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The Ex-Wife

The Ex-Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-Wife - Jess Ryder Summary

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The Ex-wife

The Ex-wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-wife - John Lang Summary

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The Ex-Wife

The Ex-Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-Wife - Candice Dow Summary

From award-winning author Candice Dow comes a raw, sizzling, and emotional novel about a woman who must fight for what she wants-before she loses everything . . . THE EX-WIFE She's the hottest relationship expert around. Her get-real advice and tough-world experience have earned Ayana Blue money, fame, and a successful life she never imagined. And handsome Realtor Cameron Small is the sexy, steady Mr. Right she wasn't looking for yet always hoped she'd find. But Cam's unstable, in-denial ex-wife, Yasmin, isn't about to let him go-or allow anyone else take "her place." And if that means wrecking everything Ayana has worked so hard to build, then so be it. Now with her peace of mind shattered, her private business in the hole, and her reputation on the line, Ayana needs to figure out fast which dreams she can save, and what she'll have to let go. When it comes down to the ex-wife v. the next-wife, the only thing guaranteed is a scorched-earth battle-and it's winner takes all . . .


Ex-wife Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife - Ursula Parrott Summary

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The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide

The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide - Debby Holt Summary

Right before Sarah Stagg's teenage sons leave the nest, her husband, Andrew, the star of their local dramatic club, leaves her for his twentysomething leading lady, Hyacinth. Sarah, a freelance artist, quickly discovers that the path of a discarded wife is strewn with hazards and humiliations. Her neighbors and friends treat her like she has the plague. And her soon-to-be-ex wants to sell the house she's spent years turning into her dream home. Her best friend Miriam offers one concrete piece of advice: Sarah should keep busy -- and with Andrew and Hyacinth on a sabbatical from their acting group, what better distraction than the theater? To Sarah's horror, she is promptly given the starring role intended for Hyacinth. She wonders if she should write a survival guide for ex-wives. Her first chapter could be titled "How to Invite Utter Humiliation to Your Life in Front of an Entire Town and Watch Your Heartbreak Magically Melt Away." Then Sarah runs into the biggest crush of her youth. Now Sarah has more -- better -- advice to add to the list: Confront your past. Revel in the present. Be open to romance. But despite her new love interest, Sarah wonders if she's actually dealing or just having fun dreaming up sage words for women scorned. Will she ever truly understand what it means to live wisely and independently?

The Billionaire's Ex-Wife

The Billionaire's Ex-Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire's Ex-Wife - Leslie North Summary

Sam Jameson always gets what he wants and what he wants is his ex-wife. Sam is a man who is a man in the world. What is the best way to get the best out of your life? Sam accepts the challenge but is not sure about it. Trinity Jameson is a fixer. It does not matter if it's a good thing to do. She is a man, and she is a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man. "She's been doing this time. Before Sam landed in New York, his goal was to leave the city just as fast. But when Trinity saunters into the room. He realizes that what he really wants. Sam has no trouble stoking his physical fire, but hot sex is not going to be enough to heal the hurt. Sam is not going to be dissuaded by her new found emotional wall. He helped build it, and now he's going to knock it down.

The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-wife

The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-wife Pdf/ePub eBook


The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-wife - Sally Bjornsen Summary

A compassionate and candid guide for the novice stepmother explores the realities of marrying a divorced man with children, offering helpful advice on how to deal with biological-parent loyalties, resentment, a former spouse, holiday conflicts, sex, and more, accompanied by a list of resources, publications, organizations, and Web sites that can provide additional assistance. Original.

He Cheated!

He Cheated! Pdf/ePub eBook


He Cheated! - Kaitland Price Summary

Marriage can be a rocky road and sometimes issues can be overcome if both are willing to try. But, there are other times when one person strays from those wedding vows, never looks back, and hurts the ones they once loved. This is an account of the everyday occurrences and the emotional roller coaster that everyone goes through, but no one can really explain until you've been there. Everyone says they can understand, but unless they've experienced divorce, all they can say are words of comfort. Join me on my journey that led me to divorce court, and my new indoctrination into the Divorced Women's Club.

Bradley B. Kuhns Genealogy

Bradley B. Kuhns Genealogy Pdf/ePub eBook


Bradley B. Kuhns Genealogy - Bradley W. Kuhns, Ph.D., O.M.D. Summary

The genealogy of Bradley B. Kuhns, grandfather of Bradley W. Kuhns, Ph.D., O.M.D.

Ex-wife, Remarry to Me

Ex-wife, Remarry to Me Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife, Remarry to Me - Sensen Sensen Summary

She loved him, but he only used her as a chess piece. After three years of marriage, she had taught him to talk back. She had thought that she could continue this marriage forever, but she had never thought that the love in his heart would come back, and everything would become a thing of the past. Seeing the divorce agreement handed over by Song ChuRan, Lu Juncheng took it up and tore it into pieces. Divorce? Let me tell you, Song Churan, this marriage is not for you to decide

Don't Mess With Your Ex-Wife

Don't Mess With Your Ex-Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


Don't Mess With Your Ex-Wife - Xiao Zhuxixi Summary

"Wen Su Jin, I am not satisfied. "Therefore, I will take back the promise I made to the Wen family." After a night of lovemaking, while wearing his clothes, Lu Zekai asked casually. That night, she lost her virginity, but got nothing. Instead, she was kicked out of her home by her family. Three months later, he had long forgotten who Wen Su Jin was and went to the hospital with his girlfriend. However, he accidentally bumped into her, who came by herself to undergo the abortion. Lu Zekai never knew that there were women in this world who didn't want his children. He tried to approach her again, but he was unable to extricate himself from her silence and stubbornness. A year later they were married, and a month later they signed a divorce. Four years later, she returned home with her baby and her husband and met him again. "He couldn't help but stare at the little girl beside her who looked exactly like her." Wen Su Jin, you actually dared to bring my daughter away! And make her call someone else daddy! " "His eyes were red as he grabbed her shoulders and shook her." "Uncle ..." A three year old Lassie pulled on the leg of Lu Zekai's pants and spoke up in dissatisfaction, "Uncle, don't touch my mommy!"

Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle Pdf/ePub eBook


Break the Cycle - Ros B Summary

Kayleigh, a woman of faith, shares her journey of heart break through a difficult marriage and a painful divorce. She meets and falls in love with a married man who proceeds to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed his lies and allowed him to manipulate her into a long-term relationship. She learns quickly that what goes around comes back around. Just as he cheated with her, he cheats on her. She was the mistress, then the wife, now she's the ex-wife, too. Her faith in God and her renewed relationship with Him, however, bring her through the storm of her own making and she is made whole again.

101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress

101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress Pdf/ePub eBook


101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress - Kevin Cotter Summary

A truly unique book about making the best of a bad situation - the hilarious true story based on Kevin Cotter's popular blog "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress". When Kevin's wife left him, she had no interest in grabbing her wedding dress on the way out. "What am I going to do with it?" he asked "Whatever the f**k you want," she replied. After careful consideration, he did what any newly-divorced man would do-made it into a scarecrow, pasta strainer, dental floss, and 98 other things-while posting accompanying photos, videos, and witty commentary on his website.

The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make Pdf/ePub eBook


The Choices We Make - Robert T. Gardner Jr. Summary

The Choices We Make is a book that tells a compelling story about bad relationship choices that resulted in enormous consequences. This book emphasizes the importance of self-love, a key element to making good relationship choices. You will be provided with insight on "People Types that mean you no good and "Games People Play" that have nothing to do with love. There are tips and tools in the Relationship Lab to educate men and women on how to avoid bad relationships with the wrong people. This book intends to transform the way you think about the relationship choices you make.


Stepwives Pdf/ePub eBook


Stepwives - Louise Oxhorn,Lynne Oxhorn-Ringwood,Marjorie Krausz Summary

Stepwives: (n) (1) ex-wife and current wife to the same man, mother and stepmother to the same children; (2) women destined to battle for the love and control of their families...until now! Lynne and Louise were stepwives for ten years. While they managed a barely civil relationship, each was seething with anger on the inside. It all boiled over in an ugly scene on the day Lynne saw that Louise was wearing shoes identical to her own favorite pair, and then they knew they had to find a new way of being a family. With the guidance of marriage and family therapist Marjorie Vego Krausz, Lynne Oxhorn-Ringwood and Louise Oxhorn developed a ten-step program that has helped thousands of women begin to go from sworn enemies to CoMamas. You don't have to follow the program together with your stepwife; even if only one of you follows the plan, your stepwife relationship and the happiness of your family will improve. Learn how to: Establish a good working relationship with your stepwife Put the children first Understand your husband's/ex-husband's role and how he can help Handle vacations, holidays, and other big occasions Packed with quizzes, lists, and other helpful tools, Stepwives can show you how to step into her shoes and have a peaceful, cooperative relationship with your stepwife.

Ex-wife, Please Stay

Ex-wife, Please Stay Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife, Please Stay - Lin WeiYang Summary

Within a night, she had lost everything and was even dragged into the prison by the scumbag male. In her three years in prison, she had gone from youthful to enchanting. What was owed to her, this time, she was going to get it all back. In time to catch up with the trend of the hidden marriage, she married one of the few top powers in Luocheng. Love money? Vanity? Was he scheming? This was the comment of the people of Luo City, but she didn't care. "She is a woman that the people of Luocheng call for a fight, yet she is also a woman with incomparable envy." Let's get divorced. This is the end of the agreement. " A divorce agreement, she had nothing to do with him. However... "This CEO, we agreed on a divorce, what are you doing?" The divorce agreement is not valid, we are still husband and wife! "

Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives

Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives - Paula J. Egner Summary

"A candid, albeit at times tongue-in-cheek, expose of the challenges facing today's blended family. Written from the ""next wife's"" point of view, it delves into the murky waters of step-mothering, climbs the treacherous terrain of reluctant in-laws, and warns the next-wife against tripping in the footsteps of the woman who came first."

CEO’s Substitute Ex-wife

CEO’s Substitute Ex-wife Pdf/ePub eBook


CEO’s Substitute Ex-wife - Lan YanLan Summary

When she married five years ago, she knew that her husband was still thinking about his first love. He pinched her chin and said, "You're just a substitute. Other than money, don't even dream about getting anything else." She had thought that as long as she tried to be good to him, he would eventually be moved and fall in love with her. Later on, she realized that it was impossible for a man to fall in love with someone just because he was moved. Five years after their marriage, his first love came back. He wanted a divorce and wanted her to have an abortion. ***

The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce

The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce - Holiday Miller,Valerie Shepherd Summary

Witnessing a woman go through divorce is like watching a tornado tear up a trailer park. Not only is someone losing their home and life as they know it, but for most women, it seems to go down with some extra drama thrown in the mix. This is where the advice of authors, Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd, two experts in all things divorce, comes in handy. Their unique friendship began after they had both married and divorced the same man! The Ex Wives’ Guide to Divorce was born from this friendship with the goal to ease women’s fears, save them money, and give them a road map of what lies ahead. It will motivate women to get their head out of the sand and build their future dream sand castle by themselves, sans Prince Charming. Divorce is painful, heartbreaking, and pretty miserable for everyone involved. While men tend to champion the process, most women collapse and become emotionally distracted. Miller and Shepherd’s experience is while the husband is gathering ammunition with his high paid attorney; the wife is frantic and disorganized—most likely spending her energy on the phone with her best friend or sister, instead of preparing herself for the battle ahead. This helpful guide teaches women how to manage the “business of divorce” in a focused, realistic, and organized manner. Miller and Shepherd aren’t lawyers or psychologists, but they’ve experienced the process first hand and offer advice on how to build a support system and come out ahead. This book charges women to “put their big girl panties on” and maintain a tenacious spirit while preparing and organizing for their divorce.

Ex-wife Breaks Promise

Ex-wife Breaks Promise Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife Breaks Promise - Lin Xi Summary

Honor frame 28 years old, only one belief, death can not divorce! Therefore, even when that man hit her and scolded her, even when they were together, she did not have any intention of getting a divorce! A woman known to everyone in A City! Because that woman recklessly climbed onto the Fu family's young master's bed, stole his sister's fiance, and was shameless enough to refuse a divorce! However, no one would have thought that the shameless woman would openly shake off the young master of the Fu family on her 28th birthday. The man whom all the women of A City admired — — Fu Buzhou. At that moment, the decisiveness and disgust in Rongfro's eyes finally made Fu Shuzhou realize...

Health Care Benefits Law

Health Care Benefits Law Pdf/ePub eBook


Health Care Benefits Law - Jeffrey D. Mamorsky Summary

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Ex-wife's Revenge

Ex-wife's Revenge Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife's Revenge - Zhan WangFei Summary

An ambiguous message led her into the abyss. She had witnessed her father's death, her mother's mental disorder, the sudden death of her baby, and her husband, who had been married for three years, colluding with a third party to force her to die. Perhaps it was due to the pity of the heavens that her unwilling soul was reborn in the body of a novice celebrity. The moment she woke up, she found herself in deep crisis. All her enemies from her previous life had gathered together, waiting to push her into hell! Jane swore that in this life, no matter how lowly and despicable one was, no matter how many people despised and cursed at him, those who owed her would not be able to escape! All the grudges she had against them — always to get them back! From then on, the C-list celebrity gradually became the rumored Queen of Gossip and the Heavenly Queen of Celebrity in the entertainment circle, blooming with a dazzling brilliance that no one could match. The male partners beside her were swapped one by one, even swearing that all the Wealthy Class families in the world would fall for her hand ...

Tips for the Divorced Dad

Tips for the Divorced Dad Pdf/ePub eBook


Tips for the Divorced Dad - Elaine Walsh Summary

With divorce being so prevalent just about everyone either needs this book and/or knows someone who needs it. It is the perfect gift book. The author is a mother who watched and learned as her daughter adjusted to her parents' divorce - in particular, as her daughter and ex-husband adjusted to their new relationship. This book is the collection of life lessons learned over six years. Knowledge that was gained both first-hand and through interviews with many other families in the midst of divorce. Because this knowledge has been documented and shared, fathers and children will benefit from what others have lived and learned.

Young Master's Ex-wife

Young Master's Ex-wife Pdf/ePub eBook


Young Master's Ex-wife - Xiaoye Dangjia Summary

Being husband and wife can be as harmonious as a friend, they are the only two people in the world. She came out of the kitchen to be taught by the filial parents-in-waiting. She worked diligently to keep her family afloat, was virtuous and virtuous, and even helped him to come up with some ideas to chase women ... Is this really something that a good Chinese wife should have? Did you have a proper wife? On the occasion of their happy anniversary together, when the main host returned, she immediately abdicated her position and sent a summary of her experiences as a humble lady. Didn't we agree on this? How could he not be happy?

Jewish Faqs

Jewish Faqs Pdf/ePub eBook


Jewish Faqs - Rabbi Daniel Kohn Summary

Many people turn to the Internet when they have questions about anythingincluding Judaism. Spiritual searchers today are no different. The profusion of Web sites, online forums, and e-mail discussion groups devoted to Judaism provides ample testimony to the need and desire for nearly instantaneous access to spiritual information and guidance. In our modern technologyfocused society today, America Onlines Ask a Rabbi service was an instant hit the moment it was introduced over a decade ago. As an original volunteer for this service for eight years, Rabbi Kohn answered over 1,300 questions about every imaginable Jewish topic ranging from anti-Semitism, sex, God, Jewish holidays, death, Kabbalah, Kashrut, prayer, spirituality, and much more. Rabbi Kohns answers are short and concise, answering the questions directly often with humor but always with feeling. Jewish FAQs is a selection of nearly 300 of the best, most interesting, and informative questions and answers similar to a Web sites Jewish FAQ (frequently asked questions). A FAQ is a file containing the essential questions and answers to help users find and understand a Web site. Jewish FAQs is similar because it provides a basic introduction to anything and everything related to Jewish life all in one place. So if you have a question about Judaism, whether youre young or old, Internet savvy or a dyed-in-the-wool print-and-paper reader, chances are, youll find the answer here in Jewish FAQs.

Ex-wife Marries Me Again

Ex-wife Marries Me Again Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife Marries Me Again - Mu RongYue Summary

On the day of the divorce, she had tricked him into leaving his world with her child. When they met again, they had to return to their home country and stay by his side because of the movement of the people under his command! Except this time, the only difference was that he had two more babies with him. One was her and his child. There was also one more person. It was the child of him and another woman ... That's fine! She withdrew and secretly took her five-year-old child away from her home. At that moment, he surrounded the airport in all four directions, "The children have already arrived. Wife, let's remarry!"

The Ex-Wives

The Ex-Wives Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex-Wives - Deborah Moggach Summary

From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Meet Buffy. With three ex-wives, a failing career and only his dog George for company, Buffy’s bachelorhood is looking worryingly confirmed. Until he meets Celeste. Dazzled by love, Buffy has no idea that Celeste is systematically researching his ex-wives, children and step-children, and unearthing secrets that will change all their lives...

The Ex

The Ex Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex - Alafair Burke Summary

'Highly addictive.' KARIN SLAUGHTER 'A major talent.' HARLAN COBEN 'Packed with plot, The Ex rocks.' New York Journal of Books 'Keeps you guessing right to the very end. I loved it.' BECKY MASTERMAN, author of Fear the Darkness DID HE, OR DIDN'T HE? Olivia Randall is one of New York City's best criminal defence lawyers. When she gets a phone call informing her that her former fiancée has been arrested for a triple homicide there is no doubt in her mind as to his innocence. The only question is who would go to such great lengths to frame him - and why? For Olivia, representing Jack is a way to make up for past regrets, and the hurt she caused him, but as the evidence against him mounts, she is forced to confront her doubts.

The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ex Factor - Don Houck,LaDean Houck Summary

In The Ex Factor, Don and LaDean Houck address ten personal, relational, and spiritual issues involved in forging a working arrangement with a former husband or wife, particularly as it relates to the welfare of children affected by divorce.

Forever an Ex

Forever an Ex Pdf/ePub eBook


Forever an Ex - Victoria Christopher Murray Summary

Three Los Angeles women who’ve helped each other overcome heartbreak are reunited eight years later when their troublesome exes come back into the picture in this follow up to Victoria Christopher Murray’s bestselling novel The Ex Files. Sheridan, Kendall, and Asia first bonded when they met seven years ago at a church prayer support group and now, their friendship has blossomed into a strong sisterhood. They've helped each other through the tragedies of their breakups and together, they've celebrated their triumphs. But now, their exes are back, wreaking havoc on lives they've work so hard to rebuild. Sheridan has found love again after her ex-husband left her for a man. But old wounds are reopened when her ex-husband appears with his fiancée—a woman! And all of Sheridan's insecurities and doubts come rushing back. Kendall's former husband is now married to Kendall's sister, Sabrina. And though Kendall has refused to interact with either one in the last seven years, she's forced to reunite with Sabrina when their father is diagnosed with cancer. Asia has done her best to move away from her married boyfriend, a former star with the LA Lakers. But when they share a kiss, old desires are rekindled and Asia decides that it's time for her and Bobby Johnson to get back together again. With her trademark writing that “has the kind of momentum that prompts you to elbow disbelief aside and flip the pages in horrified enjoyment” (The Washington Post), Forever an Ex is Murray's best novel yet.

My Son's Ex-Wife:

My Son's Ex-Wife: Pdf/ePub eBook


My Son's Ex-Wife: - Shelia E. Lipsey Summary

Envy Wilson, Layla Hobbs, and Kacie Mayweather are three 30-year-old friends who lean heavily on one another for support in troubled times. Layla fights the battle of obesity coupled with low self-esteem, but her melodious voice can soothe the savage beast. Who can fulfill her desire for love? Envy is Layla's backbone, and one of the few people in her life who doesn't beat up on her about being overweight. But Envy has her own dark and sordid secrets that she refuses to share, not even with Layla and Kacie. Kacie, born with cerebral palsy, has always felt the need to prove that she can get a man just like any "normal" woman. She has six children and five baby daddies, but has never had a husband. When she meets an older man at church, she hopes her prayers for a perfect love will be fulfilled. Through their trials, the three of them cling to each other. The circumstances they face will hopefully teach them how to cling to God.

Successful Blended Families

Successful Blended Families Pdf/ePub eBook


Successful Blended Families - Dr. Mabel Radebe Summary

According to experts, being involved in a prior marriage decreases the success rate of subsequent marriages. The aim of this book is to reduce the failure rate of remarriages and to promote the success of blended families. Successful Blended Families addresses the common challenges of blended family life and provides practical tools for dealing with them effectively. Attention is given to children in these families, step-parenting, preparation for remarriage as well as the building blocks for a successful blended family. If you are in a blended family or planning to establish such a family, this book is for you. If you are a professional who works with blended families or you simply want to gain more insight and understanding of blended family life, this book is worth reading.

Forensic Nursing Science - E-Book

Forensic Nursing Science - E-Book Pdf/ePub eBook


Forensic Nursing Science - E-Book - Virginia A. Lynch,Janet Barber Duval Summary

Written and edited by the most respected authorities in forensic nursing and forensic sciences, this new edition provides the tools and concepts you need to collect evidence that is admissible in court, determine the significance of that evidence, and provide accurate, reliable testimony while administering high-quality patient care. Now in full color throughout, it remains the most comprehensive, highly illustrated text of its kind. Provides a comprehensive, updated guide to forensic nursing science, paying special attention to the International Association of Forensic Nurses’s (IAFN) goals for forensic nursing. Retains a focus on assessment skills and the collection and preservation of evidence, following the established guidelines of the forensic sciences. Prepares you to provide testimony as a fact witness or a forensic nursing expert. Includes an illustrated case study in almost every chapter, helping you relate the information to clinical practice. Highlights important recommendations for interventions in Best Practice boxes, including the evidence base for each. Summarizes important points in Key Point boxes, so you can quickly review the most important concepts in each chapter. Explores the evolving role of forensic nurses in today’s health care facilities and the community. Edited by Virginia Lynch, founding member and first President of the International Association of Forensic Nurses and Janet Barber Duval, both well-respected pioneers and educators in the field. Contains 300 full-color illustrations integrated throughout the text, so you can view evidence quickly and easily, as it is likely to appear in practice. Presents information on courtroom testimony and depositions in one reorganized, streamlined chapter, giving you a full, organized treatment of this extremely important topic. Includes twelve new chapters: Digital Evidence, Medical Evidence Recovery at the Death Scene, Asphyxia, Electrical and Thermal Injury, Intrafamilial Homicide and Unexplained Childhood Death, Human Trafficking, Credential Development for Forensic Nurses, Gangs and Hate Crimes, Ethics Issues in Forensic Nursing, Forensic Physics and Fracture Analysis, Sexual Deviant Behaviors and Crime and Forensic Epidemiology. Contains heavily revised information on Prehospital Evidence, Forensic Investigation in the Hospital, and Human Abuse and Deaths in Custody. Features critical thinking questions with every case study, so you can thoroughly consider the implications of each clinical scenario. Evolve site will include appendices and additional documentation materials.

Lost Wings of the Soul

Lost Wings of the Soul Pdf/ePub eBook


Lost Wings of the Soul - Robert Teach Summary

I had two wonderful boys born into my life that I love with all my heart, and savoured every moment as they grew up. After a bitter divorce, my ex-wife methodically took all contact away from me and my children. I had lost part of my soul or the wings of who I was. I vowed with my children, that I wouldn't see them go through the mess of a divorce and separation of parents like I had, and the loss of who I really was deep inside. But it happened, and they became increasingly alienated from me. I lost who I was even more. Through a lot of soul searching and letting go, I found I needed to now heal the wings of my soul and truly delve deep inside what makes me who I am to escape this circle of loss. By learning from past mistakes and re-lighting the burning fires within, I could help myself and ultimately take myself and the soul of my wings to higher places I have not been before or places I was afraid to go before. Through these life lessons I was starting to find out my soul and my lost wings.

Elusive Innocence

Elusive Innocence Pdf/ePub eBook


Elusive Innocence - Dean Tong Summary

With the rise in divorce and child custody battles, child abuse charges have become a weapon of choice, often times false, and it is these accusations that are tearing apart lives, affecting all involved. The Child Welfare system supposedly designed to help children is actually helping children to destroy their lives. This book affords those falsely accused and their defence attorneys, who often find themselves in a 3-ring circus...juvenile, family and/or criminal courts, a vehicle for countering and defeating abuse allegations. The book is a life jacket for the falsely accused parent and inexperienced attorney. Dean Tong is an internationally known forensic consultant on related child abuse, domestic violence and child custody cases.

Ex-wife's Revenge

Ex-wife's Revenge Pdf/ePub eBook


Ex-wife's Revenge - Zhan WangFei Summary

An ambiguous message led her into the abyss. She had witnessed her father's death, her mother's mental disorder, the sudden death of her baby, and her husband, who had been married for three years, colluding with a third party to force her to die. Perhaps it was due to the pity of the heavens that her unwilling soul was reborn in the body of a novice celebrity. The moment she woke up, she found herself in deep crisis. All her enemies from her previous life had gathered together, waiting to push her into hell! Jane swore that in this life, no matter how lowly and despicable one was, no matter how many people despised and cursed at him, those who owed her would not be able to escape! All the grudges she had against them — always to get them back! From then on, the C-list celebrity gradually became the rumored Queen of Gossip and the Heavenly Queen of Celebrity in the entertainment circle, blooming with a dazzling brilliance that no one could match. The male partners beside her were swapped one by one, even swearing that all the Wealthy Class families in the world would fall for her hand ...

An Innocent Ex-Wife

An Innocent Ex-Wife Pdf/ePub eBook


An Innocent Ex-Wife - Richa Resa Summary

I loved him with my everything I trusted in our love I gave him my everything And all he did was accuse me He hurt me and left me He took away everything from me He destroyed me fully He embraced another woman in front of me ....... But mainly he broke me........ Lana Winston went through a lot when she got divorced and her husband made her suffer. There was no chance for her to explain. She was thrown out of her world to the streets. She ran far away to never see all the people who hurt her again. What happens when her ex comes back? Will her world crumble down again? What happens when the bitter truth is revealed? Will things be forgotten and forgiven? Will she make people pay for her sufferings or will she run far away again? A book filled with twists and turns. Romance and love with betrayal and hurt.

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