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The Brady Hawk Series

The Brady Hawk Series Pdf/ePub eBook


The Brady Hawk Series - R.J. Patterson Summary

Brady Hawk returns in the second omnibus edition of this thrilling series that has sold over 100,000 copies. This digital box set contains the fourth, fifth and sixth books in this thriller series: Full Blast: Hawk embarks on a mission to Prague to stop an attempt on the life of Jordanian Prime Minister Yaseen Abbadi. Meanwhile, Firestorm leader J.D. Blunt uncovers another Al Hasib plot to kill thousands of innocent Americans—and he needs Hawk’s help. Target Zero: As alliances begin to crumble, Firestorm agents Brady Hawk and Alex Duncan are requested to help a lone CIA operative thwart Al Hasib from getting their hands on Sarin gas at the Somalian port city of Berbera. The mission gets complicated when Emily Thornton re-enters the scene and tries to convince Hawk to join forces with Searchlight as secrets about Alex’s past come to light. Fury: World-famous hacker Black Wolf has extracted a list of intelligence operatives embedded in terrorist organizations around the world—and he's selling it to the highest bidder at an exclusive event in Vienna. When the Firestorm team gets wind of the sale, Hawk and Alex travel to Austria to infiltrate the event and prevent the list from falling into the hands of Al Hasib and dealing a devastating blow to the security of agents and innocent civilians alike.

Noble Beginnings

Noble Beginnings Pdf/ePub eBook


Noble Beginnings - L. T. Ryan Summary

In March of 2002, while the eyes of the world focused on Afghanistan, Jack Noble finds himself on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. A Marine in name only, Jack is on-loan to the CIA. Normally an integral part of the team, he finds that he is nothing more than a security detail in Iraq.Jack and his partner Bear have a run-in with four CIA special agents over the treatment of an Iraqi family. Within hours Jack and Bear are detained.All Jack wanted was to finish his enlistment and move on with his life. All he did was intervene and save a family from unwarranted violence at the hands of four CIA agents. But he soon discovers that he did far more than intervene. He has placed himself dead square in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the U.S. government.Other Jack Noble Books:Noble Intentions: Episode 1 (free) - amazon.com/dp/B0087A3FEINoble Intentions Season One (Episodes 1 - 5) - amazon.com/dp/B0092ETUTCNoble Intentions: Season Two (Episodes 6-10) - amazon.com/dp/B00AVMTF8U/A Deadly Distance (Jack Noble #2) - amazon.com/dp/B00B8548LSSoon to be released:Noble Intentions: Episode 11 - April, 2013Never Go Home (Jack Noble #3) - Summer, 2013

Fallen King

Fallen King Pdf/ePub eBook


Fallen King - Wayne Stinnett Summary

The quiet and solitude of the back country and wetlands in south Florida has been shattered. Someone is using explosives to fish the ecologically fragile patch reefs in the shallow waters of Florida Bay, north of the Keys. Retired Marine Jesse McDermitt doesn't like explosions in his backyard. Knowing his penchant for inserting himself in matters best left to the authorities, his friends withhold information from him about the destruction to the delicate, living corals. Jesse doesn't much like this, either. He discovers that a vicious Miami street gang is involved, when he and his daughter witness a gruesome double murder on remote Cape Sable. Ignoring his friends' advice, he digs for the truth. Why does a gang that deals strictly in lead, kilos, and large bricks of cash want to steal cheap boats in the Keys, just to poach a few bucks worth of gamefish? What Jesse uncovers is far more sinister than he bargains for. A twisted psychopath is in control of the gang and trying to lure him out in the open. Jesse's instinct and training compel him to attack, but conflicts with his newfound parental need to protect. Jesse and the ones he cares for most are now caught in the cross-hairs. It's just another day in paradise in this sixth installment of the Jesse McDermitt series.

The Black Marble

The Black Marble Pdf/ePub eBook


The Black Marble - Joseph Wambaugh Summary

Russian-American detective A. A. Valnikov is a burned-out homicide detective who gets teamed with Natalie Zimmerman, twice-divorced with a grudge against men. These unlikely partners are assigned the strange case of a stolen show dog being held for ransom. In this bittersweet tale that the Los Angeles Times called “terrifying and romantic,” the partners will find much more than they ever could have imagined. Cosmopolitan called it “fast, colorful and gripping . . . as touching as it is breathlessly entertaining.”


Nomad Pdf/ePub eBook


Nomad - James Swallow Summary

CRIME & MYSTERY. A pulse-racing terrorist thriller with a sickening twist - perfect for fans of I Am Pilgrim, Bourne, 24 and Homeland Marc Dane is a MI6 field agent at home behind a computer screen, one step away from the action. But when a brutal attack on his team leaves Marc as the only survivor - and with the shocking knowledge that there are traitors inside MI6 - he's forced into the front line. However the evidence seems to point towards Marc as the perpetrator of the attack. Accused of betraying his country, he must race against time to clear his name. With nowhere to turn to for help and no one left to trust, Marc is forced to rely on the elusive Rubicon group and their operative Lucy Keyes. Ex US Army, Lucy also knows what it's like to be an outsider, and she's got the skills that Marc is sorely lacking. A terrorist attack is coming, one bigger and more deadly than has ever been seen before.

This Darkness Light

This Darkness Light Pdf/ePub eBook


This Darkness Light - Michaelbrent Collings Summary

"Jason Bourne wishes he was as cool as John Doe...5 stars!" - InD'tale Magazine The whole world wants him dead. The world better watch its back. *** No one at the hospital knows who he is. Just a John Doe who arrived after being shot four times, and who should have died on the operating table. When John wakes up, he can’t supply any answers, either: he has total amnesia, with no memory of what happened to him, anything of his past, or even his own name. But when the man who shot him returns to finish the job, John does discover one thing: he is a highly-trained killer. Now on the run, John must discover who he is, why the government wants him dead, and how to elude — or kill — the assassins trying to take him down. Worst of all, humanity itself teeters on the brink of extinction. An unknown bioweapon is killing millions of people worldwide... and it looks more and more like John was the one behind the outbreak. He wants to save the world. He may end up destroying it. Only one thing is certain: he is John Doe, and nothing will stop him from finishing what he started. Fans of Jack Reacher, John Wick, and Jason Bourne will love this apocalyptic action thriller, so click “Buy Now” and grab your copy today!

Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy Pdf/ePub eBook


Seek and Destroy - R.J. Patterson Summary

Brady Hawk has been the last line of defense between ruthless terrorists and untold bloodshed. But this time, he can’t win . . . As hundreds of thousand of Muslims make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Katarina Petrov seeks to undermine the United States’ tenuous trust with the international community with a false flag. With The Chamber, Petrov’s shadow organization, struggling to maintain its control among the power brokers of the world, she engages Hawk and the Firestorm team in a dangerous game. And in this showdown, it’s winner take all.

The War Planners

The War Planners Pdf/ePub eBook


The War Planners - Andrew Watts,Consultant in Anaesthesia Head of Transplant Anaesthesia Andrew Watts Summary

When the CIA uncovers a Chinese plot to invade America, technologist David Manning is thrust into action. But as he and an elite group of US experts plan for war, David discovers that not every person among them intends for America to win. David Manning's work is routine. He is a technologist. A researcher, working for In-Q-Tel, the CIA's private equity firm. David's job is to learn about new technology that might have applications beneficial to the US military and intelligence communities. It is an office job, with little excitement. Until the day he is taken from outside his Northern Virginia home and blindfolded. Thrown into the cabin of an unmarked jet, without being told why. On that day, his life changed forever. Half a world away, on a remote tropical island, Lena Chou has plans for David. A beautiful and deadly government agent, Lena is gathering many such experts together. For a war is coming to American soil, and Lena's team will draw up the plans. Whether they want to or not...

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Pdf/ePub eBook


Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach Summary

Because he spends so much time perfecting his flying form instead of concentrating on getting food, a seagull is ostracized by the rest of the flock.

Dead Shot

Dead Shot Pdf/ePub eBook


Dead Shot - R.J. Patterson Summary

From Amazon Bestselling Crime Fiction Author Jack Patterson ... Fans of Nelson DeMille, Stieg Larsson and Gillian Flynn will love this exciting mystery thriller from bestselling author Jack Patterson as intrigue and conspiracy drips off each page. "Small town life in southern Idaho might seem quaint and idyllic to some. But when local newspaper reporter Cal Murphy begins to uncover a series of strange deaths that are linked to a sticky spider web of deception, the lid on the peaceful town is blown wide open. Told with all the energy and bravado of an old pro, first-timer Jack Patterson hits one out of the park his first time at bat with Cross Hairs. It's that good." - Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of THE REMAINS "You can tell Jack knows what it's like to live in the newspaper world, but with 'Dead Shot', he's proven that he also can write one heck of a murder mystery. With a clever plot and characters you badly want to succeed, he is on his way to becoming a new era James Patterson." - Josh Katzowitz, NFL writer for CBSSports.com & author of Sid Gillman: Father of the Passing Game "Jack's storytelling feels as natural as James Patterson's, and the short-chapter setup is the literary answer to Lay's potato chips: you just want one more and before you know it, you've gone through the whole thing." - David Bashore, The Times-News, Twin Falls, ID * * * * * * PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Working as a journalist at a small weekly paper in rural Idaho, Cal Murphy begins losing his big city dreams of writing for a metro paper before his passion is reignited after three high school star athletes are found dead in a 24-hour period. With local law enforcement remaining mum and unhelpful, Cal must dig into the tragic deaths of the teens to uncover the reason for the shroud of secrecy and disinformation. As he and fellow photographer Kelly Mendoza attempt to make sense of bizarre circumstances that led to the teens' deaths, Cal makes a chilling discovery, uncovering a vast conspiracy that grows darker with every twist and turn. With a mastermind determined to silence Cal and Kelly for good, the young reporters wind up on the run in search of way to expose this conspiracy. But first they must decide if their lives are worth the risk to reveal the truth. * * * * * * *

Seeds of War

Seeds of War Pdf/ePub eBook


Seeds of War - R.J. Patterson Summary

Fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor will love the latest installment in this thriller fraught with action, adventure, espionage, and political intrigue. A former CIA operative thrust into an unlikely mission. Two men coopted into betraying their consciences to protect their family. An unlikely trio that must band together to save not only themselves but also the planet from a disastrous looming food crisis. James Flynn has foiled sinister schemes in the past—but never one like this. When the former CIA operative visits the Arctic on an assignment for The International magazine, he enters into a chase across the icy tundra and its unforgiving elements to foil a plan with dire consequences for the entire world. After a series of events threatens to cause a global food crisis, Russia seizes the opportunity to reassert itself as a world superpower and take control of the planet’s food supply—and only Flynn can stop them. In a race against time and all the dangers lurking on this dangerous terrain, Flynn must rely on his wits, skills, and a pair of unlikely accomplices to help him conquer a common enemy. From R.J. Patterson’s bestselling James Flynn series, Seeds of War is a compelling thriller about a real danger in the world that will leave you breathless until the last page.

Fallen Out

Fallen Out Pdf/ePub eBook


Fallen Out - Wayne Stinnett Summary

"When Jesse retires from the Marine Corps he has no idea what he will do for the rest of this life. He knows there are not many jobs opportunities in the civilian world for skilled killers. However he knows the south Florida waters is an experienced diver, loves to fish and knows his way around a boat.".--Jacket.

Once a Soldier

Once a Soldier Pdf/ePub eBook


Once a Soldier - Benjamin Blackmore Summary

An extremist cult is threatening Seattle. Can an ex-soldier put aside his own demons to stop them? Ex-military contractor Harper Knox has taken over his family's farm in eastern Washington, ripped up the cherry trees and planted grape vines, hoping that the wine life will ease his PTSD-riddled soul. But he still has nightmares, and he's still diving into the dirt every time a kid sets off a firework. Desperate to taste battle again, he accepts a bodyguard gig in Seattle protecting a doctor involved with controversial AI research. Sometimes the only way to deal with the fire is by jumping back into the flame. Things go bad quickly, and Harper and Italian mercenary Francesca Daly join forces to make things right. Technology and religion collide as the two vigilantes race through Seattle on a hunt for a madman.

Arabian Vengeance

Arabian Vengeance Pdf/ePub eBook


Arabian Vengeance - James Lawrence Summary

"Pat Walsh is an arms dealer with links to the CIA. When a jihadi bomb explodes in a crowded Brussels square, the former special operator suddenly finds himself a wanted man. On the run, hunted by his own government, it is up to Pat to uncover the truth behind the attack if he wants to survive. Unraveling the mystery takes Pat into the heart of the conflict in the Middle East and pits him against an unlikely alliance of villains. Pat uncovers a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the US Government with the potential to threaten national security."--Amazon.com

Touched Back

Touched Back Pdf/ePub eBook


Touched Back - John Vance Summary

A Washington D.C. mystery-thriller involving the murder of a controversial football coach, which affects several others, including a former college quarterback and war hero and the current First Lady of the United States.

Devil's Claw

Devil's Claw Pdf/ePub eBook


Devil's Claw - J. A. Jance Summary

A spellbinding story of life and death, rage and murder in the silent Arizona night from New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance In the desert, a Native American woman is dead—an ex-con once jailed for the murder of her husband—and her teenage daughter has vanished into the long shadows of the night-still canyons. A dedicated law officer, Sheriff Joanna Brady of Cochise County has suffered stoically through loss and pain—yet she has never wavered in her commitment to duty and the pursuit of justice. Now, as she stands on the brink of a new life and new happiness, death is summoning her once more, calling her down a twisted trail of hatred, greed, and devastating consequence to the black heart of the Dragoon Mountains.There is no respite yet for Joanna Brady—only a terrifying excursion into a world of passion and violence, where long-buried secrets are the best reasons of all to kill . . . or to die.

The Swords of Haven

The Swords of Haven Pdf/ePub eBook


The Swords of Haven - Simon R. Green Summary

Hawk and Fisher: partners, husband and wife, Captains in Haven’s City Guard. Known, respected, and mostly feared, Hawk and Fisher fight crime, pursue justice, and protect Haven with their unique blend of strength, steel, and razor-sharp instinct. Haven’s citizens have never needed their protection more. The city is a hotbed of violence and corruption, where the natural and supernatural constantly collide, ready to boil over at any moment. Hawk and Fisher have their work cut out for them—for even by daylight, Haven is a dark place. Swords of Haven brings together the first three novels in New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green’s beloved Hawk & Fisher series: Hawk & Fisher A high-level city official is murdered during a dinner party and Hawk and Fisher have only a few hours to find the killer among the guests, including powerful spell-casters, cunning politicians, Haven royalty, and the victim’s own wife. Winner Takes All Hawk & Fisher grapple with dark magics, devious politicians, and deadly assassins when they’re assigned to protect James Adamant, a fiery young politician whose plan to root out Haven’s corruption makes him very popular...as a target. The God Killer No one is safe in Haven, not even the Gods! When divine residents of the Street of Gods fall prey to a murderer, Hawk & Fisher must team up with an exclusive tactical unit to catch the killer before all hell breaks loose in Haven.

Steel Force

Steel Force Pdf/ePub eBook


Steel Force - Geoffrey Saign Summary

A dangerous secret threatens to topple a government. A world-changing monk is targeted by assassins. Jack Steel risks everything to connect the two...and time is running out. In Steel Force, the heart-pounding action thriller series debut, deadly Blackhood operative Jack Steel has made a career of protecting the innocent, so when a black op to kill terrorists turns into a massacre, he secretly blows the special forces mission. Furious that he's been used to kill civilians, Steel relentlessly hunts those responsible. Christie, a determined counter-terrorism analyst, offers help. Steel's just not sure he can trust anyone. A psychotic killer, a vengeful billionaire, and the highest levels of government are lining up to kill him. Everyone around him is in danger. Alone, with a failing marriage and missing daughter, Steel should just give up. But he trains for the impossible-and it seems the impossible has found him. To save a monk who could change the world, and have a chance at a new life, Steel just has to stay one step ahead of a bullet... A gripping suspenseful thriller with twists and turns and pulse-pounding action and surprises. Readers are saying... "...a superior thriller, the likes of which I haven't seen since Robert Ludlum (Bourne Identity)..." "If you relish well-written spy novels with a great plot and realistic characters and action, read Steel Force by Geoffrey Saign." "I'm calling it now: Jack Steel is the next great spy series." "Jack Steel is one bad dude...with a compelling human side to his character." Discover the series that readers are calling part Reacher, Rapp, & Bourne-and all action.

Capital Crimes

Capital Crimes Pdf/ePub eBook


Capital Crimes - Stuart Woods Summary

When the deaths of several high-level politicians are linked to a single professional killer, new president Will Lee, with the help of his CIA director wife, follows leads from a quiet D.C. suburb to an island hideaway in Maine.

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