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Summer of '69 - Target Exclusive

Summer of '69 - Target Exclusive Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of '69 - Target Exclusive - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

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Research Directions For The Decade (Snowmass 1990) - Proceedings Of The 1990 Summer Study On High Energy Physics

Research Directions For The Decade (Snowmass 1990) - Proceedings Of The 1990 Summer Study On High Energy Physics Pdf/ePub eBook


Research Directions For The Decade (Snowmass 1990) - Proceedings Of The 1990 Summer Study On High Energy Physics - Berger Edmond L Summary

With the advent of the Superconducting Super Collider and other new technologies, coupled with the development of particle astrophysics and other non-accelerator based physics, research in high energy particle physics in the nineties promises to break into new and exciting frontiers. To chart the directions and opportunities for this new decade, the 1990 Summer Study on High Energy Physics was organized in Snowmass, Colorado. Like previous Snowmass Summer Studies, it plays a key role in shaping research directions and in drawing the particle physics community together.This book of the proceedings examines the full spectrum of important scientific issues and opportunities in high energy particle physics in the decade of the 1990's, including research at existing and anitcipated hadron-hadron, e+e-, and ep colliders; research at fixed-target facilities; the scientific potential of possible new facilities such as B factories; particle astrophysics and non-accelerator based physics; and accelerator and detector initiatives. It also discusses the physics and technical aspects of the initial Superconducting Super Collider experimental program.This volume, therefore, offers a captivating glimpse into the future of high energy physics, and makes essential reading for all physicists interested in assessing the exciting new research opportunities the future technologies would bring.

Summer of '69

Summer of '69 Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of '69 - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

'I just LOVE [Elin Hilderbrand's] books, they are such compulsive reads' - Marian Keyes 'The beach read of the summer . . . A must buy' - Library Journal Welcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century . . . Every year the Levin children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother's historic island home, but this year it's not to be. Blair, the oldest sister, is marooned in Boston, pregnant with twins and unable to travel. Middle sister Kirby is caught up in the thrilling vortex of civil rights protests with her friend Mary Jo Kopechne. And Tiger, the only son, has just been deployed to Vietnam. Thirteen-year-old Jessie, the youngest of them all, suddenly feels like an only child, marooned in the house with her out-of-touch grandmother who is hiding secrets of her own . . . In her first historical novel, Elin Hilderbrand once again cements her title as 'Queen of the Summer Novel' (People). ************ Praise for Elin Hilderbrand 'Sink into this book like a hot, scented bath . . . a delicious, relaxing pleasure' - Kirkus '[Elin Hilderbrand] signifies the start of summer to readers' - The Book Reporter 'Perfect holiday reading' - Candis 'The queen regent of the easy-breezy summer novel' - New York Post

Outlaws of America

Outlaws of America Pdf/ePub eBook


Outlaws of America - Dan Berger Summary

The fiery true story of America's most famous radical fugitives, urgently and passionately told.

The Gunslingers of '69

The Gunslingers of '69 Pdf/ePub eBook


The Gunslingers of '69 - Brian Hannan Summary

In 1969--the counter-cultural moment when Easy Rider triggered a "youthquake" in audience interests--Westerns proved more dominant than ever at the box office and at the Oscars. It was a year of masterpieces--The Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Once Upon a Time in the West and True Grit. Robert Redford achieved star status. Old-timers like John Wayne, Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum appeared in two Westerns apiece. Raquel Welch took on the mantle of Queen of the West. Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin tried their hand at a musical (Paint Your Wagon). New directors like George Roy Hill reinvigorated the genre while veteran Sam Peckinpah at last found popular approval. Themes included women's rights, social anxieties about violence and changing attitudes of and towards African-Americans and Native Americans. All of the 40-plus Westerns released in the U.S. in 1969 are covered in depth, offering a new perspective on the genre.

Winter in Paradise

Winter in Paradise Pdf/ePub eBook


Winter in Paradise - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

A husband's secret life, a wife's new beginning: escape to the Caribbean with #1 New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand. Irene Steele shares her idyllic life in a beautiful Iowa City Victorian house with a husband who loves her to sky-writing, sentimental extremes. But as she rings in the new year one cold and snowy night, everything she thought she knew falls to pieces with a shocking phone call: her beloved husband, away on business, has been killed in a helicopter crash. Before Irene can even process the news, she must first confront the perplexing details of her husband's death on the distant Caribbean island of St. John. After Irene and her sons arrive at this faraway paradise, they make yet another shocking discovery: her husband had been living a secret life. As Irene untangles a web of intrigue and deceit, and as she and her sons find themselves drawn into the vibrant island culture, they have to face the truth about their family, and about their own futures. Rich with the lush beauty of the tropics and the drama, romance, and intrigue only Elin Hilderbrand can deliver, Winter in Paradise is a truly transporting novel, and the exciting start to a new series.

Observers and Navigators

Observers and Navigators Pdf/ePub eBook


Observers and Navigators - Wg Cdr C.G. Jefford Summary

This title first appeared in 2001 to universal acclaim, quickly went out of print and has remained so since. The author, meantime, has continued his research and the result is this updated edition, over half as long as the first, with stacks of new photographs. Absolutely essential reference for all those interested in military aviation.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Pdf/ePub eBook


Winter Solstice - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

Raise one last glass with the Quinn Family at the Winter Street Inn. It's been too long since the entire Quinn family has been able to celebrate the holidays under the same roof, but that's about to change. With Bart back safe and sound from Afghanistan, the Quinns are preparing for a holiday more joyous than any they've experienced in years. And Bart's safe return isn't the family's only good news: Kevin is enjoying married life with Isabelle; Patrick is getting back on his feet after paying his debt to society; Ava thinks she's finally found the love of her life; and Kelly is thrilled to see his family reunited at last. But it just wouldn't be a Quinn family gathering if things went smoothly. A celebration of everything we love - and some of the things we endure - about the holidays, WINTER SOLSTICE is Elin Hilderbrand at her festive best. ************** Praise for Winter Solstice 'A holiday package filled with humor, romance, and realism' - Jocelyn McClurg 'The holidays wouldn't be complete without a little family dysfunction, and Hilderbrand writes it well' - Library Journal 'A page-turner' - Coastal Living 'A series only works when the characters are worth following over the long haul, and Hilderbrand is a master, making for a satisfying conclusion to her Christmas at the Inn story' - Kirkus '[Hilderbrand] expertly meshes everything together so that peace exists within each character and within the family dynamic . . . The queen of the romance novel is on top of her game, and she won't let you down' - Book Reporter

The Third Wife

The Third Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Third Wife - Lisa Jewell Summary

"In the early hours of a summer morning, a young woman steps into the path of an oncoming bus. A tragic accident? Or suicide? At the center of this puzzle is Adrian Wolfe, a successful architect and grief-stricken widower, who, a year after his third wife's death, begins to investigate the cause. As Adrian looks back on their brief but seemingly happy marriage, disturbing secrets begin to surface"--Amazon.com.

Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9

Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9 Pdf/ePub eBook


Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9 - Gary Gruber Summary

The ultimate guide to helping your child succeed on tests both now and as they grow up, with practical strategies and examples, comprehensive subject reviews, practice exams and explanations, and much more! All parents want their children to be as successful as possible and to reach their fullest potential, and, in today’s education climate, test-taking is more important to a student’s success and growth than ever before. So how can you make sure your child is as well-prepared as possible? Fortunately, that just happens to be Dr. Gary Gruber’s life’s work. For over thirty years, his Gruber Method has taught millions of students the critical-thinking skills needed to succeed in the modern education system. Using adaptive strategies for thinking about test problems as categories, rather than rote memorization of individual answers, Dr. Gruber has unlocked the essential test-taking skills any child can use to succeed on any test, any time. For parents and teachers who want to help their children learn and understand the strategies needed in all test-taking areas, Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9 will help your child expand their knowledge, develop their test-taking confidence, and realize their true potential. Featured topics in Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9 include: Guides to how students can develop critical thinking skills that will last forever Unique test on How Your Child will do on the upcoming SAT, ACT, and what strategies and thinking skills they need to internalize in this book to achieve their full potential. Information to help children prepare for specific tests, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE by internalizing the thinking strategies in this book Clear, consistent methods for finding the correct answers Key mathematical laws, ideas, and secrets that students should know Essential language and grammar skills, plus vocabulary-word lists Tried-and-true reading-comprehension techniques Easy, efficient methods for making children less nervous about tests Practical strategies for helping children achieve their fullest potential So pick up a copy of Gruber's Essential Guide to Test Taking: Grades 6-9, study its lessons with your child, and watch them grow and succeed.


Paperboy Pdf/ePub eBook


Paperboy - Vince Vawter Summary

*"Reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird." —Booklist, Starred "An unforgettable boy and his unforgettable story. I loved it!" —ROB BUYEA, author of Because of Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terupt Falls Again This Newbery Honor winner is perfect for fans of To Kill a Mockingbird, The King’s Speech, and The Help. A boy who stutters comes of age in the segregated South, during the summer that changes his life. Little Man throws the meanest fastball in town. But talking is a whole different ball game. He can barely say a word without stuttering—not even his own name. So when he takes over his best friend’s paper route for the month of July, he’s not exactly looking forward to interacting with the customers. But it’s the neighborhood junkman, a bully and thief, who stirs up real trouble in Little Man’s life. A Newbery Honor Award Winner An ALA-ALSC Notable Children’s Book An IRA Children’s and Young Adults’ Choice An IRA Teachers’ Choice A Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year A National Parenting Publications Award Honor Book A BookPage Best Children’s Book An ABC New Voices Pick A Junior Library Guild Selection An ALA-ALSC Notable Children’s Recording An ALA-YALSA Amazing Audiobook A Mississippi Magnolia State Award List Selection “[Vawter’s] characterization of Little Man feels deeply authentic, with . . . his fierce desire to be ‘somebody instead of just a kid who couldn’t talk right.’” —The Washington Post “Paperboy offers a penetrating look at both the mystery and the daily frustrations of stuttering. People of all ages will appreciate this positive and universal story.” —Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation of America *“[A] tense, memorable story.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred “An engaging and heartfelt presentation that never whitewashes the difficult time and situation as Little Man comes of age.” —Kirkus Reviews “Vawter portrays a protagonist so true to a disability that one cannot help but empathize with the difficult world of a stutterer.” —School Library Journal

Rose Petal Jam

Rose Petal Jam Pdf/ePub eBook


Rose Petal Jam - Beata Zatorska,Simon Target Summary

Part memoir and part travelogue, this unique cookbook that the story of Beata Zatorska's childhood in rural Poland, mixing stories of her youth and her grandmother’s handwritten recipes with stunning photos of Poland in summer. Included are more than 60 recipes for traditional Polish home cooked meals, from poppyseed cake and pierogi to fruit-flavored summer liqueurs. The photography—ranging across locales such as Warsaw, Poznan, the Tatra Mountains, and the Baltic Sea—showcases the Polish landscape and its influence on the country’s distinct cuisine.

To Selena, with Love

To Selena, with Love Pdf/ePub eBook


To Selena, with Love - Chris Perez Summary

The murdered Mexican singer's husband shares his recollections and memories of their relationship, both personal and professional, and clarifies certain misconceptions about her life and death.

Umbrella Summer

Umbrella Summer Pdf/ePub eBook


Umbrella Summer - Lisa Graff Summary

After her brother Jared dies, ten-year-old Annie worries about the hidden dangers of everything, from bug bites to bicycle riding, until she is befriended by a new neighbor who is grieving her own loss.

The Year of the Three Sisters

The Year of the Three Sisters Pdf/ePub eBook


The Year of the Three Sisters - Andrea Cheng Summary

Twelve-year-old Anna's friend Andee spearheads a campaign to bring Fan from China to Cincinnati on a year-long cultural exchange, but before Fan even arrives, Anna is concerned that Andee and Fan are too different to get along. Simultaneous eBook. 25,000 first printing.

In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes Pdf/ePub eBook


In Her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner Summary

Rose Feller is thirty years old, a high-powered attorney, with a secret passion for romance novels, an exercise regime she's going to start next week, and dreams of a man who will slide off her glasses, gaze into her eyes, and tell her that she's beautiful. Meet Rose's sister Maggie. Twenty-eight years old, drop-dead gorgeous and only occasionally employed, Maggie is a backing singer in a band called Whiskered Biscuit. She dreams of fame and fortune -- and of getting her dowdy big sister to stick to a skin-care regime. These two women with nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, shared DNA, and the same size feet, are about to learn that their family is more different than they ever imagined, and that they're more alike than they'd ever believe. The brilliant new novel by Jennifer Weiner, Who Do You Love, will be released in August 2015.

When God Doesn't Fix It

When God Doesn't Fix It Pdf/ePub eBook


When God Doesn't Fix It - Laura Story Summary

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT GOOD THINGS CAN COME OUT OF OUR BROKEN DREAMS? Worship leader and recording artist Laura Story’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband, Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Their lives would never be the same. Yes, with God all things are possible. But the devastating news was that no cure existed to restore Martin’s short-term memory, eyesight, and other complications. The fairy-tale life Laura had dreamed of was no longer possible. And yet in struggling with God about how to live with broken dreams, Laura has found joy and a deeper intimacy with Jesus. Laura helps us understand we aren’t the only ones whose lives have taken unexpected turns. She examines the brokenness of some of the heroes of our faith, and shows how despite their flaws and flawed stories, God was able to use them in extraordinary ways. And it was not because of their faith, but because of the faithfulness of their God. God may not fix everything. In fact, although your situation might not ever change or get better, with Jesus you can. “Our family has been ministered to by her vulnerability and willingness to walk in the valley and still say ‘God, I Trust You.’” — STEVEN CURTIS and MARY BETH CHAPMAN Grammy Award-Winning Artist and New York Times Bestselling Author “Laura is one of my heroes when it comes to trusting God. She’s joyful, genuine, and faithful even though her story includes messy chapters. ­This book will be on my nightstand for a long time!” —LISA HARPER Author and Bible Teacher

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