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Capitalism Hits the Fan

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Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard D. Wolff Summary

A breathtakingly clear analysis that breaks down the root causes of today’s economic crisis “With unerring coherence and unequaled breadth of knowledge, Rick Wolff offers a rich and much needed corrective to the views of mainstream economists and pundits. It would be difficult to come away from this… with anything but an acute appreciation of what is needed to get us out of this mess.” —Stanley Aronowitz, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Urban Education, City University of New York Capitalism Hits the Fan chronicles one economist’s growing alarm and insights as he watched, from 2005 onwards, the economic crisis build, burst, and then change the world. The argument here differs sharply from most other explanations offered by politicians, media commentators, and other academics. Step by step, Professor Wolff shows that deep economic structures—the relationship of wages to profits, of workers to boards of directors, and of debts to income—account for the crisis. The great change in the US economy since the 1970s, as employers stopped the historic rise in US workers’ real wages, set in motion the events that eventually broke the world economy. The crisis resulted from the post-1970s profit explosion, the debt-driven finance-industry expansion, and the sequential stock market and real estate booms and busts. Bailout interventions by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury have thrown too little money too late at a problem that requires more than money to solve. As this book shows, we must now ask basic questions about capitalism as a system that has now convulsed the world economy into two great depressions in 75 years (and countless lesser crises, recession, and cycles in between). The book’s essays engage the long-overdue public discussion about capitalism as a system and about the basic structural changes needed not only to fix today’s broken economy but to prevent future crises. Richard Wolff has been a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst since 1981. He has been a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs, at the New School in New York since 2007. Wolff’s major recent interests and publications include studies of US economic history to ascertain the basic structural causes of the current economic crisis and the examination of how alternative economic theories (neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian) understand and respond to the crisis in very different ways. His past work involves application of advanced class analysis to contemporary global capitalism. He has written, co-authored, and co-edited many books and dozens of scholarly and popular journal articles. His recent analyses of current economic events appear regularly in the webzine of the Monthly Review. In 2009, Capitalism Hits the Fan, the documentary on the current economic crisis, was released by Media Education Foundation (www.mediaed.org). Visit http://www.rdwolff.com for more information. Abridged Table of Contents: Introduction Part I: Roots of a System’s Crisis Part II: The Economics of Crisis 1 Capitalism as a Crisis-Prone System 2 The Role of Economic Theory 3 Markets and Efficiency 4 Wages, Productivity, and Exploitation 5 Housing and Debt 6 Government Intervention in the Economy 7 International Dimensions of the Crisis Part III: Politics of the Crisis 1 Reforms and Regulations as Crisis Solutions 2 Debates over “Socialist” Solutions 3 Anti-Capitalist Politics Index

Occupy the Economy

Occupy the Economy Pdf/ePub eBook


Occupy the Economy - Richard Wolff,David Barsamian Summary

A hot-button primer on the taboo subject impacting most Americans today: the failure of the capitalism to deliver public good.

Capitalisme. Une histoire de fantômes

Capitalisme. Une histoire de fantômes Pdf/ePub eBook


Capitalisme. Une histoire de fantômes - Arundhati Roy Summary

"La domination du capitalisme fut telle qu’elle cessa d’être perçue comme une idéologie. Elle est devenue le modèle par défaut, le comportement naturel. Elle s’est infiltrée dans la normalité, a colonisé l’ordinaire, au point que la contester est apparu comme aussi absurde ou ésotérique qu’une remise en cause de la réalité elle-même. Dès lors, le pas fut aisément et promptement franchi pour affirmer : “Il n’y a pas d’alternative.”" Dans cette série d’essais, Arundhati Roy, l’auteure du sublime roman Le Dieu des Petits Riens, s’intéresse à la face cachée de la démocratie indienne — un pays de 1,2 milliard d’habitants où les cent personnes les plus riches possèdent l’équivalent d’un quart du produit intérieur brut. Ce texte virulent présente un portrait féroce et lucide d’un pays hanté par ses fantômes : ceux des centaines de milliers de fermiers qui n’ont pour seule échappatoire à leurs dettes que le suicide ; ceux des centaines de millions de personnes qui vivent avec moins de deux dollars par jour. Face à eux, une infime minorité de la population contrôle la majorité des richesses et parvient à dicter la politique gouvernementale. Cette classe corrompue par l’omniprésence des ONG et des fondations est au cœur du système remis en cause par l’auteure. Cependant, Roy va au-delà du pamphlet contre le capitalisme et propose une véritable réflexion sur son histoire et ses rouages. Avant de conclure par plusieurs propositions pour en sortir, le temps d’un discours aux militants d’Occupy Wall Street.

Tout peut changer

Tout peut changer Pdf/ePub eBook


Tout peut changer - Naomi Klein Summary

Notre modèle économique est en guerre contre la vie sur Terre. Nous ne pouvons infléchir les lois de la nature, mais nos comportements, en revanche, peuvent et doivent radicalement changer sous peine d’entraîner un cataclysme. Pour Naomi Klein, la lutte contre les changements climatiques requiert non seulement une réorientation de nos sociétés vers un modèle durable pour l’environnement, mais elle ouvre aussi la voie à une transformation sociale radicale, transformation qui pourrait nous mener à un monde meilleur, plus juste et équitable. Tant par l’urgence du sujet traité que par l’ampleur de la recherche effectuée, Naomi Klein signe ici son livre sans doute le plus important à ce jour. Voir Tout peut changer | Naomi Klein

Politics of Education

Politics of Education Pdf/ePub eBook


Politics of Education - Kenneth J. Saltman Summary

'The Politics of Education' provides an introduction to both the political dimensions of schooling and the politics of recent educational reform debates. The book offers both undergraduates and starting graduate students in education an understanding of numerous dimensions of the contested field of education, addressing questions of political economy and class, cultural politics, race, gender, globalisation, neoliberalism, and biopolitics. Discussions work through contemporary reform debates that include some of the most widely discussed reform topics such as school privatisation, standardised testing, common core curriculum, discipline, and technology. The book covers contemporary educational debates and seriously considers views across the political spectrum from the vantage point of critical education, emphasising schooling for broader social equality and justice.

Understanding Management Critically

Understanding Management Critically Pdf/ePub eBook


Understanding Management Critically - Suzette Dyer,Maria Humphries,Dale Fitzgibbons,Fiona Hurd Summary

In these times of global economic crisis, social unrest towards the powers that be, and a yearning for alternative systems and organization, it is now more relevant than ever for you to take a critical stance to your management studies in order to analyse, understand and question the world around you and the capitalist stronghold in which you live and work. This new thought-provoking text uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to help you challenge the status quo and prevailing ideologies in management. It covers key issues, thinkers and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to the real world through international case studies and reflective questions and think points for you to carry into practice. A companion website provides additional learning materials for personal study and class activities (www.sagepub.co.uk/dyer). This text is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying critical management or any management course with a critical slant.

Rural Communities

Rural Communities Pdf/ePub eBook


Rural Communities - Cornelia Butler Flora,Jan L. Flora,Stephen P. Gasteyer Summary

Communities in rural America are a complex mixture of peoples and cultures, ranging from miners who have been laid off in West Virginia, to Laotian immigrants relocating in Kansas to work at a beef processing plant, to entrepreneurs drawing up plans for a world-class ski resort in California's Sierra Nevada. Rural Communities: Legacy and Change uses its unique Community Capitals framework to examine how America's diverse rural communities use their various capitals—natural, cultural, human, social, political, financial, and built—to address the modern challenges that face them. Each chapter opens with a case study of a community facing a particular challenge, and is followed by a comprehensive discussion of sociological concepts to be applied to understanding the case. This narrative, topical approach makes the book accessible and engaging for undergraduate students, while its integrative approach provides them with a framework for understanding rural society based on the concepts and explanations of social science This fifth edition is updated throughout with 2013 census data and features new and expanded coverage of health and health care, food systems and alternatives, the effects of neoliberalism and globalization on rural communities, as well as an expanded resource and activity section at the end of each chapter.

Social Policy and Social Justice

Social Policy and Social Justice Pdf/ePub eBook


Social Policy and Social Justice - Michael Reisch Summary

Social Policy and Social Justice provides today's students and tomorrow's practitioners with a comprehensive overview of U.S. social policy and the policymaking process. Author and editor Michael Reisch brings together experts in the field to help students understand these policies and prepare them for the emerging realities that will shape practice in the 21st century. This text explores the critical contextual components of social policy—including history, ideology, political-economy, and culture—and demonstrates major substantive areas of policy such as income maintenance and health/mental health.

The Dark Side of Prosperity

The Dark Side of Prosperity Pdf/ePub eBook


The Dark Side of Prosperity - Mark Horsley Summary

This book offers a critical analysis of consumer credit markets and the growth of outstanding debt, presenting in-depth interview material to explore the phenomenon of mass indebtedness through the life trajectories of self-identified debtors struggling with the pressures of owing money. A rich and original qualitative study of the close relationship between financial capitalism, consumer aspirations, social exclusion and the proliferation of personal indebtedness, The Dark Side of Prosperity examines questions of social identity, subjectivity and consumer motivation in close connection with the socio-cultural ideals of an ‘enjoyment society’ that binds the value of the lives of individuals to the endless acquisition and disposal of pecuniary resources and lifestyle symbols. Critically engaging with the work of Giddens, Beck and Bauman, this volume draws on the thought of contemporary philosophers including Žižek, Badiou and Rancière to consider the possibility that the expansion of outstanding consumer credit, despite its many consequences, may be integral to the construction of social identity in a radically indeterminate and increasingly divided society. A ground-breaking work of critical social research this book will appeal to scholars of social theory, contemporary philosophy and political and economic sociology, as well as those with interests in consumer credit and cultures of indebtedness.

Le Manuscrit de Beyrouth

Le Manuscrit de Beyrouth Pdf/ePub eBook


Le Manuscrit de Beyrouth - Jabbour Douaihy Summary

Déçu qu’aucun éditeur de Beyrouth n’accepte de publier le roman qu’il a écrit entièrement à la main, Farid accepte un emploi de correcteur dans une imprimerie réputée. Il fera chavirer le cœur de l’épouse de son patron avant de découvrir les manœuvres frauduleuses des gérants de l’imprimerie et de leurs ancêtres. L’auteur présente ici le monde du livre comme un microcosme de Beyrouth, ville qui ne ressemble à aucune autre, pépinière des plus beaux talents, paradis de l’argent sale et de la corruption.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done Pdf/ePub eBook


Getting Things Done - Virpi Malin,Jonathan Murphy,Marjo Siltaoja Summary

This book explores the possibility of a progressive and transformative management which, while grounded in the analytic tradition and values of CMS, also confronts practical demands of meeting social needs.

Idéologie et pouvoir

Idéologie et pouvoir Pdf/ePub eBook


Idéologie et pouvoir - Noam Chomsky Summary

Download or read Idéologie et pouvoir book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change

State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change Pdf/ePub eBook


State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change - Vincent Pollard Summary

Through a careful analysis of the former Soviet Union and China, and South Asian societies of India and the Phillipines, this volume examines the creation of a state capitalism, its roll in economic development, and its impact on social change.

Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work Pdf/ePub eBook


Democracy at Work - Richard D. Wolff Summary

Wolff shows why and how to make democratic workplaces real. He speaks to those who realize that capitalism economics and politics as usual have become intolerable and who seek a concrete action program.

The Wealth Inequality Reader

The Wealth Inequality Reader Pdf/ePub eBook


The Wealth Inequality Reader - Daniel Fireside Summary

Download or read The Wealth Inequality Reader book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

100 € pour lancer son business

100 € pour lancer son business Pdf/ePub eBook


100 € pour lancer son business - Chris Guillebeau Summary

Vous avez un budget de 100 € et une idée d'entreprise ? Bonne nouvelle, vous pouvez lancer votre business ! Chris Guillebeau, entrepreneur globe-trotter à succès, démontre qu’il est possible de monter son entreprise avec peu de moyens, sans business plan et sans salarié. Les caractéristiques pour réussir : • Être son propre patron • Démarrer son activité même avec un investissement de départ modeste • Dégager suffisamment d’argent pour être rentable • Exercer une activité qui corresponde à un goût, une passion ou une compétence • Faire de son projet un vecteur d’émancipation • Travailler pour apporter de la valeur aux autres Construit comme une véritable feuille de route personnalisable, le livre propose des conseils et points clés pour démarrer, développer et réussir son projet ainsi que des questionnaires d’auto-évaluation et des témoignages d’entrepreneurs. Grâce à ce livre-outil, menez la vie dont vous avez toujours rêvé et améliorez celle des autres en leur offrant ce qu’ils veulent vraiment... tout en vous faisant payer !

Governing Childhood Into the 21st Century

Governing Childhood Into the 21st Century Pdf/ePub eBook


Governing Childhood Into the 21st Century - Majia Holmer Nadesan Summary

Neoliberal logics of government shaping childhood today produce market-based frameworks for understanding childhood risks. In this timely work, Nadesan argues that these frameworks encourage affluent parents to pursue individualized technologies of the self to reduce risks posed to their children’s future success. In contrast, neoliberal market frameworks regard lower-income children as “risky,” and therefore deploy targeted disciplines aimed at reducing economic and biopolitical risks to the nation. “Risks” posed by poor children abroad derive from, and legitimize, a new U.S. security discourse that governs primarily through strategic containment and normalization, yet doesn’t hesitate to employ repression. The current global economic crisis points to the limits and paradoxes of the neoliberal logics governing populations, presenting future “risks” for twenty-first century childhood.

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