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Inward - Yung Pueblo Summary

"i closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored" From poet, meditator, and speaker Yung Pueblo, comes a collection of poetry and prose that explores the movement from self-love to unconditional love, the power of letting go, and the wisdom that comes when we truly try to know ourselves. It serves as a reminder to the reader that healing, transformation, and freedom are possible.


Inward Pdf/ePub eBook


Inward - Michal Pagis Summary

Western society has never been more interested in interiority. Indeed, it seems more and more people are deliberately looking inward--toward the mind, the body, or both. Michal Pagis's Inward focuses on one increasingly popular channel for the introverted gaze: vipassana meditation, which has spread from Burma to more than forty countries and counting. Lacing her account with vivid anecdotes and personal stories, Pagis turns our attention not only to the practice of vipassana but to the communities that have sprung up around it. Inward is also a social history of the westward diffusion of Eastern religious practices spurred on by the lingering effects of the British colonial presence in India. At the same time Pagis asks knotty questions about what happens when we continually turn inward, as she investigates the complex relations between physical selves, emotional selves, and our larger social worlds. Her book sheds new light on evergreen topics such as globalization, social psychology, and the place of the human body in the enduring process of self-awareness.

The Inward Morning

The Inward Morning Pdf/ePub eBook


The Inward Morning - Henry Bugbee Summary

When first published in 1958, The Inward Morning was ahead of its time. Boldly original, it blended East and West, nature and culture, the personal and the universal. The critical establishment, confounded, largely ignored the work. Readers, however, embraced Bugbee’s lyrical philosophy of wilderness. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s this philosophical daybook enjoyed the status of an underground classic. With this paperback reissue, The Inward Morning will be brought to the attention of a new generation. Henry Bugbee is increasingly recognized as the only truly American existentialist and an original philosopher of wilderness who is an inspiration to a growing number of contemporary philosophers.

The New Competition for Inward Investment

The New Competition for Inward Investment Pdf/ePub eBook


The New Competition for Inward Investment - Nicholas A. Phelps,Philip Raines Summary

"The competition for inward investment among regions and within and between nations is intense, and the promotional agencies concerned are increasingly innovative in their competitive strategies. This book examines the new competition for inward investment"

The Slow Inward Current and Cardiac Arrhythmias

The Slow Inward Current and Cardiac Arrhythmias Pdf/ePub eBook


The Slow Inward Current and Cardiac Arrhythmias - Douglas P. Zipes,J.C. Bailey,V. Elharrar Summary

Since Paul Cranefield published his monograph, The Conduction of the Cardiac Impulse, in 1975, much has been learned about the role of the slow inward current in cardiac electrophysiology. Because of this expanse in know ledge, both basic and clinical, it appeared reasonable to review in a mono graph once again what was known. When Martinus Nijhoff first approached us to undertake the task of updating this information, we were initially reluctant for several reasons. First, we did not feel that the subject could be adequately and thoroughly reviewed, from the cell to the bedside, by a single person. Second, time constraints on all of us precluded even attempting such a task. However, we were encouraged by several of our friends (' egged on' one might even say, since they wished the job done but did not want to do it themselves!) who promised faithfully to contribute chapters on time if we accepted the task. So we did, and most of them did also.

Looking Inward

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Looking Inward - Jennifer Bryan Summary

"You must see yourself." The exhortation was increasingly familiar to English men and women in the two centuries before the Reformation. They encountered it repeatedly in their devotional books, the popular guides to spiritual self-improvement that were reaching an ever-growing readership at the end of the Middle Ages. But what did it mean to see oneself? What was the nature of the self to be envisioned, and what eyes and mirrors were needed to see and know it properly? Looking Inward traces a complex network of answers to such questions, exploring how English readers between 1350 and 1550 learned to envision, examine, and change themselves in the mirrors of devotional literature. By all accounts, it was the most popular literature of the period. With literacy on the rise, an outpouring of translations and adaptations flowed across traditional boundaries between religious and lay, and between female and male, audiences. As forms of piety changed, as social categories became increasingly porous, and as the heart became an increasingly privileged and contested location, the growth of devotional reading created a crucial arena for the making of literate subjectivities. The models of private reading and self-reflection constructed therein would have important implications, not only for English spirituality, but for social, political, and poetic identities, up to the Reformation and beyond. In Looking Inward, Bryan examines a wide range of devotional and secular texts, from works by Walter Hilton, Julian of Norwich, and Thomas Hoccleve to neglected translations like The Chastising of God's Children and The Pricking of Love. She explores the models of identification and imitation through which they sought to reach the inmost selves of their readers, and the scripts for spiritual desire that they offered for the cultivation of the heart. Illuminating the psychological paradigms at the heart of the genre, Bryan provides fresh insights into how late medieval men and women sought to know, labor in, and profit themselves by means of books.

Inward investment in Wales

Inward investment in Wales Pdf/ePub eBook


Inward investment in Wales - Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Welsh Affairs Committee Summary

In this report the Welsh Affairs Committee says that investment opportunities have been missed by the lack of a dedicated trade promotion agency. The abolition of the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) has reduced Wales's visibility in the global market place. Nearly five years on, the WDA remains one of the most recognisable of all Welsh brands. The Welsh Government must urgently consider how it can be used to promote more clearly Wales's global identity. The Committee argues for the establishment of a dedicated trade promotion agency, either sitting within the Welsh Government or as a private sector vehicle. Such a body should have a mix of skills with an emphasis on private sector experience. Wales does not have sufficient resources to work alone in attracting inward investment nor the advantages that UK Trade & Investment, the UK Government department with lead responsibility for trade and investment, has in terms of resources and networks. The Welsh Government must engage with politicians in the UK Government to maximise opportunities to attract inward investment to Wales and so improve the long-term prospects of the Welsh economy. The UK Government and the Welsh Government must work together effectively, and work with education providers and industry, for the improvement of the Welsh economy and the Welsh people.

Milton’s Inward Liberty

Milton’s Inward Liberty Pdf/ePub eBook


Milton’s Inward Liberty - Filippo Falcone Summary

What is true liberty? Milton labors to provide an answer, and his answer becomes the ruling principle behind both prose works and poetry. The scholarly community has largely read liberty in Milton retrospectively through the spectacles of liberalism. In so doing, it has failed to emphasize that the Christian paradigm of liberty speaks of an inward microcosm, a place of freedom whose precincts are defined by man's fellowship with God. All other forms of freedom relate to the outer world, be they freedom to choose the good, absence of external constraint and oppression, or freedom of alternatives. None of these is true liberty, but they are pursued by Milton in concert with true liberty. Milton's Inward Liberty attempts to address the bearing of true liberty in Milton's work through the magnifying glass of seventeenth-century theology.

Moving Inward

Moving Inward Pdf/ePub eBook


Moving Inward - Rolf Sovik Summary

shows readers of all levels hwo to transition from asanas to meditation.

Inward songs

Inward songs Pdf/ePub eBook


Inward songs - George Porter Summary

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The Inward Light

The Inward Light Pdf/ePub eBook


The Inward Light - John Eliot Howard Summary

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The Inward Outlook

The Inward Outlook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Inward Outlook - Laura Basha, PhD Summary

How to tap into more ease, wisdom, and joy in everyday life has been a question of interest for some time and continues to garner attention in terms of its impact on well-being and happiness. This book explores a specific perceptual vantage point which unfolds from cultivating a deeep listening, and "inward outlook," as a transformational vehicle for long-term positive change. Understanding a principle-based paradigm regarding the role that thought plays in creating a person's experience of reality is at the heart of this exploration.

An Inward Journey

An Inward Journey Pdf/ePub eBook


An Inward Journey - Kelly Canull Summary

Are you always doing without giving yourself time? Do you let other people stress or anger you? If you knew that your fears were not real, would you be willing to face them? Can you imagine a life where you are peaceful and centered no matter what? Are you willing to let go of the unhealthy relationships in your life? Do you want to empower yourself to manifest your dreams in physical ways? Are you ready to fully embrace the magnificence of Who You Really Are? An Inward Journey: A Guide to Living Your Best Life will take you through the steps of moving out of your old, fear-based paradigm and into a new paradigm founded in Divine Love. Learn how to stand in your innate power and live as your authentic self. Journey inward to explore how you can live your best life by reconnecting with the guidance of your soul! Author Bio: ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Kelly Canull has been working with individuals for over 20 years, reminding them to live from the Truth of Who They Really Are. She is very close to her family and lives in Boulder, Colorado with her two wonderful dogs. Kelly is grateful to be here during these major times of transformation on the planet. Sharing with others how to be in joy is her life's work.





This book is about my journey to increase from within, today we are living in a society that is so Focus on everything that is external and God wants us to identify from a place of inwardness We can never be what God want us to be unless we Increase from within and not from Without. Sometimes God have to move you out the mess in order to work out his will and Purpose in our life.

Power of Inward Holiness

Power of Inward Holiness Pdf/ePub eBook


Power of Inward Holiness - Marsha Williams Summary

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An Enquiry Into the Inward Call to the Holy Ministry..

An Enquiry Into the Inward Call to the Holy Ministry.. Pdf/ePub eBook


An Enquiry Into the Inward Call to the Holy Ministry.. - Patrick Middleton Summary

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Inward of Poetry

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Inward of Poetry - George Johnston,William Blissett Summary

An essential part of the folklore of Canadian academia in the 1950s and 60s, George Johnston's poems were recited with glee by readers largely unaware of their publication abroad in the New Yorker, Partisan Review, Poetry (Chicago) and The Spectator. This book shows the making of those poems, and several hitherto unpublished ones, forged in the hard craft of Icelandic saga, American Imagism, and in the voices of family and community Johnston took as his material. William Blissett enjoys a unique presence in academic folklore today, having seeded it with his perceptions and sayings for over sixty years as an authority on Wagner and the shape of literary modernism, Renaissance epic and drama; the work of his friend, the modernist poet David Jones, and his friend, George Johnston, whose poems he frequently critiqued in draft. Sean Kane, once a student of both Johnston and Blissett, engagingly presents a friendship told in fifty years of letters between the two men, set in the affectionate, gossipy, aspiring world of English Studies in Canada when it was ruled by A.S.P. Woodhouse and Northrop Frye.

Upward, Outward, Inward

Upward, Outward, Inward Pdf/ePub eBook


Upward, Outward, Inward - Mitsuo Fukuda Summary

What would happen if God were to bring ten new believers into the Church in a single day? Would we be able to disciple them? What if it were a hundred people in a week? Do you think it's possible to receive a thousand new believers a month? If a million people were saved, would the Church be ready to disciple them? The Lord wants us to prepare workers for the harvest - people with a simple message of love and service, who can pass that message on. If we want to see many, many people come to Christ, then we will need to find a way for them to be discipled and to become disciplers. This book from the Japanese house church provides one way for any Christian to become a discipler: it gives simple, practical ways to live out the Gospel, to explain the Gospel, and to pass the baton of discipleship on to others.

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