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The Healer's Apprentice

The Healer's Apprentice Pdf/ePub eBook


The Healer's Apprentice - Melanie Dickerson Summary

In author Melanie Dickenson’s new book, a young healer’s apprentice named Rose believes she will never marry ... until she meets Lord Hamlin, the future ruler of her village. Hamlin is everything she could ever want—kind, understanding, and a man of faith—but her low station and the fact he’s already betrothed to a mysterious woman makes their romance impossible. As Lord Hamlin seeks to find the sorcerer who cursed his future bride, Rose’s life spins toward confusion. A creative retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.


Sastun Pdf/ePub eBook


Sastun - Rosita Arvigo Summary

The compelling drama of American herbologist Rosita Arvigo's quest to preserve the knowledge of Don Elijio Panti, one of the last surviving and most respected traditional healers in the rainforest of Belize.

The Healers

The Healers Pdf/ePub eBook


The Healers - Kimo Armitage Summary

With roots firmly in the oral storytelling tradition, Kimo Armitage's 'The Healers' weaves multiple narrators and time periods into a novel of remarkable breadth, giving insight into Hawaiian culture where nature, man, and the spirit world coexist seamlessly. Echoing the voices of long ago, the book celebrates the connection to stories of Hawaii as once told by grandparents and great-grandparents.

Healing Insanity: a Study of Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria

Healing Insanity: a Study of Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria Pdf/ePub eBook


Healing Insanity: a Study of Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria - Patrick E. Iroegbu Summary

Healing Insanity: A Study of Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria is an original and in-depth study on endogenous medical system in an African society. It is craftily written and provides solid insight, through case studies and theory, into how insanity affects patients and the society. Particularly, it explores various collective representations and strategies regarding insanity and healing as it examines the healing institutions, healers, and ritual cults. The central question is, given the patterns of healing, how do the Igbo shape the incidence and symptoms of insanity, define its aetiology, and provide healers with culture-specific resources and skills to address this illness? The focus became increasingly centred on bodily semantics and endogenous knowledge systems and practices. Dr. Patrick Iroegbus work is a very valuable and rare study and has appeared at a desirable time. It is, for an African society, a comprehensive study of the many ways Igbo people, in their practical, routinelike attitudes and body-centred experiences, as well as in their more reflective aetiologic knowledge and healing institutions, relate to the phenomenon of insanity, or ara, in the cultural parlance. As the first of its kind, reminiscent of, and assured by, the various remarks of Igbo scholars and leaders at various meetings and discourses, the task this work has set out to accomplish is a very brave one. The authors account of his fieldwork experiences and adopted techniques illustrates his initiation, revealing him as a genuine ethnographer who is a friend of people and at ease with his field. With both the far-seeing and inspiring analysis of Igbo medicine, life, and culture accounted for in the work, the book stands out for ethnographers, teachers, students, leaders, policymakers, and the general public. This is a book that deserves to be read as it shapes the critical path toward understanding ways of healing insanity in a culture-specific context, crosscutting perspectives for a relationship between indigenous healing and the biomedical sphere. Prof. Ren Devisch (Africa Research Centre, University of Leuven) This book is written with a clear purpose for everyone to readto understand and heal insanityand indeed provides a thick piece of cultural philosophy and vernacular of Igbo medicine in hopes of putting cultural wisdom in pursuit of integral health care development. Prof. Pantaleon Iroegbu (Professor of Philosophy, Major-Seminary, Ekpoma, January 2006) To read this book, as I did, is to get the benefit of Dr. Patrick Iroegbus ethnographic insight for an archetypical African healing system in Igboland. It offers a fascinating theory of symbolic release that speaks of African symbolic action and knowledge system. Dr. Paul Komba, Esq. (University of Cambridge)

The Healing Drum

The Healing Drum Pdf/ePub eBook


The Healing Drum - Yaya Diallo,Mitchell Hall Summary

In the personal story of internationally acclaimed drummer Yaya Diallo we see the power of music as a sacred, healing force in West African culture.

Charles Johnson's Fiction

Charles Johnson's Fiction Pdf/ePub eBook


Charles Johnson's Fiction - William R. Nash Summary

A fearless experimenter and one of the most important contemporary American writers, Charles Johnson challenges separatist politics and tries to get beyond race as a literary category. In Charles Johnson's Fiction, William R. Nash emphasizes and explores the tensions in Johnson's work between his ideal of race as illusion and his methods of articulating racial grievance. Nash examines Johnson's short stories, novels--Faith and the Good Thing, Oxherding Tale, Middle Passage, and Dreamer--and the nonfiction work Being and Race. Tracing the themes of Johnson's political and artistic concerns as they evolved in his work, Nash locates his fascination with the aesthetics of the Black Arts Movement and his dismissal of separatist black politics and racialist thought. He also considers Johnson's adoption of Western and Eastern philosophies and belief that race is a blinding, limiting category that impedes the exploration of individual and collective identity. In formulating a mode of expression that balances the conflicting demands of race and aesthetics, Johnson crafts a new vision of history and African American identity that signifies on a range of black and white literary predecessors, including Zora Neale Hurston, Theodore Dreiser, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and Herman Melville. Nash argues that Johnson's hybrid philosophy of Buddhism and phenomenology defies the basic premises of identity formation and leads to the perception of a different self. Juxtaposed with jarring storylines of racial injustice, Johnson's notion that race is an illusion informs his aesthetic, promotes his strategies for battling oppression, and reminds readers what African Americans have already overcome in the quest to cultivate new visions of identity. Charles Johnson's Fiction also includes eight of Johnson's cartoons published in Black Humor and Half-Past Nation Time in the early 1970s.

Health System, Sickness and Social Suffering in Mekelle (Tigray - Ethiopia)

Health System, Sickness and Social Suffering in Mekelle (Tigray - Ethiopia) Pdf/ePub eBook


Health System, Sickness and Social Suffering in Mekelle (Tigray - Ethiopia) - Pino Schirripa Summary

In medical anthropology, "medical system" refers to all the healing practices, therapeutic knowledge, and traditions that, in a specific social context, people can use in order to cope with health problems. It refers as well to all the social actors involved: policy makers, health professionals, healers, priests, patients, and their family. Starting from this perspective, this book presents the first results of an ethnographic research which was carried out in Tigray (the northernmost of the nine ethnic regions of Ethiopia), between 2007 and 2008. It analyzes, in the social context of Mekelle (the capital of Tigray), the different healing practices and therapeutic traditions, as well as the strategies of the actors acting in the social arena. It also explores the health care seeking behaviors of the patients in a context characterized by social suffering and inequalities. (Series: Mekelle University Social Science Series - Vol. 1)

Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine - E-Book

Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine - E-Book Pdf/ePub eBook


Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine - E-Book - Marc S. Micozzi Summary

Focusing on emerging therapies and those best supported by clinical trials and scientific evidence, Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine describes some of the most prevalent and the fastest-growing CAM therapies in use today. Prominent author Dr. Marc Micozzi provides a complete overview of CAM, creating a solid foundation and context for therapies in current practice. Coverage of systems and therapies includes mind, body, and spirit; traditional Western healing; and traditional ethnomedical systems from around the world. Discussions include homeopathy, massage and manual therapies, chiropractic, a revised chapter on osteopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, naturopathic medicine, and nutrition and hydration. With its wide range of topics, this is the ideal CAM reference for both students and practitioners! An evidence-based approach focuses on treatments best supported by clinical trials and scientific evidence. Coverage of CAM therapies and systems includes those most commonly encountered or growing in popularity, so you carefully evaluate each treatment. Global coverage includes discussions of traditional healing arts from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Longevity in the market makes this a classic, trusted text. Expert contributors include well-known writers such as Kevin Ergil, Patch Adams, Joseph Pizzorno, Victor Sierpina, and Marc Micozzi himself. Suggested readings and references in each chapter list the best resources for further research and study. New, expanded organization covers the foundations of CAM, traditional Western healing, and traditional ethnomedical systems from Asia, Africa, and the Americas, putting CAM in perspective and making it easier to understand CAM origins and contexts. NEW content includes legal and operational issues in integrative medicine, creative and expressive arts therapies, ecological pharmacology, hydration, mind-body thought and practice in America, osteopathy, reflexology, South American healing, traditional medicines of India, and Unani medicine. Revised and updated chapters include aromatherapy, classical acupuncture, energy medicine, biophysical devices (electricity, light, and magnetism), massage and touch therapies, traditional osteopathy, reflexology, vitalism, and yoga. New research studies explain how and why CAM therapies work, and also demonstrate that they do work, in areas such as acupuncture, energy healing, and mind-body therapies. Expanded content on basic sciences includes biophysics, ecology, ethnomedicine, neurobiology, and pschoneuroimmunology, providing the scientific background needed to learn and practice CAM and integrative medicine. Expanded coverage of nutrition and hydration includes practical information on Vitamin D and healthy hydration with fluid and electrolytes.

The Herbal Apprentice

The Herbal Apprentice Pdf/ePub eBook


The Herbal Apprentice - Abrah Arneson Summary

If you ever wondered if there is more to plant medicine than knowing a plant effects the kidney or has anti-inflammatory actions you will love this book. The Herbal Apprentice is not just about plants, their chemistry and actions; it's about learning to think like a herbalist. Discover how to see the body/mind as a landscape where the elements, earth, water, fire, air and space mingle creating health or disease. Learn to interpret a plant's medicine through your senses, their chemistry and your dreams. Explore how traditional healers used plant medicine, caring hearts and a focused mind to help other find wellness and balance. Develop confidence in your abilities to help others using plant medicine while unearthing your unique gifts as a healer. The Herbal Apprentice leads you into the complex, elegant dance between plant medicine and human being. The Herbal Apprentice is unique and special. It introduces herbalism on a deeply personal, heart-felt level; and uses metaphors of nature to explain complicated physiology to a lay person or budding herbalist. Well done! Robert Dale Rogers (RH) AHG"

The Cultural Context of Therapeutic Choice

The Cultural Context of Therapeutic Choice Pdf/ePub eBook


The Cultural Context of Therapeutic Choice - C. Sargent Summary

This book examines the factors influencing women's choices of obstetrical care in a Bariba community in the People's Republic of Benin, West Africa. When selecting a research topic, I decided to investigate health care among the Bariba for several reasons. First, I had served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in northern Benin (then Dahomey) and had established a network of contacts in the region. In addition, I had worked for a year as assistant manager of a pharmacy in a northern town and had become interested in the pattern of utilization of health care services by urban residents. This three-year residence proved an invaluable asset in preparing and conducting research in the northern region. In particular, I was able to establish relationships with several indigenous midwives whose families I already knew both from prior research experience and mutual friend ships. These relationships enabled me to obtain detailed information regarding obstetrical practice and thus form the foundation of this book. The fieldwork upon which the book is directly based was conducted between June 1976 and December 1977 and sponsored by the F ord-Rockefeller Popula tion Policy Program, the Social Science Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the FUlbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Program. The Ford-Rockefeller Population Policy Program funded the project as a collab oration between myself and Professor Eusebe Alihonou, Professor Agrege (Gynecologie-Obstetrique) at the National University of Benin.

Samoan Herbal Medicine

Samoan Herbal Medicine Pdf/ePub eBook


Samoan Herbal Medicine - W. Arthur Whistler Summary

Two systems of health care exist side by side in Samoa--Samoan medicine and Western medicine. Western medicine is centered in three hospitals--Moto'otua Hospital near Apia, Tuasivi Hospital on Savai'i, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center in American Samoa. There are also a series of rural clinics, especially on Savai'i, that are staffed by district nurses. The doctors (foma'i) at the Western Samoan hospitals have either a Diploma of Medicine from the Fiji School of Medicine or an M.D. from New Zealand or elsewhere, and there are usually a few Pālagi (Western) M.D.s and interns from overseas who work along with them. The doctors in American Samoa are M.D.s from the U.S. or elsewhere, and serve on contract for two or more years. In most of the world, Western medicine has demonstrated its superiority over indigenous medical practices, but this is not the case in Samoa, at least not for all ailments. The first line of defense for many Samoans, particularly for infants, is Samoan medicine. This is not due to isolation, because most districts have a clinic, and the majority of the population is less than an hour's bus or car ride from one of the three hospitals noted above. However, a clinic staffed by a nurse is not the same as a hospital staffed by doctors and medical equipment. Savai'i is particularly weak in this area, since the one hospital is now (1994) being rebuilt, and often there are no more than two doctors for the entire island. The two systems are in direct competition, but there is very little conflict or tension. The doctors may think of the fofō--the traditional healers--as "witch doctors," and the fofō may confidently believe that the Western doctors just do not have the power to heal Samoan ailments, but there is little friction. Fofō recognize a dichotomy in ailments, with some classified as Samoan illnesses (ma'i Sāmoa) and others as Western illnesses (ma'i Pālagi). They usually treat only the former type, which they consider indigenous; if the fofō determine that the illness of a prospective patient belongs to the latter type, which is considered to be introduced by Westerners, and they do not have a medicine to treat it, the patient will be directed to a hospital or clinic. Likewise, some Western doctors may send patients to fofō if they believe that the ailment is not readily treatable with Western medicines or is psychological and is best treated by traditional Samoan means. However, referral from doctor to fofō is less common than the reverse. Instead of open friction, there is mutual tolerance and even some cooperation between the two systems. In its village public health programs, the Western Samoan Health Department has sought out village women (women's committee members), some of them being established fofō. The health department representatives--the district nurses living and working in the village--may even believe in Samoan medicine; even if they do not, they may refrain from condemning the practice in order to maintain harmony with their patients and village. The Health Department has even officially recognized some of the fofō, and supplies them with items such as gauze for use in the preparation of Samoan medicine.

Shamans and Healers

Shamans and Healers Pdf/ePub eBook


Shamans and Healers - Andrew Osta Summary

A stream of consciousness book based on a day by day diary of a spontaneous 8 month-long journey to the Peruvian Amazon undertaken by a somewhat naive young westerner in order to study shamanism, followed by a three month journey through Mexico. Entirely based on actual diary entries, it's a vivid and unpredictable trip. Read this before drinking ayahuasca to avoid making the same mistakes.

The Dark Hills Book 1-Delwyn’S Child

The Dark Hills Book 1-Delwyn’S Child Pdf/ePub eBook


The Dark Hills Book 1-Delwyn’S Child - Marie A. Fein Summary

Kyra is a young girl who has been sheltered by her parents and protected by the master healers of The Hills so that she may fulfill her destiny. Latent abilities emerge in Kyra as she reaches the energy filled Hills where she will be studying for the next three years. Unknown to Kyra, her encounter with Lair, the schools doyen, is not her first. She is also unaware that the master healers are in charge of helping her discover the powerful skills which she will use to defeat dark forces; some are gentler guides than others. Kyra is not alone in this adventure. She quickly befriends Essa, her confidant, and is antagonized by Essas twin, Aiden, who Kyra rescues from the highly addictive Niacoce Archway. In the end it is an unlikely ally who saves Kyra from a determined soul stalker, allowing her to accomplish what the Destinies revealed.

The Godmother's Apprentice

The Godmother's Apprentice Pdf/ePub eBook


The Godmother's Apprentice - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Summary

Dear Rosie, Being an apprentice fairy godmother is complicated. Not only do I have to go out and find good deeds to do, but for a sidekick I have that hit man that Felicity changed into a toad. I wanted to take the cat but she seems to have had a big funeral to attend. Felicity isn t around much. She keeps disappearing through a door in the guestroom that opens on the side of a hill. The swimming pool is weird too, and I could have sworn I saw someone dancing on the bottom. I am enjoying riding the flying horse and helping a boy who plays squeezebox and talks to swans though, so things are--you should pardon the expression--looking up.

My Horses, My Healers

My Horses, My Healers Pdf/ePub eBook


My Horses, My Healers - Shelley R. Rosenberg Summary

My Horses, My Healers begins as a childhood drama of sexual abuse in the life of the author, and through the healing power of interacting with horses, Shelley Rosenberg transforms her experience into a protocol for self-healing through the willingness to be with the horse. For riders of all ages, for anyone who has experienced alienation from their own human kind in their days, for anyone who loves horses—this book resonates with the good that can come from watching horses and humans interact and teach one another about the language of direct communication, feelings, and healing through truthful speaking of our emotions.

The Yoruba Traditional Healers of Nigeria

The Yoruba Traditional Healers of Nigeria Pdf/ePub eBook


The Yoruba Traditional Healers of Nigeria - Mary Adekson Summary

This work examines the counseling approaches and techniques used by Yoruba traditional healers of Nigeria. It also describes the functions performed by Yoruba traditional healers when they work within the Yoruba cultural milieu. The information elicited from Yoruba traditional healers through videotape and interviews was analyzed by a Nigerian woma

The Magic of Touch

The Magic of Touch Pdf/ePub eBook


The Magic of Touch - Sherry Suib Cohen Summary

Healing therapies old and new which are revolutionizing health and well-being are described in detail in this first volume in Harper & Row's New Ways to Health series.

The Magician's Apprentice

The Magician's Apprentice Pdf/ePub eBook


The Magician's Apprentice - Trudi Canavan Summary

The stunning prequel to the worldwide bestselling Black Magician Trilogy *Over 3 million Trudi Canavan copies sold worldwide* In the remote village of Mandryn, Tessia serves as assistant to her father, the village Healer - much to the frustration of her mother, who would rather she found a husband. But her life is about to take a very unexpected turn. When treating a patient at the residence of the local magician, Lord Dakon, Tessia is forced to fight off the advances of a visiting Sachakan mage - and instinctively uses magic. She now finds herself facing an entirely different future as Lord Dakon's apprentice. But along with the excitement and privilege, Tessia is about to discover that her magical gifts bring with them a great deal of responsibility. Events are brewing that will lead nations into war, rival magicians into conflict, and spark an act of sorcery so brutal that its effects will be felt for centuries . . . Praise for Trudi Canavan: 'Epic, vivid and believable' Guardian 'It's easy to see why Trudi Canavan's novels so often make the bestseller lists. Her easy, flowing style makes for effortless reading . . . Delightful worldbuilding . . . Vivid and enjoyable' SFX 'The world-building is tremendous. The magical system is sophisticated and fascinating' Striking Keys 'A suspenseful masterpiece . . . will have fans desperate for the sequel' RT Book Reviews 'Superb . . . an enthralling tapestry of a book that's hard to put down' Fantasy Faction *Have you tried Trudi Canavan's stunning new series, Millennium's Rule? It starts with the Sunday Times bestselling THIEF'S MAGIC*


FreeMaster Pdf/ePub eBook


FreeMaster - Kris Jensen Summary

Sent to Ardel to negotiate a trade agreement for the Terran Union, Sarah Anders finds herself caught in the midst of a mercenary invasion, and her long-dormant psychic powers may be the only hope for the Ardellan FreeMasters to stop the intrusion

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