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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Sunset, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

The Sunset Sisters

The Sunset Sisters Pdf/ePub eBook The Sunset Sisters Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 765 | Ebook Reads: 765 | File: The Sunset Sisters.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1838888012


The Sunset Sisters - , Summary

Two sisters. A surprising inheritance. A summer that changes everything. As children, half-sisters Cassie and Julie were nearly inseparable, bonded through happy, lazy summers playing barefoot in the surf and sleeping out on the porch of their grandmother’s Hamptons beach house. Though from wildly different backgrounds, each magical summer the girls were as close as only best friends, accomplices, sisters can be. But they haven’t spoken in nearly fifteen years—not since the funeral of Cassie’s mother—and now there is only resentment and painful memories between them. Successful and self-contained, Cassie is shocked to learn the requirements of their Nana’s will—that she and Julie spend one final summer together in the Hamptons house in order to inherit. Cassie agrees reluctantly, she needs an excuse to leave Boston and give the growing rumors about her personal life a chance to die down. And for Julie, who is discovering too late the cracks in her marriage, it is the chance to repair at least one damaged relationship. But for the two sisters to regain what they had, they will have to finally confront what happened the night Cassie lost her mother. With their Nana’s wisdom guiding the way, could this summer bring painful discoveries, and a new direction, for both sisters? An emotional and riveting novel full of family drama and dark secrets. Perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner. Readers love The Sunset Sisters: “ABSOLUTELY UNPUTDOWNABLE. Warm and emotional. I loved it completely from beginning to end… captured my heart from the first page… Brilliant writing, lovable characters, real situations, the book was everything I needed and more.” Book Reviews by Shalini, 5 stars “A simply glorious read!… One of the best books I read this year!” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Definitely for fans of Elin Hilderbrand. I absolutely loved it and liked that the drama was intense but there was reprieve and easy reading in between. It was well-written and truly the perfect beach read.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “WOW! What an incredible story that brought out so many emotions.” Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews, 5 stars “A fantastic read!… I cried at quite a few spots. I didn't want this book to end!!” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Delightful, bittersweet and beguiling… Had me utterly enchanted. The Sunset Sisters is uplifting and compelling and I highly recommend it.” Brianne’s Book Reviews, 5 stars “Brilliant book. Loved it.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “The perfect summer story.” Goodreads reviewer “A fantastic, great read. The story is full of emotions. Recommend it.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “A great book.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Read this in one day.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “A great read… has the full gamut of emotions and it's not to be missed.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “An emotional, heart-warming summer read that is perfect to lay back and relax with on lazy, summer afternoons… this story pulled at my heart strings and took me on an emotional, heart-warming ride the entire way through.” Goodreads reviewer “Love, lies and betrayal at its best. This is a compulsive read, one I had difficulty putting down.” Goodreads reviewer “The kind of story I love! Family secrets, all those skeletons in the closets makes for a book I couldn’t put down!” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “Amazing, emotional.” Goodreads reviewer “An emotional, heart-warming summer read… will envelope you and not let you out of its grasp until you have read each and every word of this bittersweet, emotional tale… this story pulled at my heart strings and took me on an emotional, heart-warming ride the entire way through.” Goodreads reviewer.


Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 580 | Ebook Reads: 580 | File: Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0865343802


Sunset - Glen Onley Summary

Thirteen-year-old Everett stares as his father, found guilty of murder, plunges through the trap door. Believing his father innocent and Wiley Stuart guilty, Everett hunts down the outlaw, but Deputy Marshal Ben Williams wrests away the prisoner and denies Everett all hope of clearing his father..

On Sunset

On Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook On Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 444 | Ebook Reads: 444 | File: On Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0385542682


On Sunset - Kathryn Harrison Summary

Born in Los Angeles at the dawn of the 1960s to parents who quickly departed, Kathryn Harrison was received by her maternal grandparents as a late-life child. Harry Jacobs and Margaret Sassoon, true wandering Jews, had emigrated to L.A. after leading whirlwind lives in Shanghai, London, Alaska, Russia, and beyond. Harrison grew up in their fading Tudor mansion on Sunset Boulevard, a kingdom inhabited by gleaming memories from their extraordinary past. Their photos, letters, and souvenirs sparked endless family stories that spanned cultures, dynasties, and continents—until declining finances forced them to sell the house in 1971, and night fell fast. Vivid and poignant, filled with the wisdom of retrospect and the wonder of childhood, On Sunset seeks to recover a foundational time in her life, affirming the power of storytelling and the endurance of memory..


Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 689 | Ebook Reads: 689 | File: Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN:


Sunset - Kaci Rose Summary

I think the better question is can we stay out of bed long enough to stop them? Brynn When your first love comes blowing back into town it’s normal to throw a kiwi at his face right? The problem is this is a small town and now everyone is talking about it. He’s back to run his family’s two restaurants since his dad died so I have to deal with him all season. Great. That’s fine I’ll stay at my Inn and avoid town as much as possible. Of course, he’s going to step in and be a knight in shining armor when my chef quits and forces me to be nice to him. Jasper I promised my mom I would make things right with Brynn and me. But she is making that hard to do with the flying fruit and all. When the storm washes out the only way on and off the island and Brynn’s chef at the Inn quiets, of course, my mom would offer me to save the day. I don’t do it for Brynn, I do it for her parents who I loved and never got to say goodbye to. But every night in the same space starts to wear on a guy, I start to see that girl I loved all those years ago. What are the chances she will give me a second chance? Judging by the strawberries that just hit my back, slim to none. When a land developer tries to make the town more touristy which would shut down her Inn and my family restaurants can we put aside our differences long enough to work together? Yes, we can. I think the better question is can we stay out of bed long enough to stop them? This is a Steamy, Small Town, Beach Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is Book 2 in the Chasing The Sun Duo. As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After. If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and beaches, then this one is for you..


Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 641 | Ebook Reads: 641 | File: Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1725268515


Sunset - David M. Goldberg Summary

Sunset is a labor of love by an old married couple who wanted to share with friends the love, thoughts, aspirations, hopes, disappointments, and fears of a lifetime together. It is a book of accessible poetry in meter and rhyme with matching artwork. It is a book reflecting the faith, hopes, and fears of the modern human condition..

The Rise After The Sunset

The Rise After The Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook The Rise After The Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 850 | Ebook Reads: 850 | File: The Rise After The Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN:


The Rise After The Sunset - Rushil Sharma Summary

The Rise after the Sunset is a book written by a budding author presently a student of eighth standard. It is a story about a breakthrough invention of a smart Gruccha. He peeped into past as well as future through this invention. Who are these Gruccha? Where do they live? Why goblins are their enemies? Be a part of this amazing Time Travel by reading this story..

See the Sunset

See the Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook See the Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 969 | Ebook Reads: 969 | File: See the Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1599425866


See the Sunset - Gina De Gorna Summary

See the Sunset is an almost true story about an artist inspired by the sunsets. The book contains beautiful illustrations of original sunset paintings and sunset poems by Gina De Gorna. Contentment... is seeing a sunset, and knowing who to thank..

Orange for the Sunsets

Orange for the Sunsets Pdf/ePub eBook Orange for the Sunsets Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 438 | Ebook Reads: 438 | File: Orange for the Sunsets.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0062795317


Orange for the Sunsets - Tina Athaide Summary

From debut author Tina Athaide comes a soaring tale of empathy, hope, and resilience, as two best friends living under Ugandan President Amin’s divisive rule must examine where—and who—they call home. Perfect for fans of Half from the East and Inside Out and Back Again. Asha and her best friend, Yesofu, never cared about the differences between them: Indian. African. Girl. Boy. Short. Tall. But when Idi Amin announces that Indians have ninety days to leave the country, suddenly those differences are the only things that people in Entebbe can see—not the shared after-school samosas or Asha cheering for Yesofu at every cricket game. Determined for her life to stay the same, Asha clings to her world tighter than ever before. But Yesofu is torn, pulled between his friends, his family, and a promise of a better future. Now as neighbors leave and soldiers line the streets, the two friends find that nothing seems sure—not even their friendship. Tensions between Indians and Africans intensify and the deadline to leave is fast approaching. Could the bravest thing of all be to let each other go?.

Enjoy the Sunset

Enjoy the Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Enjoy the Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 681 | Ebook Reads: 681 | File: Enjoy the Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9710091433


Enjoy the Sunset - Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano Summary

Who’s afraid of growing old? With the physical changes and the feelings of uncertainty that accompany growing old, who isn’t? Growing old is inevitable; it is part of the natural progression of life. Eventually, everyone will grow old. So why fear it when, instead, we can face it with grace, confidence, and appreciation of the life that we have? Why not live fully and age well? Seasoned writer—and a senior citizen herself—Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano tackles the apprehensions and concerns of growing old: wellness and pain, loss of independence, sex and intimacy in old age, feelings of uselessness, fear of death. She writes: “Let us with joyful hearts and hopeful disposition hold hands and travel together in this great adventure of ageing well, in full grip of the promises of God. He is the Lord of the young and the old, and of those who are in between, the Almighty One of yesterday, today and forever.”.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Beach Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1379 | Ebook Reads: 1379 | File: Sunset Beach.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1250126134


Sunset Beach - Mary Kay Andrews Summary

Pull up a lounge chair and have a cocktail at Sunset Beach – it comes with a twist. Drue Campbell’s life is adrift. Out of a job and down on her luck, life doesn’t seem to be getting any better when her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a flamboyant personal injury attorney, shows up at her mother’s funeral after a twenty-year absence. Worse, he’s remarried – to Drue’s eighth grade frenemy, Wendy, now his office manager. And they’re offering her a job. It seems like the job from hell, but the offer is sweetened by the news of her inheritance – her grandparents’ beach bungalow in the sleepy town of Sunset Beach, a charming but storm-damaged eyesore now surrounded by waterfront McMansions. With no other prospects, Drue begrudgingly joins the firm, spending her days screening out the grifters whose phone calls flood the law office. Working with Wendy is no picnic either. But when a suspicious death at an exclusive beach resort nearby exposes possible corruption at her father’s firm, she goes from unwilling cubicle rat to unwitting investigator, and is drawn into a case that may – or may not – involve her father. With an office romance building, a decades-old missing persons case re-opened, and a cottage in rehab, one thing is for sure at Sunset Beach: there’s a storm on the horizon. Sunset Beach is a compelling ride, full of Mary Kay Andrews' signature wit, heart, and charm..

Sailing at Sunset

Sailing at Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Sailing at Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 483 | Ebook Reads: 483 | File: Sailing at Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1947892762


Sailing at Sunset - Cindi Madsen Summary

She can handle anything in her job. Even a week on a boat with a handsome but annoying sailor. Josh tells himself he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Living on his sailboat and taking tourists on occasional chartered trips, he’s not tied down to routines and responsibilities. He even named his sailboat Solitude, because that’s what he enjoys much of the time. Danae works at a boat company, and she just got promoted—sort of. To keep her dream job, she must get her opinionated coworkers to all agree on a marketing plan. Her boss directs her to set up a week-long sailing tour with them as a work trip and a bonding experience. At first, Danae isn’t completely on board with Josh’s laid-back approach to the excursion. But during visits to quaint New England towns and seafaring adventures, she and Josh start to see one another’s true colors…and Josh begins to question his solitary life. This feel-good romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Crunchy Salmon Cakes..

The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas

The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas Pdf/ePub eBook The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1337 | Ebook Reads: 1337 | File: The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas.pdf/epub | ISBN: 164670522X


The Life and Times in Sunset, Texas - Charles Smith Summary

This book is about the neighborhood my family was raised in. It was a community that had everything a whole city had in a twenty-block area. All other communities came to Sunset, Texas, to shop for all their needs. This book consists of events that happened in Sunset, Texas, that will make you laugh your heart out. Most of the people named in this book have passed on, but the memory of them still lives on, and if you were raised in Sunset, Texas, don't be surprised if your name is not mentioned. A few mentioned are athletes that have gone on to play professional football, semi-pro basketball, or are musicians. Read and enjoy it. Yours truly, Charles R. Smith If you or any family member has ever lived in Sunset, Texas, in Texarkana, Texas, don't be surprised if you or your family are in the book..

West of Sunset

West of Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook West of Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1559 | Ebook Reads: 1559 | File: West of Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1101608390


West of Sunset - Stewart O'Nan Summary

A “rich, sometimes heartbreaking” (Dennis Lehane) novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last years in Hollywood, from the acclaimed author of Emily, Alone and Henry, Himself In 1937, F. Scott Fitzgerald was a troubled, uncertain man whose literary success was long over. In poor health, with his wife consigned to a mental asylum and his finances in ruins, he struggled to make a new start as a screenwriter in Hollywood. By December 1940, he would be dead of a heart attack. Those last three years of Fitzgerald’s life, often obscured by the legend of his earlier Jazz Age glamour, are the focus of Stewart O’Nan’s gorgeously and gracefully written novel. With flashbacks to key moments from Fitzgerald’s past, the story follows him as he arrives on the MGM lot, falls in love with brassy gossip columnist Sheilah Graham, begins work on The Last Tycoon, and tries to maintain a semblance of family life with the absent Zelda and daughter, Scottie. Fitzgerald’s orbit of literary fame and the Golden Age of Hollywood is brought vividly to life through the novel’s romantic cast of characters, from Dorothy Parker and Ernest Hemingway to Humphrey Bogart. A sympathetic and deeply personal portrait of a flawed man who never gave up in the end, even as his every wish and hope seemed thwarted, West of Sunset confirms O’Nan as “possibly our best working novelist” (Salon)..

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Boulevard Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1641 | Ebook Reads: 1641 | File: Sunset Boulevard.pdf/epub | ISBN: 0520922832


Sunset Boulevard - Billy Wilder Summary

Sunset Boulevard (1950) is one of the most famous films in the history of Hollywood, and perhaps no film better represents Hollywood's vision of itself. Billy Wilder collaborated on the screenplay with the very able Charles Brackett, and with D. M. Marshman Jr., who later joined the team. Together they created a film both allusive and literate, with Hollywood's worst excesses and neuroses laid out for all to see. After viewing Sunset Boulevard Louis B. Mayer exclaimed: "We should throw this Wilder out of town!" The New York Times, however, gave the movie a rave review, praising "that rare blend of pungent writing, expert acting, masterly direction, and unobtrusively artistic photography." The film was nominated for Best Picture, and Wilder won an Academy Award for Best Story and Best Screenplay. This facsimile edition of Sunset Boulevard makes it possible to get as much pleasure from reading the highly intelligent screenplay as from seeing the film. Jeffrey Meyers's introduction provides an intriguing array of background details about Wilder, the film's casting and production, and the lives of those connected to what has become a classic..

The Inn at Sunset Harbor Bundle (Books 4, 5, and 6)

The Inn at Sunset Harbor Bundle (Books 4, 5, and 6) Pdf/ePub eBook The Inn at Sunset Harbor Bundle (Books 4, 5, and 6) Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1961 | Ebook Reads: 1961 | File: The Inn at Sunset Harbor Bundle (Books 4, 5, and 6).pdf/epub | ISBN: 1094373117


The Inn at Sunset Harbor Bundle (Books 4, 5, and 6) - Sophie Love Summary

A bundle of books #4 (IF ONLY FOREVER), #5 (FOREVER AND A DAY), and #6 (FOREVER, PLUS ONE) in Sophie Loves’s The Inn at Sunset Harbor series. This bundle offers books #4, #5, and #6 in one convenient file, with approximately 200,000 words of reading. In IF ONLY FOREVER (Book #4), Emily is still reeling from Daniel’s proposal. As all seems to finally fall into place in her life, she looks forward to an exciting engagement year ahead, from shopping for a venue and a wedding dress, to creating her invite list, to setting a date. But all does not go as planned. The endless events of the engagement year add more stress than joy, putting pressure on their relationship as they are forced to make hard choices. Adjusting to life as parents doesn’t make it any easier, as Chantelle runs into problems at school and as a custody battle looms over them. As Christmas and New Years approach, the stress is only compounded. In FOREVER AND A DAY (Book #5), Emily is stunned to finally, after 20 years, meet her missing father—just a week before her wedding. Their reunion changes both of their lives, and unlocks the key to the house’s many secrets, and to Emily’s missing memories. Spring has finally arrived at Sunset Harbor, and with just a week to go until the big wedding date, the wedding preparations are busier than ever, including Daniel’s surprise talk of a honeymoon. Will Emily and Daniel have their dream wedding? Or will someone appear to tear it apart? Meanwhile, Chantelle’s custody battle comes to a pitch, and as Memorial Day looms, they must figure out what to do with Trevor’s house. Yet amidst all of this, another issue weighs most heavily on Emily’s mind: will she herself ever be pregnant? In FOREVER, PLUS ONE (Book #6), 35 year old Emily Mitchell is still reeling from the surprise news that she is pregnant. Just married, she and Danielle have no time to process the news as they are thrust into doctor appointments, preparing for the baby’s arrival—and, in a surprise party, the revelation of their baby’s gender. Summer has finally returned to Sunset Harbor, and Emily and Daniel have their hands full with the overflowing inn, their gut renovation of Trevor’s house, the building of a new spa, and Chantelle’s reacting to the baby news. They barely have time to settle into life as newlyweds when Emily gets a call from her dad: he wants them all to visit him in England. Surprising herself, Emily agrees. A life-changing trip to England culminates in shocking news, and Emily finds herself reeling. Daniel withdraws, and as summer comes to a close and her pregnancy develops, she wonders: will she ever be able to settle into this new life? And will life with Daniel ever be the same again? THE INN AT SUNSET HARBOR is a dazzling new romance series that will make you laugh, make you cry, will keep you turning pages late into the night—and will make you fall in love with romance all over again. Books #7 and #8 are also available!.

Sunset Under the Poet's Tree

Sunset Under the Poet's Tree Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset Under the Poet's Tree Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 459 | Ebook Reads: 459 | File: Sunset Under the Poet's Tree.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1493148591


Sunset Under the Poet's Tree - George S. J. Anderson Summary

When I see and hear the ubiquitous hype and media coverage for celebrities receiving acclaim after facing their ordeals with breast cancer, I hear words like bravery, stamina, devastating disease, how well they are handling the diagnosis, and how heroically they are getting on with their lives. Most of these same celebrities are alive and well after their diagnosis because of the work done by women like my late wife, Lois A. Anderson. Yet most people have never heard of her. If you want to read a book about real bravery, real stamina, and the power to make real changes that matter to the breast cancer story, you need to take the time to read this book. Lois came from a poor family, coming from conditions most of us would never ascend from, and made her mark upon the world. I do not want to be forgotten, she told me after being diagnosed with stage III breast cancer at the age of thirty-nine. She lived eighteen years after that diagnosis and, in many ways, changed the world with her knowledge, support, and political advocacy. Many throw money at research in an effort to move breast cancer out of the ranks of an incurable cancer into one where most will survive it. Lois didnt have money. She didnt have the media to tell of her many battles. What she did have was a spirit of hope, which she used to battle breast cancer on all fronts. This is the story of a remarkable woman who, in spite of the odds, not only survived but also turned an ordeal that would have devastated most of us into a shining example of what one person can do even when they are facing death. Sometimes you get the chance to change things, she often told me. In her short lifetime, even with cancer raging through her body, she took the chance and did that very thing. She not only fought her own personal battle with breast cancer but also fought the war against it. Lois pursued such an astonishing life from the moment she came into the world, overcoming many obstacles in her quest to rise above the ordinary, many conquered before breast cancer entered her life. I felt her story had to be told. She lived her short life, coming from very humble beginnings, rising from all of it, making changes she hoped would better everyone, when it ended on January 17, 2011. At the time of her death, she was considered a great breast cancer advocate known at the national level. She was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer at the age of thirty-nine, six days before her fortieth birthday, in 1992. Signs that could have cautioned her remained muted by an unsuspicious bruise she sustained from an injury several months before her fortieth birthday. In time, she was treated for the initial breast cancer and remained cancer-free for almost ten years, until cancer returned in 2001. Then when the odds seemed stacked against her, she fought the disease as a stage IV breast cancer survivor (metastatic breast cancer) from the time of that dire discovery until she died in January 2011. She lived eighteen years from the time she was diagnosed, against all prognostications allowing her only five years of survival. Over the last six months of her life, I began writing a story where I escaped the realities of losing my wife to something I had no control over. In a way, it transitioned into a metaphoric fable, a parallel story of her life. Between the lines, I allowed myself the chance to create an alternate world where the real trials Lois and I experienced on our last road together eventually made some sense to me in our unpredictable world. After she died, I began the long process of chronicling her amazing biography and believed I could finish the fictional one. Both stories represent a process of coming to terms with her death and a promise I made to not let her be forgotten. I began writing her real life story in late February 2011. After I started, I found stories and journals Lois had written about herself tucked away in boxes and old folders throughout the house..

Fun with Nature Projects

Fun with Nature Projects Pdf/ePub eBook Fun with Nature Projects Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 803 | Ebook Reads: 803 | File: Fun with Nature Projects.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1541571398


Fun with Nature Projects - Megan Borgert-Spaniol Summary

You can learn a lot about science by observing the natural world. And you don't need fancy lab equipment, computer software, or other technology to do it! You can do experiments in nature or inspired by nature with some household items and a bit of curiosity. Helpful photos and step-by-step instructions guide readers through projects that introduce them to the science of nature. While making a volcano or a thermometer, readers will learn about light, temperature, and more..

Words to a Beautiful Sunset

Words to a Beautiful Sunset Pdf/ePub eBook Words to a Beautiful Sunset Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1267 | Ebook Reads: 1267 | File: Words to a Beautiful Sunset.pdf/epub | ISBN: 9781477173206


Words to a Beautiful Sunset - Marilyn C. Dailey Summary

Words to a Beautiful Sunset is a collection of poems written to entertain, inform, and motivate readers. It was written for the purpose of bringing my readers into my world through my eyes. I feel that some of you have experienced a lot of these same situations. You will find that these poems are both basic and simply written. In a world like ours, it doesnt hurt to laugh or cry every now and then. I hope you enjoy reading my book. Thank you for considering my book today..

Sunset of Love: A Pair of Historical Romances

Sunset of Love: A Pair of Historical Romances Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset of Love: A Pair of Historical Romances Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 734 | Ebook Reads: 734 | File: Sunset of Love: A Pair of Historical Romances.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1365257673


Sunset of Love: A Pair of Historical Romances - Vanessa Carvo Summary

Accidental Love - A woman from Nebraska makes a contract to marry a cowboy in California but along the way there’s an accident with the stagecoach she’s in, and she’s the only passenger. A stranger stops by and the only means of getting out from her predicament is to go back to Colorado with him, as he’s a arranging a cattle drive back to his own home in California. Along the way she realizes that she’s falling in love with him, even though she’s promised to another. Abby And William And The Little Man –A woman finds an injured man on the ground and recognizes him as a distant neighbor she hasn’t seen in many years..

Sunset: A Pair of Historical Romances

Sunset: A Pair of Historical Romances Pdf/ePub eBook Sunset: A Pair of Historical Romances Pdf ebook download. Total Downloads: 1524 | Ebook Reads: 1524 | File: Sunset: A Pair of Historical Romances.pdf/epub | ISBN: 1365304752


Sunset: A Pair of Historical Romances - Vanessa Carvo Summary

Emma & The Restoration of a Soldier - A woman with one hand goes west to a mail ordered husband that her father has arranged for her before he died. On the train she meets up with a group of Civil War injured soldiers and one special young man who becomes a friend. However, when she meets her husband for the first time he runs out as he looks at her beautifully carved hand replacement and she believes that she may never see him again. She starts a workshop where she and a craftsman build hands and legs for people in town who have lost limbs from the war or accidents. A Journey Of A Thousand Miles With Her Cowboy - A Southern woman, fallen on hard times with her family right after the Civil War, heads west and to a man she met reading an advertisement in the newspaper. She’s looking for love and stability after her fiancé was killed in the war, but what she gets is the adventure of a lifetime a man very different from what he advertised..