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It's a Ghost's Life

It's a Ghost's Life Pdf/ePub eBook


It's a Ghost's Life - Erin McCarthy Summary

When the bitterly cold days of January descend on Cleveland, Bailey Burke finds her “Put It Where?” home staging business is as frozen as her toes. The only bright spot is the return of her friend Ryan after his, ahem, eviction from heaven. Especially since no other dead people seem to be harassing her in recent weeks. Yet when her grandmother’s bingo buddy turns up frozen solid in a stranger’s back yard, Bailey is the only one who finds the death suspicious. Only Bailey knows fashion and she knows Shirley, a one-time film star, would not be caught dead, literally, in a stained nightgown. Determined it prove it is homicide and not dementia, she enlists Ryan’s help to investigate, despite his ghostly limitations. This time Bailey is ready to play it smart, solve the crime, have the bad guy do the time… only all is fair game in bingo and eccentric backstabbing biddies with gobs of cash.

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle Pdf/ePub eBook


Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle - Faly Colaizzi Summary

Jake Eden is restless. He struggles with his paranormal powers and the feeling that there is an unexplained gap or emptiness-something missing-in his young life. This unexplained gap lls him with great sadness and anxiety and haunts him till a resolution is found. While Jake hopes to nd the cause of this emptiness, he and his friends have many encounters with exciting and challenging characters. The kids nd themselves on one adventure after another. On one of these adventures, Jake has a chance encounter with his deceased great-grandfather, who explains who Jake really is, telling him that Jake is destined for greatness. Jake's sadness and anxiety are lied, and the gaps in his life disappear, along with his questions, but not before Jake and his friends pass through a turbulent yet heroic journey around All Hallows Eve. Faly Colaizzi was born Rafaela Faly Burmeister in Chicago, Illinois, in October 1967. Her mother, father, and sister all reside in Chicago land. The author grew up with a love of horses and farmland and is inspired by music of all kinds. She has always had an unwavering love for castles around the world, and she travels to see them when she can. She has quite a wild imagination that never rests, and that makes the perfect basis for her wonderful tale, Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle. The author graduated from Illinois State University in 1990 and has had a twenty-year career as a sales manager. She is married to Steve Colaizzi, is a working mother of two amazing boys, and is an auntie. She hopes this story, written as a classic Halloween tale, will live on in hearts all over the world."


LIFE Pdf/ePub eBook


LIFE - N.A Summary

LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at LIFE.com, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Colorado Ghost Stories

Colorado Ghost Stories Pdf/ePub eBook


Colorado Ghost Stories - Antonio Garcez,Patricia Terry Summary

A comprehensive contemporary collection of interviews with local citizens from the state of Colorado that have experienced first hand paranormal encounters. Antonio R. Garcez's Colorado Ghost Stories book represent a complex, meticulously crafted body of work. Rather than stories handed down from one generation to another, the book offers accounts from individuals who have had direct one on one encounters with spirits. The research offers a captivating overview of our relationship with the afterlife, and equally celebrates it. Colorado Ghost Stories filled with over 300 photos, is one of several books by Garcez to offer the reader a unique approach towards reflection and contemplation of the spiritual possibilities inherent in each of us. Antonio's focus and experience in the literary spiritualism genre gives his work grounds for recognition as a factual presenter of the after life phenomena. Make no mistake, these books are unlike any others ever written!

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View, Vol. 1

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View, Vol. 1 Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View, Vol. 1 - Tina Erwin Summary

Now in its second edition, this ground-breaking book shares with you stories of life after death from the ghosts' own point of view. Some stories are tragic, some comical, some stunning and all of them fascinating. Meet Annabelle, a seven-year-old ghost in pink pajamas who was desperately looking for her family, or Lydia, a ghost who was being haunted by the living. There are more unforgettable stories in this poignant, unnerving and hopeful view of life after death. Author and intuitive, Tina Erwin is not your ordinary psychic. She is a retired US Navy Commander AND a ghost helper, NOT a ghost hunter. She not only talks to the dead, she assists them in crossing over to the Heaven World. Listen as each ghost tells you: What it’s like to be dead. What it’s like to be driving down the road one minute and the next have no idea where you are. A soul's frustration as he talks to someone who cannot seem to hear him no matter what he does. Or how much some ghosts enjoy controlling the living from the grave. Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View is a haunting look at not only what it’s like to be a ghost, but also what it’s like to find yourself dead and have no idea what to do, where to go or how to change your surroundings. This ground-breaking book invites you to finally hear their stories, to understand the ghosts’ point of view and learn what it feels like for them when they are embraced by the light of the Heaven World. Listen as each ghost tells you: What it’s like to be dead. What it’s like to be driving down the road one minute and then the next have no idea where you are. What it’s like to be talking to someone who cannot seem to hear you no matter what you do. What it’s like to still control the living from the grave. What it’s like to be haunted in death by the living.

Little Weirds

Little Weirds Pdf/ePub eBook


Little Weirds - Jenny Slate Summary

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. Step into Jenny Slate's wild, unfiltered imagination in this "magical" (Mindy Kaling), "delicious" (Amy Sedaris), and "poignant" (John Mulaney) collection about love, heartbreak, and being alive -- "this book is something new and wonderful" (George Saunders). You may "know" Jenny Slate from her new Netflix special, "Stage Fright," or as the creator of Marcel the Shell, or as the star of "Obvious Child." But you don't really know Jenny Slate until you get bonked on the head by her absolutely singular writing style. To see the world through Jenny's eyes is to see it as though for the first time, shimmering with strangeness and possibility. As she will remind you, we live on an ancient ball that rotates around a bigger ball made up of lights and gasses that are science gasses, not farts (don't be immature). Heartbreak, confusion, and misogyny stalk this blue-green sphere, yes, but it is also a place of wild delight and unconstrained vitality, a place where we can start living as soon as we are born, and we can be born at any time. In her dazzling, impossible-to-categorize debut, Jenny channels the pain and beauty of life in writing so fresh, so new, and so burstingly alive, we catch her vision like a fever and bring it back out into the bright day with us, and everything has changed.

Giving Up the Ghost

Giving Up the Ghost Pdf/ePub eBook


Giving Up the Ghost - Katherine A. Fowkes Summary

Arguing that our enjoyment of ghost films is linked to masochistic pleasure, Giving up the Ghost provides us with a new way of thinking about the relation between film viewing and gender. A deft but readable application of psychoanalytic theories, especially masochism (by way of Deleuze and Studlar), extends the utility of psychoanalysis to the understanding of film genre and film audiences. It is indispensable reading for scholars and students of film theory.

Feeding the Hungry Ghost

Feeding the Hungry Ghost Pdf/ePub eBook


Feeding the Hungry Ghost - Ellen Kanner,Norman Van Aken Summary

"A food writer offers stories about the many different ways people connect, celebrate, and share with each other through food. Includes vegan recipes"--

The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus

The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus Pdf/ePub eBook


The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus - Washington Irving Summary

Download or read The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Long Way Down

Long Way Down Pdf/ePub eBook


Long Way Down - Jason Reynolds Summary

As Will, fifteen, sets out to avenge his brother Shawn's fatal shooting, seven ghosts who knew Shawn board the elevator and reveal truths Will needs to know.

Pep Digital Vol. 111: Archie & Friends: Ghost Stories

Pep Digital Vol. 111: Archie & Friends: Ghost Stories Pdf/ePub eBook


Pep Digital Vol. 111: Archie & Friends: Ghost Stories - Archie Superstars Summary

On a dark and stormy night, Archie and his friends scared themselves silly with a bunch of ghost stories! Did you know Riverdale was haunted? Neither did the gang! Steel your nerves and read 50 pages of the silliest, spookiest ghost stories ever told. Are you a ƒfraidy cat? Prove it and start reading!

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghost of a Chance - Lauren Barnholdt Summary

Kendall takes drastic action when she encounters ghostly overwhelm in the third book in a tween series that Kirkus Reviews calls “bright, bubbly fun.” Kendall feels like she’s losing at life. The only people who will talk to her are ghosts, and she’s exhausted from trying to fix their problems. Meanwhile, Brandon thinks she’s a liar, her best friend thinks she’s sneaking around with another boy, and her dad is getting serious with a new girlfriend. Kendall can’t cope with anything else! Desperate for answers, she decides to visit the one person who might have them—the one person she never wanted to see again. Will her mom be able to help, or will Kendall be stuck without a wisp of hope?


Ghosts Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghosts - César Aira Summary

The most unsettling and stunning of Aira's short novels published by New Directions. "On a building site of a new, luxury apartment building, visitors looked up at the strange, irregular form of the water tank that crowned the edifice, and the big parabolic dish that would supply television images to all the floors. On the edge of the dish, a sharp metallic edge on which no bird would have dared to perch, three completely naked men were sitting, with their faces turned up to the midday sun; no one saw them, of course." — from Ghosts Ghosts is about a construction worker's family squatting on a building site. They all see large and handsome ghosts around their quarters, but the teenage daughter is the most curious. Her questions about them become more and more heartfelt until the story reaches a critical, chilling moment when the mother realizes that her daughter's life hangs in the balance.

Ghost Town: A Venice California Life

Ghost Town: A Venice California Life Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghost Town: A Venice California Life - Pat Hartman Summary

Visit VirtualVenice.info Pat Hartman´s first book, Call Someplace Paradise, was concerned with the public face of Venice, California - the boardwalk and boutique Venice visited by between one and two hundred thousand tourists each weekend. Ghost Town is about the other Venice. There is a book genre described by Russ Rymer as "inspecting America´s racial trauma through the lens of private experience, as it plays out in the daily difficulties of particular persons in one or another microcosmic place." Here the microcosm is Oakwood, a hotbed of diversity and danger called Ghost Town by its own citizens. The particular persons are a white single mother, age 30, and her 11-year-old, half-black daughter, along with a stellar cast of roommates, boyfriends, and neighbors. Ghost Town: A Venice California Life is a psychological adventure story that takes place in a challenging environment where many people would never consider trying to live. Much has been said and written about racial dynamics by people who, however well-informed and well-intentioned, may talk the talk but haven´t walked the walk. Whether by lack of inclination or of opportunity, many experts on race relations have never actually lived in a racially mixed neighborhood, let alone where their own group is a minority. In an environment that forces thought about race issues every single day, it´s a different world. How are attitudes about race formed? Why is it that even the most willing participants of the melting pot sometimes can´t take the heat? These and other questions are precisely as relevant now as they were in the period covered here, 1978-84. Unfortunately the subject of race will probably continue to be relevant into the next millennium and beyond, given that the human race as a whole is still around that long. Despite being burglarized, mugged, vandalized, menaced, caught in the black/chicano crossfire, and visited by men in suits who travel in pairs, the author found existence in Oakwood rewarding and positive an many ways. (Film director Barbet Schroeder, who lived in Oakwood during the same time period, told an interviewer it was "the best year of my life so far.") Like the diary of Samuel Pepys in London, like Alexander King´s memoirs of Greenwich Village, Ghost Town is a record of a fascinating and frightening urban environment through the eyes of an articulate and meticulous observer. Visit VirtualVenice.info

Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal

Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal Pdf/ePub eBook


Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal - Buck Weiss Summary

"What draws us to tales of the supernatural? Is it that desire to find belief and comfort in the possibility that life continues after the physical body has died and turned to ash? ...The recent proliferation of "ghost-hunting" shows on TV, and "found-footage" style movies (Grave Encounters, Blair Witch, etc) further speaks to our own obsessions with the paranormal, and the desire to find answers as they pertain to the possibility of our species' extended existence - here's an entire anthology dedicated to that very subject! Whatever the case may be, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the tales collected in this volume... for there are, dear reader, nightmares that a wait as you prepare to take a journey through the pages collected herein." --Anthony D.P. Mann, HorrorETC Podcast & Terror of Dracula You have seen all the television shows, now take a journey to the netherworld with this anthology of ghost hunting fiction. Not even the SyFy Channel can prepare you for what lies within. Stories include: The Children of the Infinite by Scott Bartlett, Alibi Jones and the Ghost in the Machine by Mike Luoma, The Book of Blackthorne by Dorraine Fisher, Singing by the Fire by Jamieson Ridenhour, The Old House by Michael Kleen, and many more! Let your imagination take you to places yet unexplored, from old derelict farms, to dark forests, to haunted bathrooms and beyond. Some of the most exciting talent in supernatural fiction is represented in this anthology.

The Payment

The Payment Pdf/ePub eBook


The Payment - S.G. MimLance Summary

Confronted and attacked on all fronts, the patient tries to face the enemy, but more often than not, the battle is lost. Each time a battle is lost, the patient suffers more and the disease causes more harm and damage. A great number of diseases threaten the health and sanity of the patient. Through decades of weakness, leniency and lack of true leadership, the patient may very well be at deaths door. The patients name is Society. The diseases number in the hundreds. The remedies remain elusive. Will the patient recover? Where is Society headed? Under these circumstances, mans pursuit of happiness is difficult, to say the least. But his search goes on, instinctively, in the face of all obstacles. Societys diseases come second to his search for happiness.

The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost Pdf/ePub eBook


The Canterville Ghost - Oscar Wilde Summary

An amusing chronicle of the tribulations of the Ghost of Canterville Chase when his ancestral halls became the home of the American Minister to the Court of St. James.


Ghost Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghost - Jason Reynolds Summary

Aspiring to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school's track team, gifted runner Ghost finds his goal challenged by a tragic past with a violent father.

My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster

My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster Pdf/ePub eBook


My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster - Timothy Knapman Summary

Wally has chicken-pox and is desperate not to miss his best friend's birthday party - and Foulpest reckon he knows exactly how to make him better. Unfortunately, though his magic medicine gets rid of Wally's spots, it has a surprise side-effect... Wally has grown a dinosaur's tail. Desperate to get rid of the tail in time for the party, it's off to the doctor, where much hilarity ensues... The second story in this volume features Wally's school trip to a haunted house - where Uncle Foulpest helps exact revenge on the school bully, by fair means or foul...

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