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Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Love - Leo F. Buscaglia Summary

Explores the many aspects of love including its existence as a learned phenomenon and its deterrents, needs, and responsibilities

Sex, Love, and Friendship

Sex, Love, and Friendship Pdf/ePub eBook


Sex, Love, and Friendship - Alan Soble Summary

This collection joins together sixty essays on the philosophy of love and sex. Each was presented at a meeting of The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love held between 1977 and 1992 and later revised for this edition. Topics addressed include ethical and political issues (AIDS, abortion, homosexual rights, and pornography), conceptual matters (the nature, essence, or definition of love, friendship, sexual desire, and perversion); the study of classical and historical figures (Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, and Kierkegaard); and issues in feminist theory (sexual objectification, the social construction of female sexuality, reproductive and marital arrangements). Authors include Jerome Shaffer, Sandra Harding, Michael Ruse, Richard Mohr, Russell Vannoy, Claudia Card, M.C. Dillon, Gene Fendt, Steven Emmanuel, T.F. Morris, Timo Airaksinen, and Sylvia Walsh. The editor, who is the author of Pornography (1986), The Structure of Love (1990), and Sexual Investigations (1996), has also contributed six pieces and an Introduction.

Romantic Love

Romantic Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Romantic Love - Yolanda van Ede Summary

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Plato on Love

Plato on Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Plato on Love - Plato,C. D. C. Reeve Summary

Plato's works on love—Symposium, Phaedrus, Lysis, and Alciabiades in their entirety, with relevant selections from Republic and Laws—with an introductory essay by C. D. C. Reeve.

Love in America

Love in America Pdf/ePub eBook


Love in America - Francesca M. Cancian Summary

In the last twenty-five years, Americans have gained considerable freedom in thier personal lives. Relationships are now more flexible, and self-development has become a primary goal for both men and women. Most scholars have criticized this trend to greater freedom, arguing that it undermines family bonds and promotes selfishness and extreme independence, Francesca Cancian is more optimistic. In this book she shows that many American couples succeed in combining self-development with commitment, and that interdependence, not independence, is their ideal. In interdependent relationships, love and self-development do not conflict, but reinforce each other. Love in America compares 'traditional' forms of marriage with these newer forms of close relationships. Starting with the nineteenth century, Cancian shows how gender roles became polarized, with love, which was identified with emotional expression, no practical help, being the responsibility of women, while self-development was regarded as a masculine concern. These traditional images of love and relationships are still held by many Americans today, even though, as Cancian points out, this can lead to marital conflict and individual stress and illness. By contrast, new images of love, emphasizing self-development for men and women and flexible, androgynous roles, began to emerge around 1900, accelerating in the 1960s. She concludes that this trend to self-development and androgyny will continue, but that whether it will lead to more interdependent relationships, or to more independence and isolation, depends partly on economic and political changes in the wider society. The evidence for Cancian's argument comes from sociological, historical, and psychological sources. Her book will interest readers in these disciplines, as well s appeal to a wide general audience.

Love Is a Hot Fudge Sundae

Love Is a Hot Fudge Sundae Pdf/ePub eBook


Love Is a Hot Fudge Sundae - Steve Hotchner Summary

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Astrology and Love Life

Astrology and Love Life Pdf/ePub eBook


Astrology and Love Life - Mahan Vir Tulli Summary

This book deciphers the intricacies of the compatibility of zodiac signs, the attraction between people of diverse temperaments and what leads to romantic alliances and conjugal ties.

To My Daughter with Love

To My Daughter with Love Pdf/ePub eBook


To My Daughter with Love - Susan Polis Schutz Summary

This elegant new edition of Susan Polis Schutz's most beloved work includes the poems and advice of earlier editions, plus new poems inspired by her daughter growing up into a young woman and leaving home. Steven Schutz's sensitive ilustrations envelop Susan's poetry in an artistic expression of his love for his daughter and her mother. The result is a loving celebration of the joy and pride that all parents feel for their unique, beautiful daughters.

Themes of Work and Love in Adulthood

Themes of Work and Love in Adulthood Pdf/ePub eBook


Themes of Work and Love in Adulthood - Neil J. Smelser,Erik Homburger Erikson Summary

Revised papers from a conference under the auspices of the Western Center of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences which was held May 8-9, 1977 at the Center for Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences in Palo Alto, California.

The Courtly Love Tradition

The Courtly Love Tradition Pdf/ePub eBook


The Courtly Love Tradition - Bernard O'Donoghue Summary

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What Is Love?

What Is Love? Pdf/ePub eBook


What Is Love? - Taro Gold Summary

Presents practical, Buddhist-based guidelines to achieving happiness in romantic relationships through a series of inspirational quotes complemented by thematic watercolors and divided into three sections that explore the concepts of illusion, reality, and life.

Love Valley

Love Valley Pdf/ePub eBook


Love Valley - Conrad Eugene Ostwalt Summary

Love Valley is a small town in rural North Carolina. Its genesis in 1954 marked the fulfillment of a dream for founder Andy Barker. Barker cultivated two visions as a young man—he wanted to build a Christian community, and he wanted to be a cowboy. The result of his vision is Barker’s utopian experiment. The town boasts a saloon, general store, hitching posts, and rodeos. Yet, above all of this stands a little church—the heart of what Barker conceived as his Christian utopia. This unique combination has led to more than forty years of philanthropic ventures, controversial events such as the Love Valley Rock Festival, stories and legends, and political ambition. Love Valley: An American Utopia captures the history of this town in narrative form while arguing that Love Valley’s founders were motivated by utopian goals.

Invitations to Love

Invitations to Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Invitations to Love - Laura M. Ahearn Summary

A discussion of the implications of the emergence of love-letter correspondences for social relations in Nepal

The Disenchantments of Love

The Disenchantments of Love Pdf/ePub eBook


The Disenchantments of Love - María de Zayas y Sotomayor Summary

Published in 1647, these ten tales are among the earliest narratives in Western literature to focus on women's experiences and points of view in love relationships.

Love and Hate

Love and Hate Pdf/ePub eBook


Love and Hate - David Mann Summary

Love and hate seem to be the dominant emotions that make the world go round and are a central theme in psychotherapy. Love and Hate explores the origins of love and hate from infancy and how they develop through the life cycle. With clinical illustration throughout, it brings together contemporary views about clinical practice on how psychotherapists and analysts work with and think about love and hate in the tranfserence and counter transference and explores how different schools of thought deal with the subject. A broad spectrum of psychoanalytic perspectives are represented, including Kleinian, Jungian, Independent Group, and Lacanian, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and analytical psychologists. It should be of value to practitioners and students of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, analytical psychology and counselling.


Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Love - Péter Nádas Summary

A new novel by the acclaimed Hungarian writer explores life of a relationship, lingering in a languid moment between a woman and the man who intends to end their relationship. 15,000 first printing.

Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions

Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions Pdf/ePub eBook


Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions - Yudit Kornberg Greenberg Summary

This is the first comprehensive resource on the subject of love in the teachings of the world's major religions, cultures, and philosophies.

Necessity, Volition, and Love

Necessity, Volition, and Love Pdf/ePub eBook


Necessity, Volition, and Love - Harry B. Frankfurt,Harry G. Frankfurt Summary

Essays examining foundational metaphysical and epistemological issues concerning Descartes, moral philosophy, and philosophical anthropology.

Love on a Rotten Day

Love on a Rotten Day Pdf/ePub eBook


Love on a Rotten Day - Hazel Dixon-Cooper Summary

The Guide to Losing -- or Finding -- Your True Soul Mate Did you know: Capricorns are cowards when it comes to public displays of affection? Aries get amorous in unusual places? Leos love to be serviced? Cosmo's Bedside Astrologer, Hazel Dixon-Cooper, reveals all this and more in this sexy, uninhibited guide to love and romance, the follow-up to her hip and hilarious Born on a Rotten Day. In Love on a Rotten Day, Dixon-Cooper walks the wild side of the zodiac, delivering the goods on which sign cheats and who's a manipulator, a bully, a brat, a nutcase, or a nympho. Lovers, would-be lovers, and ex-lovers will rejoice in advice on how to: Safely dump a Scorpio Convince a Virgo to have spontaneous sex Snag a romance-phobic Aquarius An honest and uproarious guide to losing and finding your true soul mate, Love on a Rotten Day is this century's answer to the timeless query "What's your sign?"

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship Pdf/ePub eBook


Love and Friendship - Eduardo A. Velásquez Summary

These collected essays demonstrate that compelling and illuminating discussions of love and friendship do not fall to psychologists alone, but rightly belong among the major thinkers in the history of political philosophy.

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