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Cold comfort farm

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Cold comfort farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

Cold Comfort Farm is a comic novel by English author Stella Gibbons, published in 1932. It parodies the romanticised, sometimes doom-laden accounts of rural life popular at the time, by writers such as Mary Webb. Following the death of her parents, the book and 's heroine, Flora Poste, finds she is possessed and quot;of every art and grace save that of earning her own living and quot;. She decides to take advantage of the fact that and quot;no limits are set, either by society or one and 's own conscience, to the amount one may impose on one and 's relatives and quot;, and settles on visiting her distant relatives at the isolated Cold Comfort Farm in the fictional village of Howling in Sussex. The inhabitants of the farm – Aunt Ada Doom, the Starkadders, and their extended family and workers – feel obliged to take her in to atone for an unspecified wrong once done to her father.

Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

When a well-educated young socialite in 1930s England is left orphaned and unable to support herself at age twenty-two, she moves in with her eccentric relatives on their farm.

Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

Cold Comfort Farm (Unabridged) by Stella Gibbons In Gibbons's classic tale, a resourceful young heroine finds herself in the gloomy, overwrought world of a Hardy or Bronte novel and proceeds to organize everyone out of their romantic tragedies into the pleasures of normal life. Flora Poste, orphaned at 19, chooses to live with relatives at Cold Comfort Farm in Sussex, where cows are named Feckless, Aimless, Pointless, and Graceless, and the proprietors, the dour Starkadder family, are tyrannized by Flora's mysterious aunt, who controls the household from a locked room. Once there she discovers they exist in a state of chaos and feels it is up to her to bring order. Flora's confident and clever management of an alarming cast of eccentrics is only half the pleasure of this novel. The other half is Gibbons's wicked sendup of romantic cliches, from the mad woman in the attic to the druidical peasants with their West Country accents and mystical herbs.

Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Cold Comfort Farm - Paul Doust Summary

Orphan Flora Poste, heroine of Gibbons's tongue-in-cheek classic novel, likes everything to be tidy and comfortable so when she goes to live with her eccentric relatives at Cold Comfort Farm she tries to alter her surroundings and encourage other to greater things. But this proves difficult...6 women, 9 men

Conference at Cold Comfort Farm

Conference at Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Conference at Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

Robert Poste's child is back at Cold Comfort Farm. But all is not well. Flora finds the farm transformed into a twee haven filled with Toby jugs and peasant pottery, and rooms labelled 'Quiete Retreate' and 'Greate laundrie'. It is, Flora winces, 'exactly like being locked in the Victoria and Albert Museum after closing time'. Worse, the farm is hosting a conference of the pretentious International Thinkers Group - a group made up of the 'sadistic owl' Mr Peccavi, loathsome Mr Mybug and the overpowering Mrs Ernestine Thump. And worst of all, there are no Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm. All the he-cousins have gone abroad to make their fortunes and the female cousins are having a pretty thin time of it. Once again the sensible Flora decides to take the situation in hand.

Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm

Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

Available for the first time since its original publication more than fifty years ago, Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm is a charming collection whose hilarious title story features Christmas dinner with the Starkadders before Flora's arrival. With Adam playing Santa while draped in Mrs. Starkadders's shawls, the family shares their traditional "Christmas pudding"-a mélange containing random objects of doom foretelling the coming year: a coffin nail for death, a bad sixpence for financial ruin, and a menthol cone to indicate that the lucky recipient will go "blind wi' headache." These lively tales will delight anyone who loves Stella Gibbons and her signature wit.

Navidades en Cold Comfort Farm

Navidades en Cold Comfort Farm Pdf/ePub eBook


Navidades en Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons Summary

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor Pdf/ePub eBook


The Bachelor - Stella Gibbons Summary

Brother and sister, Constance and Kenneth Fielding live in calm respectability, just out of reach of London and the Blitz. But when a series of uninvited guests converge upon them âe" from a Balkan exile to Kenâe(tm)s old flame and the siblingsâe(tm) own raffish father âe" the household struggles to preserve its precious peace. In this full house, in a quiet corner of suburbia, no one expects to find romance.


Westwood Pdf/ePub eBook


Westwood - Stella Gibbons Summary

WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY LYNNE TRUSS 'Stella Gibbons is the Jane Austen of the twentieth century' The Times Set in wartime London, Westwood tells the story of Margaret Steggles, a plain bookish girl whose mother has told her that she is not the type that attracts men. Her schoolfriend Hilda has a sunny temperament and keeps her service boys 'ever so cheery'. When Margaret finds a ration book on Hampstead Heath the pompous writer Gerard Challis enters both their lives. Margaret slavishly adores Challis and his artistic circle; Challis idolises Hilda for her hair and her eyes and Hilda finds Gerard's romantic overtures a bit of a bind. This is a delightfully comic and wistful tale of love and longing.

The Yellow Houses

The Yellow Houses Pdf/ePub eBook


The Yellow Houses - Stella Gibbons Summary

Wilfred Davis, quiet, retired, respectable widower, is sitting and sobbing on a park bench. He has lost his daughter and any sense of purpose. A mysterious stranger passes him a handkerchief, and strikes up a conversation that leads to friendship and an unconventional new home for Wilfred. Mary Davis wants only four things out of life: a husband and three children, so at seventeen she runs away from school, her father and her home and moves to London to find them. Only a few months later Mary is engaged, but love and marriage promise to be very different from her childhood daydreams. For Mary and Wilfred, it seems Fate has taken a hand, or is there another kind of guiding spirit at play? Stella Gibbons' final novel, written in the 1970s but only discovered many years after her death, is published here for the first time.

Nightingale Wood

Nightingale Wood Pdf/ePub eBook


Nightingale Wood - Stella Gibbons Summary

Life is not quite a fairytale for poor Viola. Left penniless, the young widow is forced to live with her late husband's family in a joyless old house. There's Mr Wither, a tyrannical old miser, Mrs Wither, who thinks Viola is just a common shop girl, and two unlovely sisters-in-law, one of whom is in love with the chauffeur. Only the prospect of the charity ball can raise Viola's spirits - especially as Victor Spring, the local prince charming, will be there. But Victor's intentions towards our Cinderella are, in short, not quite honourable . . .

Out of the Woodshed

Out of the Woodshed Pdf/ePub eBook


Out of the Woodshed - Reggie Oliver Summary

Out of the Woodshed is the first biography of the author of Cold Comfort Farm, but also offers the reader an inside view of literary London from the 1930s until Stella's death in 1989.


Ticky Pdf/ePub eBook


Ticky - Stella Gibbons Summary

The Club in central London holds the quarters of Queen Victoria's finest regiment: the First Bloods. Inside the mighty building, with its two exquisite glass towers, the First Bloods and their regimental servants tussle over a portion of recreational ground. Amidst the rows and rumbles -- and remarkable punishments -- is a mocking and piquant observation of factious all-male societies.

Salad Days

Salad Days Pdf/ePub eBook


Salad Days - Françoise Sagan Summary

The lives of a boardinghouse keeper and a factory accountant are transformed when the accountant turns up a cache of stolen jewels, which enables the couple to live out their dreams

My American

My American Pdf/ePub eBook


My American - Stella Gibbons Summary

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