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The Complete Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries, Books 1-6

The Complete Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries, Books 1-6 Pdf/ePub eBook


The Complete Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries, Books 1-6 - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

Get the complete 6-book set of the Mia Kazmaroff Mystery Series! Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She's able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when she solves cases with her partner, ex-cop Jack Burton. Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries–which half the time they are—all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction. This sexy romp through Atlanta's underworld is a spine-tingling, page-flipping thrill ride from one book to the next!


Breathless Pdf/ePub eBook


Breathless - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

They hadn’t spoken in fifteen years but when their child is kidnapped, Sandy Gilstrap and Detective Jack Burton’s worlds collide with a resounding crash. After a nasty divorce, an illegitimate child, and twenty years working at a small south Georgia town nail salon, life was finally going Sandy Gilstrap’s way… until an indiscretion from her past crawled into her charmed new life—and threatened to destroy everything that mattered. The day Detective Jack Burton discovers he’s a father is the same day his daughter is snatched on her way home from school. Is it money or revenge the kidnapper wants? Can Jack find the girl before the kidnapper decides which it is? And can he do it before Mia loses patience with all Jack’s secrets and uses her “gift” to take matters into her own hands?


Ruthless Pdf/ePub eBook


Ruthless - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

A serial killer stalks the streets of Atlanta. Dubbed the Weekend Killer, the murderer takes his victims on Friday and sends a souvenir to the Atlanta Major Crimes Division of the Atlanta Police Department by Saturday morning. Next, a body part arrives on Sunday followed by a typewritten note Monday morning describing where the body may be found. The pattern is clearly intended to provoke the police—down to the untraceable fingerprints the killer doesn’t bother to wipe and right up to the moment when Mia’s new stepsister Mindy is the next victim. Mia thinks she knows things that the police don’t. Should she stay out of it and let the police do their job? Should she trust her instincts and go on alone? The clock is ticking down and only one thing is for sure: Unless someone does something before Monday morning, Mindy will be dead.


Reckless Pdf/ePub eBook


Reckless - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She's able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when her only brother, a detective in the Atlanta Major Crimes Division is murdered. Determined to find his killer, Mia reaches out to the one person in Atlanta she believes can help her—Dave’s ex-partner, Jack Burton. Unfortunately, Burton is also the prime suspect. Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries–which half the time they are—all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction. Can two people so different—one intuitive and inexperienced, the other cynical and by-the-book—work together to solve the murder? And can they do it before the killer turns his attention to Mia?


Heartless Pdf/ePub eBook


Heartless - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

When a beautiful young woman is brutally murdered, the police turn their attention to the victims of the online dating service scam she was running. Mia and Jack opt to go in a different direction to find the woman’s killer—and when they do, a dark and sinister path opens up that nobody could have seen coming.

Murder in the Latin Quarter

Murder in the Latin Quarter Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in the Latin Quarter - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

Maggie’s much anticipated Paris holiday takes a dark turn when she ventures into the city’s famed Latin Quarter to visit Laurent’s ailing aunt—only to find a very healthy aunt and a very dead body. Does the murder have something to do with Aunt Delphine? Was she the intended victim? With her new baby daughter in tow, Maggie struggles to find the answers. In the process she learns more about Laurent’s family—and stumbles across a terrible secret that would tempt anybody to commit murder. Can Maggie find the murderer without destroying the Dernier family name? And can she do it before the killer catches her in a dark, lonely alley in the Latin Quarter?

Exposed in Darkness

Exposed in Darkness Pdf/ePub eBook


Exposed in Darkness - Heather Sunseri Summary

Just days before the running of the biggest thoroughbred horse race in the world, an act of bioterrorism kills Kentucky’s lieutenant governor, and former FBI Special Agent Brooke Fairfax receives a video of the murder from her long-time anonymous source. When Brooke discovers domestic terrorists are actually after the governor—her late husband’s brother—and that the radicals are eyeing more targets, she heads to Kentucky to stop the threat. Shortly after the political assassination, the FBI zeroes in on one person: international mogul Declan O’Roark. Though Brooke has been out of the game since her husband was murdered, her former boss thinks she is the perfect candidate to connect Declan to the crime. Despite the FBI clearly establishing means and opportunity, Declan remains unfazed; his motives have nothing to do with murder, but with getting closer to Brooke Fairfax. And Brooke finds the case becoming even more unclear as she falls for the FBI’s number one suspect.

Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center

Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center Pdf/ePub eBook


Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center - Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli Summary

Its Mardi Gras season in post-Katrina New Orleans. Thousands of tourists have flocked to the city, paralyzing traffic and jamming the French Quarter with drunken crowds and garbage. City officials are hoping for record crowds and to generate the biggest boost to the Crescent City since the big storm. Alexander Lee Destephano, legal counsel for the "world class Crescent City Medical Center, is excitedly anticipating her third Mardi Gras Season and most of all, her date with dashing art historian Mitch Landry. The couple has tickets to the Endymion Extravaganza, the biggest Mardi Gras Ball in New Orleans at the Super Dome on Saturday evening. After many months, life is good again and Alex is determined to experience and appreciate all it has to offer. She can hardly wait until Saturday evening. But, things change. Alex is stat-paged to the Medical Center at 6:00 am on Monday morning only to learn from her boss, Don Montgomery and her former husband, Dr. Robert Bonnet that Grace Raccine, the Governor of Louisiana and a cancer patient at CCMC, has been found unconscious in her room covered with blood with no visible injury. To compound matters, patients are leaving CCMC against medical advice and staff are refusing to work creating crisis and chaos in the changing Obamacare hospital environment. By the end of the day, the Endymion Ball is the last thing on Alex's mind!

Parlez-Vous Murder?

Parlez-Vous Murder? Pdf/ePub eBook


Parlez-Vous Murder? - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

My name is Jules Hooker. I have lived through a few crappy moments in my life—and with a name like Hooker, you can just imagine—but nothing, nothing, compares to the two intensely and world-shatteringly crappy things that happened to me this last June. Three, I guess, if you count Gilbert. After my boyfriend dumped me on the day I thought he was going to propose, I’d have to say two other really bad things happened last June. The first would have to be the dead body I discovered in the rental house in France where I went to get over being dumped. The second—and very possibly I should have led with this—was the dirty bomb that exploded over the Riviera throwing me and everyone else in France back to the 1950s. So now I’m stranded here—trying to make a living by solving murders the old fashioned way — without help from DNA, databases, CSI crime labs or the police. And I’m doing it in France. Where I do not speak the language. During the apocalypse. Sound like fun?

Angels in Our Lives

Angels in Our Lives Pdf/ePub eBook


Angels in Our Lives - Marie Chapian Summary

This is a definitive book explaining and teaching the presence of angels in the world and their work in our personal lives today. It includes sound foundational biblical teaching as well as documented testimonies of angelic activity in today's world in ministries, churches and personal lives. Address all of the following questions: -Are angels actually helping and guiding you in your personal life? -Are angels assigned by God to help you fulfill your destiny in this life? -How does worship and praising the Lord draw angelic presence in our midst? Will include endorsements of leading theologians to validate the biblical accuracy of the book.

Murder in Marseille

Murder in Marseille Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in Marseille - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

From bouillabaisse to betrayal… …and the beautiful city that is home to both When the dead body of one of Marseille’s most corrupt politicians is found stuffed in Maggie’s car trunk it creates a bubbling stew of deception, betrayal and revenge. Is there a connection between the victim and Maggie? Her family? Or is this a message for Laurent as a result of his nefarious history of crime and misdeeds? Even worse, a devastating family secret that Laurent and Maggie have spent the last twelve years hiding is shockingly revealed to the world, putting everything they have—as well as everyone they love—in immediate jeopardy. This heart-stopping thrill ride takes you through the menacing back streets of Marseille in Maggie’s determined trajectory toward the truth—and the truly evil—behind it.

Murder in Arles

Murder in Arles Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in Arles - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

Once an arena for gladiators and wild beasts, the Arles Amphitheatre today is a popular tourist attraction—except when it is a setting for murder When an afternoon flea market held in the Roman ruin spells mortal ruin for one poor soul the police have good reason not to care who killed him. But because Maggie’s small son was nearby when the murder occurred, Maggie can’t let it go—even if it means following and unraveling the tangle of lies and secrets to find the truth--and forever upsetting the happy balance of life at Domaine St-Buvard in the process.

A SEAL's Surrender

A SEAL's Surrender Pdf/ePub eBook


A SEAL's Surrender - Tawny Weber Summary

Subject: Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan Status: On leave Mission: He's home to take care of some family business. Obstacle: Eden Gillespie. The girl who always lands in trouble…has landed in his bed! Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan is the job. His commitment to the Navy SEALs is absolute—almost. Worse still, he's been summoned home, where his family is the town royalty and women vie to be one of Cade's conquests. One of them in particular…. Ever since they were kids, Cade has been rescuing Eden Gillespie. Now she's decided she owes him one heck of a thank-you—one that involves a bed, naked bodies and sweet satisfaction. But when their sexy trysts are discovered, Eden becomes a bit of a town sensation—and not in a good way. Can she convince her SEAL to risk one last rescue operation?


Nectar Pdf/ePub eBook


Nectar - D. D. Prince Summary

Want a new book boyfriend that bites? Come and meet Tristan.Like captive dark romance? Jealous & possessive alphas who will chase down the wayward heroine who thinks she needs to escape? Get hot and bothered by sexy vampires? The Nectar Trilogy could be right up your street!Kyla Spencer refuses to feel. Feelings are messy;they're painful; they hold you back. Due to a painful past she keeps everyone at arm's length. When the going gets tough, Kyla can deal. But when the going makes her try to feel...she gets going. But when she is abducted and presented as a gift to Tristan, a bored vampire prince who is destined to become something akin to a king, she has to face a few facts. Beyond facing that vampires are real Kyla has to face emotions that Tristan won't let her run from. And why the heck does he smell and taste like dessert, anyway? This is a dark romance.Tristan is a vampire with a ravenous but insatiable appetite. For ten years he hasn't once had his hunger sated. He feeds constantly, looking for satisfaction and because his favourite way to feed is during sex he goes through a lot of women. But when Kyla is brought to him as a gift to celebrate a surprise promotion that gets him to the last rung of the ladder before becoming king his world is turned on its axis. From the second their eyes lock he knows there's something different about her. After he gets a taste of Kyla, neither of them will ever be the same.This is the first book in a series about blood, lust, bloodlust, danger, sex, deceit, inner turmoil, love, and finding your true self."Between the taste of you, the taste of your blood, and the way you look at me, I haven't felt this... alive... in... maybe ever.""Dimples, blue eyes, tall, dark, and movie-star beautiful? The man was almost totally constructed out of kryptonite. Almost. The fangs? Yeah, not so much..."This book is book #1 in a trilogy and it does end on a cliffhanger.Books 2 and 3 (or a discounted box set) are also available.

Murder in Grenoble

Murder in Grenoble Pdf/ePub eBook


Murder in Grenoble - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Summary

Maggie and Grace's plan to work out their differences at a charming ski resort in Grenoble takes a deadly nose-dive when they become trapped by an avalanche with ten people–one of whom is a cold-blooded murderer. Will the two of them make up in time to uncover who the killer is before the he or she systematically makes it through the guest roster, one murder at a time?

The Cave Maze

The Cave Maze Pdf/ePub eBook


The Cave Maze - C. Allen Summary

He was only eight when a bloodied sorcerer tutored him on the perils of questing in the Cave Maze... ...The craving to enter has tormented ever since. The Wizard Talhoffer stocked the underground labyrinth with a murderous assortment of beasts, traps, gold, and personal magic items worth dying for. And treasure hunters did die for them. Not Raff Jenkins. He planned to survive. After losing the scholarship for the questing university, sword whiz Raff takes drastic measures to earn tuition. With the help of his hustling cousin Dread and a party of rag-tag locals...he heads into the maze as a newbie. What he discovers inside is more than just treasure, bloodthirsty hags, or crotch-masticating hellhounds - he learns that a link to his past is tied to the fate of his kingdom. Will he return in time to pay off the death-threats awaiting him at home? Will he return at all? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *LIMITED EDITION DUNGEON MAZE ACTIVITY INCLUDED!* This paperback version of The Cave Maze includes both, The Labyrinth of Fear, and The Labyrinth of Fear - tear out activity, both are the first in an original, mind-boggling maze activity series by grand labyrinth designer Master of the Playing Cards, whose mastery of maze design inspired a powerful, and puzzling activity to be included with this edition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Soon to be a major motion picture?" -Robert Woodhead, creator of the Wizardry series of role-playing video games. "One thing I was not expecting was the lovely illustrations! ...the ones in here are beautiful sketches." -Raffey Cassidy Review. "You'll be amazed! A fantasy adventure book of sword and sorcery. Characters range from thief's, fighters, and magic users to succubi, brownies, and elves. Slay monsters and gain the treasure!" -John Palmer, creator of Fantastic Science Fantasy Adventures. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who will survive the Maze? Death over/under lines now posted... LAIS DIJON TAVERN: Odds on party's entering the Cave Maze: Team: Gabbiano - Death Over/Under: 6 (21-Entering) No team lead by Gabbiano has lost more then 6. Map Level: 10/10 (Said to contain shortcuts deep into the Maze.) Key personnel: Castello Gabbiano (Fighter) Team: Rettingham - Death Over/Under: 6 (20-Entering) This run's team features five magic users. Map Level: 8/10 (Passed down through generations of Sandby) Key personnel: Percy Sandby (Fighter) Team: Greensludge - Death Over/Under: 3 (7-Entering) Captain Greensludge vows to take this team deep. Map Level: 6/10 (This patchwork map could yield unexpected gain.) Key personnel: Pleiades Greensludge (Fighter) Team: Beeston - Death Over/Under: 4 (6-Entering) {Special wager in effect: Total slaughter odds 9-1} Five of this teams six members are amateurs. Map Level: 0/10 (House Map) Key personnel: Raff Orcslaughter (Fighter) Team: O'Grady - Death Over/Under: 6 (21-Entering) Last run in lost 4/20, the previous 4/20 Map Level: 9/10 (Said to contain routing to gold depositories.) Key personnel: Finnegas O'Grady (Fighter) Team: Questiarum University - Death Over/Under: 8 (23-Entering) Team is a mixed bag of veterans, and amateurs. Map Level: 7/10 (Easy access to the gold rich southwest region.) Key personnel: Tatlen Hall (Fighter) Odds subject to change.

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