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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Felicity An American Girl, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia

Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 802 | Ebook Reads: 802 | File: Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0313347999


Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia - , Summary

Tracing developments in toy making and marketing across the evolving landscape of the 20th century, this encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference guide to America's most popular playthings and the culture to which they belong. • Nearly 200 alphabetically arranged entries document the historical and cultural significance of toys • Cross-references and a listing of additional resources accompany each entry and encourage further investigation • Photographs and illustrations gathered from public and private collections across the country depict the entire century of America at play • A guide to related topics identifies the entries according to broader categories such as toys, designers, companies, museums, events, and organizations • A resource guide provides information for contacting American toy companies, accessing national toy museums, and attending annual toy festivals, and offers many avenues for pursuing further information about toys and American culture including books, scholarly journals, audio recordings, films, and websites.

How to Raise an American

How to Raise an American Pdf/ePub eBook How to Raise an American Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1751 | Ebook Reads: 1751 | File: How to Raise an American.pdf/epub | ISBN: 030739378X


How to Raise an American - Myrna Blyth,Chriss Winston Summary

Do you love America? Are you proud to call this country your home? Now, what about your kids? You want them to love America as much as you do, but when popular culture tells them it’s cooler to bash this country than to love it, how can you teach them to be proud and loyal citizens? As mothers themselves, bestselling author Myrna Blyth and former presidential speechwriter Chriss Winston have struggled with the same dilemma. Shocked by the growing patriotism gap, they set out to create a real-world resource all parents can use to teach their kids about the greatness of America’s past, the promise of its future, and the important role each of us plays in this democracy. How to Raise an American shows you how to make patriotism a priority without it becoming a chore for you or your kids. This practical guide offers tips, games, activities, quizzes, and information you can use to make patriotism part of your family’s daily life, including: - 60-Minute Solutions that easily and seamlessly instill a love of this country - Dinner Table Debate topics that will have the whole family talking - Road trip ideas that bring America’s history to life - Books and movies that exemplify our shared ideals - Inspiring stories of American courage, honor, and ingenuity - Fun and educational ways to celebrate American holidays like the Fourth of July and Veterans Day Blyth and Winston consulted prominent historians, academics, military leaders, politicians, au-thors, scholars, film crit ics, and parents around the country to bring you a truly useful guide. Part treatise on patriotism, part American history primer, part civics lesson, this book is the antidote to the virulent America bashing our children hear every day. Inspiring and practical, How to Raise an American is a must for every patriot—parent and child..

Delinquents and Debutantes

Delinquents and Debutantes Pdf/ePub eBook Delinquents and Debutantes Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 695 | Ebook Reads: 695 | File: Delinquents and Debutantes.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0814737730


Delinquents and Debutantes - Sherrie A. Inness Summary

The contributors, including such leading scholars as Vicki L. Ruiz, Jennifer Scanlon, and Miriam Formanek-Brunell, examine myriad ways in which a variety of discourses and activities from popular girls' magazines and advertisements to babysitting and the Girl Scouts help form girls' experiences of what it means to be a girl, and later a woman, in our society. The essays address such topics as board games and the socialization of adolescent girls, dolls and political ideologies, Nancy Drew and the Filipina American experience, the queering of girls' detective fiction, and female juvenile delinquency to demonstrate how cultural discourses shape both the young and teenage girl in America. Although girls' culture has until now received comparatively little attention from scholars, this work confirms that understanding the culture of girls is essential to understanding how gender works in our society. Making a significant contribution to a long-neglected area of social and cultural inquiry, Delinquents and Debutantes will be of central interest to those in women's studies, American studies, history, literature, and cultural studies..

Performing Consumers

Performing Consumers Pdf/ePub eBook Performing Consumers Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1500 | Ebook Reads: 1500 | File: Performing Consumers.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1134301030


Performing Consumers - Maurya Wickstrom Summary

Performing Consumers is an exploration of the way in which brands insinuate themselves into the lives of ordinary people who encounter them at branded superstores. Looking at our performative desire to ‘try on’ otherness, Maurya Wickstrom employs five American brandscapes to serve as case studies: Ralph Lauren; Niketown; American Girl Place; Disney store and The Lion King; and The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In this post-product era, each builds for the performer/consumer an intensely pleasurable, somatic experience of merging into the brand and reappearing as the brand, or the brand’s fictional meanings. To understand this embodiment as the way that capital is producing subjectivity as an aspect of itself, Wickstrom casts a wide net, drawing on: the history of capital’s relationship with theatre political developments in the United States recent work in political science, philosophy, and performance studies. An adventurous study of theatrical indeterminancy and material culture, Performing Consumers brilliantly takes corporate culture to task..

Because I Said So

Because I Said So Pdf/ePub eBook Because I Said So Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 487 | Ebook Reads: 487 | File: Because I Said So.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0061850241


Because I Said So - Kate Moses,Camille Peri Summary

In June 1997, Camille Peri and Kate Moses launched the daily website Mothers Who Think on Salon.com for women who, like themselves, were starved for smart, honest stories about motherhood -- personal and intimate stories that went beyond tantrum control and potty training to grapple with the profound issues that affect women and their children. Like the online site, their bestselling, American Book Award-winning anthology Mothers Who Think struck a nerve across the country not just with mothers, but with all those who shared a vested interest in the raising of the next generation. Because I Said So gives readers even more to think about. This new collection of fiercely honest essays edited by Peri and Moses captures the challenges of motherhood in the twenty-first century as no other book has. Writers such as Janet Fitch, Mariane Pearl, Mary Roach, Susan Straight, Margaret Talbot, Rosellen Brown, Beth Kephart, Ariel Gore, and Ana Castillo delve into the personal and the political, giving passionate expression to their relationships with their children and to their evolving sense of themselves. Provocative, candid, witty, and wise, their stories range from the anguish of giving up child custody to the guilt of having sex in an era of sexless marriages; from learning to love the full-speed testosterone chaos of boys to raising girls in a pervasively sexualized culture; from facing racial and religious intolerance with your children to surviving cancer and rap simultaneously. Told in prose that is as unabashedly frank as it is lyrical, this is the collective voice of real mothers -- raised above the din -- in all their humor, anger, vulnerability, grace, and glory..

Complete Works

Complete Works Pdf/ePub eBook Complete Works Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1184 | Ebook Reads: 1184 | File: Complete Works.pdf/epub | ISBN: 2291056786


Complete Works - Henry James Summary

THE NOVELS Watch and Ward, Roderick Hudson, The American, The Europeans, Confidence, Washington Square, The Portrait of a Lady, The Bostonians, The Princess Casamassima, The Reverberator, The Tragic Muse, The Other House, The Spoils of Poynton, What Maisie Knew, The Awkward Age, The Sacred Fount, The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors, The Golden Bowl, The Outcry, The Whole Family, The Ivory Tower, The Sense of the Past THE TALES A Tragedy of Error, The Story of a Year, A Landscape-Painter, A Day of Days, My Friend Bingham, Poor Richard, The Story of a Masterpiece, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, A Most Extraordinary Case, A Problem, etc. THE PLAYS Pyramus And Thisbe, Still Waters, A Change of Heart, Daisy Miller, Tenants, Disengaged, The Album, The Reprobate, Guy Domville, Summersoft, The High Bid, The Outcry THE TRAVEL WRITING Transatlantic Sketches, Portraits of Places, A Little Tour in France, English Hours, The American Scene, Italian Hours THE CRITICISM French Novelists and Poets, Hawthorne, Partial Portraits, Essays in London and Elsewhere, Picture and Text, Views and Reviews, Notes on Novelists, Within the Rim and Other Essays, Notes and Reviews THE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES A Small Boy and Others, Notes of a Son and Brother, The Middle Years.

Voices of the Other

Voices of the Other Pdf/ePub eBook Voices of the Other Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1978 | Ebook Reads: 1978 | File: Voices of the Other.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1136601015


Voices of the Other - Roderick McGillis Summary

This book offers a variety of approaches to children's literature from a postcolonial perspective that includes discussions of cultural appropriation, race theory, pedagogy as a colonialist activity, and multiculturalism. The eighteen essays divide into three sections: Theory, Colonialism, Postcolonialism. The first section sets the theoretical framework for postcolonial studies; essays here deal with issues of "otherness" and cultural difference, as well as the colonialist implications of pedagogic practice. These essays confront our relationships with the child and childhood as sites for the exertion of our authority and control. Section 2 presents discussions of the colonialist mind-set in children's and young adult texts from the turn of the century. Here works by writers of animal stories in Canada, the U.S. and Britain, works of early Australian colonialist literature, and Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess come under the scrutiny of our postmodern reading practices. Section 3 deals directly with contemporary texts for children that manifest both a postcolonial and a neo-colonial content. In this section, the longest in the book, we have studies of children's literature from Canada, Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States..

Wieland; or, the Transformation

Wieland; or, the Transformation Pdf/ePub eBook Wieland; or, the Transformation Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1210 | Ebook Reads: 1210 | File: Wieland; or, the Transformation.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1633558770


Wieland; or, the Transformation - Charles Brockden Brown Summary

One of the earliest major American novels, Wieland (1798) is a thrilling tale of suspense and intrigue set in rural Pennsylvania in the 1760s. Based on an actual case of a New York farmer who murdered his family, the novel employs Gothic devices and sensational elements such as spontaneous combustion, ventriloquism, and religious fanaticism..


GIVOL Pdf/ePub eBook GIVOL Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 914 | Ebook Reads: 914 | File: GIVOL.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1463460066


GIVOL - Felicity Dell'Aquila-Geyra Summary

Her son introduces his mother''s life story which she has written as a fictional narrative as she relives traumatic experiences while writing about them. She traces her life from a sheltered childhood and girlhood in her disfunctional Italo-American Catholic family to her meeting a handsome young Israeli hero of his country's War of Independence, who is studying in the United States now that there is hope of peace in his country.. . They are both romantics- she, a vulnerable young music student, he a sensitive ,idealistic artist whose dream is to do something memorable for his young country. They fall deeply in love and marry secretly. He calls his delicate child bride "Givol", the Hebrew word for the stem of a flower. Insensed, her father has thim deported to Israel where they are supremely happy until tragedy changes their lives for ever....

Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones Pdf/ePub eBook Felicity Jones Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 858 | Ebook Reads: 858 | File: Felicity Jones.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1452402671


Felicity Jones - Dee Dawning Summary

BLURB Felicity Jones thinks the hunky black and white duo of Devon and Adam are fascinating, while the often caustic blond beauty beguiles them. It could be a match made in heaven, yet all semester long, they fought like cats and dogs. Today is the last day of the Fall Semester. A two week vacation looms and the possibility Adam and Devon, maybe Felicity’s two biggest fans, may never have a chance with the hottest girl on the campus again. Desperate as they are, when opportunity presents itself, they go for it, and for once, Felicity doesn’t stop them. This leads to an afternoon, they and maybe you, will never forget. EXCERPT They were in the dark. He couldn’t see much of her—only a vague silhouette lit from second hand light reflected from the movie, but…he could smell her. More than ever, he could smell her. Her flower scented cologne, her bath wash and her se-x-x. God, all his senses now channeled through his nose and he could actually smell her sex—from three feet away, her beautiful, he just knew, smooth sex. God, it smelled good. The fragrance reminded him of slightly burnt roasted almonds. He knew, given the opportunity, he could lie in front of her sweet sex dining on it all day. Too excited for words, he suddenly felt a constriction in his throat and could barely breathe. He forced himself to breathe hard and the burnt roasted almond bouquet that wafted into his lungs relaxed his throat. He admired her beautiful silhouette as she watched the movie. Had anyone in the history of man since time immemorial, ever wanted a woman more? Could Romeo have wanted Juliet more? Could Marc Anthony have wanted Cleopatra more? Napoleon and Josephine? Solomon and Sheba? No! No eefing way! He took a deep breath and savored her sex. Then another and another. Soon he was mad with lust. “Adam, please be quiet. You’re making too much noise. What are you grunting and groaning for?” If you only knew, my ‘USDA Choice’ piece of flesh. What’s the warm, smooth, silky object his hand is resting on? He glanced down and realized his hand rested on her pale thigh—only inches from her sex. Then he noticed since almost everyone had moved closer to the screen to watch the movie, the three of them had the last five rows of seats to themselves. He grew even more excited. Sitting in the back row in the dark, they were virtually invisible to the professor or anyone else in the unlikely event they glanced up..

Female Bodies on the American Stage

Female Bodies on the American Stage Pdf/ePub eBook Female Bodies on the American Stage Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 627 | Ebook Reads: 627 | File: Female Bodies on the American Stage.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137428945


Female Bodies on the American Stage - J. Mobley Summary

The fat female body is a unique construction in American culture that has been understood in various ways during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Analyzing post-WWII stage and screen performances, Mobley argues that the fat actress's body signals myriad cultural assumptions and suggests new ways of reading the body in performance..

Cocky Earl

Cocky Earl Pdf/ePub eBook Cocky Earl Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1414 | Ebook Reads: 1414 | File: Cocky Earl.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Cocky Earl - Annabelle Anders Summary

An honorable Earl, an American Girl, and one losing bet that changes everything. Miss Charley Jackson never wanted to sail to England. The British are stuffy, and arrogant, and think far too highly of themselves. Particularly, the ones who referred to themselves as Lords. Julian Wellstone, the Earl of Westerley, had never walked away from a bet but should have known his luck would eventually run out. He should have known a time would come when the gambling tables would turn against him. Which is exactly what happened when he played “one more hand” and lost the game of a lifetime to American Whiskey King, Mr. Daniel Jackson. Jules has no choice but to honor the bet and court the man’s daughter—a chit who managed to get under his skin from the moment he met her. But honor is everything. Until love deals him a new hand. And once the lines are blurred, all bets are off. Will he fold and walk away, or will he ante up his heart and risk everything for the love of a lifetime?.


Armistice Pdf/ePub eBook Armistice Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1066 | Ebook Reads: 1066 | File: Armistice.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1849165823


Armistice - Nick Stafford Summary

11 a.m., 11th November 1918. Just when Philomena thinks Dan's going to make it home, her fiancé's slain on a battlefield in France. Four months later, grieving Philomena travels to London to meet three soldiers who fought with Dan. Soon she discovers a terrible possibility: Dan's death wasn't at the hands of the enemy. But there is no proof, no witness, only an accusation by one man and the threat of ruin by another should he ever repeat it. Alone in an alien city traumatised by the aftershocks of the war, whom should Philomena believe, who can she trust, in her attempt to discover if Dan was murdered? And this isn't her only challenge. Whilst inching ever closer to the truth Philomena finds herself falling for one of the men....

This Is Major

This Is Major Pdf/ePub eBook This Is Major Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1971 | Ebook Reads: 1971 | File: This Is Major.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0062890603


This Is Major - Shayla Lawson Summary

From a fierce and humorous new voice comes a relevant, insightful, and riveting collection of personal essays on the richness and resilience of black girl culture—for readers of Samantha Irby, Roxane Gay, Morgan Jerkins, and Lindy West. Shayla Lawson is major. You don’t know who she is. Yet. But that’s okay. She is on a mission to move black girls like herself from best supporting actress to a starring role in the major narrative. Whether she’s taking on workplace microaggressions or upending racist stereotypes about her home state of Kentucky, she looks for the side of the story that isn’t always told, the places where the voices of black girls haven’t been heard. The essays in This is Major ask questions like: Why are black women invisible to AI? What is “black girl magic”? Or: Am I one viral tweet away from becoming Twitter famous? And: How much magic does it take to land a Tinder date? With a unique mix of personal stories, pop culture observations, and insights into politics and history, Lawson sheds light on these questions, as well as the many ways black women and girls have influenced mainstream culture—from their style, to their language, and even their art—and how “major” they really are. Timely, enlightening, and wickedly sharp, This Is Major places black women at the center—no longer silenced, no longer the minority..

The Reverberator

The Reverberator Pdf/ePub eBook The Reverberator Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 989 | Ebook Reads: 989 | File: The Reverberator.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1612191576


The Reverberator - Henry James Summary

Henry James, one of the great literary stylists, an incomparable analyst of human relations, and---who knew?---a startlingly prescient media critic. This little-known novel from one of his most fertile creative periods could have been written for today's news-hungry, celebrity-obsessed times. Pretty American Francie Dosson travels to France with her father and less pretty sister. En route they meet scandal sheet journalist George Flack, who promptly falls for Francie. On their arrival in Paris he tours the Dosson sisters through its high society and bohemian circles, unwittingly introducing her to his rival Gaston Probert. Flack---a forerunner of a phone-hacker if ever there was one---is dismayed by this competition for the guileless Francie, but soon finds a way to turn the situation to his advantage, as well as that of his readers. The Reverberator is James at his most incisive, not to mention most caustic, and perhaps funniest, and one of very few of his novels to win the praise of his harshest critic: his brother William James. It's also a remarkably timely take on privacy, press freedoms, and our own inquisitive natures. ebook ISBN: 978-1-61219-157-7.

The Black Sheep and The English Rose

The Black Sheep and The English Rose Pdf/ePub eBook The Black Sheep and The English Rose Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1568 | Ebook Reads: 1568 | File: The Black Sheep and The English Rose.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0758233906


The Black Sheep and The English Rose - Donna Kauffman Summary

Finn Dalton is the black sheep of his privileged family--because he's always trying to do the right thing. But do good guys let bad girls go free? Ask British heiress Felicity Trent. Finn should have called the cops when he caught Felicity with a fortune in stolen jewels. But after the hot night they'd shared, betraying her meant he'd never have her again. Two years later, he discovers Felicity scantily clad and handcuffed to a bed in a posh Manhattan hotel room. Finn has three choices. Turn Felicity in. Turn her loose. Or turn her on. . . Finn Dalton is bad boy personified. Felicity Trent should know; she's a bad girl herself. But for Felicity, life as a jewel thief is almost as seductive as Finn is--and that's dangerous. Because for a girl like her one night is all she needs to get what she wants, anything more means trouble. Now, with both of them after the same thing--the rarest of treasures--who gets there first might be the last thing they want. . ..

In the Fall

In the Fall Pdf/ePub eBook In the Fall Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 422 | Ebook Reads: 422 | File: In the Fall.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0802196519


In the Fall - Jeffrey Lent Summary

A bold and epic novel chronicling the dark secrets and forbidden, transcendent loves of an American family across three generations. In the twilight of the Civil War, a Union soldier meets a runaway slave and returns with her to his family homestead in Vermont, launching the story of a bold, interracial union and its consequences. This passionate couple and their descendents will grapple with the ongoing devastations of the war, racism, and a haunting family legacy that lie dormant until a grandson is driven to discover the secret of his ancestors. Spanning the post–Civil War era to the edge of the Great Depression, In the Fall is an incredible rendering of a rapidly evolving America—from life on a farm, through the final years of Prohibition and bootlegging in the resort towns of New Hampshire, to the advent of modern times. “Expansive, richly detailed and expertly plotted” (Publishers Weekly), Jeffrey Lent’s debut novel is a fierce and utterly compelling vision of an American landscape and history, and an unforgettable portrait of an American family. “Jeffrey Lent has quietly created some of the finest novels of our new century.” —Ron Rash “Jeffrey Lent builds characters and their world like a painter layering his canvas, telling his story but substantiating it with color and light.” —Tim Pears “Sentence by sentence . . . Lent’s language draws you in like a clear stream in summer.” —Tim Gautreaux.

The Godmother's Web

The Godmother's Web Pdf/ePub eBook The Godmother's Web Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 678 | Ebook Reads: 678 | File: The Godmother's Web.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1452483965


The Godmother's Web - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Summary

Cindy Ellis knows about fairy godmothers. Her almost-stepdaughter is studying to be one and she is a close personal friend of Felicity Fortune, an Irish godmother. But she didn t suspect when she picks up Grandma Webster that the elderly, seemingly lost American Indian woman in traditional dress was a magical godmother too. When a self-serving skinwalker/witch inflames tensions between neighbors and pits sisters against each other in the best fairy tale fashion, Grandma enlists Cindy s help, along with that of a Navajo doctor, a Hopi rancher, and an unlikely champion, a dude who is related to coyotes and dreams of a home shopping network empire. Together they must defeat the evil that is threatening to destroy their world forever. Characterization, pacing, and folkloric expertise are all up to the series high standards, so Godmother-followers and others should greet this book joyfully. --Booklist.

The Portrait of A Lady

The Portrait of A Lady Pdf/ePub eBook The Portrait of A Lady Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1550 | Ebook Reads: 1550 | File: The Portrait of A Lady.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1440620806


The Portrait of A Lady - Henry James Summary

The Portrait of a Lady is Henry James’s classic novel featuring the strong and spirited Isabel Archer, the embodiment of women’s independence and strength. The heroine of this powerful novel, often considered James’s greatest work, is the vivacious young American Isabel Archer. Blessed by nature and fortune, she journeys to Europe to seek the full realization of her potential—or in modern terms, “to find herself”—but what awaits her there may prove to be her undoing. During her journey, wooers vie for her attentions, including an English aristocrat, a perfect American gentleman, and a sensitive expatriate. But it is only after the ingenue falls prey to the schemes of an infinitely sophisticated older woman that her life takes on its true form. With its brilliant interplay of tensions and characters, The Portrait of a Lady is a timeless and essential American novel. With an Introduction by Regina Barreca and an Afterword by Colm Tóibín.