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The Hope Fulfilled

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The Hope Fulfilled - Leslie Stein,Fellow of the Planning Research Centre Planning Barrister at the Wa Bar Associate Professor of Law at Uwa Leslie Stein Summary

Blending an analysis of general political, diplomatic, and military trends with a description of how Zionist pioneers coped with ongoing social developments and challenges, Stein recounts the events that would ultimately lead to the formation of the State of Israel in May 1948. The study begins with the wave of Russian pogroms that erupted in 1882 and stimulated an interest in Jewish migration to Palestine. Stein proceeds to the experiences of the first batch of settlers as they established farms, fostered the rejuvenation of Hebrew, and coped with the local Arab population. He examines how Theodore Herzl's worldwide modern Zionist movement gathered momentum and led to a further increase in Jewish settlement in Palestine. This book covers key events such as the pioneering efforts to establish collective farms, the inauguration of Jewish defense organizations, the Balfour Declaration, and the formation of the British Mandate. Stein focuses on the gradual but persistent consolidation of the Jewish community as a self-contained body, looking closely at important institutions such as the Trade Union Federation, as well as the development of political parties. Later chapters chronicle the growing strife with the Arab population and the disintegration of the British Mandate, which would eventually culminate in the declaration of a Jewish state.

Hope Fulfilled

Hope Fulfilled Pdf/ePub eBook


Hope Fulfilled - S.M. Wolff Summary

When John Bergen’s family bought a farm in the remote Strzelecki Ranges, they had no idea it would start them on a journey of discovery beyond their wildest dreams. Along the way, they gained friends and battled crooks, became captivated by the ranges’ natural beauty, and received a rare glimpse into the fast-fading world of the isolated local culture. John Bergen’s candid story is one of heartbreak and triumph, mistakes and forgiveness, loss and renewal. And through it all, John maintains a steadfast certainty that God is in control and always right beside him. That is, until he’s confronted with circumstances that cause him to question his deepest convictions. At such a time, when faith is shaken and hope is faint, John learns the true value of perseverance.

The Hope Fulfilled

The Hope Fulfilled Pdf/ePub eBook


The Hope Fulfilled - Robert L. Penny Summary

O. Palmer Robertson is a multifaceted man who in his life has taken on many roles-pastor, scholar, author, church planter, seminary professor, and missionary-administrator. This collection of essays seeks to honor him by embodying the Reformation and Westminster flavors of Old Princeton theology and Old Southern Presbyterianism. Further, the essays demonstrate how this blend of Old Princeton and Southern Presbyterianism bore fruit in Robertson's theological formulation, ecclesiastical life, pastoral ministry, and worldwide impact. Book jacket.

Nicolas Kristo

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Nicolas Kristo - Richard W. Koestler Summary

Want to read a heart-warming, uplifting, enchanting tale that will be a treasured addition to any library? One that can be enjoyed all year long but especially during the Christmas season? One that is sure to become a family favorite year after year? Nicholas Kristo by Richard Koestler is an inspiring, fictional account of a year in the life of St. Nicholas and his mission from God. The author weaves a beautiful story with authentic details to give the reader a glimpse into the heart and motives of one of the world's most beloved figures. Nicholas Kristo takes you on a journey to northern Italy in the 1500's when a simple man is appointed by God to bring inspired gifts to the needy?gifts that impact lives both physically and spiritually.

Hope Fulfilled for At-risk and Violent Youth

Hope Fulfilled for At-risk and Violent Youth Pdf/ePub eBook


Hope Fulfilled for At-risk and Violent Youth - Robert D. Barr,William Parrett Summary

Hope Fulfilled for At-Risk and Violent Youth is a comprehensive synthesis of the latest research on how schools are teaching all students effectively. The book looks at the crisis of a growing underclass of students who arrive at school under-prepared to learn, fail to learn effectively, drop out of school and live out their lives unemployed, underemployed, unemployable, and too often in prison. The book provides detailed information on effective programs that have been successful in addressing the needs of these difficult children. Essential components of effective programs are identified and effective schools and programs are described at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. A special emphasis focuses on violent, violence-prone, and bullying students and how to deal with them. The book serves as a complete reference book, with an extensive topical bibliography, school self-evaluations, recommendations for where to go for help, and personal interviews with teachers and students in more than 200 schools. MAKRET: For administrators and teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Hope Fulfilled: My Prayers. God's Answers.

Hope Fulfilled: My Prayers. God's Answers. Pdf/ePub eBook


Hope Fulfilled: My Prayers. God's Answers. - Diane Lakner Summary

This author struggles at times just like you do, but I have found that although He can be mysterious, Jesus is always faithful. To love and be loved are what we are all looking for. We can always find purest love in Him. This text shows how He helped me and He will always do good for you, too. May your Hope be Fulfilled. God's peace to you. Shalom.

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology Pdf/ePub eBook


Systematic Theology - Robert W. Jenson Summary

Systematic Theology is the capstone of Robert Jenson's long and distinguished career as a theologian, being a full-scale systematic/dogmatic theology in the classic format. This is the second and concluding volume of the work. Here, Jenson considers the works of God, examining such topics as the nature and role of the Church, and God's works of creation.

Sounds of Hope

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Sounds of Hope - Robert Janacek Summary

For a world so out of tune, this treatise intends to correlate from various instruments of learning, a new sound--a sound of hope. This sound will be heard as each truth from key areas of knowledge will be played in a synthesis of theology, psychology, and philosophy, all in the context of a valid cosmology. To listen and read the key concepts and predictions of the secular authorities, our earth is either destined for a massive freeze or one ending in conflagration. Thus the concern of the author is that all too often each area of study is playing its own sound and, valid as it may be, is not listening or seeing what could be if these sounds became part of a symphony. In Sounds of Hope, Robert N. Janacek contends that, when these sounds are truly heard and projected in our anticipated symphony, a new and harmonious world will be enacted. At a time when there are almost constant sounds of hate, death, and hopelessness, a world awaits, one for us to hear and attend as a new concert, a concert playing a score of harmony and hope.

The Apocalypse! Unveiling of the End Times

The Apocalypse! Unveiling of the End Times Pdf/ePub eBook


The Apocalypse! Unveiling of the End Times - Ricki Pepin,Pastor Danny Miller Summary

Apocalypse! End Times! What is about to happen? How will it affect you and your loved ones? We are about to go through a change. Are you ready? Did Jesus teach anything to prepare us for this time? He spoke about the keys to the kingdom and the secrets to the kingdom. Do you have the keys? Do you know the secrets? Does it matter? The truth will come forth. Will you be the one to bring it or will you simply be swept away by it? The purpose of this book is not to provide you with the answers to these questions, but to give you the tools to find them. Your discoveries will be personal, provocative, profound and powerful. As you unveil the keys and secrets to the kingdom, you will find your purpose. Get ready. Your adventure is about to begin. Ricki Pepin, author of "God's Health Plan," is a wife, mother and grandmother. A former homeschool teacher to her children, she was introduced to the Principle Approach to education in 1991 and developed an enthusiastic vision to share this wonderful method of learning with as many people as possible. For more than 20 years she has lectured extensively in many locations and venues, including international television and radio. The topics have encompassed biblical health, the U. S. Constitution, and now the end times. Her focus is in teaching others how to deepen their relationship with their Creator as they search out the truth in whatever subject they are pursuing, thus, enriching themselves and making this world a better place for them and their great-great grandchildren.

Hopes Fulfilled

Hopes Fulfilled Pdf/ePub eBook


Hopes Fulfilled - Dorothy Martin Summary

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A Philosophy of Human Hope

A Philosophy of Human Hope Pdf/ePub eBook


A Philosophy of Human Hope - J.J. Godfrey Summary

Few reference works in philosophy have articles on hope. Few also are systematic or large-scale philosophical studies of hope. Hope is admitted to be important in people's lives, but as a topic for study, hope has largely been left to psychologists and theologians. For the most part philosophers treat hope en passant. My aim is to outline a general theory of hope, to explore its structure, forms, goals, reasonableness, and implications, and to trace the implications of such a theory for atheism or theism. What has been written is quite disparate. Some see hope in an individualistic, often existential, way, and some in a social and political way. Hope is proposed by some as essentially atheistic, and by others as incomprehensible outside of one or another kind of theism. Is it possible to think consistently and at the same time comprehensively about the phenomenon of human hoping? Or is it several phenomena? How could there be such diverse understandings of so central a human experience? On what rational basis could people differ over whether hope is linked to God? What I offer here is a systematic analysis, but one worked out in dialogue with Ernst Bloch, Immanuel Kant, and Gabriel Marcel. Ernst Bloch of course was a Marxist and officially an atheist, Gabriel Marcel a Christian theist, and Immanuel Kant was a theist, but not in a conventional way.

Walk to Hope

Walk to Hope Pdf/ePub eBook


Walk to Hope - John Golder Summary

Tom Jacobs and his young friend Ryan will unwittingly be the principal witnesses as the afternoon’s events unfold. Tom is currently wrestling with the pressure created by the very high expectation of others for his life as a violinist capable of walking the world concert platforms. He is also smarting from a humiliating experience caused by his new classmate Wendy Fraser, even though they have never spoken. Wendy Fraser’s world is a dark place—she is a victim of bullying, without love or hope in her life. She is yelling at a God she believes doesn’t love or care and probably even exist; caught up in her despair because she didn’t die in a suspicious car accident in Asia with her best friend, Rachel. Will the criminal gang thought to be behind the crash reach out against her family again, just because her father’s honesty and integrity cost the gang millions? Juliette and her gang of schoolyard bullies are even now stalking Wendy for the perceived further slights they have imagined during the week, even though they have deliberately targeted Wendy all week. These three are about to collide violently in a way that will change their lives forever. How will their response to the unexpected consequences of this collision play out in their lives? What hope is there for their future?

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hope

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hope Pdf/ePub eBook


Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hope - Jaklin A. Eliott Summary

Hope is an aspect of human existence that appears increasingly significant in our modern world. However, what hope is, how it works, and why it is important continue to be debated, with different approaches to hope evident within different fields. This anthology of hope is unique in that it features contributions from many seminal writers and researchers across a wide range of disciplines, and thus offers multiple perspectives on this important and complex phenomenon. Hope is viewed through the lenses of theology, philosophy, politics, psychology, nursing, and medicine, with authors covering the histories and possible futures of hope and hope research. Encompassing the theoretical and the practical, the societal and the personal, this book will be a valuable resource to those commencing or conducting research into hope, and an enjoyable and insightful read for those wishing to know more about the state of hope today.

Faith & Hope Poems

Faith & Hope Poems Pdf/ePub eBook


Faith & Hope Poems - By Shirley Ann Wood Summary

As each of us learns to walk, talk, and feed ourselves, we also need to learn how to understand each other so that we can help ourselves and those around us. Faith and Hope Poems presents a new poetry collection based upon author Shirley Ann Wood’s soul searching in response to this need. These poems offer personal reflections and simple statements of her own feelings on life. Because of a near death experience at the age of five, she has a great desire to honor God in her life. With these verses, Wood shares her deepest, most spiritual thoughts. Letter to Jesus Dear Jesus your love is so sweet It enfolds me and life is complete I came to the cross, bewildered and lost And laid all I was at your feet You looked with compassion and love Held me up to the Father above Said—behold she is mine In our nature divine she is cleansed And restored in our love Then the spirit descended on me Broke the chains that I might be free Now the Lord dwells within I am filled to the brim And the glory of God now I see ...

Blessed, Balanced & Complete

Blessed, Balanced & Complete Pdf/ePub eBook


Blessed, Balanced & Complete - Heriberto Alonso Summary

Are you tired of your life being out of balance? Tired of the struggle that no matter how many things you try juggling at once, you always seem to fall behind? Then the catch-up causes you to get all stressed out and the cycle seems to never end? Youve taken stress courses, gone on vacations, practiced yoga, and read magazines in your doctors or dentists office]all to no avail. Well, rather than continue to punish yourself with this never ending, vicious cycle, learn the simple truth from this book that life does not need to be lived this way. In this book, Heriberto Hery Alonso will show you: [The proper order of priorities to help get and keep your life well-balanced. [The importance of these priorities and detailed elaboration on them. [Guidance to running the race of life better and finishing your goals/projects. [How to live with an attitude that will provide a strong mindset and help you get back up each time after a setback]without beating yourself up. [How to continue hoping when all hope is gone. [Guidance to single women desiring a future husband without wasting more time. [How to deal with lifes inevitable scenarios (Imperfections, Waiting, & Working). Most people do try to maintain a balanced life. While the efforts are there, most times its like chasing the wind because they are not focusing on whats truly important. The approach I present in Blessed, Balanced & Complete, drawn from my own personal experiences and biblical principles, goes far beyond the simple attempts to acquire balance. A must read!

Is God A Delusion?

Is God A Delusion? Pdf/ePub eBook


Is God A Delusion? - Eric Reitan Summary

Is God a Delusion? addresses the philosophical underpinnings of the recent proliferation of popular books attacking religious beliefs. Winner of CHOICE 2009 Outstanding Academic Title Award Focuses primarily on charges leveled by recent critics that belief in God is irrational and that its nature ferments violence Balances philosophical rigor and scholarly care with an engaging, accessible style Offers a direct response to the crop of recent anti-religion bestsellers currently generating considerable public discussion

River of Hope

River of Hope Pdf/ePub eBook


River of Hope - Elizabeth Gritter Summary

One of the largest southern cities and a hub for the cotton industry, Memphis, Tennessee, was at the forefront of black political empowerment during the Jim Crow era. Compared to other cities in the South, Memphis had an unusually large number of African American voters. Black Memphians sought reform at the ballot box, formed clubs, ran for office, and engaged in voter registration and education activities from the end of the Civil War through the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954. In this groundbreaking book, Elizabeth Gritter examines how and why black Memphians mobilized politically in the period between Reconstruction and the beginning of the civil rights movement. Gritter illuminates, in particular, the efforts and influence of Robert R. Church Jr., an affluent Republican and founder of the Lincoln League, and the notorious Memphis political boss Edward H. Crump. Using these two men as lenses through which to view African American political engagement, this volume explores how black voters and their leaders both worked with and opposed the white political machine at the ballot box. River of Hope challenges persisting notions of a "Solid South" of white Democratic control by arguing that the small but significant number of black southerners who retained the right to vote had more influence than scholars have heretofore assumed. Gritter's nuanced study presents a fascinating view of the complex nature of political power during the Jim Crow era and provides fresh insight into the efforts of the individuals who laid the foundation for civil rights victories in the 1950s and '60s.

Studies in Proverbs

Studies in Proverbs Pdf/ePub eBook


Studies in Proverbs - William Arnot Summary

Arnot's thoughts on selected texts offer practical instruction and spiritual direction for a Christ-centered life.

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