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The Billionaire Deal

The Billionaire Deal Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire Deal - Lori Ryan Summary

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The Sutton Billionaires Books 1-3

The Sutton Billionaires Books 1-3 Pdf/ePub eBook


The Sutton Billionaires Books 1-3 - Lori Ryan Summary

“The first book in this series was fantastic, and each book has gotten better. This book was so exciting, sexy, and so suspenseful… I will be reading this book again - after I read all the next books in the series.”

Lori Ryan’s Sutton Billionaire Series is now available in two boxed sets to let you binge that much faster! This set will get you started with books one through three:

The Billionaire Deal:

He needs a wife. She needs a paycheck. But neither expect the heat in their marriage of convenience.

No one backs CEO Jack Sutton into a corner, not even his mother... or her will. If he wants his inheritance, he needs to be married, but no one said the marriage had to be anything other than a business arrangement. There are plenty of willing women, and they'll play by the rules: stick to the script and don't fall in love. He only has to find one in time. Too bad he only left himself a few hours.

Kelly Bradley made it into the law school of her dreams, but she has no way to pay and the tuition deadline is fast approaching. Marrying a billionaire might be a bit drastic, but spending one year on his arm will make all her problems go away... if she can keep her heart in check. That's never been a problem in the past.

It's a business arrangement, but when one thing leads to another will Jack be able to let Kelly go? Or can he find a way to renegotiate the deal of his life?

Reuniting with the Billionaire:

Two people whose past ensures they can never fully trust again

Jill can play with Andrew Weston. She can have fun with him. She can even have a wild, no-strings-attached rebound fling with him. But she can’t lose my heart to him. Because if they fall in love and that love died the way her ex-husband’s love for her died, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. She can’t go through that again. Not with the sexy billionaire from her past who tempts her at every turn.


He’s falling for Jill Walsh. He knows it’s happening but can’t stop it. But no matter what happens, he can’t let her know how he feels. Sharing feelings makes you vulnerable and he can’t let himself be vulnerable to a woman like that again. So he’ll keep his feelings a secret while he uses his vast fortune to make sure she marries him and never walks away.

5-star billionaire romance that will have you turning pages to the very end!

Reuniting with the Billionaire was originally published in a shorter version as part of the Sutton Capital Series. It’s a stand-alone book that can be read in any order in the series.

The Billionaire Op:

Can she ever get over her broken heart?

Jennie Evans has known true love, and it died with her husband. But she's found balance in her life: friends and a job she loves at Sutton Capital. And there might be a man that caught her eye, but she'll never give him her heart.

Chad Thompson sees what others don't: Jennie's hurting inside and hiding it from the world. Their chemistry may be off the charts, but he vows not to push. Even if true happiness might be within reach.

When their meddling friends throw Jennie and Chad together in a plot designed to push them out of their comfort zones, she ends up in more danger than anyone could have imagined. To keep her safe, Chad will have to risk his body and his heart, and no matter how things end, one of them is going to get hurt.

The Billionaire Op is a standalone book in the Sutton Billionaires Series. A shorter version of it was previously published as part of the Sutton Capital Series.


Reunited Pdf/ePub eBook


Reunited - Marcella Swann Summary

Sienna I never hook up with bad boys . . . except for that one time. I knew I shouldn't but he was so hot. Steamy. Passionate. It was incredible. I left him a note the next morning but he never called. Next thing I know, I'm pregnant. Me and my little girl have made it through but it's been hell. Now he's back but he doesn't know the half of it--doesn't know about his daughter . . . our daughter. His hotness made me do a stupid thing five years go, but not this time. If he thinks he can freakin' waltz back into my life . . . My little girl absolutely loves the guy though and, well, he's got a billion dollars coming to him. F***! Bobby I had her for one night. It was hot. It was right. It was incredible. I've never really shaken her from my thoughts. It's still the best night of my life and, trust me, I've had plenty of Netflix and chill action since. But she was gone by the morning. Fine. I can play that game, too. So I bolted--got the heck outta dodge. Now I got a billion bucks coming my way. One catch, though: I've got to get my shit together and clean up my act. Or else my uncle's money goes elsewhere--to my shitty cousin. But f*** the money, no one's gonna mess with my woman--and my daughter. Their mine. I'll do what I have to protect them. To make things right. So bring it on. This is gonna be fun.

Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy: Christmas at the Castello (Bonus Novella)

Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy: Christmas at the Castello (Bonus Novella) Pdf/ePub eBook


Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy: Christmas at the Castello (Bonus Novella) - Jennifer Hayward,Amanda Cinelli Summary

Petition for divorce…denied! Diana Taylor's marriage to playboy Coburn Grant was short, passionate and blazed brightly until the reality of their different worlds set in. Now, years later, Coburn has finally agreed to a divorce. Except one last pleasurable night together seals their fate—with a baby! Diana knows Coburn will never sign the papers now—he will have his wife and child. And, whisked away to a tropical island paradise, it's increasingly difficult to ignore their primal hunger for each other. With his legacy growing inside her, can Diana deny the one man she could never resist?

Falling for the Billionaire's Daughter

Falling for the Billionaire's Daughter Pdf/ePub eBook


Falling for the Billionaire's Daughter - Lori Ryan Summary

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Just One Fake Date

Just One Fake Date Pdf/ePub eBook


Just One Fake Date - Deborah Cooke Summary

Straight out of college, five friends with a dream joined forces to build success. Ten years later, their exclusive fitness club, Flatiron Five Fitness, is the hottest destination in Manhattan. People flock to F5F to get fit, to get lucky, and even, to fall in love. The founding partners have been immune to F5F’s romantic spell—at least, so far... Tyler McKay has a plan... And it doesn’t include a serious relationship anytime soon. Between his day job and being a partner at Flatiron 5 Fitness, he’s busy investing in the future. But Ty knows that going stag to his sister’s wedding will encourage the family matchmakers: he needs a fake date, fast, in self-defense. When the one woman who hates him walks into F5F, Ty knows he’s found the perfect candidate—that Shannyn doesn’t play by anyone’s rules just leaves Ty wanting more... Shannyn Hawke is done with plans and dreams... She had her whole life mapped out, but it all went wrong. Now, she’s taking care of number one and living in the moment, with no concern for the future. If her college crush wants to trade a fake wedding date for physical satisfaction, Shannyn is in. But just one night proves that Tyler is everything she believes a guy should be, plus he takes it as a challenge to change her mind about him. Shannyn never wants to have her heart broken again, but she’s falling hard and fast. Can she remember that it’s just for show? Or will Tyler convince Shannyn to take a chance on forever again? *** The Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances: 1. Just One Fake Date (Tyler and Shannyn) 2. Just One More Time (Kyle and Lauren) 3. Just One Night Together (Damon and Haley) 4. Just One Hometown Hero (Cassie and Reid) 5. Two Weddings & a Baby (An F5F Novella) 6. Just One Second Chance (Theo and Lyssa) 7. Just One Silver Fox (Jax and Pierce) Coming soon.

The Billionaire Rocks

The Billionaire Rocks Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire Rocks - Lori Ryan Summary

With her secrets about to come out and her career on the brink of disaster, she turns to the one man who might understand. Pop star PJ Cantrell's life and career are threatened when an angry blackmailer uncovers the truth about her hidden past. PJ knows it has to be someone close, someone she trusts. That makes the betrayal hurt all the more. She turns to long-time friend Gabe Sawyer for help but finds more than she bargained for. As she quickly discovers she wants more from him than friendship and support, she has to wonder what he'll think of her when he finally learns the truth about her past. Gabe Sawyer is ready for a change. He's built an empire in the hotel industry, but it's time for him to find something to bring back the passion he once felt for his work. He's tired of living in hotel suites, no matter how swanky the surroundings might be. When PJ Cantrell shows up on his doorstep, she brings the wrong kind of passion his way. He's left trying to bury the attraction he's long felt for her. Giving in to that is the last thing PJ needs. Steamy romance meets heart-stopping suspense in the Sutton Billionaires Series. This is the fourth book in the series but it can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhangers. If you'd rather start at book one, grab The Billionaire Deal by Lori Ryan. A shorter version of this book was previously released as part of the Sutton Capital Series.

Reunited...and Pregnant

Reunited...and Pregnant Pdf/ePub eBook


Reunited...and Pregnant - Joss Wood Summary

She's pregnant…and working with her ex! PR whiz Cady Collins's personal and professional lives both desperately need a reboot. So when millionaire Beckett Ballantyne decides to rebrand his company, Cady is determined to land the job. The only complication is her romantic history with her devilishly handsome boss, whose smoldering blue-eyed gaze still makes her swoon. And the only complication with that is the fact she's already pregnant! Beck doesn't mind that he's not the baby's father—he only knows he burns for the mom-to-be. But when a media misunderstanding leads to a fake engagement, will Beck end the Valentine's Day charade or play for keeps? Reunited…and Pregnant is part of The Ballantyne Billionaires series.

The Return of Her Billionaire Husband

The Return of Her Billionaire Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


The Return of Her Billionaire Husband - Melanie Milburne Summary

Their marriage was lost…but then he walked back into her life! Juliette is determined to forget her short-lived marriage to Italian tycoon Joe Allegranza. It began with an intense passion she’d only ever dreamed of, and ended in heartbreak. Now it’s time to go their separate ways…or is it? Because reunited at a lavish wedding, Juliette is unable to hide from their desire, or the realisation of how little she knew her husband. Drawn together by their connection, she’s torn: rekindling their spark could spell disaster, or it could make them stronger than before… Mills & Boon Modern — Seduction, glamour and sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.

Legal Ease

Legal Ease Pdf/ePub eBook


Legal Ease - Lori Ryan Summary

Kelly Bradley has played by the rules all her life. When she gets into Yale Law School, she should be happy. The only problem is, Kelly didn't get enough scholarship money to pay for Yale. When her best friend overhears her boss -- sexy, steamy Jack Sutton -- trying to solve a problem of his own, Kelly decides she's tired of following the rules and behaving herself. It's time to grab life by the horns and get what she wants. When Kelly waltzes into Jack's office and proposes they marry for a year, giving them a solution to both of their problems, Jack can't resist her bold beauty or the quick fix she's able to provide. Within days, Jack's business life is back under control but his personal life is turned upside down. And just when Jack realizes he doesn't want to live without Kelly, his fame and fortune puts Kelly in danger and Jack has to fight against all odds to get her back.

Protecting The Billionaire

Protecting The Billionaire Pdf/ePub eBook


Protecting The Billionaire - Christina Tetreault Summary

From the outside, it appears as though billionaire Allison Sherbrooke lives a charmed life. She comes from a loving family and possesses the means to do anything she desires, not to mention her budding new romance with the sexy Marine she danced with at her brother Trent’s wedding. Appearances can be deceiving though. All is not perfect in Allison’s world. Since her move to Virginia, she’s had a stalker in the shadows. Marine Corps Captain Rocco “Rock” Raimono has spent his life defending and protecting others. Now he must protect the woman he’s falling in love with from an obsessed stalker who wants Allison for himself. For Rock, failure is not an option.

The Billionaire's Heir

The Billionaire's Heir Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire's Heir - Julie Farrell Summary

Secrets ruin everything... Or do they? Billionaire Ivan Quinlan walked away from the one person who owned his heart and soul: Samira. Now, he plans to find her and never walk away again. But plans don't always go the way you want them to - even for a sexy, rich man like Ivan. Samira's life started over when Ivan left her heartbroken. Welcoming Ivan back into her life will not only mean she must let down her guard and risk another heartbreak, but she'll also need to reveal secrets - secrets that will ultimately alter the course of both of their lives. With sizzling steamy scenes throughout, this book is for adults only.

Penalty Clause

Penalty Clause Pdf/ePub eBook


Penalty Clause - Lori Ryan Summary

Jill and Andrew fall in love, and Andrew decides that the only way to get her to stay with him forever is to include a penalty clause in a prenuptial agreement. If he doesn't stay with her forever, he loses everything - money, property, cars, and all his other assets.

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark Pdf/ePub eBook


Dancing in the Dark - Sandra Marton Summary

Welcome to Twin Oaks—the new B and B in Cooper's Corner. Some come for pleasure, others for passion—and one to set things straight… Check-in: When Wendy Monroe left Cooper's Corner, she'd been an Olympic hopeful in skiing…and madly in love with Seth Castleman. But an accident on the slopes shattered her dreams—and her heart. She fled from Seth rather than tell him the painful secret behind her injuries. Now Wendy has returned home with just one desire. She wants to be whole again. Checkout: A renowned surgeon staying at the Twin Oaks B and B could mend her leg. But only facing Seth again—and the truth—can mend her broken heart. Now, more than ever, she needs Seth's strength and passion…and the healing power of his love.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Pdf/ePub eBook


The Lighthouse - Jessie Newton Summary

Sisterhood, safety, and secrets -- it all happens at the lighthouse on Five Island Cove. When Joel Shields dies, Robin Grover's only goal is to get her four best friends back to Five Island Cove to celebrate the life of Kristen's husband. She alone has stayed in the cove while everyone else couldn't wait to get away. Alice Keller comes instantly, because her mansion in the Hamptons and her husband's infidelity is smothering her. Not only that, but Kristen has always been like a mother to her, and she wants to support her. Eloise Hall comes quickly too, because she's not teaching at the university this summer, and she might as well visit her mother—and the house she secretly bought years ago. Her first night on the island, she runs into an old high school crush, and a flame ignites that hasn't been there before. But Kelli Thompson and AJ Proctor are more resistant, and as Robin, Alice, and Eloise uncover secret after secret in the books, journals, and files in Joel's office, Robin becomes more determined to reunite them all. When Kelli and AJ finally arrive in the cove, the women are embroiled in secrets the lighthouse has hidden for decades. Robin tries to hold them all together, but she too breaks down and admits that her perfect-on-the-outside life isn't so perfect. As they work together to find the truth, they learn to let go of what doesn't matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and most of all, friendship.

Waking Up with a Billionaire

Waking Up with a Billionaire Pdf/ePub eBook


Waking Up with a Billionaire - Katie Lane Summary

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Montana Ice

Montana Ice Pdf/ePub eBook


Montana Ice - Vanessa Vale Summary

Veronica Miller is a plumber on a mission—buy out her dad and the family business is finally hers. One big, handsome problem stands in her way. And it's not a clogged toilet. Jack Reid is the boy she crushed on in high school. Ten years ago, he broke her heart and skipped town. But now he's back, and he's definitely no longer a boy. He's all man—and he'd really like for Veronica to check out his pipe. Forced to being roommates, Jack and Veronica have to work through a decade of baggage, disappointment, wanting and unrequited lust. Even though Veronica's heart hasn't yet forgiven Jack, they'll need more than a pillow berm down the middle of the bed to keep them apart. In Montana Ice, the second book in the Small Town Romance series, it might be below zero, but Jack and Veronica heat things up.


Temptation Pdf/ePub eBook


Temptation - K.M. Golland Summary

Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems. That is what 35 year-old happily married, mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out when she decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home mum for the past nine years, Alexis now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.

Cold-Blooded Beautiful

Cold-Blooded Beautiful Pdf/ePub eBook


Cold-Blooded Beautiful - Christine Zolendz Summary

Book TWO of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED story of Brutally Beautiful... What happens when your past comes back to haunt you? Imagine having a secret whispered in your ear, a secret that once revealed, changes everything in your life that you thought to be true. What would you do if you learned that everything you had was just a lie, a lie that could end everything you ever worked for and destroy everyone you ever cared about? What happens when all your secrets come spilling forth and your past catches up to you? Will it consume you? Will it destroy you? Six months ago Kade Grayson helped Doctor Samantha Matthews hide from a violent past, one that she wants to keep hidden from everyone. Deep in her heart, she hides her secrets, too afraid to hurt the only people she has left to trust. What happens when she is forced to face her past? Will love be enough to save her? Because her deadly game of Hide and Seek is at its end. This book is a full length Adult Contemporary Romance and is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.

Sweet Promises: A Candle Beach novel #3

Sweet Promises: A Candle Beach novel #3 Pdf/ePub eBook


Sweet Promises: A Candle Beach novel #3 - Nicole Ellis Summary

A promise between brothers. A secret that threatens to tear a budding romance apart. Maggie Price is resilient. After her husband died, leaving her a young widow with an infant son, she returned home to Candle Beach to create a new future for them by purchasing the Bluebonnet Cafe. She loves her life, but something feels like it’s missing... Jake Price promised his younger brother he’d take of his wife and child if something happened to him while deployed overseas. Now, five years after his brother’s death, Jake vows to fulfill that promise and take care of Maggie and her son Alex. Maggie tries to fight her attraction to Jake, but he knocks down her resistance and they fall in love. Will she still feel the same if she knows the real reason he’s in Candle Beach? Candle Beach novels are "clean and sweet" contemporary romances that can be read as standalone novels and have happily-ever-after endings with no cliffhangers. Candle Beach novels Book #1: Sweet Beginnings Book #2: Sweet Success Book #3: Sweet Promises Book #4: Sweet Memories Book #5: Sweet History Book #6: Sweet Matchmaking Book #7: Sweet Surprises Book #8: Sweet Sacrifices (coming soon)

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz Pdf/ePub eBook


The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris Summary

“The Tattooist of Auschwitz” is an unexpected and extraordinary book. This novel has been authored by Heather Morris, born in New Zealand and now resides in Australia. She is the bestselling author and famous historical fiction based novels and short pieces of writing. She is also a famous author on the subject of Religion and Spirituality. In April 1942, Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew, is powerfully related to the absorption camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau. When his captors find out that he speaks a number of languages, he is put to work as a Tätowierer.

A Lass for the Billionaire

A Lass for the Billionaire Pdf/ePub eBook


A Lass for the Billionaire - Donna K. Weaver Summary

***A clean billionaire romance***Nurse Eve Stewart is excited to take on another bucket-list fulfillment trip, this time to Edinburgh. That is, until she discovers who'll be spearheading it: her high school best friend who kissed her and hasn't spoken to her in twelve years. She doesn't expect her old feelings for Darius to come alive. When they do, Eve must decide if she can learn to trust again. Billionaire Darius Dimitriou doesn't want to take over a fledgling bucket-list charity. When he finds out the project's nurse is the girl he secretly loved in high school, he changes his mind. As they spend time together and his love for her rekindles, he begins to hope they might have a second chance. But first he'll have to share his past, and it could kill any hope of being with her.Books in the Billionaires of REKD Series1. Hiding with the Billionaire2. Luck of the Billionaire3. Three Fortunes for the Billionaire4. A Lass for the Billionaire


Galloglass Pdf/ePub eBook


Galloglass - Scarlett Thomas Summary

Effie, Wolf, Raven, and Max are faced with their most challenging adventure yet in the third installment of the magical Worldquake series, which Kirkus Reviews calls “tailor-made for Harry Potter’s fans.” Effie Truelove and her school friends Lexy, Wolf, Maximilian, and Raven must put their magical skills to the test. The Diberi, a corrupt organization intent on destroying the world, has returned and has something sinister planned at Midwinter. But during a visit to the Otherworld, Effie is mistaken and imprisoned for being a galloglass—a dangerous, selfish islander. Meanwhile, Lexy is threatened by the vile professor Jupiter Peacock and Wolf embarks on a perilous journey to find his missing sister. And back at school, Neptune the cat is bored. He’s used to lording over the other stray cats, but they’ve all mysteriously vanished. Where could they be—and how will he find them? Can Effie and her friends reunite before their universe ceases to exist?

Forgiving the Billionaire

Forgiving the Billionaire Pdf/ePub eBook


Forgiving the Billionaire - Anne-Marie Meyer Summary

Only true love has the capability to break your heart. Forgiving the Billionaire is a sweet adult Christmas romance. Hannah Bell has finally come home for Christmas after having been away for seven years. Between being humiliated at prom by her best friend, Logan, and disappointing her mother yet again, Hannah left and swore she'd never come back. But right now, she'd rather face her past then her conflicting feelings about her boyfriend's proposal. Logan Blake is trying to adjust to his father's death, being a single dad, and his new status as a billionaire. Which is easier said than done. To complicate things further, his childhood friend and crush, Hannah, has come back into his life, stirring up all his old feelings. Just when he thinks he's ready to tell her the truth about his past, his ex-wife comes back into the picture and wants to try and be a family again. When truths get revealed and relationships falter, Hannah and Logan must decide if love is worth putting the past behind them. Next in the Clean Billionaire Romance series: Finding love with the Billionaire. She's out to get his story. He's trying to find his place. When he crashes their plane into the jungle, they'll discover just how wrong they've been about each other.

Billionaire Island

Billionaire Island Pdf/ePub eBook


Billionaire Island - Mark Russell Summary

A savage satire reuniting the critically acclaimed team behind DC's The Flintstones--writer Mark Russell (SECOND COMING) and artist Steve Pugh (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass)--in a new graphic novel. Welcome to Billionaire Island, where anything goes...if you

Never Goodbye

Never Goodbye Pdf/ePub eBook


Never Goodbye - Ruth Cardello Summary

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Tall, Dark and Damaged

Tall, Dark and Damaged Pdf/ePub eBook


Tall, Dark and Damaged - Sarah Andre Summary

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Friends and Strangers

Friends and Strangers Pdf/ePub eBook


Friends and Strangers - J. Courtney Sullivan Summary

A TODAY SHOW #ReadWithJenna BOOK CLUB PICK! An insightful, hilarious, and compulsively readable novel about a complicated friendship between two women who are at two very different stages in life, from the best-selling author of Maine and Saints for All Occasions (named one of the Washington Post's Ten Best Books of the Year and a New York Times Critics' Pick). Elisabeth, an accomplished journalist and new mother, is struggling to adjust to life in a small town after nearly twenty years in New York City. Alone in the house with her infant son all day (and awake with him much of the night), she feels uneasy, adrift. She neglects her work, losing untold hours to her Brooklyn moms' Facebook group, her "influencer" sister's Instagram feed, and text messages with the best friend she never sees anymore. Enter Sam, a senior at the local women's college, whom Elisabeth hires to babysit. Sam is struggling to decide between the path she's always planned on and a romantic entanglement that threatens her ambition. She's worried about student loan debt and what the future holds. In short order, they grow close. But when Sam finds an unlikely kindred spirit in Elisabeth's father-in-law, the true differences between the women's lives become starkly revealed and a betrayal has devastating consequences. A masterful exploration of motherhood, power dynamics, and privilege in its many forms, Friends and Strangers reveals how a single year can shape the course of a life.

One Taste of Redemption

One Taste of Redemption Pdf/ePub eBook


One Taste of Redemption - Amanda Siegrist Summary

From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Siegrist comes an exciting, edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense that has a dose of angst and lots of love. He lied. He cheated. He lost everything. One missing boy could be his redemption… Detective Newman—well, not a detective anymore—wants to be left alone to lick his wounds after his life fell apart. He can’t blame anyone but himself. When a gorgeous woman with vibrant pink hair and a sassy attitude knocks on his door, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Except Amelia Benedict doesn’t understand the word no. Her brother is missing. The police refuse to help because they believe he ran away. But she knows her brother is in trouble and insists he’s her only hope. He’s definitely not the right guy for the case. He’s nothing but bad news, and if Amelia sticks around, he’ll destroy her as he destroyed himself. Warning: This novel contains a sexy hero. He’s not a detective anymore, but he didn’t lose his sexiness. You know you don’t wanna miss his story! Happy reading! The entire One Taste series: (Each book can be read as a standalone.) One Taste of You (Book 1): Zeke & Zoe One Taste of Love (Book 2): Ben & Rina One Taste of Crazy (Book 3): Sauer & Dee One Taste of Sin (Book 4): Stitch & Susan One Taste of Redemption (Book 5): Newman & Amelia

My Truth from the Top

My Truth from the Top Pdf/ePub eBook


My Truth from the Top - Sergeant Major Patrick Durr Summary

After 9/11, controversy had stirred when news broke that the U.S. military was conducting a War on Terror initiative. Many American civilians and civic groups have relentlessly expressed their disdain against sending American soldiers to Afghanistan to participate in this war-on-terror. Nonetheless, despite these protests, off-shore military operations still continue. What many Americans need to understand is why these kinds of military actions and interventions are necessary. MY TRUTH FROM THE TOP offers perspective on the necessity of taking the war outside the borders of America in order to protect the American people. Created by author Sergeant Major Patrick Durr, this book takes readers to an up-close and personal glimpse into the daily battles of American soldiers stationed halfway across the globe. Through the one-years worth of daily notes and writings of the author, readers can learn to appreciate what the American leaders and soldiers in Afghanistan are doing in order to preserve the peace and freedom of their homeland. Citing the amount of sacrifice they have endured in order to bring the war outside and away from the gates of America, this book reveals the real-life situations and compelling truths that describe what it is really like to defend ones own country. With illustrations, letters, communications and narratives, this work highlights the events that have been obscured from the knowledge of many Americans. Insightful and informative, MY TRUTH FROM THE TOP is a groundbreaking book that provides understanding, learning and growth. Engaging, it leads people out of the confines of ignorance about what really goes on in the world, beyond the comforts of their civilized societies. It educates Americans on the streets about what their government leaders, politicians and military forces know.

Been There Done That

Been There Done That Pdf/ePub eBook


Been There Done That - Smartypants Romance,Hope Ellis Summary

Theirs was a forever kind of love, until it was stolen. ZORA LEFFERSBEE’S once perfect life is no longer perfect. Her tenure at the University is in question, funding for her employees uncertain, and her faux-fiancé, Jackson James’s unpredictability is wearing on her last nerve. Just when Zora is convinced things can’t get more complicated, life proves her wrong. What the heck is he doing here? NICK ROSSI’s complicated life is still extremely complicated. He’s used to fighting for everything he has, but he’s also used to winning. Now a man of power and influence, his return to Green Valley after so many years hasn’t gone according to plan, especially with the woman he’s always wanted. She can’t know why I left, or why I’m back. A powerful woman intent on righting the wrongs of the world, Zora doesn’t have time or energy to deal with the man who broke her young heart. A powerful man intent on righting the wrongs of the past, Nick can’t help wanting to protect Zora, even if his devotion is unrequited. 'Been There Done That' is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Leffersbee series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!

Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich! Pdf/ePub eBook


Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich! - Randy Gage Summary

This groundbreaking self-help book reveals the secrets of manifesting health, happiness, and prosperity in your life—but not in a way you’ve experienced before. Blunt, outspoken, and brutally honest, Randy Gage shoots down the forces that hold you back and keep you dumb, sick, and broke, and shows you how to take action to get smart, healthy, and rich.

The Billionaire's Dance

The Billionaire's Dance Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire's Dance - Melody Anne Summary

Alex Anderson is a confirmed bachelor who loves to travel all around the globe and romance as many woman as possible. That is until he meets Jessica Sanders.

The Rule Maker

The Rule Maker Pdf/ePub eBook


The Rule Maker - Jennifer Blackwood Summary

Things I'd love to say to Ryder Covington... I hate you more than a hole in my favorite pair of leggings. Your smirk makes me want to yell in all shouty caps. You're really gorgeous...until you open your mouth. Stop looking at me like that. You're not ripping my panties off. Saying those things to him would be the whipped cream on top of my rocky road ice cream, but I can't, because he's my client. And I'm up for a promotion. Oh, and the little fact that my boss told me to give Mr. Covington everything he wants. But the only thing he wants is me. And he can't have that. Each book in the Rule Breakers series is STANDALONE: * The Rule Book * The Rule Maker

The Tycoon's Revenge

The Tycoon's Revenge Pdf/ePub eBook


The Tycoon's Revenge - Melody Anne Summary

Derek Titan is a cutthroat business man that reached his way to the top without looking back once. He left his poor roots behind, and now is seeking revenge for the girl that not only got away, but took the last of his trust with her. Jasmine Freeman had loved Derek with a teenager's naivet� and because her father lied to her, she spent ten years thinking he had left her, and she has a secret that he is about to find out. When Derek takes over Jasmine's father's company, they will be together for the first time in ten years and their passion will rekindle. Derek is determined to have Jasmine, and she is determined to fight him, but in the end there is not much that can extinguish the blaze of passion between them. Take the journey with Derek and Jasmine, and Derek's cousins who bring humor, love, and character to the story. You will fall in love with Derek and then want to read about his cousin's Drew and Ryan.

Lake Success

Lake Success Pdf/ePub eBook


Lake Success - Gary Shteyngart Summary

"When his dream of the perfect marriage, the perfect son, and the perfect life implodes, a Wall Street millionaire takes a cross-country bus trip in search of his college sweetheart and ideals of youth. Myopic, narcissistic, hilariously self-deluded and divorced from the real world as most of us know it, hedge fund manager Barry Cohen oversees $2.4 billion in assets. Deeply stressed by an SEC investigation and by his 3 year-old-son's diagnosis of autism, he flees New York on a Greyhound bus in search of a simpler, more romantic life with his old college sweetheart, whom he hasn't seen or spoken to in years. Meanwhile, reeling from the fight that caused Barry's departure, his super-smart wife Seema--a driven first-generation American who craved a picture-perfect life, with all the accoutrements of a huge bank account--has her own demons to face"--

Carter's Cowgirl

Carter's Cowgirl Pdf/ePub eBook


Carter's Cowgirl - Melissa McClone Summary

Carter Quinn has one goal-making his organic farm a success. Unfortunately, his grandmother wants to marry off each of her twenty-five grandchildren. Carter, however, is too busy to even date. He'll do whatever he can to take Quinn Organics to the next level-including hiring a consultant.Avery Scott loves living like a nomad, helping make an organic farm a success, and then riding off into the sunset. Life would be perfect if more farmers would trust that a pretty woman knows what she's doing. She hopes the owner of Quinn Organics will look past her appearance and listen to her suggestions.The beautiful Avery impresses Carter with her knowledge. Her commitment to help make his dream for his land come true touches his heart. He imagines her as a permanent part of the farm's future, but she's skittish and wary and keeping him at arm's length.As Carter tries to earn Avery's trust and win her heart, will she be able to let go of the past for a chance at love . . . and a family?

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