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Staging Is Murder

Staging Is Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Is Murder - Grace Topping Summary

Laura Bishop just nabbed her first decorating commission--staging for sale a 19th-century mansion that hasn't been updated for decades. But when a body falls from a laundry chute and lands at Laura's feet, replacing flowered wallpaper becomes the least of her duties. To clear her young assistant of the murder and save her fledgling business, Laura's determined to find the killer. Turns out it's not as easy as renovating a manor home, especially with two handsome men complicating her mission: the police detective assigned to the case and the real estate agent trying to save the manse from foreclosure. Worse still, the meddling of a horoscope-guided friend, a determined grandmother, and the local funeral director could get them all killed before Laura props the first pillow. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STAGING IS MURDER by Grace Topping A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you'll probably like them all.

Serial Violence

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Serial Violence - Robert D. Keppel,William J. Birnes Summary

Linking the murders of an alleged serial killer to successfully present a case in court involves a specific methodology that has been scrutinized by the judicial system but is largely absent in the current literature. Serial Violence: Analysis of Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of Killers fully explains the process of finding the nexus between one violent crime and another for the purpose of pursuing the same offender at trial. Examines real cases of some of the world’s most notorious serial killers Written by renowned experts, this book focuses on analyzing crimes of violence to unveil common characteristics that might prove useful in the identification, apprehension, and conviction of murderers. It begins by detailing the historical origins of modus operandi as an investigative tool. It examines murderous ritualistic behavior in a variety of cases, including William Heirens, Harvey Glatman, Morris Frampton, and Jack the Ripper. Later chapters discuss serial murders accompanied by burglary, torture, picquerism, sexual violence, sexual degradation, and a host of other behaviors. Includes color photographs of actual crime scenes Containing numerous color photos, this volume includes useful information for expert witnesses and portions of transcripts of original testimony. The scintillating detail and rigorous analysis presented in this volume enables those charged with solving these violent crimes to discern the types of modus operandi and ritualistic behaviors that can be linked to the same offender, helping law enforcement bring these dangerous offenders to justice. About the Authors Bob Keppel served on the King County homicide task force that investigated the infamous Ted Bundy and has been an expert witness on scores of serial killer signature profile cases across the United States. Along with coauthor William Birnes, Dr. Keppel worked on a United States Department of Justice grant to evaluate how local police homicide units use computer database technology to track serial killer and sexual offender cases by cross-referencing offender psychological signatures.

Fantasies Are Murder

Fantasies Are Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Fantasies Are Murder - Tj Perkins Summary

Kim and Kelly love mysteries, and when their families go to a resort that specializes in staging a murder mystery for the guests, they think their dream of solving a case has at last come true--until they discover a real murder has actually taken place on the grounds.

Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder Most Foul - David Bevington Summary

What is it about Hamlet that has made it such a compelling and vital work? Murder Most Foul: Hamlet Through the Ages is an account of Shakespeare's great play from its sources in Scandinavian epic lore to the way it was performed and understood in his own day, and then how the play has fared down to the present: performances on stage, television, and in film, critical evaluations, publishing history, spinoffs, spoofs, musical adaptations, the play's growing reputation, its influence on writers and thinkers, and the ways in which it has shaped the very language we speak. The staging, criticism, and editing of Hamlet , David Bevington argues, go hand in hand over the centuries, to such a remarkable extent that the history of Hamlet can be seen as a kind of paradigm for the cultural history of the English-speaking world.

Staging Wars

Staging Wars Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Wars - Grace Topping Summary

Laura Bishop's new home staging business is growing in popularity, but not with well-established interior designer Monica Heller, Laura's long-time nemesis. Laura suspects Monica of sabotaging her fledgling business and of having had an affair with her late husband. When the ultra-chic Monica is caught at the scene of a murder, Laura won't be sorry to see her languishing in a prison cell with bed sheets far from 600-thread Egyptian cotton. To keep the police from eyeing some of her friends for an earlier murder, Laura must overcome her dislike of Monica to help solve both homicides. Not an easy task since Laura and Monica have been at war since second grade.

Dunces Anonymous

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Dunces Anonymous - Kate Jaimet Summary

Josh Johnson's mother wants him to run for class president. Josh just wants to run and hide. If only there were a club to help downtrodden eleven-year-olds escape their parents' ambitions! But since no such club exists, Josh has to invent one—he calls it Dunces Anonymous, and before he knows it, the membership is up to three. Magnolia and Wang help Josh lose the school presidential election, but that's just the beginning of the club's activities. Magnolia, pressured by her mom into trying out for the role of Juliet in the school's play, finds herself fending off the advances of an overly amorous Romeo. Wang's father has forced him to join the school chess club, but Wang desperately wants to take fencing lessons instead. As the three friends try to free Magnolia from the school play, liberate Wang from the chess club and get rid of horrible Stacey Hogarth, who has vowed to become the new president of Dunces Anonymous, they realize that they all have talents—if only their parents could see them.

Staging Family

Staging Family Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Family - Nan Mullenneaux Summary

Breaking every prescription of ideal femininity, American actresses of the mid-nineteenth century appeared in public alongside men, financially supported nuclear and extended families, challenged domestic common law, and traveled the globe in the transnational theater market. While these women expanded professional, artistic, and geographic frontiers, they expanded domestic frontiers as well: publicly, actresses used the traditional rhetoric of domesticity to mask their very nontraditional personal lives, instigating historically significant domestic innovations to circumvent the gender constraints of the mid-nineteenth century, reinventing themselves and their families in the process. Nan Mullenneaux focuses on the personal and professional lives of more than sixty women who, despite their diverse backgrounds, each made complex conscious and unconscious compromises to create profit and power. Mullenneaux identifies patterns of macro and micro negotiation and reinvention and maps them onto the waves of legal, economic, and social change to identify broader historical links that complicate notions of the influence of gendered power and the definition of feminism; the role of the body/embodiment in race, class, and gender issues; the relevance of family history to the achievements of influential Americans; and national versus inter- and transnational cultural trends. While Staging Family expands our understanding of how nineteenth-century actresses both negotiated power and then hid that power, it also informs contemporary questions of how women juggle professional and personal responsibilities--achieving success in spite of gender constraints and societal expectations.

Psych and Philosophy

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Psych and Philosophy - Robert Arp Summary

“I’m getting something,” says Shawn, assuming a look of intense concentration and pressing his fingertips to the sides of his head. Shawn Spencer uses lies, pretense, and distraction to get at the truth. But can pseudoscience and fakery really be so helpful? And if they can be, is it ethical to employ them? Psych and Philosophy takes an entertaining tour through the philosophical issues raised by a fake psychic. Can faulty logic get to the truth quicker than good logic? Are other people to blame for Shawn’s deceptions, because they’re more ready to credit him with supernatural powers than with superior natural powers? Is instinct more important than smart thinking—in police work and in life? Is it ethical to tell lies to promote the truth (and protect the public from criminals)? Almost every episode of Psych revolves around a grisly death, treated humorously by the repartee between Shawn and Gus. The show has much to tell us about human ways of coping with death, as well as about the problem of justified knowledge, the ethics of law enforcement, and the interaction of love, friendship, loyalty, and professionalism.

Staging the Renaissance

Staging the Renaissance Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging the Renaissance - David Scott Kastan,Peter Stallybrass Summary

The essays in Staging the Renaissance show the theatre to be the site of a rich confluence of cultural forces, the place where social meanings are both formed and transformed. The volume unites some of the most challenging issues in contemporary Renaissance studies and some of our best-known critics, including Stephen Orgel, Margaret Ferguson, Catherine Belsey, Jonathan Goldberg, Marjorie Garber, Lisa Jardine, and Jonathan Dollimore-- demonstrating the variety and vitality not only of contemporary criticism, but of Renaissance drama itself.

Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases

Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases Pdf/ePub eBook


Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases - Laura Gail Pettler Summary

Individuals who perpetrate murder sometimes pose or reposition victims, weapons, and evidence to make it look like events happened in a different way than what actually transpired. Until now, there has been scarce literature published on crime scene staging.Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases is the first book to look at this practice, p


Deathtraps Pdf/ePub eBook


Deathtraps - Marvin Carlson Summary

"This is an extremely intelligent, interesting, and well written book." -- Murder Is Academic "... compelling analysis of the comedy thriller... " -- Theatre Studies "... almost as much fun to read as is seeing the actual plays discussed... " -- Journal of Popular Culture The phenomenal success of such plays as Deathtrap and Sleuth heralded the advent of a new form of detective play -- the comedy thriller. Carlson takes the wraps off the comedy thriller and reveals its postmodern effects. He looks at all the elements of the thriller -- openings, settings, characters, plot lines, the role of the audience, and endings -- and shows how they work to overturn the conventions of realism in detective drama.

Staging Pain, 1580-1800

Staging Pain, 1580-1800 Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Pain, 1580-1800 - James Robert Allard,Mathew R. Martin Summary

This collection foregrounds two crucial moments in the histories of pain, trauma, and their staging in British Theater: the establishment of secular and professional theater in London in the 1580s, and the growing dissatisfaction with theatrical modes of public punishment by 1800. Whether focused on individual plays or broad concerns, these essays offer a new and important contribution to the increasingly interrelated histories of pain, the body, and the theater.




CRIME SCENE STAGING - Arthur S. Chancellor,Grant D. Graham Summary

This unique text has been written as a practical reference for detectives, crime scene investigators, and prosecutors on how to recognize a staged scene and how this offender behavior could be used as evidence in subsequent trials. The book is designed to help those actively engaged in conducting criminal investigations identify the red flags or those common findings at a crime scene that point to the scene being staged or altered and thereby assist the investigative process. The text is not only research based but also includes the authorsf 30-year experience and personal observations in conducting hundreds of different crime scene investigations ranging from homicide and death, burglary and other property crimes, to rape and other sexual crimes. This experience also includes interviewing hundreds of victims and suspects, and conducting investigations from initiation of cases through prosecution. The authors have located hundreds of examples of staging and have included many of them as case studies throughout the text. Many of the case studies presented are based on the authorsf personal involvement in them. In addition to defining and categorizing the various aspects of staging, the reader is also introduced to new terminology describing the different elements of staging based on offender motive and the dynamics of the events. Other major discussions include primary and secondary staging as well as the two subcategories of primary staging: premeditated and ad hoc staging. Staging by individuals other than the offender and victim, described as tertiary/incidental scene alterations, are included as are several chapters on a variety of crimes and how to identify the red flags relevant to them. A final chapter is written especially for prosecutors and offers suggestions and references on how the concept of staging might be introduced in court. A very thorough Appendix provides reviews of many appellant court decisions from across the U.S. and Canada specifically addressing issues of staging.

Murder at St. Winifred's Academy

Murder at St. Winifred's Academy Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder at St. Winifred's Academy - J. D. Griffo Summary

Tranquility, New Jersey's amateur drama troupe is staging a murder mystery at St. Winifred's Academy and Alberta Scaglione couldn't be more thrilled. Even her Italian-American famiglia are getting in on the act. But someone's making deadly revisions to the script... Alberta can hardly believe it. Her childhood screen idol, 1950s Hollywood starlet Missy Michaels, has signed up for the local Tranquility Players revival of the classic Arsenic and Old Lace. But before Missy memorizes a single line, she's found dead in her dressing room wrapped in lace and clutching a bottle of arsenic. The ultimate drama-queen suicide? Everyone thinks so--except Alberta. A Ferrara woman knows murder when she sees it. Alberta also knows producer Nola Kirkpatrick's checkered past: whenever she's around, trouble abounds. Alberta and her crime-reporting partner-in-sleuthing granddaughter, Jinx, have a hunch the murderer is among the Players. So Alberta joins the cast--reluctantly playing Missy's role--to get closer to the truth. She notices the director is a little unbalanced, but aren't they all? The leading man is a wildly obsessive Missy Michaels fanboy--but a murderer? Of course, the show must go on. But if Alberta and Jinx can't nab the killer before opening night, it may mean curtains for more Players...including Alberta.

Dissecting the Criminal Corpse

Dissecting the Criminal Corpse Pdf/ePub eBook


Dissecting the Criminal Corpse - Elizabeth T. Hurren Summary

Those convicted of homicide were hanged on the public gallows before being dissected under the Murder Act in Georgian England. Yet, from 1752, whether criminals actually died on the hanging tree or in the dissection room remained a medical mystery in early modern society. Dissecting the Criminal Corpse takes issue with the historical cliché of corpses dangling from the hangman’s rope in crime studies. Some convicted murderers did survive execution in early modern England. Establishing medical death in the heart-lungs-brain was a physical enigma. Criminals had large bull-necks, strong willpowers, and hearty survival instincts. Extreme hypothermia often disguised coma in a prisoner hanged in the winter cold. The youngest and fittest were capable of reviving on the dissection table. Many died under the lancet. Capital legislation disguised a complex medical choreography that surgeons staged. They broke the Hippocratic Oath by executing the Dangerous Dead across England from 1752 until 1832. This book is open access under a CC-BY license.

Murder at Camp Delta

Murder at Camp Delta Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder at Camp Delta - Joseph Hickman Summary

The revelatory inside story about Guantánamo Bay—and the US government cover up—by the Staff Sergeant who felt honor-bound to uncover it: “A disturbing account…made with compelling clarity and strength of character” (Publishers Weekly). Staff Sergeant Joe Hickman was a loyal member of the armed forces and a proud American patriot. For twenty years, he worked as a prison guard, a private investigator, and in the military, earning more than twenty commendations and awards. When he re-enlisted after 9/11, he served as a team leader and Sergeant of the Guard in Guantánamo Naval Base. From the moment he arrived at Camp Delta, something was amiss. The prions were chaotic, detainees were abused, and Hickman uncovered by accident a secret facility he labeled “Camp No.” On June 9, 2006, the night Hickman was on duty, three prisoners died, supposed suicides, and Hickman knew something was seriously wrong. So began his epic search for the truth, an odyssey that would lead him to conclude that the US government was using Guantánamo not just as a prison, but as a training ground for interrogators to test advanced torture techniques. For the first time, Hickman details the inner workings of Camp Delta: the events surrounding the death of three prisoners, the orchestrated cover-up, and the secret facility at the heart of it all. From his own eyewitness account and a careful review of thousands of documents, he deconstructs the government’s account of what happened and proves that the military not only tortured prisoners, but lied about their deaths. By revealing Guantánamo’s true nature, Sergeant Hickman shows us why the prison has been so difficult to close. “Murder at Camp Delta is a plainly told, unsettling corrective to the many jingoistic accounts of post-9/11 military action” (Kirkus Reviews).

The Deserts of Bohemia

The Deserts of Bohemia Pdf/ePub eBook


The Deserts of Bohemia - Peter Steiner Summary

"Czech fiction in the twentieth century has been deeply enmeshed in the nation's political life and often serves as a conduit for its authors' social ideas. Peter Steiner challenges the view that literary works can be treated as aesthetically distinct from historical events. Instead, he gives evidence again and again of the inevitable connection between literature and politics." --Book Jacket.

Mayhem and Murder

Mayhem and Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Mayhem and Murder - Heta Pyrhönen Summary

Both detective and reader attempt to solve the crimes in detective novels, relying on the same motifs but employing different narrative interpretations to do so. A unique and lucid examination of a complex genre.

Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain

Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain - Gabriela Carrión Summary

Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain places dramatic representations of marriage within a historical and social framework and is framed by the decrees of the Council of Trent (1563), which ascribed sacramental status to marriage. While the diverse range of dramas examined in this study offer a multifaceted view of conjugal relations in early modern Spain, taken together they suggest a significant shift in the conventions governing marriage and other related social phenomena, including courtship and widowhood.

Hebrew studies

Hebrew studies Pdf/ePub eBook


Hebrew studies - N.A Summary

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Dramatics Pdf/ePub eBook


Dramatics - N.A Summary

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Chocolate Covered Murder

Chocolate Covered Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Chocolate Covered Murder - Leslie Meier Summary

It's frigid in snow-covered Tinker's Cove, and Lucy is fighting the winter blues--and her widening waistline. No one in their right mind would vacation in Maine this time of year, but to boost the economy, the town is launching a travel promotion for Valentine's Day. As a reporter for the Pennysaver, Lucy is assigned a puff piece on upscale Chanticleer's Chocolates, and its deliciously handsome owner, Trey Meacham. Soon Lucy discovers there's another tantalizing tart behind the counter. Sultry store manager Tamzin Graves is only too eager to serve her male customers. Leaving a throng of jealous women in her wake, it's almost no surprise when Tamzin turns up dead, her body covered in chocolate. . . Could a bitter ex-wife be behind the crimes? Or a candy shop competitor? There's no sugar-coating the truth, and as Lucy closes in on the culprit, she may find herself locked in the clutches of a half-baked killer. . . "I like Lucy Stone a lot, and so will readers." --Carolyn Hart "Fast-paced. . .intriguing." --Publishers Weekly "An enjoyable story." --RT Book Reviews

Staging as a Projection of Imitated Action in the Chester Cycle

Staging as a Projection of Imitated Action in the Chester Cycle Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging as a Projection of Imitated Action in the Chester Cycle - Paul John Pival Summary

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Staging Death

Staging Death Pdf/ePub eBook


Staging Death - Judith Cutler Summary

Resting' actress Vena Burford is far from idle: she's found work as an interior decorator refurbishing a stately home recently occupied by Hollywood bad boy Toby Frensham, now taking a lead role with the RSC in nearby Stratford-upon-Avon. Not everyone loves Toby as much as she does, however - and maybe someone hates him. Vena also works part-time for her estate agent brother, showing potential buyers around upmarket Warwickshire country houses. She's done this so often she smells a rat when couples who don't fit the usual client profile begin to visit the properties. Vena is initially curious, then indignant, and finally alarmed. Why should these curiously unnerving characters, who patently have no intention of buying, demand to explore every nook and cranny of the houses? It would have been better not to ask questions. When someone starts to tail Vena's car, leaving some silent but deeply threatening messages, it's clear that a very modern crime is being played out against the idyllic background of Shakespeare's picturesque county.

After"-Yuh Mamma"



After"-Yuh Mamma" - Howard E. Seals Summary

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The Murder on the Links

The Murder on the Links Pdf/ePub eBook


The Murder on the Links - Agatha Christie Summary

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Murder in Cabbagetown

Murder in Cabbagetown Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in Cabbagetown - Marlene Ritchie Summary

Life for Lisa Spencer has been a little boring recently. As an auctioneer in Toronto, she's had her share of interesting clients and expensive and sometimes even exotic lots to auction, but as of late, nothing seems to pique her interest. Take her regular client, Dr. Alistair Huntington, interested in having her appraise his collection of Grenfell mats and art-glass. The appraisal seems routine until she finds Huntington dead in his bedroom and pieces of his collection missing. Lisa suddenly finds herself a suspect in Huntington's murder investigation and in pursuit of the real killer. From Cabbagetown to Chinatown, Lisa's own investigation will take her all over Toronto, but the last place she expected to find a connection was with her own family! Life for Lisa Spencer had been a little boring recently...

Murder Down the Medway

Murder Down the Medway Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder Down the Medway - Alex Mabon Summary

When retired Detective Inspector Billy Saunders' assistance is requested by the police in Inverness following the murder of a local town councillor, he has no idea that the investigation will set him up for a confrontation that originated in the Medway towns 40 years earlier, when he was a young detective constable.

Murder Under Glass

Murder Under Glass Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder Under Glass - HP Hanson Summary

Four Corners sleuth Annette Trieri doesn't want it to happen, but it does anyway: she gets sucked into the investigation of a mysterious death in the Arizona desert, a death that hits close to home because the victim graduated from Frémont State University, where Annette's husband is Dean of Natural Sciences. It's one of his students who's dead. With her newly minted PhD and a prestigious post-doctoral appointment at the Ecological Archive Research Center near Tucson, Melody Witherspoon has a bright future, bright, that is, until her body turns up half-buried in the Center's research greenhouse. Everything looks neat and clean when the local sheriff, preoccupied with re-election, takes the low road and arrests an undocumented worker from Mexico-case closed. Or is it? Annette can see that there is more to the story, and her investigation takes her places that Melody's family and friends in the small community of Durango just don't want to know about. Corruption in the sheriff's office, a stalker among Melody's co-workers, and academic politics also confuse the issue. But one thing is for sure: the Murder Under Glass needs an explanation, and Annette is the one who has to provide it.

Shakespeare and the Staging of English History

Shakespeare and the Staging of English History Pdf/ePub eBook


Shakespeare and the Staging of English History - Janette Dillon Summary

This book is a study of what we can learn about Shakespeare's English history plays through the kind of staging he scripted for them. By breaking scenes down into stage pictures and 'units of action', the book makes visible the building blocks of Shakespeare's script and leads the reader towards an understanding of both the recurrent concerns of Shakespeare's history plays and the specific differences between them.

Driven To Murder

Driven To Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Driven To Murder - Robert Scott Summary

TV journalist Sam Donaldson hired Paul Posey as the new manager for his sprawling New Mexico ranch. Paul and his family settled into their new life. Then, in July 2004 Donaldson was stunned to discover that his ranch had become a blood soaked crime scene. The bullet-ripped bodies of Paul, his wife, and stepdaughter were found buried in a pile of manure. Paul's fourteen year old son Cody was soon in custody. But the shocking revelations had only just begun... The Posey's appeared to be like any other ordinary American family. But did their carefully constructed veneer hide a dysfunctional family with dark secrets? Cody claimed he had suffered years of relentless physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his father, step-mother, and his step-sister... Witnesses at the trial included Sam Donaldson, as well as neighbours who supported Cody's claims and others who disputed them. Was Cody a cold blooded killer - or separate the lies from the truth - and decide a teenager's fate...

A Legacy of Murder

A Legacy of Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


A Legacy of Murder - Margeaux Van Dijk Summary

Margeaux van Dijk's new thriller sequel The legacy lives on... "A Legacy of Murder" A novel you won't be able to put down as once again Margeaux van Dijk takes you from the asylum to the courtroom to the morgue and from the sane to the insane in a suspense filled drama with twists and turns at every corner. "A Legacy of Murder" promises to raise the hair on your neck as the saga of The West End Ripper continues in a page-turning tale of epic proportions Spanning the globe again from the heights of opulence in Bristol, England to the Hamptons in Long Island and the incredible estates of Oliver Wendel Harrington IV The characters you loved and hated in "Let Us Prey" return in "A Legacy of Murder" with a renewed intensity that will keep you on the edge of your seat in this story of mystery, intrique, and suspense! "A Legacy of Murder" may be read independently but is truly enhanced by her first novel, "Let Us Prey." Coming soon to bookstores near you, "A Winter Sun."

Cops, Donuts, and Murder

Cops, Donuts, and Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Cops, Donuts, and Murder - George Galjan Summary

Cleveland police officers Lietenant Pavlick and Seargeant Fu Chu Lai team up to battle the Cleveland Mafioso.

Murder Casts a Shadow

Murder Casts a Shadow Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder Casts a Shadow - Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl Summary

New Year’s Eve, 1934. While Honolulu celebrates with champagne and fireworks, someone is making away with the Bishop Museum’s portrait of King Kalakaua and its curator. A series of brutal murders follows, and an unlikely pair, newspaper reporter Mina Beckwith and visiting playwright Ned Manusia, find themselves investigating a twisted trail of clues in an attempt to recover the painting and uncover the killer. Honolulu in the 1930s is a unique (and volatile) mix of the provincial and the urban, East and West, islander and mainlander. Mina and Ned, both of Polynesian descent, confront the complexities and contradictions of Island life as their investigation takes them into the heart of Honolulu society and close-knit local families, whose intricate histories and relationships will have a direct impact on future lives and events. A lively cast of characters aids Mina and Ned in their search for answers: Cecily Chang, an antiques and explosives expert, steers them through Chinatown’s back alleys; Hinano Kahana, a hula chanter and dancer, brings Ned closer to solving an ancient riddle; Mina’s grandmother, Hannah, helps them unlock a secret from the past. Prewar Honolulu comes to life in this thoroughly entertaining mystery that evokes a colorful bygone era. The Mina Beckwith and Ned Manusia series continues with Murder Leaves Its Mark, available September 2011.

Pretext for Mass Murder

Pretext for Mass Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Pretext for Mass Murder - John Roosa Summary

In the early morning hours of October 1, 1965, a group calling itself the September 30th Movement kidnapped and executed six generals of the Indonesian army, including its highest commander. The group claimed that it was attempting to preempt a coup, but it was quickly defeated as the senior surviving general, Haji Mohammad Suharto, drove the movement’s partisans out of Jakarta. Riding the crest of mass violence, Suharto blamed the Communist Party of Indonesia for masterminding the movement and used the emergency as a pretext for gradually eroding President Sukarno’s powers and installing himself as a ruler. Imprisoning and killing hundreds of thousands of alleged communists over the next year, Suharto remade the events of October 1, 1965 into the central event of modern Indonesian history and the cornerstone of his thirty-two-year dictatorship. Despite its importance as a trigger for one of the twentieth century’s worst cases of mass violence, the September 30th Movement has remained shrouded in uncertainty. Who actually masterminded it? What did they hope to achieve? Why did they fail so miserably? And what was the movement’s connection to international Cold War politics? In Pretext for Mass Murder, John Roosa draws on a wealth of new primary source material to suggest a solution to the mystery behind the movement and the enabling myth of Suharto’s repressive regime. His book is a remarkable feat of historical investigation. Finalist, Social Sciences Book Award, the International Convention of Asian Scholars

Blind Spot For Murder

Blind Spot For Murder Pdf/ePub eBook


Blind Spot For Murder - David A. Evans Summary

Blind Spot For Murder is a completed, 102,964-word Fictional Thriller. It is targeted toward adult readers. The story takes place in the US and Europe, as well as the many beautiful ports of call of various cruise ships. Max Cutler is a young law school graduate who is recruited by the Secret Service. Not to protect the president, but to protect America’s interests abroad; specifically, to break up a counterfeiting ring based in Germany that is using US dollars. While Max is in Europe, his younger sister disappears from a cruise ship in Alaska. He flies back to comfort his parents, who are subsequently killed in a plane crash. Max is devastated. In trying to determine the details surrounding his sister’s death, he discovers that over 700 people per year go missing or die on cruise ships, raising more questions than answers. He befriends Cheryl, whose husband has disappeared from a cruise ship as well. They join forces and create MIDAS, Marine Investigations Deaths at Sea. Max recruits investigators from among his cohorts; former US Secret Service and Navy Seals; British military intelligence; German police, and New Zealand SAS, among others. The best of the best. While Max is on the trail of the European counterfeiters, MIDAS is tracking down a serial killer on the high seas known as the Grim Reaper. These two worlds collide when the details of what actually happened to Max’s family emerge.

A Murder Too Personal

A Murder Too Personal Pdf/ePub eBook


A Murder Too Personal - Gerald J. Davis Summary

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL. MONEY, SEX, MURDER. His ex-wife is dead. The cops think he did it. Ed Rogan, tough as nails and twice as sharp, is a private investigator of malfeasance in the corporate world. The enigmatic case he's working on in A MURDER TOO PERSONAL takes on a very personal aspect when he searches for the murderer of his ex-wife. Someone has thoughlessly put a bullet into the back of her head and Rogan is driven by the twin fiery demons of guilt and revenge to find her killer. His exciting quest leads him through the netherworld of Wall Street and corporate board rooms where vermin in Armani suits crawl along the underside of a glittering world where nothing is as it appears. The suspects are golden, well-groomed executive types with deadly secrets of greed, betrayal and lust locked up in their expensive, highly-polished mahagany desks. As he tracks down the murderer in a dangerous and suspenseful pursuit, Rogan rips apart layer after layer of surprises about the woman he was married to. Along the way he discovers she was not the wife he thought he knew, which leads him to the unanswerable question, "Do we ever really know another person?"

Murder at the Frankfurt Opera

Murder at the Frankfurt Opera Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder at the Frankfurt Opera - Pamela Cramer Summary

SINGING OPERA, SPEAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND SOLVING MURDERS It’s all in a day’s work for Myra Barnett, relocated American to the Frankfurt Opera where she has started her first contract singing in the chorus. MURDER FOUL OR? A colleague is mysteriously killed in an onstage “accident” which she is determined to prove was murder. Can she convince the stiff German Inspektor that this was the case? And how can she find evidence to convince him? THE PLOT DEVELOPS Going through her colleague’s belongings, she finds there were many secrets in his past that she was unaware of especially an earlier romance in another land. Intriguing. DAMN THAT WOMAN I am going to have to do something to stop that meddling woman who is trying to prove he was really murdered. She may have to have an accident too.

Murder in Mountain Lion Canyon

Murder in Mountain Lion Canyon Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in Mountain Lion Canyon - Nicholas Hazel Summary

The quiet routines of two couples are interrupted when someone in their circle of acquaintances is cruelly murdered; and then another murder follows as skeletons in many varietiesand even the Aztec Lord of the Underworld, Mictlantecuhtlirevel during the night of the Day of the Dead. What forces of evil have been unleashed in the community that is encroaching on the rugged Mountain Lion Canyon? Above the canyon hovers the scraggly large rock that was named La Roca, the new development in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. A mountain lion stalks the canyon and so do, it seems, human predators.

Miss Massacre's Guide to Murder and Vengeance

Miss Massacre's Guide to Murder and Vengeance Pdf/ePub eBook


Miss Massacre's Guide to Murder and Vengeance - Michael Paul Gonzalez Summary

They stole her family. They destroyed her body. They left her for dead. Their mistake. If memory serves, Mrs. Robinson had a happy life with her husband and daughter. Memory is a tricky thing, and hers has been forever altered by a series of traumatic events that left her family dead and her body broken. She survives on a diet of painkillers and hatred, determined to have her revenge. She has a list of names, plenty of ammunition, and a secret admirer. What else does a girl need? Each kill gets her one step closer to her goal and inches from the brink of sanity, racing to finish her list before she goes crazy. The problem, of course, is that she’s already there...

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