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Obsession - Lennard J. Davis Summary

We live in an age of obsession. Not only are we hopelessly devoted to our work, strangely addicted to our favorite television shows, and desperately impassioned about our cars, we admire obsession in others: we demand that lovers be infatuated with one another in films, we respond to the passion of single-minded musicians, we cheer on driven athletes. To be obsessive is to be American; to be obsessive is to be modern. But obsession is not only a phenomenon of modern existence: it is a medical category—both a pathology and a goal. Behind this paradox lies a fascinating history, which Lennard J. Davis tells in Obsession. Beginning with the roots of the disease in demonic possession and its secular successors, Davis traces the evolution of obsessive behavior from a social and religious fact of life into a medical and psychiatric problem. From obsessive aspects of professional specialization to obsessive compulsive disorder and nymphomania, no variety of obsession eludes Davis’s graceful analysis.

Obsession and Culture

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Obsession and Culture - Andrew Brink Summary

Obsession and Culture proposes that male sexual obsessions are the driving force of culture and are most clearly seen in fiction. Examples could be multiplied many times, but the main objectives of this study are to show how the work of five male authors coheres within a framework of psychodynamic theory and to stimulate enquiry along these lines. Many twentieth-century novelists speak for a male psycho-class needing imaginative externalization of obsessive sexual fantasies of control of women. Attraction, avoidance, and guilt are powerful motivators for writers and readers alike, and the moral ambiguity of serial monogamy, as well as other forms of exploitative sexuality, prompt certain writers to construct symbolic expiation and repair in fiction. Psychobiography is combined with fantasy analysis to suggest the pervasiveness in modern fiction of the wish to conquer and to control women and to atone for the guilt.

An Obsession with Anne Frank

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An Obsession with Anne Frank - Lawrence Graver Summary

"Lawrence Graver's book is a precise and generous account of dreadful obsession, in which deep issues are reduced by paranoia into misery all around--and work for many lawyers. It's sad, true to my knowledge of Meyer Levin and others enmeshed in the history--infinitely sad."--Herbert Gold, author of Fathers "Beautifully and poignantly told, this story holds a mirror up to American Jewry's own coming to terms with the Holocaust. It is by turns captivating and heartbreaking, the story of both Levin's obsession and his search for Jewish and American identity after the Holocaust. In this literary history, Lawrence Graver also reanimates the diary itself, returning it to the time and place from which it was torn fifty years ago."--James Young, author of Writing and Re-writing the Holocaust and TheTexture of Memory "A gripping account, easy to read in one or two sittings, hard to put down. The balance between sympathy for Levin and criticism of his mounting obsession is exquisitely established and beautifully maintained, culminating in remarkable insight."--Morris Dickstein, author of Gates of Eden "Beyond Anne Frank is so beautiful and thoughtfully written that I really couldn't put it down. Diane Wolf's voice is human and humanistic, without glossing over any painful realities. She probes the subject from an impressive array of angles, considering a wide variety of types of experiences. This book is extraordinarily fine and I enthusiastically recommend it."--Lynn Davidman, author of Motherloss


Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Obsession - Janice Kaiser,Debra Carroll Summary

Night Games by Janice Kaiser released on Jan 25, 1995 is available now for purchase.

An Obsession with History

An Obsession with History Pdf/ePub eBook


An Obsession with History - Andrew Baruch Wachtel Summary

Providing a theoretical paradigm for understanding the relationship of history and literature in Russia, this book traces how major Russian writers of the past 200 years defined the nation's past through creating fictional and non-fictional works on historical themes.

An American Obsession

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An American Obsession - Jennifer Terry Summary

Jennifer Terry has written a nuanced and textured history of how the century-old obsession with homosexuality is deeply tied to changing American anxieties about social and sexual order in the modern age.


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Obsession - William B. Faraday Summary

Late electrician & chemist of the Royal Institution, England. Obsession is the irregular of perverted action of the natural law, existing between spiritual and physical life.


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Obsession - Carolyn Beard Whitlow,Marilyn Krysl Summary

The sestina (of medieval French origin) is a complex poetic form of 39 lines (six sestets and a three-line "envoy") in which the six end-words (teleutons) of the lines of the first sestet stanza are repeated in a specific order as teleutons in the five succeeding sestets. In the envoy, the six teleutons are again picked up, one of them being buried in, and one finishing, each line. Because of the complexity of the form, the sestina fell out of favor with poets for several decades. However, a twenty-first century revival of the form is underway. This is the first anthology of sestinas that showcases both traditional and innovative examples of the form by modern and contemporary poets, award winners, and emerging writers alike. Organized by such themes as Americana; Art; Love and Sex; and Memory, Contemplation, Retrospection, and Death, the collection also includes sestinas with irregular teleutons and unconventional sestinas. An evocative introduction by Marilyn Krysl acquaints readers with the form. The volume concludes with useful indexes of first lines and teleutons, increasing access to the poems beyond the poets' names.


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Obsession - N.A Summary

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Obsession - John Douglas Summary

OBSESSION examines the many violent interpersonal crimes committed against women and the elderly, providing extraordinary insight into what motivates the perpetrators who commit them. With profiles of many well-known cases and criminals, as well as an invalubale chapter on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from violence, John Douglas has written a groundbreaking book.

My Obsession

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My Obsession - N.A Summary

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Prime Obsession

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Prime Obsession - John Derbyshire Summary

In August 1859 Bernhard Riemann, a little-known 32-year old mathematician, presented a paper to the Berlin Academy titled: "On the Number of Prime Numbers Less Than a Given Quantity." In the middle of that paper, Riemann made an incidental remark â€" a guess, a hypothesis. What he tossed out to the assembled mathematicians that day has proven to be almost cruelly compelling to countless scholars in the ensuing years. Today, after 150 years of careful research and exhaustive study, the question remains. Is the hypothesis true or false? Riemann's basic inquiry, the primary topic of his paper, concerned a straightforward but nevertheless important matter of arithmetic â€" defining a precise formula to track and identify the occurrence of prime numbers. But it is that incidental remark â€" the Riemann Hypothesis â€" that is the truly astonishing legacy of his 1859 paper. Because Riemann was able to see beyond the pattern of the primes to discern traces of something mysterious and mathematically elegant shrouded in the shadows â€" subtle variations in the distribution of those prime numbers. Brilliant for its clarity, astounding for its potential consequences, the Hypothesis took on enormous importance in mathematics. Indeed, the successful solution to this puzzle would herald a revolution in prime number theory. Proving or disproving it became the greatest challenge of the age. It has become clear that the Riemann Hypothesis, whose resolution seems to hang tantalizingly just beyond our grasp, holds the key to a variety of scientific and mathematical investigations. The making and breaking of modern codes, which depend on the properties of the prime numbers, have roots in the Hypothesis. In a series of extraordinary developments during the 1970s, it emerged that even the physics of the atomic nucleus is connected in ways not yet fully understood to this strange conundrum. Hunting down the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has become an obsession for many â€" the veritable "great white whale" of mathematical research. Yet despite determined efforts by generations of mathematicians, the Riemann Hypothesis defies resolution. Alternating passages of extraordinarily lucid mathematical exposition with chapters of elegantly composed biography and history, Prime Obsession is a fascinating and fluent account of an epic mathematical mystery that continues to challenge and excite the world. Posited a century and a half ago, the Riemann Hypothesis is an intellectual feast for the cognoscenti and the curious alike. Not just a story of numbers and calculations, Prime Obsession is the engrossing tale of a relentless hunt for an elusive proof â€" and those who have been consumed by it.

After Obsession

After Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


After Obsession - Carrie Jones,Steven E. Wedel Summary

A big, exciting new novel from New York Times bestseller Carrie Jones! Move over Pixies, this time Carrie Jones is excorsising GHOSTS! A brand new paranormal romance about ghosts, love and family secrets-certain to be a smash hit!

Upward Obsession

Upward Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Upward Obsession - Ed Meshler Summary

Does Christianity confuse and frustrate you? Do you long for insight and clarity concerning an authentic walk with God? There is hope! Quit settling for mediocrity (or hypocrisy) and begin living in the crescendo, the increase, the upsurge of true Christianity! In the pages of this book, you will find that out there somewhere between Christ wanting us to have real life (John 10:10) and His sincere desire that we obey Him (Luke 6:46) are the principles of PRY, waiting to be discovered, grasped, and activated. They promise to transform your heart. The Bible shows us the way we just need to take God at His Word! Psalm 34:8 (NKJV) sings out, Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Gaining his formal and spiritual education first from Liberty University and later from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Ed Meshler is a native North Carolinian, Robinshusband, Sam and Ginger's dad, a pastor, a Bible teacher, a writer, a reader, and a bit of a ragamuffin. Ed first formulated and began teaching these PRY principles in 1991. Family, friends, books, music, art, sports, church, youth camps, and the love of Trinity God fill the rest of his time. Well, all that and an ever-handy bottle of cold and refreshing sparkling water. www.edmeshler.com

Deep Obsession

Deep Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Deep Obsession - Mike L. Van Natter Summary

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Omotola Rhodes has everything any young woman in her shoes could be proud of--more money than she could spend in a single lifetime, drop-dead gorgeous looks with a figure to match, brains that is better than average, and most of all, the adoration of her loving father. It was a classic modern-day fairy tale, right down to the gorgeous wardrobe and the magnificent houses with servants at her beck and call. But all that soon came crashing down when her father insisted on her marrying someone of his own choosing. There was nothing wrong with the arrangement except for one single fact: Omotola has fallen deeply in love with Michael Akin- Taylor, the heir to the Akin- Taylor dynasty and a sworn enemy of Chief Stephen Rhodes. Michael Akin-Taylor would rather die than see his beloved with another. Especially the suitor favoured by his estranged proposed father-in-law. No man in his right mind would choose such a man for his only daughter. No man. It was a fight he was prepared to fight to the end. Anything to win the beautiful hand of the lovely Omotola. Fatal Obsession is a story of love that goes far beyond filialility, blackmail, and kidnapping. It is a story of how love conquers all obstacles.

Sacred Obsession

Sacred Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Sacred Obsession - Patrick Bascio Summary

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Sweet Obsession

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Sweet Obsession - Theodora Koulouris Summary

It has been written that their souls will unite and travel across time and space throughout the universe for all eternity and that their love shall have no end. They will survive many lifetimes until they fulfill their destiny. Only then can they finally bring a balance to their hearts desire. Only then can their souls satisfy their thirst to unite and become one In 1877, Prince Nidal is the crown prince of Arabia, born to a life of privilege and bound by ancient laws. With his thick black hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and a warriors body, he is perfectionand the dream of every woman in the land. Powerfully arrogant and fiercely sensual, Prince Nidal has the whole world at his feetuntil the night a dream turns his perfect world upside down. There he sees the perfect woman, his true soul mate. He falls fiercely in love with her and dedicates his life to searching all of heaven and earth to find her. Far away, the young maiden Loula lives a happy life working in a bakery in a small town in the Americas. Her simple life is filled with simple dreams, and her wish to become a bride is soon to come true. It takes years, but when Nidal finds his Loula, she becomes his sweet obsessionand nothing will stop him from possessing her. He kidnaps her on her wedding day and whisks her back to his kingdom. Theirs is a world of love and passion and a scandal so strong it rocks two nations.

The Obsession

The Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


The Obsession - Jacquelynn Luben Summary

A young man enters a luxury flat from the window - with one objective - to steal what he can from the unknown occupant. But Andrew is not a conventional small-time criminal, and as he prepares to leave, he sees something that makes him pause; he is drawn to a beautiful piano. Andrew cannot resist sitting down to play the instrument, and another life - the one he has abandoned - comes back to him. A short story from our Nibs literary line.

Dangerous Obsession

Dangerous Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Dangerous Obsession - Sloan Christopher Summary

Forensic psychologist Jess Mitchell has returned to her hometown as a favor to her father, the Chief of Police, to assist local authorities in the investigation of a series of seemingly unrelated murders. She is partnered with the lead detective, Staff-Sergeant Kevin Slater, a sexy cop who is the very image of the man from a recent dream. Their close working relationship develops into a steamy love affair which takes a perilous turn when the killer becomes obsessed with Jess after an overlooked clue leads her into his world...the kinky underworld of bondage, domination, and sadomasochism. Jess and Kevin must then go undercover and assume "the lifestyle" as they race against the clock to find the link between the crimes and unearth a dangerous criminal before he strikes again. Will they become victims of a vicious killer, or will they become ensnared by a fascinating new world that goes completely against their vows to protect and to serve?

Deadly Obsession

Deadly Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Deadly Obsession - Jaycee Clark Summary

“Deadly Obsession . . . is an absolute must-read! Jaycee Clark has delivered a masterpiece!” —Fallen Angel Reviews Safe . . . for now For almost nine years Christian Bills has been hiding, but in that time she’s created a new life for herself with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family. Now, dark secrets and an unforgettable nightmare from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart. Devoted . . . but kept in the dark Brayden Kinncaid has known Christian for years and only recently discovered his feelings for her go beyond friendship. But the changes in the once strong-willed woman are startling. Her haunted gray eyes and darting looks lead him to believe something is drastically wrong. No matter how hard he pushes her, she won’t confide in him. Brayden vows to discover what she is hiding—before it is too late. She’s his angel . . . his love . . . his obsession . . . Demented and sadistic, he’d once possessed her. And though she’s been gone nine long years, he knew she wasn’t dead, and now he’s finally found her. He knows everything about her. Everything she does. Where she works, where she lives. And he’s come back into her life to reclaim what’s his. "DEADLY OBSESSION is the third story about the Kinncaid family and is a heart-wrenching tale. A well-written, in-depth romantic suspense, Jaycee Clark's DEADLY OBSESSION is one of those stories that will linger in your mind and heart long after the story is over.” —Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today 2004 Best Small Press Romance Award Winner 4.5 Stars "This is an exceptionally well-written novel. It's Clark's third book about the lives of the compelling Kinncaid brothers, but it easily stands alone. The main characters are subtle and complex from page one, especially the particularly strong, emotionally full-ranged heroine. The dialogue is outstanding, and the pacing both realistic and highly suspenseful." —Marilyn Weigel, Romantic Times

Arctic obsession

Arctic obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Arctic obsession - Alexis S. Troubetzkoy Summary

From early medieval times to the twenty-first century, what has been the beguiling attraction of the North? This book dwells on contemporary issues besetting the most fragile part of our globe - global warming and environmental, ecological and geo-political concerns. It also provides an overview of the Arctic region, from Canada to the North Sea.

C Flute Obsession

C Flute Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


C Flute Obsession - Damaja Le Summary

Damaja Le was born October 1, 1946 in the mid-west city of Toledo, Ohio about fifty miles from Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from high school in 1964, he joined the United States Marine Corps. While serving a tour in the Republic of Viet-nam, Southeast Asia, Damaja was wounded on four separate occasions and awarded four Purple Heart Medals for his action in the field of combat. After the service, Damaja moved to the east coast taking up residence in Manhattan, New York. From there he moved across the river to Newark, New Jersey and attended Essex County College and Rutgers University majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. In the 1970s, Damaja began attending the Columbia School of Broadcasting and San Diego City College, majoring in Telecommunications with an emphasis on radio and TV. He became Co-Founder and Creator of several popular radio shows such as Reggae Fever, XHRM 92.5 FM, Reggae Makossa , XTRA 91X FM, Invader Cruises, and Reggae On The Bay, to name a few. Damaja Le was also co-founder of a young adult concert showcase, The WorldBeat Center, as well as the host of several TV shows. A veteran of Jazz Radio, KSDS 88.3 FM, Damaja hosted the popular World Beat Rhythms specialty program for more than 12 years. In 1997 he was chosen to narrate and perform in the nationally acclaimed four part educational series I-On-Jazz. In 1998 he received the prestigious Bob Marley Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1999, he began working with Blue Sky Production as well as landing a job with Singapore Airlines as a broadcaster doing specialty shows for in flight listening. In 2000 Damaja found a position working for Sirius Satellite Radio programming its 24-hour commercial-free channel.

Black Obsession

Black Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Black Obsession - Gregor Paul Summary

To coincide with the commencement of the 2009 Bledisloe Cup Series and with the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, Exisle Publishing proudly releases Gregor Paul's controversial new book Black Obsession. This explosive book examines why it is that the world's greatest Rugby nation continues to fail in their quest for World Cup glory. Since the first World Cup in 1987, the All Blacks have amassed a winning record that is far superior to any other country. Yet by the time the next World Cup rolls around in 2011, it will be 24 years since the All Blacks have been world champions. How can that be? This very readable book draws some provocative conclusions on why New Zealand no longer produces great leaders and why rugby remains such an important part of the national psyche. Part travel guide, part social history and part self-help manual, it is the ideal book for all those fans who can't help steering conversations towards All Black World Cup failures.

Immortal Obsession

Immortal Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Immortal Obsession - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom Summary

"A rogue group of human-hating vampires have overtaken London. But the elite immortals who own much of the city may have found the key to protecting their territory: Madison Chase, an American newscaster investigating a story about missing teenagers. If she can convince someone to help her infiltrate the dangerous faction, she just might stem the bloodletting and find her brother in time.... St. John can't escape his dark family legacy. But the instincts that keep him from being fully human also make him the rogues' worst enemy. His desire for the ethereal redhead is immediate, all-consuming--and forbidden. And as the investigation escalates, Madison must discover if St. John is her trusted Protector--or if she's being seduced by a monster" --

Alexander's Obsession

Alexander's Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Alexander's Obsession - Alan Beske Summary

Judd Harmons life is in chaos. His young son is dead . . . his wife is gone . . . his creditors are relentless . . . and unsavory acts he committed as security vice president for faltering Linton Technologies are about to surface. When the reclusive and vengeful billionaire, known only as Alexander, offers Harmon a fortune for orchestrating a forced takeover of a major pharmaceutical company, Harmon is compelled to listen. Alexander knows the skeletons in Harmons closet, including the most devastating one. Faced with an offer he cant refuse, Harmon agrees to cooperate. Aided by Cory, Alexanders brilliant and beautiful chief strategist, Harmon has just three months to assemble a takeover team and accomplish his mission . . . Martin, Alexanders merciless enforcer, vows to keep Harmon fully motivated . . . Visit: www.alanbeske.com

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Secret Obsession - Robin Perini Summary

Ex-marine Noah Bradford promises to protect former UN translator Lyssa Cafferty from the serial killer who killed her fiancé and is now targeting her, and only together can they crack the killer's messages.

Reckless Obsession

Reckless Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Reckless Obsession - David Wilde Summary

Being curious and inquisitive is never a perfect combination, but add them to Tilley Watson, and you have a recipe for disaster. That is what Tilley’s parents discovered when she insisted that she saw a murderer while on her way to work one day. Tilley was known for jumping to conclusions and making more of a situation than there really was. Her parents and her friends usually just humoured her. This time though it was to come back and haunt her and them. Tilley’s and her parents’ lives were turned upside down as her curiosity took her through turmoil and near-death situations, leaving her to regret ever putting herself in such positions. Follow Tilley during her captivating journey right up to the unexpected conclusion.

Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Sweet Obsession - Zsuzsanna Diamond Summary

Tasmin is a 25 year old girl who lives in America, in a small town. Trained in a French Cooking School in France, Paris and has a Passion for everything sweet and more. She creates her own sweet chocolate, something to spice up your sex life. She has numerous lovers who seduce her and want to own her. She is a no strings attached girl and is not looking for any commitment. There are consequences along the way and complications with every lover which leads her to have to make choices. But she is obsessed with her lovers and doesn't want to give them up. Until one day a stranger walks into her life and seduces her. Will she settle down or live her wicked ways?

Distant Obsession

Distant Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Distant Obsession - M. W. Davis,Ciara Gold Summary

After years struggling to succeed as an artist, Lilah Randal accomplishes here dream, only to return from her first sold out exhibition to find her husband, a US Senator, and his mistress in bed, murdered. With no proof, only suspicious, the police give up pursuing her for the murders, but not the news hounds, nor the discomforting phone calls or late night attempted intrusions into her home. Reluctantly, Lilah stalls her career, assumes a different identify and begins fresh, hiding in a small town far away from the attention of DC. Her days are filled with new vigor as the serenity of the Cherokee Valley surrounding Watauga Lake feeds her creative muse under a fake alias. Yet her nights remain hollow, like her marriage to the senator, until she becomes obsessed by the allure of a stranger that glides by her cabin in his sailboat. Both his male form and solemn expression bleed into every painting, every midnight fantasy, until her new dream becomes reality. Lilah learns her future will remain corrupted by the past until she solves the secret behind her husband’s murder and explores her attraction to the mysterious sailor.

Fatal Obsession

Fatal Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Fatal Obsession - John Leslie Evans Summary

Set against the City Of Angels glittering facade, multi-millionaire tabloid publisher, Aaron Rosemont is found dead, brutally murdered with gunshots to the head...A top movie actors image is sabotaged by a smear campaign...False accusations threaten to derail a detectives brilliant career... An ill-fated love affair traps a woman in a web of conspiracy and murder. These are the shocking elements which lead LAPD homicide detectives, Joe Kellermann and Mike Rodriguez, into a labyrinth of greed, infidelity, obsession and murder-for-hire...

Angel of Obsession (c)

Angel of Obsession (c) Pdf/ePub eBook


Angel of Obsession (c) - Julie Suk Summary

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A DEADLY OBSESSION - Brian Richardson & Matthew Richardson Summary

Brian McReynolds has finally graduated at the top of his class from the police academy as a detective. He lands a job with the New York Police Department in the Homicide division. Both good and bad come his way when he falls in love with a beautiful waitress at the local diner, but his best friend becomes involved in drugs. Now Brian must try to help his friend before it's too late.

Degrees of Obsession

Degrees of Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Degrees of Obsession - Karen Stephen Summary

DEGREES OF OBSESSION reveals the deadly stalker inside every woman and reminds every man to check his rearview mirror. Longtime therapist Dr. Charlene 'Charlie' Pedersen admits that her fixation with college sweetheart Danny Shapiro has reached the unsettling stage of obsession. Jolted by turning fifty and struggling with a condescending husband, Charlie crafts a harebrained scheme to find Danny and recapture his heart. Her delight at reuniting with her old flame soon turns to indignation when he accuses her of stalking him. Danny's fears about being stalked are well-founded. Charlie plays on her professional expertise about stalking to worm her way back into Danny's life-all the while jeopardizing her marriage, tarnishing her reputation, and alienating her best friend. After her darkest secret is revealed, Charlie plunges into unfamiliar depths of pain and mortal danger and must rely on every psychological trick in her book to survive. DEGREES OF OBSESSION will take you on a riveting journey from risky infatuation to personal fulfillment and forgiveness.

The Eiger Obsession

The Eiger Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


The Eiger Obsession - John Harlin Summary

A historic memoir by the noted Alpine climber and journalist who undertakes an epic climb of The Eiger in Switzerland—the very same mountain that not only made his father “Eiger John” famous, but killed him in 1966. In the 1960s an American named John Harlin II changed the face of Alpine climbing. Gutsy and gorgeous—he was known as “the blond god”—Harlin successfully summitted some of the most treacherous mountains in Europe. But it was the north face of the Eiger that became Harlin’s obsession. Living with his wife and two children in Leysin, Switzerland, he spent countless hours planning to climb, waiting to climb, and attempting to climb the massive vertical face. It was the Eiger direct—the direttissima—with which John Harlin was particularly obsessed. He wanted to be the first to complete it, and everyone in the Alpine world knew it. John Harlin III was nine years old when his father made another attempt on a direct ascent of the notorious Eiger. Harlin had put together a terrific team, and, despite unending storms, he was poised for the summit dash. It was the moment he had long waited for. When Harlin’s rope broke, 2,000 feet from the summit, he plummeted 4,000 feet to his death. In the shadow of tragedy, young John Harlin III came of age possessed with the very same passion for risk that drove his father. But he had also promised his mother, a beautiful and brilliant young widow, that he would not be an Alpine climber. Harlin moved from Europe to America, and, with an insatiable sense of wanderlust, he reveled in downhill skiing and rock-climbing. For years he successfully denied the clarion call of the mountain that killed his father. But in 2005, John Harlin could resist no longer. With his nine-year-old daughter, Siena—his very age at the time of his father’s death—and with an IMAX Theatre filmmaking crew watching, Harlin set off to slay the Eiger. This is an unforgettable story about fathers and sons, climbers and mountains, and dreamers who dare to challenge the earth.

A Deathly Obsession

A Deathly Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


A Deathly Obsession - N.A Summary

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Psychotherapy and the Obsessed Patient

Psychotherapy and the Obsessed Patient Pdf/ePub eBook


Psychotherapy and the Obsessed Patient - E. Mark Stern Summary

Contributors offer an enlightening array of approaches to the obsessed personality. A wealth of theoretical insights and suggestions for therapy with obsessed patients--those suffering from bulimia, monomania, love obsessions, and more.

Immortal Obsession

Immortal Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Immortal Obsession - J.G. Sauer Summary

Danger is coming for Dory Winthrop, a danger centuries-old and bent on revenge. Dory may be an Immortal, but even with 300 years under her belt she’s still an infant in the Immortal world. Now, an ancient evil has returned, a mighty Immortal bent on destroying her to gain his own ascension. She’s faced Darius, High Priest of Avalon previously and was lucky to escape with her life, but this time around she may not survive. She's honed her immortal powers over the last century, but will it be enough to best him in a face-to-face battle? This time she’s got help, whether she wants it or not, from a hunky ex-cop who won’t take no for an answer. Is he her Chosen Warrior? Can she count on him to stand with her, or will he ultimately be her downfall? I love a good romance and all things paranormal, so this Immortal Prophecy series is very near to my heart. It’s a paranormal romance with a slightly different take on the Arthurian legend and mythology. In this story, Merlin and Morgan le Fay weren’t witches or sorcerers, but powerful Elemental Immortals, able to manipulate the elements at will. These stories revolve around a prophecy (really, what good paranormal tale involving Ancients wouldn’t have one?) and a young Immortal’s fate as the Chosen One. Paired with her preordained warrior, they are destined by prophecy to defeat an evil Immortal bent on gaining ultimate power and upsetting the balance of the Universe. The story of a female Highlander meeting Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings in a contemporary world, the series is a love story wrapped in a grand and treacherous journey.

Love's Obsession

Love's Obsession Pdf/ePub eBook


Love's Obsession - William Mitchell Ross Summary

The Cheese Days festival in Monroe, Wisconsin is the much celebrated weekend event lifting up a proud Swiss heritage tradition complete with authentic Swiss costumes, Polka music, cheese making demonstrations, and beer. A year's worth of work has already been completed by the Cheese Days committee to make it successful. Visitors from far and wide, including Switzerland, will attend the three day celebration for a weekend of fun and relaxation. The Cheese Days Committee was horrified when a murder occurred on the square just twelve days before the concluding magnificent and noisy parade on Sunday. How will a crime of this magnitude affect the festival and will it keep the out-of-town visitors away?! Police Chief Brandon Johns and Detective Samantha Gates immediately launch an investigation to apprehend the killer before the festival begins. With the Cheese Days committee and Police and Fire Commissioner Roger Nussbaum demanding a quick resolution to the murder, the police are at a loss when they can't determine a motive for the murder or a suspect through their investigation. What are they to do? The pressure is continually turned up on them every passing day without an arrest. They desperately need a break in the case. They need someone to come forward to give them the one clue they need to solve the murder.

'A Justifiable Obsession'

'A Justifiable Obsession' Pdf/ePub eBook


'A Justifiable Obsession' - Penny Bryden Summary

‘A Justifiable Obsession’ traces the evolution of Ontario’s relationship with the federal government in the years following the Second World War. Through extensive archival research in both national and provincial sources, P.E. Bryden demonstrates that the province’s successive Conservative governments played a crucial role in framing the national agenda – although this central relationship has received little attention compared to those that have been more volatile. As such, Bryden’s study sheds light on an important but largely ignored chapter in Canadian political history. Bryden focuses on the politicians and strategists who guided the province through the negotiation of intergovernmental economic, social, and constitutional issues, including tax policies, the design of the new social welfare net, and efforts to patriate the constitution. Written in a lucid, engaging style that captures the spirit of the politics of postwar Canada, ‘A Justifiable Obsession’ is a significant contribution to our understanding of Ontario’s politics and political culture.

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