize to Be Won! is for every woman who has ever doubted her incalculable value.

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