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Summer of '79

Summer of '79 Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of '79 - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Elin Hilderbrand's brief, irresistible postscript to her #1 New York Times bestselling novel Summer of '69. Catch up with Blair, Jessie, and Kirby ten years after the summer everything changed. This "Summer of '69 story" by Elin Hilderbrand will be published in print in spring 2021 as part of a Dorothea Benton Frank tribute anthology. Get it now in digital form, for a limited time!

Summer of '79

Summer of '79 Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of '79 - Darren Sapp Summary

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A Bicycle Journey Across the USA

A Bicycle Journey Across the USA Pdf/ePub eBook


A Bicycle Journey Across the USA - Chad Ehlers Summary

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Military Establishment Appropriation Bill for 1947, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ... , 79-2 on H.R. 6837

Military Establishment Appropriation Bill for 1947, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ... , 79-2 on H.R. 6837 Pdf/ePub eBook


Military Establishment Appropriation Bill for 1947, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ... , 79-2 on H.R. 6837 - United States. Congress. Senate. Appropriations Committee Summary

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Sometimes Love Heals

Sometimes Love Heals Pdf/ePub eBook


Sometimes Love Heals - Steven L. Hiller Summary

Love is the only true emotion we have. It controls your perceptions, your actions, and your feelings. It gives and takes away hope. It breeds joy and sorrow. And it ignites the flames of passion and can leave you in the fire of anger. The loss of love can leave you defeated, empty, and hurt, but Sometimes Love Heals. Steven L. Hiller leads you into both worlds.

Summer of '69

Summer of '69 Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of '69 - Elin Hilderbrand Summary

'I just LOVE [Elin Hilderbrand's] books, they are such compulsive reads' - Marian Keyes 'The beach read of the summer . . . A must buy' - Library Journal Welcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century . . . Every year the Levin children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother's historic island home, but this year it's not to be. Blair, the oldest sister, is marooned in Boston, pregnant with twins and unable to travel. Middle sister Kirby is caught up in the thrilling vortex of civil rights protests with her friend Mary Jo Kopechne. And Tiger, the only son, has just been deployed to Vietnam. Thirteen-year-old Jessie, the youngest of them all, suddenly feels like an only child, marooned in the house with her out-of-touch grandmother who is hiding secrets of her own . . . In her first historical novel, Elin Hilderbrand once again cements her title as 'Queen of the Summer Novel' (People). ************ Praise for Elin Hilderbrand 'Sink into this book like a hot, scented bath . . . a delicious, relaxing pleasure' - Kirkus '[Elin Hilderbrand] signifies the start of summer to readers' - The Book Reporter 'Perfect holiday reading' - Candis 'The queen regent of the easy-breezy summer novel' - New York Post

Half the World

Half the World Pdf/ePub eBook


Half the World - Corri van de Stege Summary

What was it like to live in Isfahan as the foreign wife of an Iranian University professor in the run up to and during the revolution of 1979, when the Shah was overthrown and Khomeini created the Islamic Republic of Iran? Corri van de Stege a Dutch national lived, studied and worked in London for eight years, married her Iranian boyfriend and moved with him to Isfahan early in 1977. Initially suffering from homesickness for London she adapts and makes new friends amongst the community of ‘foreign wives’ and becomes a teacher at the British Council. But then she finds herself in the middle of a revolution in an alien country with her husband and baby son, without internet, social media or even a telephone in her house, and where television and radio broadcasts are censored so you never know what is true and what is gossip. The author evokes the stark contrast between the everyday life on the campus and the escalation of violence both across the country and in Isfahan, the town where she lives. She worries about the increasing demonstrations of hatred against foreigners, in particular Americans, and the English language. You feel the tension grow between friends and colleagues who will have to decide whether they can live in an Islamic Republic, their unease aggravated by increasing uncertainty about what will happen to the American hostages held in Tehran.

Summer of Deliverance

Summer of Deliverance Pdf/ePub eBook


Summer of Deliverance - Christopher Dickey Summary

Summer of Deliverance is a powerful and moving memoir of anger, love, and reconciliation between a son and his father. Hailed as a literary genius of his generation, James Dickey created his art and lived his life with a ferocious passion. He was a heavy drinker, a destructive husband and father, a poet of grace and sensitivity, and, after the publication and subsequent film of his novel, Deliverance, a wildly popular literary star. Drawing on letters, notebooks, diaries, and his explicit conversations with his father, Christopher Dickey has crafted a superb memoir of the corrosive effects of fame, a moving remembrance of a crisis that united a family, and an inspiring celebration of love between father and son.

Agents In My Brain

Agents In My Brain Pdf/ePub eBook


Agents In My Brain - Bill Hannon Summary

What is it like to be at the mercy of biochemical agents in your brain that make you think you are working in league with secret agents? In Agents in My Brain, Bill Hannon guides you into a world in which crossword puzzles are coded messages from the CIA and a scrap of masking tape on your car windshield means that your conversations are being monitored. Never before has anyone described the bizarre though processes of a manic-depressive so clearly. Hannon shares glimpses of his life as a happy, well-adjusted high school student with many friends, a member of the high school swim team, then as a young man going off to college and wondering what he should tell his roommates and potential girlfriends about the unpredictable behavior brought on by his illness. In this authentic, gutsy, sometimes humorous, first-person account of surviving manic depression, one that hasn't been prettified or romaticized, Hannon tells what is ultimately a success story. He describes how he eventually finds a competent doctor who prescribes medications that help prevent mania and depression with minimal side-effects.

Still Standing: The Story of Andrea McCoy

Still Standing: The Story of Andrea McCoy Pdf/ePub eBook


Still Standing: The Story of Andrea McCoy - Charles Perry, Jr. Summary

Andrea McCoy aka Andre McCoy, a amateur fighter from New Bedford MA. He was 1979 New England Golden Gloves Champion along with Silver Medal winner for 1979 Spartacade Games in Moscow, Russia. He was killed on March 14, 1980 as he an members of the USA National Team were on board LOT Polish Airlines Flight 007 crash over Warsaw, Poland. Over his career he fought Tony Tucker, Kelvin D. Anderson, Jose Miguel and many others. He had a tremendous upside as did his opponents. Andrea had personal goals of graduating from New Bedford High School, becoming a Gold Medal winner for the USA and also becoming a Heavy-weight Champion. The Gentle Giant is truly missed by family, friends and the boxing world. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the New Bedford Boys & Girls Club, New Bedford, MA 0274

The Bay Men

The Bay Men Pdf/ePub eBook


The Bay Men - Evert Bay Scott Summary

After spending more of his youth tugging on clam rakes than he did in classrooms, and most of his adult years dealing with the not so honest characters of New York Citys toughest fish markets, Evert Bay Scott decided to write of it. He wanted to tell of his life and take his readers out there with him, along the shores of Long Island. Mr. Scott takes you on board telling about the run-ins, characters and con men that he came to know on the darker side of the clamming game; the side he wound up on. So hold on tight, this adventure on the Great South Bay is about to set sail!

The Best of LCD

The Best of LCD Pdf/ePub eBook


The Best of LCD - Dave the Spazz Summary

Named the best radio station in America by Rolling Stone magazine four years running, WFMU is considered the alternative radio station. LCD (Lowest Common Denominator), the station's program guide—begun in 1986 as a visual counterpart to WFMU’s oddball programming—was a wicked cocktail of satire, cultural news, alternative history, and provocative artwork that has earned its own devoted cult followers. It ceased publication in 1998 and its back issues have become treasured—and valuable—collector’s items. Dave the Spazz has spent the past twenty years hosting a weekly radio show on WFMU, self-publishing, freelance writing, making artwork, singing in punk-rock bands, and holding down one crummy job after another.

Love's True Second Chance

Love's True Second Chance Pdf/ePub eBook


Love's True Second Chance - Jeff Dawson Summary

Join Debbie and I for the love of a lifetime. From the halls of high school, to the joys of her accepting my class ring. Journey farther through a terrible break-up and the chance encounters in college where the wounds from the past still haven't healed. And finally, after thirty years, a reunification that will embark on the most intense love affair I could have ever imagined and the lessons in life, I had all but forgotten. In the end, is “true love” worth a Second Chance even if it means a tragic end? The answer is an emphatic YES! Get your copy today and join us as we journey down memory lane.

Making Airwaves

Making Airwaves Pdf/ePub eBook


Making Airwaves - Milo Hamilton,Dan Schlossberg,Bob Ibach Summary

Milo Hamilton has called 11 no-hitters and a World Series, often in tandem with such broadcast legends as Jack Buck, Jack Brickhouse, Bob Elson, and Harry Caray. His work was so well-received that he was enshrined into the broadcasters? wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. He received an even more unexpected honor eight years later ? election to the exclusive Radio Hall of Fame, of which only seven other baseball broadcasters belong. He has truly managed to work his way up from humble origins. The story he tells in Making Airwaves: 60 Years at Milo's Microphone is a profile in courage, a tale of talent and determination, and a behind-the-scenes look at seven decades of baseball history.

The History of Manchester

The History of Manchester Pdf/ePub eBook


The History of Manchester - John Whitaker Summary

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Jesus Boy

Jesus Boy Pdf/ePub eBook


Jesus Boy - Preston L. Allen Summary

“A consummate tragicomedy of African American family secrets and sorrows, and of faith under duress…a shout-hallelujah tale of transgression and grace.”—Booklist Sixteen-year-old Elwyn Parker is a member of the austere community of Christian believers at the Church of Our Blessed Redeemer Who Walked Upon the Waters, a devout and sincere piano prodigy who learns too late that the saintly girl he has had a crush on all his life is inexplicably pregnant and soon to be wed. Then the beautiful forty-two-year-old widow, Sister Morrisohn, in the midst of the confused emotions of her grieving, ends up in Elwyn's arms. Despite the problems posed by their age difference and the strict prohibitions of their strong religious beliefs, Elwyn and Sister Morrisohn's love is true, and as it grows among the ascetics, abstainers, and holy ghost rollers of their church, it exposes with wit, poignancy, and insight the dark secrets and ancient crimes of the pious. In Jesus Boy, “by turns solemn and funny” (The New York Times), Elwyn learns through tragedy and epiphany that the holy are no different from the rest of us. “Heartfelt and occasionally hilarious, Jesus Boy is a tender masterpiece.”—Dennis Lehane, New York Times-bestselling author of Mystic River and Since We Fell

You Do Have Perrier, Don't You?

You Do Have Perrier, Don't You? Pdf/ePub eBook


You Do Have Perrier, Don't You? - Anthony Cavallo Summary

I started in fine dining the summer of '79. At the time Perrier was the rage. The in thing was to order, and be heard ordering, Perrier. This bottle sat on everyone's table - an excellent drink with dinner and wine. My book is a collection of memories that I recall all too often - thoughts of events that occurred over twenty-five years that are too interesting not to be told. The best I can do is let you read about them. I wish I could tell you....I wish you were there. Being a waiter, and especially a maitre d', was fun not knowing what unique experience would occur today, and involve me. Unintentionally and willingly I had the best job of my life. If any waiter, or restaurant employee, or any type of worker had a more interesting or exciting job than I, more power to them.

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness Pdf/ePub eBook


Army of Darkness - N.A Summary

This book presents the complete adaptation of the Army of Darkness feature film! Featuring 88 pages of non-stop Ash action, this is a must-have for your reading collection! Also features an interview with Bruce Campbell by writer Kurt Busiek who also provides the forward.

Children of Jonah

Children of Jonah Pdf/ePub eBook


Children of Jonah - James T. Clemons Summary

A unique collection of deeply moving stories by survivors of suicide attempts who decided to choose life instead. With a foreword by singer-songwriter, Judy Collins, herself a survivor of a suicide attempt

Lyt 'm Up

Lyt 'm Up Pdf/ePub eBook


Lyt 'm Up - J. David Drake Summary

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