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Summary: The Backlash

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Summary: The Backlash - BusinessNews Publishing Summary

The must-read summary of Will Bunch's book: “The Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama”. This complete summary of "The Backlash" by Will Bunch, a Pulitzer Prize-winning political reporter, presents his argument that while the election of Obama was supposed to start an era of hope and optimism it has provoked instead anger on the far right. He argues that some political operatives are creating the perfect political storm conditions. The book is a gripping investigation into the American extreme right and their relentless campaign of distortion and misinformation. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand American political discourse and right-wing politics • Expand your knowledge of American politics and society To learn more, read "The Backlash" and discover how the emerging voice of the extreme right wing poses a threat to American democracy.


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Backlash - Sarah Darer Littman Summary

When Christian, a boy she knows only through Facebook, posts a lot of nasty comments on her page, fifteen-year-old Lara tries to kill herself--but that is only the beginning of the backlash for her sister, Sydney; her former friend Bree; and her classmates.

Global Backlash

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Global Backlash - Robin Broad Summary

Global Backlash is the first book to move beyond the monolithic portrayal of the globalization protests that have escalated since Seattle and are not likely to abate soon. With trenchant analysis and dozens of primary documents from a variety of popular and uncommon sources, Robin Broad explores proposals and initiatives coming from the backlash to answer the question, But what do they want? A range of sophisticated propositions and a vibrant debate among segments of the backlash emerge. Highly readable and analytically powerful, this book is vital to understanding the most potent protest movement of our times. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Backlash 9/11

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Backlash 9/11 - anny bakalian,medhi bozorgmehr Summary

For most Americans, September 11, 2001, symbolized the moment when their security was altered. For Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans, 9/11 also ushered in a backlash in the form of hate crimes, discrimination, and a string of devastating government initiatives. This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of the post-9/11 events on Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans as well as their organized response. Through fieldwork and interviews with community leaders, Anny Bakalian and Mehdi Bozorgmehr show how ethnic organizations mobilized to demonstrate their commitment to the United States while defending their rights and distancing themselves from the terrorists.

Behind the Backlash

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Behind the Backlash - Kenneth D. Durr Summary

In this nuanced look at white working-class life and politics in twentieth-century America, Kenneth Durr takes readers into the neighborhoods, workplaces, and community institutions of blue-collar Baltimore in the decades after World War II. Challenging notions that the "white backlash" of the 1960s and 1970s was driven by increasing race resentment, Durr details the rise of a working-class populism shaped by mistrust of the means and ends of postwar liberalism in the face of urban decline. Exploring the effects of desegregation, deindustrialization, recession, and the rise of urban crime, Durr shows how legitimate economic, social, and political grievances convinced white working-class Baltimoreans that they were threatened more by the actions of liberal policymakers than by the incursions of urban blacks. While acknowledging the parochialism and racial exclusivity of white working-class life, Durr adopts an empathetic view of workers and their institutions. Behind the Backlash melds ethnic, labor, and political history to paint a rich portrait of urban life--and the sweeping social and economic changes that reshaped America's cities and politics in the late twentieth century.

A Study Guide for Susan Faludi's "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women"

A Study Guide for Susan Faludi's


A Study Guide for Susan Faludi's "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women" - Gale, Cengage Learning Summary

A Study Guide for Susan Faludi's "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Nonfiction Classics for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Nonfiction Classics for Students for all of your research needs.

The Backlash Against Investment Arbitration

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The Backlash Against Investment Arbitration - Michael Waibel Summary

"This book, the outgrowth of a conference organized by the editors at Harvard Law School on April 19, 2008, aims to uncover the drivers behind the backlash against the current international investment regime."--Library of Congress Online Calalog.

White Backlash

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White Backlash - Marisa Abrajano,Zoltan L. Hajnal Summary

White Backlash provides an authoritative assessment of how immigration is reshaping the politics of the nation. Using an array of data and analysis, Marisa Abrajano and Zoltan Hajnal show that fears about immigration fundamentally influence white Americans' core political identities, policy preferences, and electoral choices, and that these concerns are at the heart of a large-scale defection of whites from the Democratic to the Republican Party. Abrajano and Hajnal demonstrate that this political backlash has disquieting implications for the future of race relations in America. White Americans' concerns about Latinos and immigration have led to support for policies that are less generous and more punitive and that conflict with the preferences of much of the immigrant population. America's growing racial and ethnic diversity is leading to a greater racial divide in politics. As whites move to the right of the political spectrum, racial and ethnic minorities generally support the left. Racial divisions in partisanship and voting, as the authors indicate, now outweigh divisions by class, age, gender, and other demographic measures. White Backlash raises critical questions and concerns about how political beliefs and future elections will change the fate of America's immigrants and minorities, and their relationship with the rest of the nation.


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Backlash - Brad Thor Summary

“Raw emotion, nonstop action, and relentless pacing makes Backlash another one-night read from Brad Thor, who delivers the book to beat in 2019.” —The Real Book Spy #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 Publishers Weekly bestselling author Brad Thor is back with his most gripping thriller yet! In ancient texts, there are stories about men who struck from the shadows, seemingly beyond the reach of death itself. These men were considered part angel, part demon. Their loyalty was to their families, their friends, and their kings. You crossed these men at your peril. And once crossed, there was no crossing back. They were fearless; men of honor who have been known throughout history by different names: Spartan, Viking, Samurai. Today, men like these still strike from the shadows. They are highly prized intelligence agents, military operatives, and assassins. One man is all three. Two days ago, that man was crossed—badly. Now, far from home and surrounded by his enemy, Scot Harvath must battle his way out. With no support, no cavalry coming, and no one even aware of where he is, it will take everything he has ever learned to survive. But survival isn’t enough. Harvath wants revenge. In the most explosive novel Brad Thor has ever written, page after captivating page of action, intrigue, loyalty, and betrayal will keep you hooked until the very last sentence.

The Multiculturalism Backlash

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The Multiculturalism Backlash - Steven Vertovec,Susanne Wessendorf Summary

In a relatively short time, many European governments have been purposefully dropping the notion ‘multicultural’ or other references to cultural diversity in their policy vocabularies. More and more politicians and public intellectuals have criticized a perceived shift towards ‘too much diversity’. This volume goes beyond the conventional approaches to the topic offering a careful examination of not only the social conditions and political questions surrounding multiculturalism but also the recent emergence of a ‘backlash’ against multicultural initiatives, programmes and infrastructures. Featuring case-study based contributions from leading experts throughout Europe and North America, this multidisciplinary work seeks to assess some of these key questions with reference to recent and current trends concerning multiculturalism, cultural diversity and integration in their respective countries, evaluating questions such as Is there is a common ‘sceptical turn’ against cultural diversity or a ‘backlash against difference’ sweeping Europe? How have public discourses impacted upon national and local diversity management and migration policies? Are the discourses and policy shifts actually reflected in everyday practices within culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse settings? The Multiculturalism Backlash provides new insights, informed reflections and comparative analyses concerning these significant processes surrounding politics, policy, public debates and the place of migrants and ethnic minorities within European societies today. Focusing on the practice and policy of multiculturalism from a comparative perspective this work will be of interest to scholars from a wide range of disciplines including migration, anthropology and sociology.

Cultural Backlash and the Rise of Populism

Cultural Backlash and the Rise of Populism Pdf/ePub eBook


Cultural Backlash and the Rise of Populism - Pippa Norris,Ronald Inglehart Summary

A new theoretical analysis of the rise of Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Silvio Berlusconi, and Viktor Orbán.

Revolutionary Backlash

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Revolutionary Backlash - Rosemarie Zagarri Summary

The Seneca Falls Convention is typically seen as the beginning of the first women's rights movement in the United States. Revolutionary Backlash argues otherwise. According to Rosemarie Zagarri, the debate over women's rights began not in the decades prior to 1848 but during the American Revolution itself. Integrating the approaches of women's historians and political historians, this book explores changes in women's status that occurred from the time of the American Revolution until the election of Andrew Jackson. Although the period after the Revolution produced no collective movement for women's rights, women built on precedents established during the Revolution and gained an informal foothold in party politics and male electoral activities. Federalists and Jeffersonians vied for women's allegiance and sought their support in times of national crisis. Women, in turn, attended rallies, organized political activities, and voiced their opinions on the issues of the day. After the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, a widespread debate about the nature of women's rights ensued. The state of New Jersey attempted a bold experiment: for a brief time, women there voted on the same terms as men. Yet as Rosemarie Zagarri argues in Revolutionary Backlash, this opening for women soon closed. By 1828, women's politicization was seen more as a liability than as a strength, contributing to a divisive political climate that repeatedly brought the country to the brink of civil war. The increasing sophistication of party organizations and triumph of universal suffrage for white males marginalized those who could not vote, especially women. Yet all was not lost. Women had already begun to participate in charitable movements, benevolent societies, and social reform organizations. Through these organizations, women found another way to practice politics.

Chemistry and the Technological Backlash

Chemistry and the Technological Backlash Pdf/ePub eBook


Chemistry and the Technological Backlash - James L. Pyle Summary

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Proceedings - N.A Summary

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1995 American Control Conference

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1995 American Control Conference - American Automatic Control Council,International Federation of Automatic Control Summary

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Green Backlash

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Green Backlash - Andrew Rowell Summary

The tide is turning against environmentalism as the political right, industry and governments fight back. Green Backlash is a controversial expose of the anti-environmental movement. Tracing the rise of the backlash from the Wise Use movement in the USA, the author reveals its rapid spread worldwide: the anti-roads movement in the UK, forestry debates in Canada and Australia, marine resource issues in Europe, South-East Asia, and controversies such as the Brent Spar. The backlash is set to get worse as the resource wars intensify. This book offers a greater understanding of the challenges and threats facing global environmentalism, concluding that the environmental movement now has a chance to re-evaluate and change for the better to beat the backlash - a chance that must not be missed.

Women Under Attack

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Women Under Attack - Sue Davis,Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse (New York, N.Y.) Summary

Provides and examination of sexual and reproductive liberation; a summary of right-wing attacks; an analysis of the social/cultural constraints on the use of contraception; and a call for organizing for reproductive rights within a political program of women's liberation.

Sweet Backlash

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Sweet Backlash - Violet Heart Summary

BLURB Chip arrives in a new town to practice law only to follow his secretary into the dark and secret world of dominance and submission. He’s quickly under the dominance of beautiful, sexy Melony. Against his will, she captures his heart. Together, can they overcome her past and break down her walls? Will she soften enough to let him in, where love can save them both? EXCERPT Glancing at his watch, he hit the button on the phone labeled Secretary. With only two hours left in the workday, he needed to get busy. He hoped she could stay late. Beep-beep. “Yes, sir?” She sounded young. Not the grandmotherly type he had in Boston. “Please come see me.” The door opened and he swiveled the chair. Before he could speak, however, his throat closed and his crotch tightened uncomfortably. Shit! Danger just walked into his office. She had her pale blond hair swept up in some fancy knot, held in place with what looked like chopsticks. It appeared much too easy to let down quickly. Chocolate brown eyes caressed his face, or did he imagine it? God, did his pants bulge? He crossed a leg over his knee as a precaution. Where did she get that skin? Flawless. Alabaster tinged in the right places with a hint of pink. Had to be make-up. Especially on that mouth. Geez, he couldn’t keep himself from picturing those plump, glistening lips wrapping around the tip of his manhood. He started to throb, and swallowed. Hard. He had to look away. But he couldn’t take his eyes from her. That long, ballerina neck arched for his kiss. Stop it! Firm, high, not-too-large breasts filled out her translucent blouse. Underneath, a lace camisole stretched, hinting at a shadow of pretty cleavage. Were her tits getting bigger by the second? Damn it, he was staring. Dropping his gaze lower, he admired the form-fitting, cream colored pencil skirt that hugged her tiny waist and emphasized the gentle flare of her hips. Young, but not too young. Definitely a woman. Damn, she was sweet. Long legs tapered down, shapely like a runner’s. Highlighted by cream colored, strappy high-heeled shoes, her narrow feet ended with French manicured toes he wanted more than anything to suck. She cleared her throat, and he gave a guilty start. “Yes,” he said and mentally slapped himself when his voice cracked. Clearing his own throat, he added, “I have a list of supplies. Can you see to it or is there someone else I should talk to?” Her dark gaze raked him and he froze, terrified she would see his tenting trousers. Then he realized the edge of his desk blocked her view. She held out a hand. “I’ll take care of it for you.” Her voice sounded different in person. Less childlike. More husky, sexy. It swirled around him and he leaned forward slightly. His eyes found her outstretched hand, his mind sending it straight to his member. He stared, picturing the slender fingers taking hold of his hard length. His mouth went dry. Get control, man! “The list?” she reminded. “Yes, of course. The list.” He sounded like an idiot! Ripping the page off the pad, he handed it to her. She turned and headed for the door, her hips swaying seductively and her shoes making a seductive, slappy rhythm with her walk. Suddenly, he remembered. “Excuse me.” He hadn’t even asked her name. I’m such a jerk. “What should I call you?” “How about Hey you,” she suggested with a straight face. It took him a moment to realize she joked, and gave him hope he had not made a complete fool of himself. He chuckled. “No, you may call me Melony.” “Thank you, Melony.” He tried to relax but she had him in tangles. “Call me Chip. Could you get me a copy of Monday’s hearing schedule, and the corresponding trial prep summary? I’d like to go over it this weekend.” “Yes, sir.” “Chip,” he called as she closed the door. That glass wall was going to cause him no end of problems with her sitting on the other side. Includes: bdsm bondage, explicit sex dominance submission


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Backlash - Lynda La Plante Summary

A suspect. An arrest. A confession. A case done and dusted...? Five years ago a 13-year-old girl disappeared in broad daylight on a busy street. DCS James Langton headed the investigation; the case was never closed. It has haunted him ever since. And now comes another confession, to this murder, and to one more besides. Too good to be true? DCI Anna Travis, pulled into the fray, isn't so sure that they have their man. Then the suspect changes his story... 'The mistress of suspense... a superb storyteller' Daily Express 'Breathless... ranks impressively against the best of Prime Suspect' Guardian 'Without doubt one of the best writers working today' Karin Slaughter

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