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The Ghosts of Sherwood

The Ghosts of Sherwood Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ghosts of Sherwood - Carrie Vaughn Summary

Carrie Vaughn's The Ghosts of Sherwood revisits the Robin Hood legend with a story of the famed archer's children. Everything about Father is stories. Robin of Locksley and his one true love, Marian, are married. It has been close on two decades since they beat the Sheriff of Nottingham with the help of a diverse band of talented friends. King John is now on the throne, and Robin has sworn fealty in order to further protect not just his family, but those of the lords and barons who look up to him – and, by extension, the villagers they protect. There is a truce. An uneasy one, to be sure, but a truce, nonetheless. But when the Locksley children are stolen away by persons unknown, Robin and Marian are going to need the help of everyone they’ve ever known, perhaps even the ghosts that are said to reside deep within Sherwood. And the Locksley children, despite appearances to the contrary, are not without tricks of their own... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory

The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory - Matthew C. Hulbert Summary

The Civil War tends to be remembered as a vast sequence of battles, with a turning point at Gettysburg and a culmination at Appomattox. But in the guerrilla theater, the conflict was a vast sequence of home invasions, local traumas, and social degeneration that did not necessarily end in 1865. This book chronicles the history of "guerrilla memory," the collision of the Civil War memory "industry" with the somber realities of irregular warfare in the borderlands of Missouri and Kansas. In the first accounting of its kind, Matthew Christopher Hulbert's book analyzes the cultural politics behind how Americans have remembered, misremembered, and re-remembered guerrilla warfare in political rhetoric, historical scholarship, literature, and film and at reunions and on the stage. By probing how memories of the guerrilla war were intentionally designed, created, silenced, updated, and even destroyed, Hulbert ultimately reveals a continent-wide story in which Confederate bushwhackers--pariahs of the eastern struggle over slavery--were transformed into the vanguards of American imperialism in the West.

The Ghosts of Langley

The Ghosts of Langley Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ghosts of Langley - John Prados Summary

"The Ghosts of Langley offers a detail-rich, often relentless litany of CIA scandals and mini-scandals. . . [and a] prayer that the CIA learn from and publicly admit its mistakes, rather than perpetuate them in an atmosphere of denial and impunity." —The Washington Post From the writer Kai Bird calls a “wonderfully accessible historian,” the first major history of the CIA in a decade, published to tie in with the seventieth anniversary of the agency’s founding During his first visit to Langley, the CIA’s Virginia headquarters, President Donald Trump told those gathered, “I am so behind you . . . there’s nobody I respect more, ” hinting that he was going to put more CIA operations officers into the field so the CIA could smite its enemies ever more forcefully. But while Trump was making these promises, behind the scenes the CIA was still reeling from blowback from the very tactics that Trump touted—including secret overseas prisons and torture—that it had resorted to a decade earlier during President George W. Bush’s war on terror. Under the latest regime it seemed that the CIA was doomed to repeat its past failures rather than put its house in order. The Ghosts of Langley is a provocative and panoramic new history of the Central Intelligence Agency that relates the agency’s current predicament to its founding and earlier years, telling the story of the agency through the eyes of key figures in CIA history, including some of its most troubling covert actions around the world. It reveals how the agency, over seven decades, has resisted government accountability, going rogue in a series of highly questionable ventures that reach their apotheosis with the secret overseas prisons and torture programs of the war on terror. Drawing on mountains of newly declassified documents, the celebrated historian of national intelligence John Prados throws fresh light on classic agency operations from Poland to Hungary, from Indonesia to Iran-Contra, and from the Bay of Pigs to Guantánamo Bay. The halls of Langley, Prados persuasively argues, echo with the footsteps of past spymasters, to the extent that it resembles a haunted house. Indeed, every day that the militarization of the CIA increases, the agency drifts further away from classic arts of espionage and intelligence analysis—and its original mission, while pushing dangerously beyond accountability. The Ghosts of Langley will be essential reading for anyone who cares about the next phase of American history—and the CIA’s evolution—as its past informs its future and a president of impulsive character prods the agency toward new scandals and failures.

The Heirs of Locksley

The Heirs of Locksley Pdf/ePub eBook


The Heirs of Locksley - Carrie Vaughn Summary

Carrie Vaughn follows up The Ghosts of Sherwood with the charming, fast-paced The Heirs of Locksley, continuing the story of Robin Hood's children. "We will hold an archery contest. A simple affair, all in fun, on the tournament grounds. Tomorrow. We will see you there." The latest civil war in England has come and gone, King John is dead, and the nobility of England gathers to see the coronation of his son, thirteen year old King Henry III. The new king is at the center of political rivalries and power struggles, but John of Locksley—son of the legendary Robin Hood and Lady Marian—only sees a lonely boy in need of friends. John and his sisters succeed in befriending Henry, while also inadvertently uncovering a political plot, saving a man's life, and carrying out daring escapes. All in a day's work for the Locksley children... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Ghosts of Rathburn Park

The Ghosts of Rathburn Park Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ghosts of Rathburn Park - Zilpha Keatley Snyder Summary

Eleven-year-old Matt comes face to face with his town’s haunted past Matthew Hamilton—a.k.a. the Hamster—and his family recently moved to Timber City. More of a loner than his older brother and sister, Matt gets lost when he wanders away from the town’s annual July Fourth picnic into nearby Rathburn Park. He is rescued by a white mutt with shaggy hair and pointed ears. Matt follows him into a clearing, but the dog vanishes. According to legend, Rathburn Park is haunted. Weirded out by his experience but unable to stay away, Matt returns to the ruins. In a burned-out church, a girl in a hat and old-fashioned ruffled dress appears. She warns him to leave if he wants to stay alive. Her name is Amelia Rathburn. But when Matt looks her up, he discovers that she is one hundred years old. Is Amelia a ghost from the past? Or someone a lot more human? The truth is stranger than Matt could ever imagine. This ebook features an extended biography of Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

The Ghosts of Tidewater-- and Nearby Environs

The Ghosts of Tidewater-- and Nearby Environs Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ghosts of Tidewater-- and Nearby Environs - L. B. Taylor Summary

Dare you not believe? The wispy reappearance of a love-sick young maiden who died nearly 250 years ago. The haunting return of a French soldier who was killed during the Revolutionary War. The mysterious "curse tree" which separated husband and wife in their graves. The strange portrait which moved about on its own. These and other examples of inexplicable psychic phenomena are chronicled in "The ghosts of Williamsburg." Are the stories true? Skeptics may scoff, but a number of credible witnesses who have personally seen or otherwise experienced the "presence" of these spirits swear by them. Judge for yourself. -- Back cover.

Haunts of Robin Hood

Haunts of Robin Hood Pdf/ePub eBook


Haunts of Robin Hood - Jill Armitage Summary

Places like Sherwood Forest remained uncharted and ill-defined, with only wild and uncertain tracks and occasional clearings; in this dark realm grew the legend of Robin Hood and his companions. Illustrated with more than 100 photographs, this work takes the reader on a guided tour through the ghost stories of Robin Hood Country.

L’Autre Femme de ta vie

L’Autre Femme de ta vie Pdf/ePub eBook


L’Autre Femme de ta vie - Sandie Jones Summary

Tu ne voleras pas mon fils... La vie d'Emily est bouleversée le jour où son chemin croise celui d'Adam. Après plusieurs déceptions amoureuses, elle a la certitude d'avoir rencontré l'homme qu'elle attendait depuis longtemps. Il est beau, intelligent, prévenant, et surtout, il l'aime plus que tout au monde. Lorsqu'il la demande en mariage et lui présente sa famille, l'idylle vire au cauchemar. La jeune fiancée découvre avec horreur qu'elle a une rivale : la mère d'Adam, qui affiche une hostilité marquée à son égard. Cette belle-mère envahissante, manipulatrice et sans scrupules est prête à tout pour empêcher le mariage. Dès lors, une menace pèse sur Emily : jusqu'à quelles extrémités sa belle-mère ira-t-elle pour la rayer de la carte ? « Une histoire divertissante au suspense implacable. » - Reese Witherspoon « Des rebondissements vertigineux. » - New York Times « Un vrai régal ! » - People « Un thriller psychologique d'une incroyable justesse. » - Refinery29 « Excellent ! Une intrigue bien ficelée, servie par des personnages plus vrais que nature. » - Associated Press

In the Shadow of FDR

In the Shadow of FDR Pdf/ePub eBook


In the Shadow of FDR - William E. Leuchtenburg Summary

From review of previous editions: "In the Shadow of FDR shrewdly sets forth the special cruelty of the dilemma Roosevelt's successors have all faced: 'If he did not walk in FDR's footsteps, he ran a risk of having it said that he was not a Roosevelt but a Hoover. Yet to the extent that he did copy FDR, he lost any chance of marking out his own claim to recognition.'"—New York Times Book Review "A stimulating and original survey of the political impact of Franklin D. Roosevelt's image on his successors in the White House. Truman was resentful, Eisenhower suffered (in liberal eyes) by invidious comparison, Kennedy was ambivalent, Johnson celebratory, Nixon strangely admiring, Carter shallow in his use of FDR symbolism, and Reagan the first to turn his back on the New Deal."—Foreign Affairs "William E. Leuchtenburg's close examination of FDR's presidential legatees has enabled him to demonstrate Roosevelt's enormous beyond-the-grave influence. In the Shadow of FDR is a fine, perceptive work that constitutes a valuable coda for New Deal studies. Several pertinent insights help to contribute to discussions of the role of personalities in politics. This book is a refreshing contribution to studies of the presidency."—American Historical Review A ghost has inhabited the Oval Office since 1945—the ghost of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR's formidable presence has cast a large shadow on the occupants of that office in the years since his death, and an appreciation of his continuing influence remains essential to understanding the contemporary presidency. This new edition of In the Shadow of FDR has been updated to examine the presidency of George W. Bush and the first 100 days of the presidency of Barack Obama. The Obama presidency is evidence not just of the continuing relevance of FDR for assessing executive power but also of the salience of FDR's name in party politics and policy formulation.

Robin Hood and Little John: or, The merry men of Sherwood forest

Robin Hood and Little John: or, The merry men of Sherwood forest Pdf/ePub eBook


Robin Hood and Little John: or, The merry men of Sherwood forest - Pierce Egan Summary

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The Arrow of Sherwood

The Arrow of Sherwood Pdf/ePub eBook


The Arrow of Sherwood - Lauren Johnson Summary

“This new version of the Robin Hood legend kept my attention and interest with every turn of the page. Read it and enjoy!”—The World Wide Robin Hood Society 1193. A crusader returns to his home in Nottinghamshire, to find that England has been torn between the land-owning Norman lords and their English subjects, the country crippled by years of taxation and the long absence of its king. The crusader’s name is Robin of Locksley. Following a youth spent with lowborn friends Robin is determined to settle into the role his father wanted for him: a lord dispensing justice to the county. But a false rumor of his death in the East has stolen Robin’s lands from him, and the justice meted out by his fellow lords hardly seems to deserve the name. When Robin is compelled by a neighboring lord to condemn his childhood friends for a crime they did not commit, he realizes that he must choose between the need to regain his lost inheritance and his desire to help the commoners of Nottinghamshire. In this lucidly imagined and carefully researched recreation of the era of King Richard “the Lionheart,” Robin seeks the support of common-born and noble to defy the self-serving lords who oppose him, but it soon becomes clear that he can accomplish more outside the law than within it . . . In this her first novel, Lauren Johnson offers “a unique blend of legend, history, genuine characters, and page-turning storytelling . . . a realistic take on this magical myth” (Medievalists.net). “Addictive and absorbing.”—Medieval Warfare

A Dictionary of the English Language

A Dictionary of the English Language Pdf/ePub eBook


A Dictionary of the English Language - Noah Webster Summary

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Ghost Trails of Yorkshire

Ghost Trails of Yorkshire Pdf/ePub eBook


Ghost Trails of Yorkshire - Clive Kristen Summary

Tried and tested ghosthunting trails - mainly in the rural areas of Yorkshire.Discerning ghosthunters will enjoy following the trails - many published for the first time in any form - and enjoying Yorkshire at its spooktacular best.

A Dictionary of the English Language

A Dictionary of the English Language Pdf/ePub eBook


A Dictionary of the English Language - Samuel Johnson Summary

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Robin des bois

Robin des bois Pdf/ePub eBook


Robin des bois - Michael Morpurgo Summary

Richard Coeur de Lion est parti en croisade et le prince Jean, son frère, assisté par le terrible shérif de Nottingham, règne en tyran sur l'Angleterre. Réfugiée dans la forêt de Sherwood, une bande de hors-la-loi défie leur autorité. A leur tête se trouve Robin des bois. Avec l'aide de frère Tuck, Much, Petit jean et de la fidèle Marion, il s'est engagé, au nom du roi Richard, è rétablir la justice dans le pays. Pour tous les amoureux de l'aventure, Michael Morpurgo, génial conteur, a réécrit l'histoire de Robin des bois avec une inventivité et une vivacité sans pareil.

Haunted Carlisle

Haunted Carlisle Pdf/ePub eBook


Haunted Carlisle - Darren W. Ritson Summary

This new book contains a chilling collection of eyewitness accounts and terrifying tales from in and around Carlisle which is sure to appeal to everyone interested in the supernatural history of the city. Illustrated with over 60 pictures, these spooky stories include the headless spectre of Carlisle railway station, the phantom boy of Corby Castle, and the ghostly highwayman of Barrock Park, among many others. For those who dare to read it, Haunted Carlisle is guaranteed to make your blood run cold.

Lincoln au Bardo

Lincoln au Bardo Pdf/ePub eBook


Lincoln au Bardo - George Saunders Summary

Washington, nuit du 25 février 1862. Dans le paisible cimetière de Oak Hill, non loin de la Maison-Blanche, quelque chose se prépare... Un peu plus tôt ce même jour, on a enterré un petit garçon prénommé Willie, qui n’est autre que le fils du Président des États-Unis. Ce soir-là, Abraham Lincoln, dévasté de chagrin, s’échappe de son bureau pour venir se recueillir en secret sur la sépulture de son enfant. Il croit être seul – il ne l’est pas. Bientôt, des voix se font entendre, et voici que jaillit des caveaux tout un peuple d’âmes errantes, prises au piège entre deux mondes, dans une sorte de purgatoire (le fameux Bardo de la tradition tibétaine). L’arrivée du jeune Willie va déclencher parmi eux un immense charivari – une bataille épique, reflet d’outre-tombe de la guerre de Sécession qui, au même moment, menace de déchirer la nation américaine. Tour à tour inquiétants, hilarants, attendrissants, les spectres surgis de l’imagination de George Saunders nous offrent un spectacle inouï, qui tient de la farce beckettienne autant que de la tragédie shakespearienne. Magistral chef d’orchestre de ce choeur d’ombres baroques, George Saunders s’amuse à dynamiter tous les registres romanesques, pour mieux nous confronter aux plus profonds mystères de notre existence : qu’est-ce que la mort ? qu’est-ce que la vie ? qu’est-ce que l’amour ? et comment vivre, et aimer, quand nous savons que tout est voué au néant ?

A History of Horrors

A History of Horrors Pdf/ePub eBook


A History of Horrors - Denis Meikle Summary

No company in the history of cinema did more to legitimize the horror film than Hammer Films—the small British independent, which operated out of its tiny Bray Studios on the banks of the River Thames. From the Gothic elegance of The Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula to the violent sexploitation of The Vampire Lovers and Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, the Hammer name stood for one thing to a generation of films fans as the term "Hammer Horror" became a part of the language. This revised and updated edition of A History of Horrors traces the life and "spirit" of Hammer, from its fledgling days in the late 1940s through its successes of the 1950s and '60s to its decline and eventual liquidation in the late 1970s. With the exclusive participation of all of the personnel who were key to Hammer's success, Denis Meikle paints a vivid and fascinating picture of the rise and fall of a film empire, offering new and revealing insights into "the truth behind the legend." Much has been written about Hammer's films, but this is the only book to tell the story of the company itself from the perspective of those who ran it in its heyday and who helped to turn it into a universal byword for terror on the screen. This definitive history also includes cast and credits listings for the "Hammer Horrors" and a complete filmography of all of Hammer's feature productions.

The Works of Mrs. Sherwood

The Works of Mrs. Sherwood Pdf/ePub eBook


The Works of Mrs. Sherwood - Mary Martha Sherwood Summary

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