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Dodger Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1245 | Ebook Reads: 1245 | File: Dodger.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1409024415


Dodger - , Summary

A brand new edition of a Terry Pratchett classic – set in Victorian London, and starring cunning but kind Dodger, as he sets off on a whirlwind adventure through the city streets THE SEWER IS DODGER’S WORLD . . . He hunts treasure there – coins and jewels lost in the dark and dirty drains. It’s a good life, if you don’t mind getting your hands (and arms and feet and face) dirty. But one night, Dodger helps a young woman flee two ruffians. Now, a street urchin dressed as a gentleman, he must discover the secret behind her escape. Along the way he’ll befriend Charles Dickens, outwit Sweeny Todd and reach the giddy heights of Victorian society. Dodger may be living in the gutter, but he’s heading for the stars . . ..

Dodger and Me

Dodger and Me Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger and Me Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 849 | Ebook Reads: 849 | File: Dodger and Me.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9781429984676


Dodger and Me - Jordan Sonnenblick Summary

A boy's imaginary friend is driving him crazy in Dodger and Me, the first installment of a hilarious new series by acclaimed author Jordan Sonnenblick. What would you do if your best friend was: 1. Imaginary? 2. An oversize blue chimp in surfer shorts? (Potentially embarrassing, but hey, no one else can see him . . . right?) 3. Proposing a plan to help you improve your life? 4. Did we say imaginary? 5. Driving you crazy?!?! Now you have an idea of what Willie Ryan's life is like when he meets Dodger. It's the beginning of a lot of trouble—and a friendship you'll never forget!.

Dodger Boy

Dodger Boy Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger Boy Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1806 | Ebook Reads: 1806 | File: Dodger Boy.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1773060732


Dodger Boy - Sarah Ellis Summary

In 1970 Vancouver, thirteen-year-old Charlotte and her best friend, Dawn, are keen to avoid the pitfalls of adolescence. Couldn’t they just skip teenhood altogether, along with its annoying behaviors – showing off just because you have a boyfriend, obsessing about marriage and a ring and matching dining-room furniture? Couldn’t one just learn about life from Jane Austen and spend the days eating breakfast at noon, watching “People in Conflict,” and thrift-store shopping for cool castoffs to tie-dye for the upcoming outdoor hippie music festival? But life becomes more complicated when the girls meet a Texan draft dodger who comes to live with Charlotte’s Quaker family. Tom Ed expands Charlotte’s horizons as they discuss everything from war to civil disobedience to women’s liberation. Grappling with exhilarating and disturbing new ideas, faced with a censorship challenge to her beloved English teacher and trying to decode the charismatic draft dodger himself, Charlotte finds it harder and harder to stick to her unteen philosophy, and to see eye to eye with Dawn..

Joe Black

Joe Black Pdf/ePub eBook Joe Black Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1677 | Ebook Reads: 1677 | File: Joe Black.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0897337557


Joe Black - Martha Jo Black,Chuck Schoffner Summary

He was told that the color of his skin would keep him out of the big leagues, but Joe Black worked his way up through the Negro Leagues and the Cuban Winter League. He burst into the Majors in 1952 when he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the face of segregation, verbal harassment, and even death threats, Joe Black rose to the top of his game; he earned National League Rookie of the Year and became the first African American pitcher to win a World Series game. With the same tenacity he showed in his baseball career, Black became the first African American vice president of a transportation corporation when he went to work for Greyhound. In this first-ever biography of Joe Black, his daughter Martha Jo Black tells the story not only of a baseball great who broke through the color line, but also of the father she knew and loved..


Dodgers Pdf/ePub eBook Dodgers Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1767 | Ebook Reads: 1767 | File: Dodgers.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1101903740


Dodgers - Bill Beverly Summary

Dodgers is a dark, unforgettable coming-of-age journey that recalls the very best of Richard Price, Denis Johnson, and J.D. Salinger. It is the story of a young LA gang member named East, who is sent by his uncle along with some other teenage boys—including East's hothead younger brother—to kill a key witness hiding out in Wisconsin. The journey takes East out of a city he's never left and into an America that is entirely alien to him, ultimately forcing him to grapple with his place in the world and decide what kind of man he wants to become. Written in stark and unforgettable prose and featuring an array of surprising and memorable characters rendered with empathy and wit, Dodgers heralds the arrival of a major new voice in American fiction. Winner of the LA TIMES Book Prize of 2017 for Best Mystery/Thriller Winner of the CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger 2016 for Best Crime Novel of the Year Winner of the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger 2016 for Best Debut Crime Novel Winner of the Mark Twain American Voice in Literature Award Finalist for the PEN/Heminghway Award 2017 for Debut Fiction Longlisted for Andrew Carnegie Medal 2017 for Excellence in Fiction Nominated for the Edgar Award 2017 for Best First Novel.

100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die Pdf/ePub eBook 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 839 | Ebook Reads: 839 | File: 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1641256567


100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die - Jon Weisman Summary

The essential, trusted guide to the Los Angeles Dodgers, including the 2020 World Series! With traditions, records, and team lore, this lively, detailed book explores the personalities, events, and facts every Dodgers fan should know. This guide to all things Dodgers covers the team's history in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, the incredible legacy of Jackie Robinson, memories from Ebbets Field, Dodger Adult Baseball Camp, and why fans think the Dodgers invented the high-five. This World Series Edition also features new entries on the team's unforgettable 2020 championship season, including stars like Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, and Corey Seager.Lifelong Dodgers fan and author Jon Weisman has collected every essential piece of Dodgers knowledge and trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranks them all from 1 to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist for fans of all ages..

Dodger's Guide to London

Dodger's Guide to London Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger's Guide to London Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 426 | Ebook Reads: 426 | File: Dodger's Guide to London.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1448174600


Dodger's Guide to London - Terry Pratchett Summary

This digital edition includes the original artwork, has been specially adapted for ebook platforms and is optimized for tablet devices. The hardback edition of Dodger's Guide to London has fully integrated images and text. ROLL UP! ROLL UP! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Ladies and Gents, Sir Jack Dodger brings you a most excellent Guide to London! Did you know . . . ? If a Victorian couldn’t afford a sweep, they might drop a goose down their chimney to clean it! A nobby lady’s unmentionables could weigh up to 40lbs! Parliament had to be suspended during the Great Stink of 1858! From the wretches of the rookeries to the fancy coves at Buckingham Palace, Dodger will show you every dirty inch of London. Warning: Includes ’orrible murders, naughty ladies and plenty of geezers!.

Brooklyn's Dodgers

Brooklyn's Dodgers Pdf/ePub eBook Brooklyn's Dodgers Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1192 | Ebook Reads: 1192 | File: Brooklyn's Dodgers.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9780195353921


Brooklyn's Dodgers - Carl E. Prince Summary

During the 1952 World Series, a Yankee fan trying to watch the game in a Brooklyn bar was told, "Why don't you go back where you belong, Yankee lover?" "I got a right to cheer my team," the intruder responded, "this is a free country." "This ain't no free country, chum," countered the Dodger fan, "this is Brooklyn." Brooklynites loved their "Bums"--Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, and all the murderous parade of regulars who, after years of struggle, finally won the World Series in 1955. One could not live in Brooklyn and not catch its spirit of devotion to its baseball club. In Brooklyn's Dodgers, Carl E. Prince captures the intensity and depth of the team's relationship to the community and its people in the 1950s. Ethnic and racial tensions were part and parcel of a working class borough; the Dodgers' presence smoothed the rough edges of the ghetto conflict always present in the life of Brooklyn. The Dodger-inspired baseball program at the fabled Parade Grounds provided a path for boys that occasionally led to the prestigious "Dodger Rookie Team," and sometimes, via minor league contracts, to Ebbets Field itself. There were the boys who lined Bedford Avenue on game days hoping to retrieve home run balls and the men in the many bars who were not only devoted fans but collectively the keepers of the Dodger past--as were Brooklyn women, and in numbers. Indeed, women were tied to the Dodgers no less than their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons; they were only less visible. A few, like Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Marianne Moore and working class stiff Hilda Chester were regulars at Ebbets Field and far from invisible. Prince also explores the underside of the Dodgers--the "baseball Annies," and the paternity suits that went with the territory. The Dodgers' male culture was played out as well in the team's politics, in the owners' manipulation of Dodger male egos, opponents' race-baiting, and the macho bravado of the team (how Jackie Robinson, for instance, would prod Giants' catcher Sal Yvars to impotent rage by signaling him when he was going to steal second base, then taunting him from second after the steal). The day in 1957 when Walter O'Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, announced that the team would be leaving for Los Angeles was one of the worst moments in baseball history, and a sad day in Brooklyn's history as well. The Dodger team was, to a degree unmatched in other major league cities, deeply enmeshed in the life and psyche of Brooklyn and its people. In this superb volume, Carl Prince illuminates this "Brooklyn" in the golden years after the Second World War..

City of Dreams

City of Dreams Pdf/ePub eBook City of Dreams Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 602 | Ebook Reads: 602 | File: City of Dreams.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1400884705


City of Dreams - Jerald Podair Summary

On the sixtieth anniversary of the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles, the full story of the controversial building of Dodger Stadium and how it helped transform the city. When Walter O'Malley moved his Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1957 with plans to construct a new ballpark next to downtown, he ignited a bitter argument over the future of a rapidly changing city. For the first time, City of Dreams tells the full story of the controversial building of Dodger Stadium—and how it helped create modern Los Angeles by transforming its downtown into a vibrant cultural and entertainment center. In a vivid narrative, Jerald Podair tells how Los Angeles was convulsed between 1957 and 1962 over whether, where, and how to build Dodger Stadium. Competing civic visions clashed. Would Los Angeles be a decentralized, low-tax city of neighborhoods, as demanded by middle-class whites on its peripheries? Or would the baseball park be the first contribution to a revitalized downtown that would brand Los Angeles as a national and global city, as advocated by leaders in business, media, and entertainment? O'Malley's vision triumphed when he opened his privately constructed stadium on April 10, 1962—and over the past half century it has contributed substantially to the city's civic and financial well-being. But in order to build the stadium, O'Malley negotiated with the city to acquire publicly owned land (from which the city had uprooted a Mexican American community), raising sharply contested questions about the relationship between private profit and "public purpose." Indeed, the battle over Dodger Stadium crystallized issues with profound implications for all American cities, and for arguments over the meaning of equality itself. Filled with colorful stories, City of Dreams will fascinate anyone who is interested in the history of the Dodgers, baseball, Los Angeles, and the modern American city..


Dodger Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1213 | Ebook Reads: 1213 | File: Dodger.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1780874669


Dodger - James Benmore Summary

The Artful Dodger is back! Returning to the page for the first time in 175 years, London's most skilled and charismatic thief is back to ply his trade on the capital's streets once more. From the rooftops to the sewers, Dodger leads us on a witty and thrilling adventure through Dickensian London..

Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger Pdf/ePub eBook Artful Dodger Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1395 | Ebook Reads: 1395 | File: Artful Dodger.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Artful Dodger - Zoe Dawson Summary

Petty Officer Oliver “Artful Dodger” Graham heads with the team to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic to apprehend the financier of their failed terrorist target Muhammad Angar Said. But on a routine recon of the city, he discovers a hooker that looks suspiciously like Mad Max’s baby sister, Anna Keegan. Once he follows her all hell breaks loose. Dodger has been trying with all his might to stay away from the tantalizing beauty. In the past he’d turned his life upside down for a woman and that left him alone and jobless, in the US once she cheated on him with another guy. Years later, the scars of that failed romance haunt him still. Now he’s more intent on getting to the bottom of this interesting intrigue while still trying to maintain the status quo. The trouble is Anna is always maddeningly unpredictable. Anna Keegan finds herself in some hot water in a foreign city without backup. After discovering an ominous plot that would have devastating consequences for the US, Anna must pull out all the stops to neutralize the threat. But on the way to diffusing the situation, she runs into overprotective Dodger and he insists on staying with her and helping her to clear her name. As they work to discover all the clues to eliminating the danger, they stumble onto an even bigger and more dire plan that will take them to major cities and across continents in a desperate attempt to save lives. Anna and Dodger fight their attraction in the midst of all the peril, but can they allow themselves to be overtaken by passion when so much is at stake?.

Through a Blue Lens

Through a Blue Lens Pdf/ePub eBook Through a Blue Lens Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1736 | Ebook Reads: 1736 | File: Through a Blue Lens.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1633191222


Through a Blue Lens - Dennis D'Agostino,Bonnie Crosby Summary

Barney Stein was the Dodgers' official team photographer from 1937 until the team left for Los Angeles in 1957. With access that no other photographer had, his camera chronicled every aspect of the team's most vibrant and memorable period. But his Brooklyn Dodger work has remained one of the sports world's "lost treasures," since--except for rare and scattered glimpses--it has not been published or otherwise seen since the team left New York. Now, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers' last season in Brooklyn, Barney Stein's Dodgers photographs live again. The book takes you to every corner of Ebbets Field - to the playing field, the dugout, the locker room, even to the fabled Marble Rotunda. You'll see the on-and-off-the-field legends who made the Brooklyn years so unforgettable, as well as never-before-seen photos of the final game at Ebbets Field and the legendary ballpark's demolition..

The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia

The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 573 | Ebook Reads: 573 | File: The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1476628262


The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia - Richard J. Shmelter Summary

Over the past 60 seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers have risen to the pinnacle of Major League Baseball, winning 21 National League pennants and 6 World Series titles. Amid the backdrop of Hollywood glitz and glamor, the iconic franchise owes its consistent success to the talents and efforts of many. This encyclopedia provides stats and biographical details for all of them. Sections cover the 1958-2016 seasons, influential players and executives, Dodgers traditions, and season and career records. An all-time player roster and list of all-time managers are included..

The Dodgers

The Dodgers Pdf/ePub eBook The Dodgers Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 843 | Ebook Reads: 843 | File: The Dodgers.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1683581946


The Dodgers - Michael Schiavone Summary

In 1957, the Dodgers left their home of Brooklyn, New York, where they had been since their inception in 1884, for the sunny hills of Los Angeles, California. Since arriving in LA, the team has won five World Series and ten NL Pennants, and become one of the top-grossing organizations in Major League Baseball. The Dodgers: 60 Years in LA chronicles the team’s impressive history since arriving in the West Coast. Covering the amazing feats of Dodgers greats such as Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela, and Kirk Gibson, author Michael Schiavone offers an in-depth history of the team since their arrival in 1958 and through the 2017 season. With highlights of each season, the moments fans love to remember (or wish to forget), as well as those who have graced the field of Chavez Ravine, The Dodgers: 60 Years in LA shares the wonderful history of the boys in blue in the most comprehensive book available. Whether you’re a fan of the Dodgers of old or today’s team, this book offers the most information of the team’s time in California than any other on the market..

The Days of Dinkum Dodger - Volume II

The Days of Dinkum Dodger - Volume II Pdf/ePub eBook The Days of Dinkum Dodger - Volume II Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1846 | Ebook Reads: 1846 | File: The Days of Dinkum Dodger - Volume II.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0994291043


The Days of Dinkum Dodger - Volume II - John Saomes Summary

Entertaining, thought-provoking, hilariously funny, and deftly serious ... more Australian bush poetry at its best! This volume is a second helping of comical antics and outrageous yarns — as told by the infamous Dinkumous J. Dodger, a true blue Aussie larrikin. Political correctness is swept aside and daring opinions are openly expressed to challenge governments, politicians, and international conspirators. Probing questions are posed about political motivations, foreign manipulation, and Australia’s place in the world. There is nothing mild mannered about this poetry. You either laugh until your sides ache, become incensed with outrage, cringe with fear — or roar your approval that someone has the pluck to express what many of us really think in this socially engineered and tightly controlled world. The poetry of John Saomes is a feisty weave of humour and biting social comment that will tickle your funny bone and challenge your thinking!.

Dazzy Vance

Dazzy Vance Pdf/ePub eBook Dazzy Vance Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1575 | Ebook Reads: 1575 | File: Dazzy Vance.pdf/epub | ISBN: 078648179X


Dazzy Vance - John C. Skipper Summary

Charles “Dazzy” Vance became known as the strike out king after leading the National League in strikeouts seven years in a row. Dazzy mesmerized opposing hitters with a blazing fastball, off-the-tabletop curve, a high leg kick and a sleeve on the undershirt of his pitching arm with slits cut into it that would flutter and distract batters as he delivered the pitch. This famed baseball pitcher was in the minor leagues for 10 years and didn’t make it to the majors to stay until he was 31. He retired at age 44 just missing his goal of winning 200 games. He finished with 197 victories. In 1955, he became the first Brooklyn Dodgers player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This biography covers the life of Vance, including the Major League Hall of Fame career and his personal life off the diamond. Also included is a list of Dazzy’s lifetime statistics, from 1915 through 1935, containing his 1934 World Series Game. Conversations held with family, friends, sports writers and teammates are quoted throughout this biography..

Dodger of the Revolution

Dodger of the Revolution Pdf/ePub eBook Dodger of the Revolution Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1293 | Ebook Reads: 1293 | File: Dodger of the Revolution.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1784292877


Dodger of the Revolution - James Benmore Summary

The Artful Dodger faces his most dangerous adventure yet as he leaves Dickensian London and finds himself manning the barricades in defence of liberty, fraternity and larceny in the 1848 Paris uprising. For Dodger, life as a criminal kingpin is losing its allure. Leading a gang of petty thieves from the Seven Dials is not as easy as Fagin made it look and after a year in charge Jack Dawkins has been reduced to a shadow of the man who used to be the envy of every pickpocket in London. Opium-addicted and heavy-fingered, Dodger is fast becoming a laughing stock on his own patch until a chance encounter leads him to Paris and a job like nothing he's had before. In a city alive with rebellion, Dodger must avoid assassins, jilted lovers and revolutionaries, and rediscover his touch if he is to lift his most precious treasure yet. The third in the James Benmore's acclaimed series continuing the story of the Artful Dodger, this book confirms Jack Dawkins as one of the great fiction characters..

The Baseball Fan's Bucket List

The Baseball Fan's Bucket List Pdf/ePub eBook The Baseball Fan's Bucket List Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1604 | Ebook Reads: 1604 | File: The Baseball Fan's Bucket List.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0762440317


The Baseball Fan's Bucket List - Robert Santelli,Jenna Santelli Summary

No sports fans are more in touch with the history and ephemera of their game than baseball fans. Hitting the sweet spot of our national pastime, The Baseball Fans Bucket List presents a list of 162 absolute must things to do, see, get, and experience before you kick the bucket. Entries range from visiting Elysian Fields in Hoboken, NJ (site of the first pro baseball game), to starting a baseball card collection; experiencing Opening Day; attending your favorite teams Fantasy Camp; reading classic books like Ball Four, and much more! Each entry includes interesting facts, entertaining trivia, and practical information about the activity, item, or travel destination. Also included is a complete checklist so the reader can keep a running tally of their Bucket-List achievements. With todays tabloid stories of steroid abuse and off-the-field shenanigans encroaching on baseballs idyllic charm, this unique guidebook encourages readers to celebrate all thats good about being a fan..

Hugh Casey

Hugh Casey Pdf/ePub eBook Hugh Casey Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 767 | Ebook Reads: 767 | File: Hugh Casey.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1442277602


Hugh Casey - Lyle Spatz Summary

Hugh Casey was one of the most colorful members of the iconic Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1940s, a team that took part in four great pennant races, the first National League playoff series, and two exciting World Series over the course of Casey’s career. That famed team included many outsized personalities, including executives Larry MacPhail and Branch Rickey, manager Leo Durocher, and players like Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Dixie Walker, Joe Medwick, and Pete Reiser. In Hugh Casey: The Triumphs and Tragedies of a Brooklyn Dodger, Lyle Spatz details Casey’s life and career, from his birth in Atlanta to his suicide in that same city thirty-seven years later. Spatz includes such moments as Casey’s famous “pitch that got away” in Game Four of the 1941 World Series, the numerous brawls and beanball wars in which Casey was frequently involved, and the Southern-born Casey’s reaction to Jackie Robinson joining the Dodgers. Spatz also reveals how Casey helped to redefine the role of the relief pitcher, twice leading the National League in saves and twice finishing second—if saves had been an official statistic during his lifetime. While this book focuses on Casey’s baseball career in Brooklyn, Spatz also covers Casey’s often-tragic personal life. He not only ran into trouble with the IRS, he also got into a fistfight with Ernest Hemingway and was charged in a paternity suit that was decided against him. Featuring personal interviews with Casey’s son and with former teammate Carl Erskine, this book will fascinate and inform fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers and baseball historians alike..

Positive Perspectives

Positive Perspectives Pdf/ePub eBook Positive Perspectives Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1436 | Ebook Reads: 1436 | File: Positive Perspectives.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1617810134


Positive Perspectives - Pat B. Miller Summary

A complete dog training, puppy raising, problem solving, and basic health guide. Written as a series of columns in "Whole Dog Journal," Positive Perspectives gives you information on day-to-day living with dogs in small easily understood "bites." Find out how to prevent problems before they occur, train without force with fun and treats, learn about the newest vaccination schedules and much more to live happily with your dog. For puppy as well as adult dog owners..