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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Protest And Resistance In The Tourist City, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City

Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City Pdf/ePub eBook Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 833 | Ebook Reads: 833 | File: Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1317515595


Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City - Claire Colomb,Johannes Novy Summary

Across the globe, from established tourist destinations such as Venice or Prague to less traditional destinations in both the global North and South, there is mounting evidence that points to an increasing politicization of the topic of urban tourism. In some cities, residents and other stakeholders take issue with the growth of tourism as such, as well as the negative impacts it has on their cities; while in others, particular forms and effects of tourism are contested or deplored. In numerous settings, contestations revolve less around tourism itself than around broader processes, policies and forces of urban change perceived to threaten the right to ‘stay put’, the quality of life or identity of existing urban populations. This book for the first time looks at urban tourism as a source of contention and dispute and analyses what type of conflicts and contestations have emerged around urban tourism in 16 cities across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. It explores the various ways in which community groups, residents and other actors have responded to – and challenged – tourism development in an international and multi-disciplinary perspective. The title links the largely discrete yet interconnected disciplines of ‘urban studies’ and ‘tourism studies’ and draws on approaches and debates from urban sociology; urban policy and politics; urban geography; urban anthropology; cultural studies; urban design and planning; tourism studies and tourism management. This ground breaking volume offers new insight into the conflicts and struggles generated by urban tourism and will be of interest to students, researchers and academics from the fields of tourism, geography, planning, urban studies, development studies, anthropology, politics and sociology..

Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape

Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape Pdf/ePub eBook Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1390 | Ebook Reads: 1390 | File: Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137426284


Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape - Rani Rubdy,Selim Ben Said Summary

This book explores the dynamics of the linguistic landscape as a site of conflict, exclusion, and dissent. It focuses on socio-historical, economic, political and ideological issues, such as reflected in mass protest demonstrations, to forge links between landscape, identity, social justice and power..

Key Thinkers in Critical Communication Scholarship

Key Thinkers in Critical Communication Scholarship Pdf/ePub eBook Key Thinkers in Critical Communication Scholarship Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1763 | Ebook Reads: 1763 | File: Key Thinkers in Critical Communication Scholarship.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137463414


Key Thinkers in Critical Communication Scholarship - John A. Lent,Michelle Amazeen Summary

The personal anecdotes and candid reflections on the lives and work of these important critical scholars, and their predictions on the future of the field, make this book a valuable resource for scholars and students of communication, media studies, political economy, political science, and those interested in critical theoretical approaches..

Recognition and the Media

Recognition and the Media Pdf/ePub eBook Recognition and the Media Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 562 | Ebook Reads: 562 | File: Recognition and the Media.pdf/epub | ISBN: 113731043X


Recognition and the Media - R. Maia Summary

This collection examines Axel Honneth's theory of recognition and the crucial role played by the media in struggles for recognition. It brings together debates on controversial aspects of Honneth's work and a set of intriguing empirical studies including with slum-dwelling adolescents, leprosy patients and women exposed to child labor exploitation.

Global City Challenges

Global City Challenges Pdf/ePub eBook Global City Challenges Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1192 | Ebook Reads: 1192 | File: Global City Challenges.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137286873


Global City Challenges - M. Acuto,W. Steele Summary

The contributors illustrate what twin analytical and practical challenges emerge from juxtaposing cultural, economic, historical, postcolonial, virtual, architectural, literary, security and political stances to the concept of the 'global city'..

Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance

Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 487 | Ebook Reads: 487 | File: Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137379375


Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance - Marilena Zaroulia,Philip Hager Summary

Discussing crises through diverse examples, including the UK's National Theatre, public art installations, Occupy LSX, repatriation ceremonies and performances of the everyday, this book asks how performance captures and resists what is considered (politically, ideologically, culturally or socially) 'inside' or 'outside' Europe..

Urban Geography

Urban Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Urban Geography Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 726 | Ebook Reads: 726 | File: Urban Geography.pdf/epub | ISBN: 111860878X


Urban Geography - Andrew E. G. Jonas,Eugene McCann,Mary Thomas Summary

Urban Geography a comprehensive introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary urban geography, including patterns and processes of urbanization, urban development, urban planning, and life experiences in modern cities. Reveals both the diversity of ordinary urban geographies and the networks, flows and relations which increasingly connect cities and urban spaces at the global scale Uses the city as a lens for proposing and developing critical concepts which show how wider social processes, relations, and power structures are changing Considers the experiences, lives, practices, struggles, and words of ordinary urban residents and marginalized social groups rather than exclusively those of urban elites Shows readers how to develop critical perspectives on dominant neoliberal representations of the city and explore the great diversity of urban worlds.

Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany

Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany Pdf/ePub eBook Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1214 | Ebook Reads: 1214 | File: Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137032839


Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany - J. James Summary

Drawing on cultural anthropology and cultural studies, this book sheds new light on the everyday politics of heritage and memory by illuminating local, everyday engagements with Germanness through heritage fetishism, claims to hometown belonging, and the performative appropriation of cultural property..

Culinary Tourism

Culinary Tourism Pdf/ePub eBook Culinary Tourism Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 972 | Ebook Reads: 972 | File: Culinary Tourism.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0813143772


Culinary Tourism - Lucy M. Long Summary

""From Kosher Oreos to the gentrification of Mexican cusine, from the charismatic cook of Basque communities in Spain and the United States to the mainstreaming of southwestern foodways, Culinary Tourism maps a lively cultural and intellectual terrain."" -- from the foreword by Barbara Kirshenblatt-GimblettCulinary Tourism is the first book to consider food as both a destination and a means for tourism. The book's contributors examine the many intersections of food, culture and tourism in public and commercial contexts, in private and domestic settings, and around the world. The contributors argue that the sensory experience of eating provides people with a unique means of communication. Editor Lucy Long contends that although the interest in experiencing ""otherness"" is strong within American society, total immersion into the unfamiliar is not always welcome. Thus spicy flavors of Latin Aermcia and the exotic ingredients of Asia have been mainstreamed for everyday consumption. Culinary Tourism explains how and why interest in foreign food is expanding tastes and leading to commercial profit in America, but the book also show how tourism combines personal experiences with cultural and social attitudes toward food and the circumstances for adventurous eating..

National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life

National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life Pdf/ePub eBook National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1556 | Ebook Reads: 1556 | File: National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1845205596


National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life - Tim Edensor Summary

The Millennium Dome, Braveheart and Rolls Royce cars. How do cultural icons reproduce and transform a sense of national identity? How does national identity vary across time and space, how is it contested, and what has been the impact of globalization upon national identity and culture? This book examines how national identity is represented, performed, spatialized and materialized through popular culture and in everyday life. National identity is revealed to be inherent in the things we often take for granted - from landscapes and eating habits, to tourism, cinema and music. Our specific experience of car ownership and motoring can enhance a sense of belonging, whilst Hollywood blockbusters and national exhibitions provide contexts for the ongoing, and often contested, process of national identity formation. These and a wealth of other cultural forms and practices are explored, with examples drawn from Scotland, the UK as a whole, India and Mauritius. This book addresses the considerable neglect of popular cultures in recent studies of nationalism and contributes to debates on the relationship between 'high' and 'low' culture..

The London Olympics of 2012

The London Olympics of 2012 Pdf/ePub eBook The London Olympics of 2012 Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1810 | Ebook Reads: 1810 | File: The London Olympics of 2012.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137326344


The London Olympics of 2012 - Stephen Wagg Summary

Analysing the politics of the 2012 London Olympics, Stephen Wagg examines the framing of London's bid to host the Games, arguments about the Games' likely impact and the establishment of 'Fortress London' to protect the Games. The book asks who won, and who lost out, in this important event as well as exploring its media coverage and legacy..

Jewish Topographies

Jewish Topographies Pdf/ePub eBook Jewish Topographies Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 380 | Ebook Reads: 380 | File: Jewish Topographies.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1317111001


Jewish Topographies - Julia Brauch,Anna Lipphardt Summary

How have Jews experienced their environments and how have they engaged with specific places? How do Jewish spaces emerge, how are they contested, performed and used? With these questions in mind, this anthology focuses on the production of Jewish space and lived Jewish spaces and sheds light on their diversity, inter-connectedness and multi-dimensionality. By exploring historical and contemporary case studies from around the world, the essays collected here shift the temporal focus generally applied to Jewish civilization to a spatially oriented perspective. The reader encounters sites such as the gardens cultivated in the Ghettos during World War II, the Israeli development town of Netivot, Thornhill, an Orthodox suburb of Toronto, or new virtual sites of Jewish (Second) Life on the Internet, and learns about the Jewish landkentenish movement in Interwar Poland, the Jewish connection to the sea and the culinary landscapes of Russian Jews in New York. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, with a strong foothold in cultural history and cultural anthropology, this anthology introduces new methodological and conceptual approaches to the study of the spatial aspects of Jewish civilization..

Geographies of Rhythm

Geographies of Rhythm Pdf/ePub eBook Geographies of Rhythm Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 595 | Ebook Reads: 595 | File: Geographies of Rhythm.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1317129032


Geographies of Rhythm - Tim Edensor Summary

In Rhythmanalysis, Henri Lefebvre put forward his ideas on the relationship between time and space, particularly how rhythms characterize space. Here, leading geographers advance and expand on Lefebvre's theories, examining how they intersect with current theoretical and political concerns within the social sciences. In terms of geography, rhythmanalysis highlights tensions between repetition and innovation, between the need for consistency and the need for disruption. These tensions reveal the ways in which social time is managed to ensure a measure of stability through the instantiation of temporal norms, whilst at the same time showing how this is often challenged. In looking at the rhythms of geographies, and drawing upon a wide range of geographical contexts, this book explores the ordering of different rhythms according to four main themes: rhythms of nature, rhythms of everyday life, rhythms of mobility, and the official and routine rhythms which superimpose themselves on the multiple rhythms of the body..

Barcelona and Its Surroundings

Barcelona and Its Surroundings Pdf/ePub eBook Barcelona and Its Surroundings Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 521 | Ebook Reads: 521 | File: Barcelona and Its Surroundings.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1588437140


Barcelona and Its Surroundings - Kelly Lipscomb Summary

Geographically, CataluÑa, The region surrounding Barcelona, Is not unlike Spain as a whole. The soaring Pyrenees Mountains in the north separating Spain from France yield To The Mediterranean's Costa Brava in the east. Were it not For The ungainly resorts that have diminished its natural beauty since the 1960s, this "wild coast" would be the loveliest, if not the most extreme Mediterranean coast of the peninsula. Still, its features – the dark, jagged rock outcroppings, The foreboding cliffs And The general angriness of it all – have not been completely buried in concrete, just harnessed For The ease of our enjoyment. There are the remarkable ruins of EmpÍries to explore, vestiges of the Greeks And The Romans who were truly the first to develop this coast, and a few of its coastal towns – Cadaques comes to mind – were never wrecked. We have the Pyrenees to thank for saving Cadaques, since to reach it one must ascend and wind around the lower reaches of these mountains for 45 minutes (on good roads) before making the descent toward this, Salvador DalÍ­'s favored retreat. Developers tend to favor easier roads. Higher up in the Catalan Pyrenees, where the peaks top out at over 3,000 m (9,840 feet) and waterfalls cascade down their faces, there is more to be thankful for. A series of Romanesque churches, The product of CataluÑa's medieval golden age, when its counts allied with neighboring AragÓn to create a seafaring kingdom unrivaled in the Mediterranean at the time, are hidden in far flung valleys, set along crystalline streams away from the package tourists and even paved roads. With snowfall, The Catalan Pyrenees offer great cross-country and downhill skiing and, when it melts, great whitewater adventures. Throughout the year one can marvel at the secluded wilderness of the AigÜestortes National Park and wonder why they ever spent so much time in Barcelona. Barcelona is the stylistic capital of Spain, endowed with bold modernisme architecture, traditionally the seat of challenging art movements and, by and large, a truly modern, European city. To the west, The modest mountains surrounding the city, The champagne vineyards and beyond them the wild massif of holy Montserrat give way To The eastern realm of the barren plateau known as the Meseta, CataluÑa's driest and most desolate expanse. As the region narrows out toward the south near its border with Valencia, The delta of the RÍ­o Ebro, Spain's longest river, fosters wetlands that attract clouds of migratory birds. Here, As throughout the coastal regions of CataluÑa, The climate is strictly Mediterranean with generally mild winters and brutally humid and hot summers – a stark contrast To The dry air and snowy peaks of the Pyrenees. In its diverse landscapes CataluÑa certainly looks like Spain, even if it doesn't act like Spain. But by its own measure CataluÑa adds an element of sophistication and openness that serves to complement the rest of the country. Without it, Spain would have its wine, but no champagne. Barcelona is a city that immediately calls to mind great art and architecture (here one And The same), music, nightlife, walks, a great many things, As well as a great deal of misunderstanding. As a Catalan friend pointed out, "We are a complex people living in a thousand places at once." Such a maelstrom of commerce, culture and idealism is not easily correlated, often leaving visitors with the feeling that, while they may have seen a GaudÍ­ faÇade, they were never invited inside to see what was holding it up. Here is the most detailed guide to Barcelona And The CataluÑa region that surrounds it, loaded with maps, photos and complete information on where to stay, where to dine and what to see and do. Also included is an extensive general section on Spain as a whole. An excerpt from Hunter's Adventure Guide to Spain, which is 670 pa.

Home SOS

Home SOS Pdf/ePub eBook Home SOS Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 523 | Ebook Reads: 523 | File: Home SOS.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1118898435


Home SOS - Katherine Brickell Summary

Drawing on 15 years of fieldwork and over 300 interviews, Home SOS argues that the home is central to the violence and gendered contingency of existence in crisis ordinary Cambodia. Provides an original book-length study which brings domestic violence and forced eviction into twin view Offers relational insights between different violences to build an integrated understanding of women’s experiences of home life Mobilises the crisis ordinary as a critical pedagogy and imaginary through which to understand everyday gendered politics of survival Positions domestic violence and forced eviction as manifestations of intimate war against women’s homes and bodies located inside and outside of the traditional purview of war Reaffirms and reprioritises the home as a political entity which is foundational to the concerns of human geography.

Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions

Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions Pdf/ePub eBook Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 933 | Ebook Reads: 933 | File: Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions.pdf/epub | ISBN: 131712975X


Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions - Gillian Reynolds Summary

It is increasingly acknowledged that an analysis of emotions is necessary to fully understand the social world, and recent research on transport, travel and mobilities has begun to consider the gendered nature of public and personal life in relation to this sphere. The focus of this multidisciplinary and auto/biographical volume is the emotional relationship that individuals and groups have with different means of travel. Attention is given to a variety of travel experiences, including travelling in trains, planes, cars, buses and ships, as well as biking, cycling, running and walking, from the perspective of travellers and those who earn their living in assisting these experiences of others. Imaginary travel and the relationships between art and travel are also considered. Adopting innovative approaches to experiential material ranging from personal memories to empirical research, Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions opens up and illuminates an interdisciplinary debate about the gendered, emotive and emotional nature of travelling..

Decolonizing Indigenous Education

Decolonizing Indigenous Education Pdf/ePub eBook Decolonizing Indigenous Education Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 746 | Ebook Reads: 746 | File: Decolonizing Indigenous Education.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1137415193


Decolonizing Indigenous Education - S. Taieb Summary

Using auto-ethnography, Taieb narrates the journey of developing a educational philosophy from and for the Kayble of Algeria and undertakes to write the sociological foundations of an Kayble education system..

Endangered Dreams

Endangered Dreams Pdf/ePub eBook Endangered Dreams Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 881 | Ebook Reads: 881 | File: Endangered Dreams.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0199923132


Endangered Dreams - Kevin Starr Summary

California, Wallace Stegner observed, is like the rest of the United States, only more so. Indeed, the Golden State has always seemed to be a place where the hopes and fears of the American dream have been played out in a bigger and bolder way. And no one has done more to capture this epic story than Kevin Starr, in his acclaimed series of gripping social and cultural histories. Now Starr carries his account into the 1930s, when the political extremes that threatened so much of the Depression-ravaged world--fascism and communism--loomed large across the California landscape. In Endangered Dreams, Starr paints a portrait that is both detailed and panoramic, offering a vivid look at the personalities and events that shaped a decade of explosive tension. He begins with the rise of radicalism on the Pacific Coast, which erupted when the Great Depression swept over California in the 1930s. Starr captures the triumphs and tumult of the great agricultural strikes in the Imperial Valley, the San Joaquin Valley, Stockton, and Salinas, identifying the crucial role played by Communist organizers; he also shows how, after some successes, the Communists disbanded their unions on direct orders of the Comintern in 1935. The highpoint of social conflict, however, was 1934, the year of the coastwide maritime strike, and here Starr's narrative talents are at their best, as he brings to life the astonishing general strike that took control of San Francisco, where workers led by charismatic longshoreman Harry Bridges mounted the barricades to stand off National Guardsmen. That same year socialist Upton Sinclair won the Democratic nomination for governor, and he launched his dramatic End Poverty in California (EPIC) campaign. In the end, however, these challenges galvanized the Right in a corporate, legal, and vigilante counterattack that crushed both organized labor and Sinclair. And yet, the Depression also brought out the finest in Californians: state Democrats fought for a local New Deal; California natives helped care for more than a million impoverished migrants through public and private programs; artists movingly documented the impact of the Depression; and an unprecedented program of public works (capped by the Golden Gate Bridge) made the California we know today possible. In capturing the powerful forces that swept the state during the 1930s--radicalism, repression, construction, and artistic expression--Starr weaves an insightful analysis into his narrative fabric. Out of a shattered decade of economic and social dislocation, he constructs a coherent whole and a mirror for understanding our own time..

The Sociology of Consumption

The Sociology of Consumption Pdf/ePub eBook The Sociology of Consumption Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 885 | Ebook Reads: 885 | File: The Sociology of Consumption.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0857021850


The Sociology of Consumption - Peter Corrigan Summary

This lucid introduction to the sociology of consumerism examines the relationship between production and consumption in late capitalist societies. The historical and theoretical discussion provides the student with the tools to examine key themes in the sociology of consumption. After a detailed historical overview of the advent of consumer society, Peter Corrigan examines theoretical accounts of consumption and consumer practice, including: Veblen and conspicuous consumption; Mary Douglas on the world of goods; Jean Baudrillard on the system of objects; and Pierre Bourdieu on cultural capital. This historical and theoretical discussion provides the student with the tools to examine key themes in the sociology of consumption..

Villes rebelles

Villes rebelles Pdf/ePub eBook Villes rebelles Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 514 | Ebook Reads: 514 | File: Villes rebelles.pdf/epub | ISBN: 2283028612


Villes rebelles - David Harvey Summary

Sur les grandes places du Caire, de Madrid, d’Athènes ou de New York, des mouvements de contestation et d’opposition au capitalisme financiarisé se font jour. Ils sont la marque, selon David Harvey, d’une revendication, toujours renouvelée, du « droit à la ville ». Car la ville, en tant que centre par excellence d’accumulation du capital, est également la ligne de front des luttes pour le contrôle de l’accès aux ressources urbaines. Promoteurs immobiliers, banquiers et financiers dictent ainsi la qualité et l’organisation de la vie quotidienne d’une population tenue à l’écart des décisions les concernant au premier chef. Villes rebelles place la cité au cœur de la réflexion sur le capitalisme et la lutte des classes. À travers la Commune de Paris, Occupy Wall Street ou les émeutes de Londres, Harvey s’interroge : dans quelle mesure peut-on construire des villes socialement plus justes et écologiquement plus rationnelles ? Ne sont-elles pas le foyer d’une résistance anticapitaliste ? Mais aussi le lieu d’une réappropriation révolutionnaire du tissu urbain ? David Harvey, géographe britannique, enseigne à l’université de la Ville de New York. Il est l’auteur de nombreux ouvrages sur la ville, la justice sociale, le capitalisme et ses limites, parmi lesquelsBrève histoire du néolibéralisme (Les Prairies ordinaires, 2014) ou encore Le capitalisme contre le droit à la ville : néolibéralisme, urbanisation, résistances (Amsterdam, 2011)..