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Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1020 | Ebook Reads: 1020 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0465098800


Buzz - , Summary

As seen on PBS's American Spring LIVE, the award-winning author of The Triumph of Seeds and Feathers presents a natural and cultural history of bees: the buzzing wee beasties that make the world go round. Bees are like oxygen: ubiquitous, essential, and, for the most part, unseen. While we might overlook them, they lie at the heart of relationships that bind the human and natural worlds. In Buzz, the beloved Thor Hanson takes us on a journey that begins 125 million years ago, when a wasp first dared to feed pollen to its young. From honeybees and bumbles to lesser-known diggers, miners, leafcutters, and masons, bees have long been central to our harvests, our mythologies, and our very existence. They've given us sweetness and light, the beauty of flowers, and as much as a third of the foodstuffs we eat. And, alarmingly, they are at risk of disappearing. As informative and enchanting as the waggle dance of a honeybee, Buzz shows us why all bees are wonders to celebrate and protect. Read this book and you'll never overlook them again..

The Talk

The Talk Pdf/ePub eBook The Talk Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 339 | Ebook Reads: 339 | File: The Talk.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0593121635


The Talk - Wade Hudson,Cheryl Willis Hudson Summary

Thirty diverse, award-winning authors and illustrators invite you into their homes to witness the conversations they have with their children about race in America today in this powerful call-to-action that invites all families to be anti-racists and advocates for change. As long as racist ideas persist, families will continue to have the difficult and necessary conversations with their young ones on the subject. In this inspiring collection, literary all-stars such as Renée Watson (Piecing Me Together), Grace Lin (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon), Meg Medina (Merci Suárez Changes Gears), Adam Gidwitz (The Inquisitor's Tale), and many more engage young people in frank conversations about race, identity, and self-esteem. Featuring text and images filled with love, acceptance, truth, peace, and an assurance that there can be hope for a better tomorrow, The Talk is a stirring anthology and must-have resource published in partnership with Just Us Books, a Black-owned children's publishing company that's been in operation for over thirty years. Just Us Books continues its mission grounded in the same belief that helped launch the company: Good books make a difference. So, let's talk. Featured contributors: Selina Alko, Tracey Baptiste, Derrick Barnes, Natacha Bustos, Cozbi A. Cabrera, Raul Colón, Adam Gidwitz, Nikki Grimes, Rudy Gutierrez, April Harrison, Wade Hudson, Gordon C. James, Minh Lê, E. B. Lewis, Grace Lin, Torrey Maldonado, Meg Medina, Christopher Myers, Daniel Nayeri, Zeke Peña, Peter H. Reynolds, Erin K. Robinson, Traci Sorell, Shadra Strickland, Don Tate, MaryBeth Timothy, Duncan Tonatiuh, Renée Watson, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Sharon Dennis Wyeth "Project[s] love and support." --The New York Times "The go-to book for talking to kids about race and privilege. . . . A must-read for every family." --Ellen Oh, editor of Flying Lessons & Other Stories and cofounder of We Need Diverse Books "May this magnificent collection inspire us to move from dialogue to deep action." --Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review.


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1475 | Ebook Reads: 1475 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0813126444


Buzz - Jeffrey Spivak Summary

Characterized by grandiose song-and-dance numbers featuring ornate geometric patterns and mimicked in many modern films, Busby Berkeley's unique artistry is as recognizable and striking as ever. From his years on Broadway to the director's chair, Berkeley is notorious for his inventiveness and signature style. Through sensational films like 42nd Street (1933), Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933), Footlight Parade (1933), and Dames (1934), Berkeley sought to distract audiences from the troubles of the Great Depression. Although his bold technique is familiar to millions of moviegoers, Berkeley's life remains a mystery. Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley is a telling portrait of the filmmaker who revolutionized the musical and changed the world of choreography. Berkeley pioneered many conventions still in use today, including the famous "parade of faces" technique, which lends an identity to each anonymous performer in a close-up. Carefully arranging dancers in complex and beautiful formations, Berkeley captured perspectives never seen before. Jeffrey Spivak's meticulous research magnifies the career and personal life of this beloved filmmaker. Employing personal letters, interviews, studio memoranda, and Berkeley's private memoirs, Spivak unveils the colorful life of one of cinema's greatest artists..

Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz

Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1095 | Ebook Reads: 1095 | File: Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1402224974


Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz - David Seaman Summary

"Excellent reading for those who are interested in publicizing a cause, a book, a blog, or just about anything. " Bookfoolery and Babble "Seaman gave The Buzz some tips on how we could become internationally famous. If it doesn't work, we're going to hold a Paris Hilton rally." The Arizona Republic "Seaman's advice to politicians: "If you're not cool, don't try to be cool. Most people in their 20s and 30s don't need [you] to make us laugh. We already have comedians who do it." TheHill.com Practice the Black Art of BUZZ Would you like to spark a media frenzy ... for free? Do you want to jumpstart your sales and profile in a jaw-dropping way? How would you feel about unleashing your message on the entire world? In Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz, veteran promotional stunt-planner David Seaman reveals a brand-new, counterintuitive approach to traditional marketing and PR. Find out how controversy, scandal-mongering, and social networking can turn your message into a viral sensation. Inside are sixty-one secrets for getting millions of eyeballs turning toward you or your business, including: Enemies are more important than friends A dog and a blog can increase repeat customers Put MySpace, Facebook, and the social networking revolution to work for you Google juice: hot links from highly rated sites TV doesn't make you - you make you Get ten thousand visitors for free through StumbleUpon Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz is a powerful how-to collection of all the secrets no one talks about - secrets you won't find in any other marketing book or program..

The Anatomy of Buzz

The Anatomy of Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook The Anatomy of Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 560 | Ebook Reads: 560 | File: The Anatomy of Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0385505124


The Anatomy of Buzz - Emanuel Rosen Summary

A groundbreaking guide to creating the word-of-mouth magic that cuts through the skepticism and information overload of today's consumers, and drives sales-and profits-to new heights. What turns a "sleeper" into a box-office bonanza or catapults a just-released book to the top of bestseller lists? How do people decide which car to buy, which fashions fit the image they seek, and even which movie to see? Despite the daily assault of advertising and other traditional marketing strategies, statistics show that consumers are overwhelmingly persuaded by word of mouth-the recommendations of friends and the "buzz" that develops in the marketplace. As Newsweek recently proclaimed, "Buzz greases the great conveyor belt of culture and commerce, moving everything from movies to fashions of the body and mind faster and faster." In The Anatomy of Buzz, former marketing VP Emanuel Rosen pinpoints the products and services that benefit the most from buzz-a universe that embraces everything from high-tech equipment to books, various consumer and entertainment products to legal and other support services-and offers specific strategies for creating and sustaining effective word-of-mouth campaigns. Drawing from interviews with more than 150 executives, marketing leaders, and researchers who have successfully built buzz for major brands, Rosen describes the ins and outs of attracting the attention of influential first users and "big-mouth" movers and shakers. He also discusses proven techniques for stimulating customer-to-customer selling-including how companies can spread the word to new territories by taking advantage of customer hubs and networks on the Internet and elsewhere. Recent surveys show that 58 percent of young people rely to some extent on others when selecting a car, 53 percent of moviegoers follow the recommendations of friends, and 65 percent of the people who bought a Palm organizer were inspired by the enthusiasm of others. With The Anatomy of Buzz, business leaders have what they need to start the buzz and reignite excitement about a product or service stalled in a holding pattern, or launch a new product into the stratosphere..

The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing

The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing Pdf/ePub eBook The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 577 | Ebook Reads: 577 | File: The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9783642021091


The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing - Panos Mourdoukoutas,George J. Siomkos Summary

Why are word-of-mouth campaigns effective for some products, while failing for others? Which group of consumers should be the target of viral marketing efforts, and how can you turn word of mouth into buzz? Panos Mourdoukoutas and George J Siomkos provide the answers! The transformation of a desire for a product into an "epidemic" was, is and will always be the dream of each and every marketer. For some marketers this dream becomes reality. For others it remains simply a fantasy. "The Seven Principles of WOM and Buzz Marketing" offers the essential tools – seven simple steps – to launch an effective WOM and buzz campaign that helps products to cross the tipping point and to reach the mass market: Begin with the consumers Be innovative Target the right group Create the right message Find the right environment.


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1451 | Ebook Reads: 1451 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9780199792597


Buzz - Stephen Braun Summary

Alcohol and caffeine are deeply woven into the fabric of life for most of the world's population, as close and as comfortable as a cup of coffee or a can of beer. Yet for most people they remain as mysterious and unpredictable as the spirits they were once thought to be. Now, in Buzz, Stephen Braun takes us on a myth-shattering tour of these two popular substances, one that blends fascinating science with colorful lore, and that includes cameo appearances by Shakespeare and Balzac, Buddhist monks and Arabian goat herders, even Mikhail Gorbachev and David Letterman (who once quipped, "If it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever"). Much of what Braun reveals directly contradicts conventional wisdom about alcohol and caffeine. Braun shows, for instance, that alcohol is not simply a depressant as popularly believed, but is instead "a pharmacy in a bottle"--mimicking the action of drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, valium, and opium. At low doses, it increases electrical activity in the same brain systems affected by stimulants, influences the same circuits targeted by valium, and causes the release of morphine-like compounds known as endorphins--all at the same time. This explains why alcohol can produce a range of reactions, from boisterous euphoria to dark, brooding hopelessness. Braun also shatters the myth that alcohol kills brain cells, reveals why wood alcohol or methanol causes blindness, and explains the biological reason behind the one-drink-per-hour sobriety rule (that's how long it takes the liver, working full tilt, to disable the 200 quintillion ethanol molecules found in a typical drink). The author then turns to caffeine and shows it to be no less remarkable. We discover that more than 100 plant species produce caffeine molecules in their seeds, leaves, or bark, a truly amazing distribution throughout nature (nicotine, in comparison, is found only in tobacco; opium only in the poppy). It's not surprising then that caffeine is far and away the most widely used mind altering substance on the planet, found in tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, soft drinks, and more than 2,000 non-prescription drugs. (Tea is the most popular drink on earth, with coffee a close second.) Braun also explores the role of caffeine in creativity: Johann Sebastian Bach, for one, loved coffee so much he wrote a Coffee Cantata (as Braun notes, no music captures the caffeinated experience better than one of Bachs frenetic fugues), Balzac would work for 12 hours non-stop, drinking coffee all the while, and Kant, Rousseau, and Voltaire all loved coffee. And throughout the book, Braun takes us on many engaging factual sidetrips--we learn, for instance, that Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase "Good to the last drop" used by Maxwell House ever since; that distances between Tibetan villages are sometimes reckoned by the number of cups of tea needed to sustain a person (three cups being roughly 8 kilometers); and that John Pemberton's original recipe for Coca-Cola included not only kola extract, but also cocaine. Whether you are a sophisticated consumer of cabernet sauvignon and Kenya AA or just someone who needs a cup of joe in the morning and a cold one after work, you will find Buzz to be an eye-opening, informative, and often amusing look at two substances at once utterly familiar and deeply mysterious..


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 694 | Ebook Reads: 694 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0995102694


Buzz - Shelley Munro Summary

Jen Alexander is intent on fulfilling a promise to her mother. She’s heading back to school to finish her education, but a remote controlled vibrator shoves her on a detour. For her ex-boss Wayne Garrett, the night of Jen’s party is a revelation. Now he’s seen her sexy side, he plans on seduction big time—a private party for three. But worried his feelings for Wayne could spoil their friendship, his business partner Sebastian Lang refuses to play. Wayne wants Jen. Sebastian wants Wayne. Jen doesn’t want any man since her boyfriend ditched her by text minutes before the party. It’s going to take a lot of laughter, fun and hot seduction before the three can decide exactly what they want and how to get it..

What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners

What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners Pdf/ePub eBook What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1743 | Ebook Reads: 1743 | File: What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1317679768


What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners - Mark Le Messurier,Madhavi Nawana Parker Summary

For many, social thinking is hard-wired at birth and strengthens, quite naturally, through progressive experiences and encounters with others. However, for a variety of reasons, some children find it harder to think socially, develop socially and use their social tools suitably when it really counts. ‘What’s the Buzz?’ is the original social skills programme and became an instant best-seller, used by practitioners around the globe with children and young people, helping them to successfully transfer these skills into their everyday lives. What’s the Buzz? For Early Learners : is a simple, structured programmes to teach students in early learning and early primary school settings, within the 4 to 7 year age range. is designed to bring children together, including those who may be on the autistic spectrum explicitly demonstrates methods of how children can get along with one another and nurture friendship groups. Uses a developmental model to ensure its relevance throughout By drawing on the modelling of targeted social skills, role play, explicit guidance, feedback and games, this resource is imaginative, very practical and is enhanced with visual materials and worksheets to accompany each lesson. http://www.whatsthebuzz.net.au Also available from Routledge: Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker (2011) What’s the Buzz: A Social Skills Enrichment Programme for Primary Students.

Small Business Smarts: Building Buzz with Social Media

Small Business Smarts: Building Buzz with Social Media Pdf/ePub eBook Small Business Smarts: Building Buzz with Social Media Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1551 | Ebook Reads: 1551 | File: Small Business Smarts: Building Buzz with Social Media.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0313394105


Small Business Smarts: Building Buzz with Social Media - Steve O'Leary,Kim Sheehan,Sterling Lentz Summary

This book will help small business owners and marketers feel comfortable using social media to promote their businesses, regardless of their past experiences or level of expertise. • Interviews with 25 small business owners and marketers detailing how they are using social media successfully right now • An evaluation tool and example spreadsheets for conducting a social media audit • Call-outs that show how different types of businesses can implement various marketing ideas • Action-item tips that can be used in online messaging today.

Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights Pdf/ePub eBook Morningside Heights Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1944 | Ebook Reads: 1944 | File: Morningside Heights.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1524748366


Morningside Heights - Joshua Henkin Summary

When Ohio-born Pru Steiner arrives in New York in 1976, she follows in a long tradition of young people determined to take the city by storm. But when she falls in love with and marries Spence Robin, her hotshot young Shakespeare professor, her life takes a turn she couldn’t have anticipated. Thirty years later, something is wrong with Spence. The Great Man can’t concentrate; he falls asleep reading The New York Review of Books. With their daughter, Sarah, away at medical school, Pru must struggle on her own to care for him. One day, feeling especially isolated, Pru meets a man, and the possibility of new romance blooms. Meanwhile, Spence’s estranged son from his first marriage has come back into their lives. Arlo, a wealthy entrepreneur who invests in biotech, may be his father’s last, best hope. Morningside Heights is a sweeping and compassionate novel about a marriage surviving hardship. It’s about the love between women and men, and children and parents; about the things we give up in the face of adversity; and about how to survive when life turns out differently from what we thought we signed up for..


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 569 | Ebook Reads: 569 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1681775980


Buzz - Hallie Lieberman Summary

In the vein of Mary Roach's Bonk, a brilliant microhistory of the sex toy that ultimately tells the story of our changing sexual mores and evolving cultural values. Once only whispered about in clandestine corners, vibrators have become just another accessory for the suburban soccer mom. But how did these once-taboo toys become so socially acceptable? The journey of the devices to the cultural mainstream is a surprisingly stimulating one. In Buzz, Hallie Lieberman traces the tale from lubricant in Ancient Greece to the very first condom in 1560 to advertisements touting devices as medical equipment in 19th-century magazines. She looks in particular from the period of major change from the 1950s through the present, when sex toys evolved from symbols of female emancipation to tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS to consumerist marital aids to today's mainstays of pop culture. The story is populated with a cast of vivid and fascinating characters including Dell Williams, founder of the first feminist sex toy store; Betty Dodson, whose workshops helped 1960s women discover vibrators; and Gosnell Duncan, a paraplegic engineer who invented the silicone dildo. And these personal dramas are all set against a backdrop of changing American attitudes toward sexuality, feminism, LGBTQ issues, and more. Both educational and titillating, Buzz will make readers think quite differently about those secret items hiding in bedside drawers across the nation..

Always Greener

Always Greener Pdf/ePub eBook Always Greener Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1166 | Ebook Reads: 1166 | File: Always Greener.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1949671054


Always Greener - J.R.H. Lawless Summary

"An absolute joy to read. As clever as it is hilarious, as profound as it is captivating.” –James Dashner, Author of The Maze Runner “A stinging science fiction satire that takes the downsides of modern living to their hilarious and horrifying conclusion.” – Foreword Reviews "A cultured, witty, and very British attack on vapid reality TV values, set in an empty-souled tomorrow." –Kirkus Reviews ABOUT ALWAYS GREENER: Life's biggest victim, please step up and claim your prize! A smash-hit reality show is offering a lifetime of luxury to the one person living the world’s worst life, and now everyone is out to prove just how bad they’ve got it. Want in? All you’ve got to do is accept ocular implants that let the whole world see life through your eyes, twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, there’s still one person who hasn’t lost faith in all humanity. The show’s ever-smiling host is determined to wring some tiny bit of meaning out of this twisted competition and your unhappy existence. There has to be a purpose behind all this misery. …doesn’t there? Launching in February 2020, ALWAYS GREENER mixes the whimsical wordplay of Douglas Adams with the ominous relevance of the TV show “Black Mirror.” Set in a near-future corporate dystopia, this satirical sci-fi novel explores how individuals willingly sacrifice privacy and control of their own lives in exchange for new technologies and a few minutes of fame..

Buzz Kill

Buzz Kill Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Kill Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1032 | Ebook Reads: 1032 | File: Buzz Kill.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Buzz Kill - Kate Thornton Summary

With a bossy mother, a deteriorating Los Angeles apartment, and a love life going nowhere, magazine writer Toni Carey's childhood memories of caring for her uncle's beehives lead her to the bucolic citrus town of Loma Vista. But a bludgeoning, a murder, and a hot Sheriff's detective have more than the bees buzzing. "Buzz Kill is the bee’s knees! When Toni “Cookie” Carey’s beloved Uncle Horace is found unconscious in his home, she joins forces with a handsome detective to get to the bottom of things. Uncle Horace, an avid bee hobbyist, has left clues in the hives, but can the insects help Toni solve the case? Buzz Kill is buzzing with fun, mystery and romance." — Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the popular Odelia Grey mysteries and Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries. "With its quirky heroine, appealing setting, and intriguing bee-centric plot, Buzz Kill is a honey of a mystery read." — Ellen Byron, ​Agatha Award - winning author of the best-selling Cajun Country Mysteries and the author of The Catering Hall Mysteries under the pen name Maria DiRico..


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1911 | Ebook Reads: 1911 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1401396259


Buzz - Katherine Ellison Summary

A mother and son navigate ADHD together: “A story of love and persistence . . . Buzz will teach, charm, and bolster you.” —Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction We’ve all heard the stories of self-sacrificing mothers bravely tending to their challenging children. Katherine Ellison offers a different kind of tale. Shortly after Ellison, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, and her high-spirited twelve-year-old son, Buzz, were both diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, she found herself making such a hash of parenting that the two of them faced three alternatives: he’d go to boarding school; she’d go AWOL; or they’d make it their full-time job to work out their problems together. They chose option number three and proceeded into the confusing world of the modern mental health industry—and she recounts the story, along with some helpful insights, in this “funny, well-written memoir” (Booklist). “Combining a mother’s ferocious love with an investigative journalist’s curiosity and rigor, Katherine Ellison holds a magnifying glass up to her young son, her family history, and perhaps most of all, to herself . . . a powerful story—raw, brave, honest, smart, and ultimately redemptive.” —Dani Shapiro, New York Times-bestselling author of Inheritance “Absorbing, sharply observed.” —Kirkus Reviews.

Baseball Buzz

Baseball Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Baseball Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1643 | Ebook Reads: 1643 | File: Baseball Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1496553802


Baseball Buzz - CC Joven Summary

Jackson is ready for his first baseball game, but a pesky bee might just ruin his big day. This Starting Line Reader is sure to be a home run for every new reader..


Buzz Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1437 | Ebook Reads: 1437 | File: Buzz.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1620101238


Buzz - Ananth Panagariya Summary

Webster is a bundle of nerves headed into his first day of high school, but whatever academic and social horrors he feared are nothing compared to what’s in store for him as he stumbles into an unsanctioned street level spelling bee! And this ain't no staged production, either – letters fly like jump kicks and the losers leave bruised and beaten more often than not! Soon he’s propelled into the fast-paced world of competitive spelling by the mysterious Outlaw King and his cohort the Black Queen. Does Webster have what it takes to get the spelling world buzzing? Find out in this word-based battle royale from web-sensations Ananth Panagariya (Johnny Wander) and Tessa Stone (Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name)!.

Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees

Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees Pdf/ePub eBook Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1426 | Ebook Reads: 1426 | File: Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees - Wilhelm Busch Summary

"Buzz a Buzz; Or, The Bees" by Wilhelm Busch (translated by William Charles Cotton). Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format..