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Mexican Cookbook

Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexican Cookbook - Aron Smith Summary

Is Mexican food one of your favorite cuisines? Would you like to prepare typical Mexican dishes to impress your friends or relatives? There are many reasons to travel to Mexico; from the beaches of the Mayan Riviera to dream islands like Holbox and Cozumel, passing through the Mayan ruins of Teotihuacan to the capital Mexico City. But don't forget one of the most important aspects of a trip to this country: Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine remains one of the most beloved and appreciated outside the country of origin, immediately after the Asian ones, such as Japanese or Chinese. It may be that it comes very close to the tastes of texas, it may be the inevitable presence of chili, but Mexican food has always been a huge success. The contamination of other cultures, especially Spanish, has influenced the way of conceiving the kitchen, bringing to the table dishes with an unmistakable flavor and unique taste. ....in this book you will find: A step-by-step guide for each recipe You will learn how to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course typical and most famous dishes (Tacos, tortillas, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas etc.). You will learn how to prepare the most famous Mexican sauces You will learn how to prepare the Mexican delicious desserts And much more! Mexican food is a real discovery, each dish has a strong flavor and often spicy, depending on the sauces that are added to the recipe. At any time of the day you want to eat, you have several options at your disposal, from breakfast (el desayuno) to the famous tacos with their endless varieties. Even if you think that preparing a Mexican dish is difficult, in this book you will find the recipes explained in great detail. Even if you think finding the ingredients to cook a Mexican dish is difficult, don't worry, you'll have the shopping list in every recipe and you'll be able to find the ingredients you need in every supermarket. In this cookbook you will find all the tastiest alternatives of Mexican cuisine, to organize an original and really tasty dinner for your guests. We will see together what are the typical dishes of this country: we will discover how to flavor your dishes, using chili but also many other spices, flavors typical of Mexico. What are you waiting for? scroll upwards and click on the "buy" button and you will get many ideas for cooking in a really tasty and special way.

The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook

The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook - Deborah Schneider Summary

The vibrant flavors of Mexican food are celebrated in this enticing collection of 75 fresh and authentic recipes for soups, tacos, burritos, tamales, beans, salsas, desserts, all ready in minutes, thanks to the Instant Pot's revolutionary cooking power. The best-selling Instant Pot—an electric, programmable pressure cooker—has quickly become one of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market for its hands-off and speedy-fast cooking abilities. The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook harnesses this revolutionary techonology to create straightforward, streamlined, and delicious recipes for Mexican favorites such as hearty posole soup, sizzling steak fajitas, tender carnitas tacos, cheesy enchiladas, stuffed tamales, classic refried beans, salsas galore, flan, churro bread pudding, and much more. This complete guide to Mexican cooking with your Instant Pot is authored by Chef Deborah Schneider, a James Beard Award-nominated author and chef/owner of six Mexican restaurants, and includes all of her best tips and tricks, as well as the authentic dishes you'll want to make over and over again.

Marvelous Mexican Recipes

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Marvelous Mexican Recipes - Anthony Boundy Summary

Mexican cooking is wildly popular in many countries other than its home. It has influenced the cuisine of some countries, with its spicy tastes. Would you like to learn to cook authentic south of the border recipes? This cookbook will help to teach you how.The cuisine of Mexico draws on various staples like corn and chili peppers. Corn is used to make masa recipes, from which corn tortillas are created. Tortillas are used across many types of recipes in Mexico.Mexican cuisine also includes some yummy comfort food. From their stews and soups to enchiladas and burritos, the dishes are never short on flavor. The side dishes add to the unique taste, from all kinds of salsas, to rich moles and Pico de Gallo.Would you like to learn to integrate Mexican tastes into your recipes at home?If so, you've come to the right place.This cookbook has all kinds of Mexican ideas for you.Check out these 30 Mexican dishes that are easy to make and irresistible. Your family will love them, and they will impress your dinner guests, too. Try some of these intriguing recipes today!

Mexican Cookbook

Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexican Cookbook - Juliana Lopez Summary

Would you like to learn how to prepare the authentic and original Mexican recipes? With this book you can finally amaze your guests by offering them the flavors of Mexican cuisine straight to your home! It is really true, one of the most refined and special delicacies when you want to eat something different from the usual is the Mexican cuisine... the unmistakable spices, the unique flavors and the colors certainly make it one of the most loved and refined cuisines from all over the planet. Very often however it is quite difficult to recreate typical recipes and dishes of a country whose history and customs are unknown, in fact frequently despite our good intentions the result is to prepare dishes that have only a "vague" remembering of the typical dish, which disappoint us. For this reason, in this book I will take you to the preparation of each dish starting from a brief but clear explanation of Mexican culture and its influences, then I will explain you what are the main techniques used in Mexican cooking and we will complete it with over 90 recipes, explaining step by step, with the list of the single ingredients to use, the quantities and count of the macronutrients of each recipe. Here's what you'll find: History of Mexican cooking The techniques used in Mexican cooking and all the useful tools Recipes for breakfast Recipes for lunch and dinner Recipes for salads, soups, side dishes and Mexican sauces The recipes of the best Mexican sweets and snacks Tips for best seasoning each dish Recipes for tasty drinks You won't have to worry, every recipe is explained carefully and in detail, and the preparation of each dish won't take you more than 20 minutes! You'll find plenty of dishes to prepare for every moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner, passing through mid-day snacks and desserts, not to mention authentic Mexican drinks. What are you waiting for? Now you just have to scroll up and click on the "buy now" button and organize your next dinner with friends and relatives to surprise them with an evening based on Mexican cuisine!

Encarnación’s Kitchen

Encarnación’s Kitchen Pdf/ePub eBook


Encarnación’s Kitchen - Encarnación Pinedo Summary

In 1991 Ruth Reichl, then a Los Angeles Times food writer, observed that much of the style now identified with California cuisine, and with nouvelle cuisine du Mexique, was practiced by Encarnación Pinedo a century earlier. A landmark of American cuisine first published in 1898 as El cocinero español (The Spanish Cook), Encarnación's Kitchen is the first cookbook written by a Hispanic in the United States, as well as the first recording of Californio food—Mexican cuisine prepared by the Spanish-speaking peoples born in California. Pinedo's cookbook offers a fascinating look into the kitchens of a long-ago culture that continues to exert its influence today. Of some three hundred of Pinedo's recipes included here—a mixture of Basque, Spanish, and Mexican—many are variations on traditional dishes, such as chilaquiles, chiles rellenos, and salsa (for which the cook provides fifteen versions). Whether describing how to prepare cod or ham and eggs (a typical Anglo dish labeled "huevos hipócritas"), Pinedo was imparting invaluable lessons in culinary history and Latino culture along with her piquant directions. In addition to his lively, clear translation, Dan Strehl offers a remarkable view of Pinedo's family history and of the material and literary culture of early California cooking. Prize-winning journalist Victor Valle puts Pinedo's work into the context of Hispanic women's testimonios of the nineteenth century, explaining how the book is a deliberate act of cultural transmission from a traditionally voiceless group.

Simple Food, Big Flavor

Simple Food, Big Flavor Pdf/ePub eBook


Simple Food, Big Flavor - Aaron Sanchez,JJ Goode Summary

Presents recipes inspired by Mexican cuisine and themed around fifteen distinctive flavor bases, in a volume complemented by Latin culinary tips and recommendations for applying sauces to everyday meals.

Mexican Cookbook

Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexican Cookbook - Erna Fergusson Summary

When it was first published in 1934, Erna Fergusson's Mexican Cookbook made authentic Mexican recipes accessible to cooks nationwide--including celebrated favorites such as enchiladas, chile rellenos, and carne adovada, as well as the simple, rustic foods traditionally prepared and served in New Mexican homes. Inspired by the delight and enthusiasm with which visitors to the Southwest partook of the region's cuisine, this popular cookbook remains an enduring tribute to the ambience and spirit of territorial New Mexico.

Mexican Cookbook - Traditional Mexican Recipes

Mexican Cookbook - Traditional Mexican Recipes Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexican Cookbook - Traditional Mexican Recipes - James Newton Summary

Learn all about Mexico's rich heritage in this delightful cookbook. In this ebook there is plenty of useful information about Mexico's cultural elegance, as well as a comprehensive range of the countries best loved dishes. Sample the unique flavours and enjoy the rich tapestry of a great country, through the food carefully gathered in this book.

Mexican Cookbook

Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexican Cookbook - Sarah Meyers Summary

Are you fascinated by Mexican cuisine? Do you want to learn how to cook delicious Mexican recipes in a few minutes and feel like in a restaurant south of the border? Inspired by the history of Mexico and the tasty and genuine recipes of that country, this cookbook will throw you into the heart of Mexican cuisine with dozens of amazing recipes that will make you experience the vibrant flavors of that culture. From Tacos to Tamales, you will find dozens of recipes that even a novice can easily master at home. You're about to find Hints of Mexican food culture Main techniques of Mexican cuisine Important Mexican dishes including Chilaquiles, Mole, Pozole, Tamales, Enchiladas, Nopales, Esquites, Chapulines, Gorditas Mexican sauces, drinks and desserts ...and much more You won't be standing over the stoves too long, most recipes only take 15 or 20 minutes. You will find listed all the ingredients you need and that you can easily find in every grocery store. Become a Mexican chef today and savor those flavors that only Mexican cuisine has to offer.

The Everything Easy Mexican Cookbook

The Everything Easy Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Everything Easy Mexican Cookbook - Margaret Kaeter,Linda Larsen Summary

Quick and easy recipes for all your Mexican favorites! Love Mexican food? Did you know you can make your own delicious salsas, tacos, and enchiladas in your own kitchen--without hours of prep and hard-to-find ingredients? With The Everything Easy Mexican Cookbook, you'll learn how to re-create classic Mexican dishes right at home, with 300 recipes that can be made any weeknight. Fiery chili, cool guacamole, crunchy tostados, and more get an easy-to-prepare makeover without sacrificing the flavors you love--or your budget. Featuring hundreds of flavorful and satisfying recipes, including: Pineapple, Mango, and Cucumber Salsa Tomato Empanadas Creamy Gazpacho with Avocado Mole Poblano Black Bean and Avocado Burritos Shrimp Tamales Tequila Lime Chicken Mexican Tea Cakes This cookbook will have you in and out of the kitchen fast with foolproof meals your whole family will love--it's the whole enchilada!

Totally Delicious Tortillas Recipes

Totally Delicious Tortillas Recipes Pdf/ePub eBook


Totally Delicious Tortillas Recipes - Barbara Riddle Summary

What kinds of recipes can be made with tortillas?Sure, Mexican recipes like burritos and tacos spring to mind, but there are SO many other types of dishes that can be made with tortillas, and some in this cookbook may surprise you. Mexican dishes would never be the same without the ever-present use of tortillas. Wherever you are, if you eat Mexican food, tortillas are a common ingredient. This cookbook delves into some VERY tasty Mexican recipes, but you'll find recipes from other parts of the world, too, where tortillas are used in different ways. I used to eat tortillas at least twice a week or so, sometimes at fast food joints and sometimes homemade. Tortillas are very versatile and can be easily transformed into all kinds of dishes, with amazing and tasty results. They could be the next superfood!Tortillas make great bases for pizza, even though Mexican foods and Italian foods aren't usually on the same taste palette. Add pizza sauce and your favorite toppings and you're good to go. You can also use tortillas as pseudo-bread to make "sandwiches" of a different sort. Stuff a tortilla with all your favorite sandwich fixings and give it a try! There are lots of recipes like that in this cookbook, and you'll enjoy learning to use versatile tortillas in all kinds of dishes.

The Mexican Cookbook

The Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Mexican Cookbook - Michael Walson Summary

There was a time when people used to travel to Mexico to explore their rich history and, most importantly, to taste their authentic Mexican dishes. And, how can anyone stop her/himself from devouring rich Mexican foods? The classic taste of Mexican foods is still the same; in fact, it's getting better. And now, you can cook up deep Mexican flavors and go on to this mouthwatering journey in your own kitchen. Yes, the real Mexican food doesn't need complex sauces, strong flavors, and loads of cheese. Neither, they have to be extra-spicy. Instead, an authentic Mexican meal is so simple that it oozes the body with freshness and fullness. And the best part, Mexican dishes are so versatile that they can be modified according to seasonal produce and so they fit perfectly for any meal. Bring Mexican dishes on your table with "The Mexican Cookbook: Easy Authentic Mexican Recipes For Beginners." It is a complete guide to Mexican cooking that offers you: Original breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes with common ingredients and unique taste Really tasty Mexican dishes including soup, chili, stews, fajitas, tacos, tortas, tostadas, burritos, enchiladas, salads, dips, pasta, street foods and all manner of dishes across the region.And much more! Click on the "buy" button and cook Mexican meals with confidence.

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Vegan Mexican Cookbook - Mitch Ayala Summary

Enjoy Authentic Vegan Mexican Cuisine Wondering how you can enjoy taco without sour cream or the much-loved shredded cheese that holds the taco together? What about other classic Mexican meals such as Tamales, chimichangas, Enchiladas, quesadillas and Churros? Wonder no more as this book is loaded with authentic vegan Mexican recipes that you and your family will love. So if you thought the vegan diet a deprivation diet, you will soon be proved wrong as this book will open you up to a whole new world of recipes and foods as well as cooking tips to utilize in the kitchen. You will enjoy the fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine in a refreshingly new way. You no longer need to worry about whether you are being served authentic vegan Mexican meals in restaurants when you can now make yours at home. As a matter of fact, every- plant based kitchen need this little cookbook, filled with awesomely tasty recipes that you can make easily in the comfort of your home. Some of these recipes include: • Mexican Style Bean- Tofu Scramble • Zucchini, Roasted Tomatoes &Green Onions With Cheese Tamales • Falafel Tacos Filled with Avocado-Sriracha Cream • Guisada De Hongos Torta With Highly Spiced Stewed Mushrooms • Mexican Chipotle Mayo Smeared Black-Bean Tortas • Grilled Corn With Cashew Crema • Jalapeno-Watermelon Margaritas • Fruity Salty Chihuahua And lots more... Buy Now!

The Best Mexican Recipes

The Best Mexican Recipes Pdf/ePub eBook


The Best Mexican Recipes - America's Test Kitchen Summary

Kitchen-tested recipes that bring the real flavors of Mexico home. Let America’s Test Kitchen be your guide to making deeply flavored Mexican dishes at home. Our first Mexican cookbook features foolproof appetizers, soups and stews, authentic egg dishes, tacos and tamales, burritos and enchiladas, and all manner of meat and seafood dishes. The Best Mexican Recipes includes a primer on Mexican home cooking with information on key ingredients (readily available at your supermarket) and innovative techniques that shave time off traditional preparation methods. Not only will you be able to cook amazingly flavorful Mexican food, but you’ll cook with confidence. Recipes include: Familiar favorites: Beef Enchiladas, Tamales, Grilled Fish Tacos, Classic Mexican Rice, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Stuffed Jalapenos, Chunky Guacamole, Fresh Margaritas, and more Authentic regional dishes: Queso Fundido, Chicken Mole Poblano, Ancho-Orange Pork Burritos, Yucatan-Style Barbecue Pork, Fish Veracruz, Oaxacan-Style Beef Brisket, and more. Popular street foods: Sopes, Gorditas, Panuchos, Mexican Street Corn, Molletes, Huaraches with Poblanos, Red Peppers, and Queso Fresco, and more

California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook

California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook - Bertha Haffner-Ginger Summary

Bertha Haffner-Ginger's 1914 ""California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook"" is a delightful collection of Mexican recipes. As she notes in her Introduction, ""Spanish dishes as they are known in California are really Mexican Indian dishes. Bread made of corn, sauces of chile peppers, jerked beef, tortillas, enchiladas, etc., are unknown in Spain as native foods; though the majority of Spanish people in California are as devoted to peppery dishes as the Mexicans themselves, and as the Mexicans speak Spanish, the foods are commonly called Spanish dishes."" The dishes represented are Mexican dishes as they have come to be known across America and they will be a welcome addition to any kitchen. The volume contains the first known, English-language recipe for tacos.

The Newbie Mexican Cookbook

The Newbie Mexican Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Newbie Mexican Cookbook - Gordon Rock Summary

If you have always wanted to try to make authentic Mexican food that is not from a local fast food chain, then this is the perfect book for you. Through the various pages of this Mexican cookbook, you will learn how to make Mexican dishes that even a few Mexicans will be envious of. You will learn to make popular Mexican dishes such as: • Cream Cheese Taquitos • Chicken Enchiladas • Mexican Cheesecake • Vegetable Quesadillas • One Pot Chicken and Rice • Chicken and Bean Tostadas • Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas • Chicken Enchiladas • Cheese Stuffed Taco Shells • Mexican Chile Beef Stew • and much, much more! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this Mexican cookbook and start cooking Mexican food today!

Mexico One Plate At A Time

Mexico One Plate At A Time Pdf/ePub eBook


Mexico One Plate At A Time - Rick Bayless,JeanMarie Brownson,Deann Groen Bayless Summary

An authority on Mexican cuisine shares his wisdom and experience on cooking south of the border in this collection of 120 recipes that includes classics as well as some of his own creations.

The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook

The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook - Robin Robertson Summary

Offers eighty recipes for vegetarian chili, from American regional favorites, such as, Louisiana bayou chili, to global inventions, such as, Jamaican jerk chili

My Mexico City Kitchen

My Mexico City Kitchen Pdf/ePub eBook


My Mexico City Kitchen - Gabriela Camara,Malena Watrous Summary

Innovative chef and culinary trend-setter Gabriela Cámara shares 150 recipes for her vibrant, simple, and sophisticated contemporary Mexican cooking. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE SEASON BY The New York Times • Bon Appétit • San Francisco Chronicle Inspired by the flavors, ingredients, and flair of culinary and cultural hotspot Mexico City, Gabriela Cámara's style of fresh-first, vegetable-forward, legume-loving, and seafood-centric Mexican cooking is a siren call to home cooks who crave authentic, on-trend recipes they can make with confidence and regularity. With 150 recipes for Basicos (basics), Desayunos (breakfasts), Primeros (starters), Platos Fuertos (mains), and Postres (sweets), Mexican food-lovers will find all the dishes they want to cook--from Chilaquiles Verdes to Chiles Rellenos and Flan de Cajeta--and will discover many sure-to-be favorites, such as her signature tuna tostadas. More than 150 arresting images capture the rich culture that infuses Cámara's food and a dozen essays detail the principles that distinguish her cooking, from why non-GMO corn matters to how everything can be a taco. With celebrated restaurants in Mexico City and San Francisco, Cámara is the most internationally recognized figure in Mexican cuisine, and her innovative, simple Mexican food is exactly what home cooks want to cook.

Fresh Mexico

Fresh Mexico Pdf/ePub eBook


Fresh Mexico - Marcela Valladolid Summary

In her vivacious, fresh voice, Marcela Valladolid invigorates America’s taste for real Mexican food–dishes that can be accomplished on any busy weeknight but that still express the authentic flavors of her native cuisine. Growing up in Mexico, Marcela Valladolid rejoiced in the complex moles, dozens of different chiles, and homemade tortillas that graced her family’s dinner table. Going to school across the border in San Diego, and later to cooking school in Paris, she found plenty to love in the markets, quickly folding new ingredients into her repertoire. But she also encountered some curious foods masquerading as authentic Mexican: cheddar cheese—stuffed quesadillas, tortilla chips drowning in still more cheese, and the ubiquitous everything-but-the-kitchen-sink overstuffed burritos. Where were the authentic, easy-to-prepare Mexican recipes she grew up with? The brightly flavored seafood ceviches bursting with freshness? The simple, slender burritos filled with nothing more than intensely flavorful braised meat and blistered chiles? The healthy salsas that come together in minutes but can transform a meal? In Fresh Mexico, Marcela brings these dishes to life. Her food is much like her, Mexican but influenced by other cultures. You’ ll find recipes for Tilapia Ceviche; Butternut Squash—Chipotle Bisque; Roasted Pork Loin with Pineapple Glaze; Ancho-Chocolate Braised Short Ribs; and Fresh Guava Layer Cake. Inspired ideas, helpful cooking techniques, and ingredient substitutions make this the most accessible, appealing, and contemporary Mexican cookbook you’ll find today. In addition, fast recipes and dishes that are low in fat are called out with easy-to-find symbols. With more than a hundred delicious recipes and beautiful color photography throughout, Fresh Mexico introduces a new generation of Americans to the vibrant flavors of modern Mexico.

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