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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Bound Souls The Beginning, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls

Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls Pdf/ePub eBook Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 318 | Ebook Reads: 318 | File: Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0738722863


Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls - , Summary

Meet the colorful array of lost souls, earthbound spirits, and troubled (or troublemaking) entities that spirit wrangler and psychic clairvoyant Anson V. Gogh has encountered in her years of working with the dead. There’s Pool Hall Jenny, a personable and vivacious spirit who doesn’t want to leave the neon and the nightlife. Ida Mae, a powerful and magically skilled ghost, is determined to destroy her former daughter-in-law’s life. The chivalrous and polite Men in Gray are the spirits of Confederate soldiers awaiting their next orders. In this fascinating collection of true ghost stories, Anson shares her most interesting, difficult, and unusual cases. Helping an escaped slave reunite with his family, finding justice for a young girl murdered in 1896, even crossing over a group of souls at Wal-Mart—it’s all in a day’s work. Wayward Spirits & Earthbound Souls also includes advice that readers (whether psychic or not) can use to help lost spirits cross over to the other side..

Bound Souls

Bound Souls Pdf/ePub eBook Bound Souls Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 630 | Ebook Reads: 630 | File: Bound Souls.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1507715684


Bound Souls - Felicia Tatum Summary

Zander McKinney’s life has changed drastically during the last few months and he’s coming to terms with his new reality. When the most amazing of changes happens, will he be able to handle his new responsibilities? Will he be able to convince Daphne his feelings are true despite her denial? Daphne Waterman’s world is in chaos as everything she thought she knew shifts in her new, unexpected but welcomed direction. As she refocuses her priorities and slips into her new role in life, she faces her demons and fights to win her inner battles. Will she be able to cope with her feelings for Zander while adjusting to her new life? Anxious hearts are tamed and souls are forever bound..

Indian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy Pdf/ePub eBook Indian Philosophy Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1450 | Ebook Reads: 1450 | File: Indian Philosophy.pdf/epub | ISBN: 8120836537


Indian Philosophy - Jadunath Sinha Summary

The work deals with the subject comprehensively. The treatment closely follows the basic texts of the various schools, which is a unique feature of the work. These volumes deal with the evolution of religious and spiritual thought and philosophical speculation from the principal Upanisads to the Puranas and the Gitas through the Manusamhita and Ramayana and explains the ideas common to them. The book is based on the study of the original texts. It deals with the epistemology, logic, ontology, psychology, ethics and theology of the different systems, though it specializes in their ontology. It gives comprehensive accounts of the Carvaka, the Vaisesika, the Nyaya, and the Navya Nyaya logic of Gangesa. It deals with BhartrhariÍs linguistic monism as expounded in his Vakyapadiya (Brahma-kanda), which is a unique type of philosophy. The subject matter of Vol. I is the philosophies of the Upanisads, the Epics, the Puranas, the Gita, the Philosophies of the Carvakas, the Vaisesika, the Nyaya, the Navya Nyaya, the Mimamsa, and the _abdika of Bhartrhari. Vol. II deals with the philosophies of Samkhya, the Yoga, Jainism, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and other Theistic Vedanta, Saivism, Saktism: while Vol. III contains the philosophies of Bhëskara, Saivism and different _aiva schools and the problem of post Sankara Advaitavada. Dr. Jadunath Sinha's significant work on Indian Philosophy in three volumes deals with the subject comprehensively. His treatment closely follows the basic texts of the various schools, which is a unique feature of the work. The topics included in the volumes are as under: Volume I: The major and minor Upanisads; Epics; Puranas; Gita, Carvaka, Vaisesika; Nyaya; Navya Nyaya; Mimamsa; Sabdika. Volume II: Samkhya; Yoga; Jaina; Early Buddhism; Schools of Buddhism; Background of Vedanta; Advaita; Bhagavad Gita; Bhagavata; Pancaratra; Ramanuja; Madhva; Nimbarka; Vallabha; Caitanya; Saivism & Saktaism. Volume III: Bhaskara; Kasmira Saiva; Pasupata; Saiva Siddhanta; Srikantha; Vira Saiva; Post-Sankara Advaita..

The Word of Gnosis

The Word of Gnosis Pdf/ePub eBook The Word of Gnosis Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1700 | Ebook Reads: 1700 | File: The Word of Gnosis.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1469126214


The Word of Gnosis - Tait Zinszer Summary

Mysterious, thought-provoking, and intriguing, The Word of Gnosis: A Light in the Darkness of Universal Forgetfulness is Tait Zinszer's new book that compiles excerpts from various ancient manuscripts that were the foundation of much of the biblical creation and flood stories. His intentions are to write into history the truth that the gods of the ancient world once walked among man; and that the cities they built, can still be explored today. He also cross references several of these manuscripts to show the reader that the flood of Noah and the Hebrew exodus from Egypt may have been caused by a cosmic nemesis that roams our galaxy called the Destroyer the biblical Wormwood. His book primarily targets anyone interested in acquiring deeper knowledge of the Divine, as well as self-knowledge, and challenges the reader to embrace the ancient myths of the gods as historical fact! The Word of Gnosis gives the reader a lot to reflect upon long after they have turned its last pages..

Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul Pdf/ePub eBook Dark Night of the Soul Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1321 | Ebook Reads: 1321 | File: Dark Night of the Soul.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1101099488


Dark Night of the Soul - John of the Cross Summary

While imprisoned in a tiny prison cell for his attempts to reform the Church, sixteenth-century Spanish mystic John of the Cross composed many of his now classic poems of the soul’s longing for God. Written on a scroll smuggled to him by one of his guards, his songs are the ultimate expression of the spiritual seeker’s journey from estranged despair to blissful union with the divine After escaping his captors, John fell into a state of profound ecstasy and wrote Dark Night of the Soul. Later, he added an important commentary to his poem to guide other searching souls along the arduous path to communion with God. Here, for the first time, a scholar unaffiliated with the Catholic Church has translated this timeless work. Mirabai Starr, who has studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, lends the seeker’s sensibility to John’s powerful text and brings this classic work to the twenty-first century in a brilliant and beautiful rendering.

Soul Bound

Soul Bound Pdf/ePub eBook Soul Bound Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1494 | Ebook Reads: 1494 | File: Soul Bound.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Soul Bound - A.J. Flowers Summary

The gods are dying... Thane has served his goddess for thousands of lifetimes, but even he knows that time is running out. There's only one way to save her, to save all of Dweller kind, and it's a suicide mission. The host is a boy named Jakob. His ancient soul is one of the rare sources of power still recycling in the world of flesh. Thane has taken so many souls to his goddess, but this one could save them all. It's only when Thane learns the truth of the gods does he deny them their power. Souls aren't recycled. They're destroyed, and his goddess isn't a deity... she's a monster.Permanently melded with his human host, Thane meets his soulmate, a woman who captures his heart like his goddess never did. He'll do anything to protect her, and the gods know it. Indulge in the riveting new series by international bestselling author A.J. Flowers, full of norse, viking, and greco-roman myth wrapped up in a world of shifters, gods, and magic! Scroll up and one-click your copy of Soul Bound today! Praise for A.J. Flowers by real readers "The Lunar Clash, Beyond the Deepwoods Collection" ★★★★★I had tears in my eyes when it ended. I hope this piqued your interest and you will go read it too. I always liked this author, and this was just...wow. "Fallen to Grace, Celestial Downfall Book 1" ★★★★★ I was completely captivated from the very beginning. The world building and the complex characters really keep the pages turning! It's a fast paced easy read if I ever saw one. "Awakening, Ancient Realms Collection" ★★★★★Once again A.J. Flowers did not disappoint! There are so many things to focus on and think about during this page turning adventure. It was hard to put down once I started..

The Soul of a Bishop

The Soul of a Bishop Pdf/ePub eBook The Soul of a Bishop Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 813 | Ebook Reads: 813 | File: The Soul of a Bishop.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1531299059


The Soul of a Bishop - H. G. Wells Summary

What is really the matter here-the matter with you that is-is a disorganization of your tests of reality..... [E]very living being lives in a state not differing essentially from a state of hallucination concerning the things about it. Truth, essential truth, is hidden. Always. Of course, there must be a measure of truth in our working illusions, a working measure of truth, or the creature would smash itself up and end itself, but beyond that discretion of the first and the pitfall lies a wide margin of error about which we may be deceived for years."-from "The First Vision" He is known, along with Jules Verne, as one of the 19th-century fathers of logical, rational science fiction, but in this 1917 novel, H. G. Wells weaves a more intuitive tale, about a bishop haunted by strange dreams and visions that challenge his faith. Lyrical, poetic, and verging on stream-of-consciousness in places, this little-read work of one of the most enduringly popular writers of modern literature is like found treasure, offering a captivating and unexpected insight into Wells' psyche..

The Slayer of Souls

The Slayer of Souls Pdf/ePub eBook The Slayer of Souls Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1780 | Ebook Reads: 1780 | File: The Slayer of Souls.pdf/epub | ISBN:


The Slayer of Souls - Robert W. Chambers Summary

"Only when the Nan-yang Maru sailed from Yuen-San did her terrible sense of foreboding begin to subside.For four years, waking or sleeping, the awful subconsciousness of supreme evil had never left her.But now, as the Korean shore, receding into darkness, grew dimmer and dimmer, fear subsided and grew vague as the half-forgotten memory of horror in a dream.She stood near the steamer's stern apart from other passengers, a slender, lonely figure in her silver-fox furs, her ulster and smart little hat, watching the lights of Yuen-San grow paler and smaller along the horizon until they looked like a level row of stars.".

Time and the Gods

Time and the Gods Pdf/ePub eBook Time and the Gods Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 567 | Ebook Reads: 567 | File: Time and the Gods.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1681463431


Time and the Gods - Lord Dunsany Summary

Once when the gods were young and only Their swarthy servant Time was without age, the gods lay sleeping by a broad river upon earth. There in a valley that from all the earth the gods had set apart for Their repose the gods dreamed marble dreams. And with domes and pinnacles the dreams arose and stood up proudly between the river and the sky, all shimmering white to the morning. In the city's midst the gleaming marble of a thousand steps climbed to the citadel where arose four pinnacles beckoning to heaven, and midmost between the pinnacles there stood the dome, vast, as the gods had dreamed it..

The Book of Enoch the Prophet

The Book of Enoch the Prophet Pdf/ePub eBook The Book of Enoch the Prophet Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1283 | Ebook Reads: 1283 | File: The Book of Enoch the Prophet.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1465578587


The Book of Enoch the Prophet - Unknown Summary


The Book Of Enoch The Prophet (Annotated Edition)

The Book Of Enoch The Prophet (Annotated Edition) Pdf/ePub eBook The Book Of Enoch The Prophet (Annotated Edition) Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1498 | Ebook Reads: 1498 | File: The Book Of Enoch The Prophet (Annotated Edition).pdf/epub | ISBN: 3849621847


The Book Of Enoch The Prophet (Annotated Edition) - Richard Laurence Summary

This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of more than 5.000 words about the history and evolution of the book we call 'The Bible' * an interactive table-of-contents * perfect formatting for electronic reading devices (e.g. no more annoying page numbers in the text) In the Authorized Version of the Epistle of Jude, we read the following words:-- "Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands, of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him." Modern research sees in the Epistle of Jude a work of the second century: but as orthodox theologians accept its contents as the inspired utterance of an Apostle, let us diligently search the Hebrew Scriptures for this important forecast of the second Advent of the Messiah. In vain we turn over the pages of the sacred Canon; not even in the Apocrypha can we trace one line from the pen of the marvellous being to whom uninterrupted immortality is assigned by apostolic interpretation of Genesis v. 24. Were the prophecies of Enoch, therefore, accepted as a Divine revelation on that momentous day when Jesus explained the Scriptures, after his resurrection, to Jude and his apostolic brethren; and have we moderns betrayed our trust by excluding an inspired record from the Bible?.

The Souls of Black Folk

The Souls of Black Folk Pdf/ePub eBook The Souls of Black Folk Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 954 | Ebook Reads: 954 | File: The Souls of Black Folk.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1623959764


The Souls of Black Folk - Bois W.E.B. Du Summary

The Groundbreaking Work on Race from W.E.B. Du Bois “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.” ― W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk To understand contemporary race relations in the United States of America, one must understand its past. The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois is a seminal work on understanding the nature of race, prejudice and discrimination. Written in 1903, the work is still an essential resource. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes.

On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity

On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity Pdf/ePub eBook On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1141 | Ebook Reads: 1141 | File: On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1501314017


On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity - John Peter Kenney Summary

Reading Augustine is a new line of books offering personal readings of St. Augustine of Hippo from leading philosophers and religious scholars. The aim of the series is to make clear Augustine's importance to contemporary thought and to present Augustine not only or primarily as a pre-eminent Christian thinker but as a philosophical, spiritual, literary and intellectual icon of the West. Why did the ancients come to adopt monotheism and Christianity? On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity introduces possible answers to that question by looking closely at the development of the thought of Augustine of Hippo, whose complex spiritual trajectory included Gnosticism, academic skepticism, pagan Platonism, and orthodox Christianity. What was so compelling about Christianity and how did Augustine become convinced that his soul could enter into communion with a transcendent God? The apparently sudden shift of ancient culture to monotheism and Christianity was momentous, defining the subsequent nature of Western religion and thought. John Peter Kenney shows us that Augustine offers an unusually clear vantage point to understand the essential ideas that drove that transition..

The Centurion

The Centurion Pdf/ePub eBook The Centurion Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 784 | Ebook Reads: 784 | File: The Centurion.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9780595876044


The Centurion - Sean Patrick Little Summary

In 1943, Jerald C. McIntire is supposed to die in a grenade explosion in the Ardennes forest in World War II. He miraculously survives, but from that point on Jerry no longer needs to eat or sleep, he has no emotions, and he never ages. After several suicide attempts, Jerry discovers he can't die. But how is this possible? Nearly twenty years after his first brush with death, Jerry learns that he somehow broke the realm of the natural order. Even God Himself isn't sure how it happened, but Jerry is the only man ever born without a soul. The archangel Michael informs him that in the Soul War, good and evil are bound by certain laws and honor checks. Jerry, however, is bound by nothing and can therefore serve as the Master's Centurion-an agent of God bestowed with the name Jericho. Jericho roams the streets of New York City, keeping order between the agents of Heaven and Hell, the angelus and the demonata. When a rogue deity, an ancient Hittite dragon god, comes to Earth and begins preying on both angels and demons, Jericho must step in to maintain the balance. But he stumbles into a much larger plot-one that threatens to irreparably damage the Balance of the Soul War and end all things..

Tragic Sense of Life

Tragic Sense of Life Pdf/ePub eBook Tragic Sense of Life Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1342 | Ebook Reads: 1342 | File: Tragic Sense of Life.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1602069972


Tragic Sense of Life - Miguel De Unamuno Summary

This is the masterpiece of Miguel de Unamuno, a member of the group of Spanish intellectuals and philosophers known as the "Generation of '98," and a writer whose work dramatically influenced a wide range of 20th-century literature. His down-to-earth demeanor and no-nonsense outlook makes this 1921 book a favorite of intellectuals to this day, a practical, sensible discussion of the war between faith and reason that consumed the twentieth century and continues to rage in the twenty-first century. de Unamuno's philosophy is not the stuff of a rarefied realm but an integral part of fleshly, sensual life, metaphysics that speaks to daily living and the real world. Spanish philosopher MIGUEL DE UNAMUNO (1864-1936) was a prolific writer of essays, novels, poetry, and the stage plays. His books include Peace in War (1895), The Life of Don Quixote and Sancho (1905), and Abel Snchez (1917)..

The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage

The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage Pdf/ePub eBook The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 397 | Ebook Reads: 397 | File: The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0230338070


The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage - C. Daniel-Hughes Summary

Examines Tertullian of Carthage's (160-220 C.E.) writings on dress within Roman vestimentary culture. It employs a socio-historical approach, together with insights from performance theory and feminist rhetorical analysis, to situate Tertullian's comments in the broader context of the Roman Empire..

Bound Souls

Bound Souls Pdf/ePub eBook Bound Souls Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 493 | Ebook Reads: 493 | File: Bound Souls.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Bound Souls - Nicole Fox Summary

This is book 3 and the finale of the Warhawks MC romance series! I bought her to break her. I put up walls to keep my feelings at bay. But my newest possession is threatening to wreck all my boundaries. She needs me as badly as I need her. I can only wonder: Is there any hope for our two broken souls? TANK She never had a choice. That’s just the way it goes in this world. The strong take what they want. The weak get what they’re given. And she’s been given a real sh!t sandwich. First, her last family member dies. Then some thugs seize her home and sell her on the flesh market. Now, she’s nothing but a pawn. A warm body to fill the bed sheets of the highest bidder. Lucky for her, that’s me. STAR I don’t belong here. I’m not a slave. I’m an innocent girl. But no one around me cares about that. Especially not Tank. He says he bought me to protect me. He says he’ll keep me safe. But the shine in his eyes tells a different story. It says he’s going to chain me to his bed and take me however he pleases. Tonight. Tomorrow. And every waking moment for the rest of our lives..

Bound for Canaan

Bound for Canaan Pdf/ePub eBook Bound for Canaan Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1712 | Ebook Reads: 1712 | File: Bound for Canaan.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0061739618


Bound for Canaan - Fergus Bordewich Summary

An important book of epic scope on America's first racially integrated, religiously inspired movement for change The civil war brought to a climax the country's bitter division. But the beginnings of slavery's denouement can be traced to a courageous band of ordinary Americans, black and white, slave and free, who joined forces to create what would come to be known as the Underground Railroad, a movement that occupies as romantic a place in the nation's imagination as the Lewis and Clark expedition. The true story of the Underground Railroad is much more morally complex and politically divisive than even the myths suggest. Against a backdrop of the country's westward expansion arose a fierce clash of values that was nothing less than a war for the country's soul. Not since the American Revolution had the country engaged in an act of such vast and profound civil disobedience that not only challenged prevailing mores but also subverted federal law. Bound for Canaan tells the stories of men and women like David Ruggles, who invented the black underground in New York City; bold Quakers like Isaac Hopper and Levi Coffin, who risked their lives to build the Underground Railroad; and the inimitable Harriet Tubman. Interweaving thrilling personal stories with the politics of slavery and abolition, Bound for Canaan shows how the Underground Railroad gave birth to this country's first racially integrated, religiously inspired movement for social change..

The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged)

The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged) Pdf/ePub eBook The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged) Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1884 | Ebook Reads: 1884 | File: The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged).pdf/epub | ISBN: 8026847873


The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged) - William Walker Atkinson Summary

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Art of Logical Thinking The Crucible of Modern Thought Dynamic Thought How to Read Human Nature The Inner Consciousness The Law of the New Thought The Mastery of Being Memory Culture Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It The Art of Expression and The Principles of Discourse Mental Fascination Mind and Body; or Mental States and Physical Conditions Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic The New Psychology Its Message, Principles and Practice New Thought Nuggets of the New Thought Practical Mental Influence Practical Mind-Reading Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing The Psychology of Salesmanship Reincarnation and the Law of Karma The Secret of Mental Magic The Secret of Success Self-Healing by Thought Force The Subconscious and the Superconscious Planes of Mind Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion Telepathy: Its Theory, Facts, and Proof Thought-Culture - Practical Mental Training Thought-Force in Business and Everyday Life Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World Your Mind and How to Use It The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism Hatha Yoga The Science of Psychic Healing Raja Yoga or Mental Development Gnani Yoga The Inner Teachings of the Philosophies and Religions of India Mystic Christianity The Life Beyond Death The Practical Water Cure The Spirit of the Upanishads or the Aphorisms of the Wise Bhagavad Gita The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism Master Mind Mental Therapeutics The Power of Concentration Genuine Mediumship Clairvoyance and Occult Powers The Human Aura The Secret Doctrines of the Rosicrucians Personal Power The Arcane Teachings The Arcane Formulas, or Mental Alchemy Vril, or Vital Magnetism The Solar Plexus Or Abdominal Brain The inner secret.

The Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus Pdf/ePub eBook The Life of Jesus Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1112 | Ebook Reads: 1112 | File: The Life of Jesus.pdf/epub | ISBN:


The Life of Jesus - Ernest Renan Summary

INTRODUCTION, In Which the Sources of This History Are Principally Treated A history of the "Origin of Christianity" ought to embrace all the obscure, and, if one might so speak, subterranean periods which extend from the first beginnings of this religion up to the moment when its existence became a public fact, notorious and evident to the eyes of all. Such a history would consist of four books. The first, which I now present to the public, treats of the particular fact which has served as the starting-point of the new religion, and is entirely filled by the sublime person of the Founder. The second would treat of the apostles and their immediate disciples, or rather, of the revolutions which religious thought underwent in the first two generations of Christianity. I would close this about the year 100, at the time when the last friends of Jesus were dead, and when all the books of the New Testament were fixed almost in the forms in which we now read them. The third would exhibit the state of Christianity under the Antonines. We should see it develop itself slowly, and sustain an almost permanent war against the empire, which had just reached the highest degree of administrative perfection, and, governed by philosophers, combated in the new-born sect a secret and theocratic society which obstinately denied and incessantly undermined it. This book would cover the entire period of the second century. Lastly, the fourth book would show the decisive progress which Christianity made from the time of the Syrian emperors. We should see the learned system of the Antonines crumble, the decadence of the ancient civilization become irrevocable, Christianity profit from its ruin, Syria conquer the whole West, and Jesus, in company with the gods and the deified sages of Asia, take possession of a society for which philosophy and a purely civil government no longer sufficed. It was then that the religious ideas of the races grouped around the Mediterranean became profoundly modified; that the Eastern religions everywhere took precedence; that the Christian Church, having become very numerous, totally forgot its dreams of a millennium, broke its last ties with Judaism, and entered completely into the Greek and Roman world. The contests and the literary labors of the third century, which were carried on without concealment, would be described only in their general features. I would relate still more briefly the persecutions at the commencement of the fourth century, the last effort of the empire to return to its former principles, which denied to religious association any place in the State. Lastly, I would only foreshadow the change of policy which, under Constantine, reversed the position, and made of the most free and spontaneous religious movement an official worship, subject to the State, and persecutor in its turn. I know not whether I shall have sufficient life and strength to complete a plan so vast. I shall be satisfied if, after having written the Life of Jesus, I am permitted to relate, as I understand it, the history of the apostles, the state of the Christian conscience during the weeks which followed the death of Jesus, the formation of the cycle of legends concerning the resurrection, the first acts of the Church of Jerusalem, the life of Saint Paul, the crisis of the time of Nero, the appearance of the Apocalypse, the fall of Jerusalem, the foundation of the Hebrew-Christian sects of Batanea, the compilation of the Gospels, and the rise of the great schools of Asia Minor originated by John. Everything pales by the side of that marvellous first century. By a peculiarity rare in history, we see much better what passed in the Christian world from the year 50 to the year 75, than from the year 100 to the year 150..