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The Laws of the Spirit World

The Laws of the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


The Laws of the Spirit World - Khorshed Bhavnagri Summary

WITH A BRAND NEW LOOK! ON FEBRUARY 22, 1980, KHORSHED AND RUMI BHAVNAGRI’S WORLD WAS SHATTERED. ONE MONTH LATER, A NEW ONE OPENED. Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri lost their sons, Vispi and Ratoo, in a tragic car crash. With both their sons gone, the couple felt they would not survive for long. They had lost all faith in God until a miraculous message from the Spirit World gave them hope and sent them on an incredible journey.

The Spirit World

The Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


The Spirit World - Clarence Larkin Summary

In this day of the revival of "Spiritism," when so many... are longing to communicate with the dead, and are resorting to forbidden means to that end; a day in which science is trying to discover whether there is another world than this, and whether men live after death... it seems timely that a book should be written to show what the Holy Scriptures have revealed of the "World of Spirits." -from The Second Coming of Christ. The Reverend Clarence Larkin was one of the most widely influential pop theologians of the early twentieth century, and his works remain intriguing explorations of Christian philosophy today. First published in 1921, this fascinating book explores the depiction of angels, demons, and other spirits in the Bible, and features illustrations of "Satan's Throne," "Angels Appearing to Abraham," "Christ Casting Out a Demon," "The Witch of Endor," and more. Readers in religion, mythology, and classic literature will be riveted. Also available from Cosimo Classics: Larkin's The Second Coming of Christ, Rightly Dividing the Word, and The Book of Revelation.

Astounding Facts from the Spirit World

Astounding Facts from the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Astounding Facts from the Spirit World - Josiah A. Gridley Summary

Witnessed at the House of J.A. Gridley, Southampton, Mass., by a Circle of Friends, Embracing the Extremes of Good and Evil. The Great doctrines of the Bible, such as the Resurrection, Day of Judgment, Christ's Second Coming.


Shamanism Pdf/ePub eBook


Shamanism - Richard W. I. Guisso,Chai-Shin Yu Summary

A series of psychological and anthropological studies about the oldest and the most fascinating religious tradition of Korea.

Spirit World

Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Spirit World - N.A Summary

Photos of Spiritual Church possession trances, faith healings, social club marches, jazz funerals and more.

Understanding Your Spirit World

Understanding Your Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Understanding Your Spirit World - John Mumba Summary

There are dominion forces in our atmosphere that people can be subjected to, and these forces can make them alien to natural and evil forces that dominate human life. This dynamic enablement comes about when a person's soul anchors itself to the real source of life. The soul is a spiritual embodiment of knowledge and emotion in man. A soul is a search engine in man; it seeks a resting place to which it can attach itself so it can draw out the virtues of knowledge and emotion. When a person's soul is changed, everything about that person takes a different route. Man's nature changes only when a complex soul is achieved. The soul draws from blood its ability to unite with another soul to form a complex soul. Without blood the soul cannot find its resting place and cannot be changed. This is why the first requirement in the salvation of man is blood. And the blood of salvation needed to have different contents from the usual human blood on earth. The contents of the blood of Jesus can make people live like Martians in this world. Common human blood is highly wicked and only leads man to unite himself with wicked spiritual forces to form a soul that is dominated by evil.

Life and Labor in the Spirit World

Life and Labor in the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Life and Labor in the Spirit World - Mary Theresa Longley Summary

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The Spirit World in the Letters of Paul the Apostle

The Spirit World in the Letters of Paul the Apostle Pdf/ePub eBook


The Spirit World in the Letters of Paul the Apostle - Guy Williams Summary

Guy Williams beleuchtet die Rolle der Geistwesen in den echten paulinischen Briefen. Entgegen der weit verbreiteten Ansicht, Geister und spirituelle Wesen seien für Paulus unbedeutend und trivial gewesen, vertritt Williams die These, dass diese inhärente Merkmale der Briefe darstellten. Die Berücksichtigung ihres historischen und kulturellen Hintergrundes zeigt, dass die Vorstellung von den »Einwohnern der paulinischen Geistwelt«, den Engeln, Dämonen, Kräften und Satan, denen des allgemeinen Gedankenguts entspricht.Schließlich bezieht Williams die Ergebnisse seiner Untersuchung auf drei Bereiche: Paulus Christologie, seine Soteriologie und seine Vorstellung von Gemeinschaft. Sein Ansatz erlaubt einen frischen Blick auf Ort und Bedeutung von spirituellen Wesen bei Paulus, nicht im Sinne einer neuen Doktrin, aber als allgemeines und kulturelles Idiom der paulinischen Texte.

Pathway to the Spirit World

Pathway to the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Pathway to the Spirit World - Hashi-Hanta Summary

Embark on a spiritual pathway to self-discovery and change your life. -- Shows how to create a closer relationship with God, using daily guidelines to live a truly spiritual life, and the power of prayer to influence you and others around you. -- Cope with a life-threatening illness or the death of a loved one. -- Learn how to restore family bonds and strengthen values in our children. Follow the amazing story of Hashi-Hanta, a Choctaw Indian woman, from her painful childhood in a town filled with prejudice to her fun-filled nights on Hollywood's Sunset Strip. As an awkward, young girl, she was shunned by her schoolmates. As a beautiful young woman, she dated famous men ranging from Elvis Presley to a world-renowned bullfighter. She moved in a continuous round of parties and night clubs until an auto accident in the hills of Mexico almost ended her life. Clinically dead for five minutes, Hashi-Hanta traveled to the Spirit World and returned with ancient, spiritual truths (confirmed by Lie Detector Test) that can help people of all faiths. "There were no significant reactions indicating deception noted on the subject's polygrams. In the examiner's opinion the subject has been truthful in regards to this issue". -- Jesse J. Delgado, Security and Personnel Consultant Polygraph Examiner

Engaging the Spirit World

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Engaging the Spirit World - Kirsten W. Endres,Andrea Lauser Summary

In many parts of the contemporary world, spirit beliefs and practices have taken on a pivotal role in addressing the discontinuities and uncertainties of modern life. The myriad ways in which devotees engage the spirit world show the tremendous creative potential of these practices and their innate adaptability to changing times and circumstances. Through in-depth anthropological case studies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam, the contributors to this book investigate the role and impact of different social, political, and economic dynamics in the reconfiguration of local spirit worlds in modern Southeast Asia. Their findings contribute to the re-enchantment debate by revealing that the "spirited modernities" that have emerged in the process not only embody a distinct feature of the contemporary moment, but also invite a critical rethinking of the concept of modernity itself.

Awakening to the Spirit World

Awakening to the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Awakening to the Spirit World - Sandra Ingerman,Hank Wesselman Summary

Today, practicing shamanism doesn't mean you have to live in a rain forest or a desert. Thanks to a modern renaissance of shamanic spirituality, practitioners from all walks of life now use powerful indigenous techniques for healing, insight, and spiritual growth. With Awakening to the Spirit World, teachers Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman bring together a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders to present a comprehensive manual for making these practices accessible and available in our daily lives, including: How the original practice of shamanism shaped the world's spiritual traditions and why it is still relevant today. The art of the shamanic journey--a time-tested meditative method for experiencing important spiritual lessons and truths. Guidance for avoiding common pitfalls of shamanic practice. Instruction for working with your dreams, connecting to your spirit guides, healing yourself and your environment. The core of shamanism is the experience of direct revelation-- to communicate firsthand with your spiritual allies and discover your own power. Awakening to the Spirit World takes you through each step of developing a personal connection with your helping spirits to receive wisdom, insight, and healing energy. From an overview of shamanism, to your first journeys and encounters with your power animals, to expanding your skills and insight through long-term practice, here is an in-depth resource for the shamanic arts that includes: Creating rituals and ceremonies for healing and transformation Reconnecting with nature to heal ourselves and the planet Working with your dreams, songs, and artistic vision to strengthen your practice Traditional wisdom for children-- healthy rites of passage for each phase of a child's journey to adulthood Honoring the cycle of life and death-- shamanic practices to prepare for and celebrate our final transition in this life Excerpt Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind and is the “ancestor” of all our modern religions. As a method, it is a form of meditation combined with a focused intention to accomplish various things, as well become apparent in this book. As a spiritual practice, shamanism can become a way of life that may utterly transform the one who practices it. The word “shaman” comes from the language of the Evenki peoples, a Tungusic tribe in Siberia. This is a word whose meaning has to do with esoteric knowledge and extraordinary spiritual abilities and as such a shaman is often defined as an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds. In shamanic cultures, the word “shaman” has come to mean “the one who sees in the dark” or “the one who knows.” There are certain commonalities in a shaman’s worldview and practice across the world that allow us to make certain broad generalizations about shamanism. In the majority of indigenous cultures, the universe is viewed as being made up of two distinct realms: a world of things seen and a world of things hidden, yet that these two worlds present themselves together as two halves of a whole. The shaman is the inspired visionary, a man or a woman who learns through practice how to enter into this “world of things hidden,” and once there, he or she typically encounters extra-mundane personalities or archetypal forces that the indigenous peoples refer to as spirits, ancestors, or even gods. Reviews "Awakening to the Spirit World" takes a deep look at tapping sources of invisible power in daily life. So much of what Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman write about is lost to modern medicine: listening to the weather and the elements, understanding death, and more. This is a courageous book that will appeal to all who long to explore the unseen world." —Judith Orloff, MD, author of Emotional Freedom "In an era when chaos, confusion, and uncertainty take center stage, the ancestors, focused on balancing the energies of life, call forth calm, clarity, and pragmatic direction for accessing the medicine needed to heal the individual and collective psyche. In this moment in time, we are invited into "Awakening the Spirit World," where we are reassured that we are not alone. We are in good company, indeed." —Malidoma Patrice Some, PhD, author of "Of Water and the Spirit, The Healing Wisdom of Africa," and "Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community."

Understanding the Spirit World

Understanding the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Understanding the Spirit World - R. W. White Summary

R.W. White is the founding Apostle of World Evangelism Outreach Church in DeFuniak Springs, Florida and holds an earned Doctorate of Divinity from River of Truth Bible College in Searcy Arkansas. Founded in 1984 in a small storefront building, World Evangelism Outreach Church reaches around the earth evangelizing, planting churches, encouraging Pastors and church leaders. From their television stations via satellite and the world-wide web they are covering the Globe with God's Word. RW and Elaine White travel as ambassadors to the nations encouraging and helping the saints. They have two daughters Tessie and Jenny Jo; two granddaughters Racheal and Josie, and one son-in-law Pastor Ben Barton. Who lives inside the believer? Is it Jesus, the Father, the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit? Is He a person and if so how does a person live in each Christian all around the world at the same time. What happens when saints pray? How does God hear our prayers? How does He answer our prayers? What state of being are the departed saints in when they die? What will be the role of the church after this life is over? These and many other questions are discussed in this book and answered for your understanding from Zachariah chapter four.

Jamaica Spirit World

Jamaica Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Jamaica Spirit World - Lee A. Hudson Summary

This collection of short stories depicts the experiences and adventures of Mappy, a young rural boy growing up in Jamaica in the 1950s and 60s.

The Spirit World

The Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


The Spirit World - Jeff Kluttz Summary

Confusion abounds concerning the nature of the unseen spiritual worlds of men an angels. Biblical terms such as Hades, Abaddon, the abyss and others are often considered interchangeable by well-intended students of God's Word. In some cases, the message of the text is no worse for the wear. In others, flagrant apostasy has developed because of a poorly interpreted text. The Spirit World is a biblical study of the differentiations between numerous spiritual abodes of man and angelic beings. At a time past, man died he went to neither Heaven nor Hell, but rather to a place of temporary containment. The lake of fire remains empty today, but will be populated at the end of history. Demonic angels find themselves incarcerated in spiritual containers for particularly evil deeds. The Bible reveals a fascinating account concerning the journey of the spirits of created beings; one which is essential theological knowledge for rightly handling the doctrines of God's word.

A Layman's Guide to the Spirit World

A Layman's Guide to the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


A Layman's Guide to the Spirit World - N.A Summary

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Spirit World and Spirit Life - Descriptions Received Through Automatic Writing

Spirit World and Spirit Life - Descriptions Received Through Automatic Writing Pdf/ePub eBook


Spirit World and Spirit Life - Descriptions Received Through Automatic Writing - C. E. D. Summary

PREFACE. THE Author of this very practical treatise on Scotch Loch - Fishing desires clearly that it may be of use to all who had it. He does not pretend to have written anything new, but to have attempted to put what he has to say in as readable a form as possible. Everything in the way of the history and habits of fish has been studiously avoided, and technicalities have been used as sparingly as possible. The writing of this book has afforded him pleasure in his leisure moments, and that pleasure would be much increased if he knew that the perusal of it would create any bond of sympathy between himself and the angling community in general. This section is interleaved with blank shects for the readers notes. The Author need hardly say that any suggestions addressed to the case of the publishers, will meet with consideration in a future edition. We do not pretend to write or enlarge upon a new subject. Much has been said and written-and well said and written too on the art of fishing but loch-fishing has been rather looked upon as a second-rate performance, and to dispel this idea is one of the objects for which this present treatise has been written. Far be it from us to say anything against fishing, lawfully practised in any form but many pent up in our large towns will bear us out when me say that, on the whole, a days loch-fishing is the most convenient. One great matter is, that the loch-fisher is depend- ent on nothing but enough wind to curl the water, -and on a large loch it is very seldom that a dead calm prevails all day, -and can make his arrangements for a day, weeks beforehand whereas the stream- fisher is dependent for a good take on the state of the water and however pleasant and easy it may be for one living near the banks of a good trout stream or river, it is quite another matter to arrange for a days river-fishing, if one is looking forward to a holiday at a date some weeks ahead. Providence may favour the expectant angler with a good day, and the water in order but experience has taught most of us that the good days are in the minority, and that, as is the case with our rapid running streams, -such as many of our northern streams are, -the water is either too large or too small, unless, as previously remarked, you live near at hand, and can catch it at its best. A common belief in regard to loch-fishing is, that the tyro and the experienced angler have nearly the same chance in fishing, -the one from the stern and the other from the bow of the same boat. Of all the absurd beliefs as to loch-fishing, this is one of the most absurd. Try it. Give the tyro either end of the boat he likes give him a cast of ally flies he may fancy, or even a cast similar to those which a crack may be using and if he catches one for every three the other has, he may consider himself very lucky. Of course there are lochs where the fish are not abundant, and a beginner may come across as many as an older fisher but we speak of lochs where there are fish to be caught, and where each has a fair chance. Again, it is said that the boatman has as much to do with catching trout in a loch as the angler. Well, we dont deny that. In an untried loch it is necessary to have the guidance of a good boatman but the same argument holds good as to stream-fishing...

MESSAGES - Communications from the Spirit World

MESSAGES - Communications from the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


MESSAGES - Communications from the Spirit World - James E. Padgett (recorder) Summary

Who comes to write these messages? What do they want humans to know? This book is about communications between worlds, our physical earth and the world of the unseen spirit. The messages are from soul calling to soul, heart calling to heart. It is not generally known that spirits once themselves mortal endeavor in diverse ways to contact humanity. This book is evidence of this phenomenon. Read this book and discover a wealth of subjects of interest to all mankind. You will see that the primary message from the spirits is that the Universe exists and operates from the place of Love, and that each human is the focus of God's Love and Care.

Discourses from the Spirit World

Discourses from the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Discourses from the Spirit World - R. P. Wilson Summary

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Ghosts and the Spirit World

Ghosts and the Spirit World Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghosts and the Spirit World - Paul Roland Summary

Can ghostly arms really appear out of walls? How do you explain the sudden appearance of a shadowy figure in a doorway? Do guardian angels really exist? Throughout history, ghostly visitations have exerted a powerful grip on the public imagination, but the present-day accounts in Ghosts and the Spirit World show us that poltergeists and restless souls are still very much with us. • Packed with tales of out-of-body experiences, extraordinary sightings and other paranormal phenomena • Describes ghostly materializations in photos and on film and delves into the modern obsession with paranormal reality TV shows • Features real-life testimonials appearing in print for the first time • Fully illustrated

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