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The Global Nomad

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The Global Nomad - Greg Richards,Julie Wilson Summary

Backpackers have shifted from the margins of the travel industry into the global spotlight. This volume explores the international backpacker phenomenon, drawing together different disciplinary perspectives on its meaning, impact and significance. Links are drawn between theory and practice, setting backpacking in its wider social, cultural and economic context.


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Nomad - Lois Beck Summary

During 1970 to 1971, Borzu and his people were faced with many difficulties. When the expected winter rains did not fall, pastures and crops shriveled. Unable to sell their starving livestock for any profit, Borzu's people saw their debts to urban merchants and moneylenders increase. At the same time, Iran exercised more bureaucratic control over the Qashqa'i by applying new policies over migratory schedules and the allocation of scarce pastures, and by introducing non-Qashqa'i agriculturalists and livestock investors as legitimate land users. All these measures threatened the nomad's way of life and eventually undermined the role of headmen such as Borzu. Lois Beck details the vicissitudes endured by Borzu's people and the strategies he devised to cope with them.


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Nomad - Ayaan Hirsi Ali Summary

Nomadis a philosophical memoir, telling how Ayaan Hirsi Ali came to America in search of a new life, and the difficulties she faced in reconciling her two worlds. With vivid anecdotes and observations of people, cultures, and political debacles, this narrative weaves together Hirsi Ali's personal story -- including her reconciliation with her devout father who had disowned her when she denounced Islam -- with the stories of other women and men, high-profile and not, whom she encounters. With a deep understanding and intimate perspective of the situation of Muslim women and moderates in the world today and her singular, unwavering intellectual courage, Hirsi Ali offers her always notable, often controversial analysis of Islam vis a vis the superiority of Western democratic values.


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Nomad - Sibella Court Summary

In this deluxe cloth-covered style guide, celebrated designer Sibella Court travels the world in search of eclectic inspiration. She explores far-flung destinations and captures the essence of each in small details, exotic color palettes, exquisite textures, and traditional crafts. Along the way, she shows readers how to incorporate these elements into interiors and how to replicate the ideas in their own spaces. Overflowing with imaginative ideas from across the globe with breathtaking photos of each destination accompanied by examples of gorgeous real-life interiors, plus tips for applying the looks at home Nomad promises to serve as the ultimate lookbook for designers and wanderers the world over.


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Nomad - Rais Neza Boneza Summary

Leave or Die, he was told. Driven from home by the authorities in Republique Democratique du Congo, Rais Boneza escaped with his family and thousands of other dispossessed people. He shuffled from neighboring country to the next: Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. Border guards purloined his writings. Arriving in Uganda he wrote again, creating Nomad, a precious collection of his hopes, dreams, and an outcry for the conditions he sees in the land he loves. Read his verses and experience the hidden misery faced by a refugee in a land of political strife, bloodshed, and yet- a brilliant promise. A great new title in the war and terrorism area, where there is little literature. A compelling picture of refugee problems in Africa today.


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Nomad - Brian W. Dippie Summary

Between 1867 and 1875, George Armstrong Custer contributed fifteen letters under the apt pseudonym Nomad to the New York-based sportsman's journal Turf, Field and Farm. Previously available only in a collector's typescript edition, the Nomad letters offer valuable insight into the character of the Boy General as he gives expression to his abiding love for hunting, horses, and hounds. Vivid accounts of days in the field after buffalo and deer alternate with letters that attest to Custer's passion for Kentucky thoroughbreds and trotters and his devotion to his favorite hunting dogs. Moreover, the letters show Custer as a student of literature who constandy alluded to works of fiction and drama and who loved to quote poetry as he self-consciously honed his skills as a writer. The Nomad letters also open the way to controversy since three of the letters written in 1867, as Brian Dippie's careful annotations make clear, offer a strikingly different account of Custer's ill-starred induction into Indian fighting than the accepted version recorded five years later in his memoirs, My Life on the Plains. Composed only a few months after the abortive Hancock Expedition that led to Custer's court-martial and suspension from rank and pay for one year, the Nomad letters are full of a passion and venom absent from My Life on the Plains. They provide an immediate response to the events of 1867 that will interest all students of the Western Indian wars and of Custer's fascinating career.

How to Be a Digital Nomad and Valid Reasons Why You Should

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How to Be a Digital Nomad and Valid Reasons Why You Should - J.D. Rockefeller Summary

Man has always been a nomad, a restless spirit or a free-spirited species. In very early times, we moved from place to place, from continent to continent, tracking the stars, crossing huge rivers, and following the seasons in our efforts to survive. Before the advent of modern civilization as we know it, it was common for man to travel great swathes of lands and territories. But they didn’t remain like that forever, the free-spirited nomadic men; they began to change their orientation. They began to try to find ways to stay in a place longer than usual. They had an urge to own lands, to build a connection to the lands. There was a plea for stability and so any semblance to a regular life, one that does not involve old moving habits, is embraced by us. We continue to bury our nomadic essence deeper into our core. We spend a lot of our time, energy, and money paying for a lot of things in our possession already. The all too popular culture of getting it now and paying later has been a resonant motto for most men. This exemplifies the way we see the world and our current approach to survival. This speaks to the state of our complacency and our inability to remove ourselves from our self-inflicted burdens of excruciating debts and our monotonous 9-5 daily obligations. But not everyone wants to live this way, and some of us cannot bear to remain in this endless loop. There is the urgent need to break free of what seems a very strong shackle. They want to live their lives according to the dictates of their passion, allowing their inner nomad self outside. It is about having a newfound freedom, working with no boundaries or borders. The ability to finally live and work from any workstation in the world. It is called being a digital nomad.

Holy Nomad

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Holy Nomad - Matt Litton Summary

Your faith is not just a matter of Heaven and Hell - It is a matter of Joy. There are people who describe eternal life as a ticket to heaven - like a bond you cash in when you die. They preach that we are all just here waiting for the perfect end. And we wait - gathering dust and baggage - isolating ourselves. That way of seeing the world can make life feel more like a life sentence. If we're honest about our lives, it seems we all reside in some type of confinement - some form of prison cell. We are interred by our desire to possess, to protect what is ours: our image, our religion, and our reputations. And, of course, there are the even darker cells: loss, pain, addiction, jealousy, and prejudice. Joy seems in short supply. There must to be another way of living: a holy invitation to take the first step from your cell. What if we were meant to be Nomads? What if there is an ever-present holy invitation to emerge? What if we were made to journey with a God who is always on the move? From Abraham to Jesus, the essence of faith is discovered in the idea that we are traveling forward together, changing, emerging from our cells, progressing as a people on the road toward the Kingdom of God. Life to the fullest is the sacrifice, the work, the journey with the Holy Nomad. This book is an invitation to discover the rugged road to joy.





“At my Birthday party their presence was rife With a profusion of gifts and cheers All wished for more years to my Life; No one wished for more life to my years” The above Poem which features in the book in your hands speaks about the need to enrich one’s life. It should be the endeavour of one and all to live life more fully than one did in the moment before. One can do this by being with nature, going for hikes, listening to music and reading poetry. The Poems in this book are the creatures of a heart’s response to various situations hurled at one by life. Some of them have appeared in magazines like Amaranthine Muses and Agave magazine. You will encounter ruminations on creativity, love, nostalgia, elephants and mobs along side odes to a mother, a waitress and a musician. The book also contains carefully-chosen images to enhance the reading experience. Go ahead and make this book your bedside companion... Who knows, it may bring out the poet in you!

Free as a Global Nomad

Free as a Global Nomad Pdf/ePub eBook


Free as a Global Nomad - Päivi Kannisto, Santeri Kannisto Summary

How does it feel to be forever on the move? Who are global nomads? Why did they leave their former lives? How do they finance their travels? And, ultimately, what is the meaning of life for them? In this book our fellow global nomads, travelers who wander the world without a permanent job or home, answer these intriguing questions. They are modern-day adventurers and vagrants, no one's property. Global nomads value freedom and mastery of their own lives. Their ideas draw from the everyday life and dreams of explorers, philosophers, and vagrants, some notable pioneers including Alexander the Great, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and George Orwell. This book shows how global nomads revive the ancient ideals of a simple and beautiful life. In the process, home, nationality, freedom, and travel get a new meaning that will permanently change the way in which we perceive the world.

Edmond Jabès, the Poetry of the Nomad

Edmond Jabès, the Poetry of the Nomad Pdf/ePub eBook


Edmond Jabès, the Poetry of the Nomad - William Kluback Summary

The Poetry of the Nomad is a unique attempt to write a nomad's poetry, to encounter both desert and book, to speak and to be silent toward the divine. The poet accepts and denies the divine. His conversations are heard and not heard. Words designate and transfigure their designations. Men listen and they understand, but understanding is the beginning of nonunderstanding. This is a dialogue of a nomad, a wandering dialogue, one that is in the book and beyond it.

Dance of the Nomad

Dance of the Nomad Pdf/ePub eBook


Dance of the Nomad - Ann McCulloch Summary

The notebooks of A. D. Hope are a portrait of the contradictory essence of the poet's intellect and character. Shot through with threads of self-awareness and revelation, Hope imbued his notebooks with irony and humour, forming them as a celebration of the joy and terror of human existence. Stripped of intimate revelation, the entries give witness to Hope's view that art is a superior force in the creation of new being and values, and a guide for the conduct of our lives. Seeking to find pathways through the maze of an intellectual life, this is a profound and timely contribution to Australia's literary scholarship. Ann McCulloch's analysis of this thematic selection of Hope's notebooks reveals him to be relentless in his experimentation with ideas. Revealing the originality of his thinking and the astonishing range of his reading and interests, this edition is a testament to the intellect of one of Australia's towering literary figures.

Notes By a Nomad

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Notes By a Nomad - Craig Dixon Summary

Here are impressions, memoirs and vignettes. Whether he is on vacation or on assignment, in the Third World or the Old World, this author’s wit is always, wickedly, in evidence.




THE SINS OF A NOMAD - Ahmed Debabi Summary

" The sins of a nomad is an imaginary story. The main actors are simple , humble and very hospitable nomadic people. They are free roamers ; they are in the move to chase the four seasons. They are very good to the environment and take from it only what is necessary. As people, the nomads are resourceful, high on dignity , reliable , resilient and self sufficient. This all fictional story, recounts the story of an an encounter between Omar - a super nomad- and a team of highly educated and sophisticated international experts. This pleasant encounter , revealed that although people can live far apart, and be from different cultural and economic levels, they remain humans across the board. "

Professional Nomad

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Professional Nomad - Maurice E. Marwood Summary

International business executive Maurice Marwood's straight-talking autobiography goes behind the scenes of corporate power, offering down-to-earth strategies for those seeking business careers abroad - and personal as well as professional success.

Naughty Nomad

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Naughty Nomad - Mark Zolo Summary

This is the story of a young man who set out to discover the meaning of adventure, only to be pulled down the rabbit hole into a dark underworld filled with danger, drama, and wild sex. Reckless, raunchy, and riveting, this book documents the origins of the Naughty Nomad, a man who would later be dubbed "The Indiana Jones of Pussy". A daring rescue in the Antarctic, a border jump to escape Sudan, incarceration in Siberia, attempted murder, love, friendship, betrayal, and so much more!Join him on his epic misadventures journeying to... Antarctica The Far East Indochina Europe and every country in Southeast Asia! A journey into the heart of darkness, this is NOT your typical backpacker story.

The Nomad

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The Nomad - Chris Stubenrauch Summary

In his third release, Chris Stubenrauch describes what it truly means to have a home; through poems that evoke feelings of loss, love, and seclusion, The Nomad must traverse great distances to find what he's looking for.

The Rise of the Global Nomad

The Rise of the Global Nomad Pdf/ePub eBook


The Rise of the Global Nomad - Jim Matthewman Summary

There is an urgent need for new thinking - a clear mind shift - in terms of leadership and people management as the focus of world recovery switches from US/Western best practices to recovery and growth centred on developing and emerging markets. A cadre of global professional is appearing who will drive both the recovery and future growth of international organizations - The Global Nomad. The Rise of the Global Nomad explains how this new workforce is the engine room of the modern organization. Promoting recovery and driving growth by operating in the new markets. The global nomad, predominantly Generation Y, is characterised by a new set of principles and attitudes; embracing change, up for the challenge, they are not loyal to any one organization. Recognising that they are the key to unlocking the potential in these new markets, the author describes how organizations need to restructure and change their ideas to embrace the global nomad and maximise their power in the new economy.

Nomad, Sounds of Exile

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Nomad, Sounds of Exile - Rais Neza Boneza,Sanshet Yeslur Summary

As a Belgian citizen, I had to come to terms with the colonialist rape of the Congo in the 19th century and the genocide of several millions of its people so aptly described by Adam Hochschild in his well-documented book entitled King Leopold's Ghost. However, as a specialist of the links between art and peace always looking for therapies and glimpses of hope, reading Nomad is a refreshing experience. A new generation of young Congolese artists is standing up to show the strength of human creativity. This wonderful collection of poems enables the reader to identify with the writer, using a subtle mixture of concrete and abstract descriptions. Prof. Olivier Urbain (Soka University/japan)

A Nomad's Journey

A Nomad's Journey Pdf/ePub eBook


A Nomad's Journey - Alexander Amani Summary

A Nomad's Journey: Lessons learned from a eclectic soul, is for anyone who ever hated working for someone else! It delves into the author's early adolescence growing up under the guidance of an extremely strict yet loving Cherokee ancestry grandmother, and a fiery and free spirited Scottish national mother. Professional experiences are shared as the author recounts lessons learned in a variety of short careers. The book concludes with the author realizing his passion to write and finally finishing the long awaited memoirs.

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