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Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare

Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare Pdf/ePub eBook


Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare - Lisa Gardner Summary

Tess croyait avoir trouvé le mari idéal en la personne de Jim Beckett, un policier jouissant d'une excellente réputation dans la petite ville de Williamstown, Massachusetts. Mais deux ans après le mariage, elle découvre l'horreur : son époux a assassiné, dans des circonstances effroyables, plusieurs femmes. Tess n'a d'autre choix que de le dénoncer à la justice. En attendant d'être jugé, Jim est placé dans un quartier de haute sécurité. Le jour où, tuant deux gardiens, il parvient à s'évader, il n'a plus qu'une idée en tête : retrouver celle qui l'a trahi. Et lui rappeler qu'ils sont unis, quoi qu'il arrive, jusqu'à ce que la mort les sépare...

The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


The Perfect Husband - Lisa Gardner Summary

Jim Beckett was everything Tess had ever dreamed of . . . But two years after Tess married Jim, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. Now the killer has escaped, and Tess has got to learn to fight back. With the help of a burned out ex-marine, Tess learns how to protect herself as a gigantic manhunt, crossing four states, counts down to this terrifying reunion between husband and wife.

The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


The Perfect Husband - Indah Riyana Summary

Dia yang mencintaiku, tetapi aku justru mengabaikannya. Ayla adalah mahasiswi abadi, masih berkutat dengan skripsinya pada saat teman-temannya lulus kuliah. Selain masalah akademisnya, semua terasa baik-baik saja. Ada Ando, sang kekasih yang tak pernah ia kenalkan pada papanya. Ada Viana dan Dilan, dua sahabat baiknya yang benar-benar gila. Mencintaimu itu bagaikan terbang mengendarai pesawat. Memiliki tanggung jawab yang besar dengan tingkat risiko yang sangat tinggi. Berbekal wasiat mendiang papanya, Arsen mendatangi gadis itu dan ingin menikahinya. Walau ia ditolak mentah-mentah, tapi ia tidak menyerah. Ia akan selalu bersabar dan terus berjuang untuk meluluhkan hati si singa betina itu. Karena ‘sabar’ adalah nama belakangnya. Karena perasaan orang yang sudah kecewa, akan sulit diobati. Menikah tidak menjadikan mereka bebas dari masalah. Saat mereka sudah melangkahkan kaki bersama sebagai pasangan suami-istri, saat itulah ujian demi ujian menghadang mereka. Sanggupkah mereka melewatinya bersama walaupun pernikahan itu terjadi bukan atas dasar cinta? -Penerbit Romancious- (Ufuk Publishing Group) #PromoHariKartiniRomancious2018

Wanted: The Perfect Husband

Wanted: The Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


Wanted: The Perfect Husband - Margery Scott Summary

Sybil Franklin needs a husband – fast! In order to keep the ranch she inherited from a father she never knew, she must be married within thirteen days. One man comes highly recommended. The problem is, he has no interest in marriage, no matter what she offers in return. Devin McGregor had a ranch once, had a fiancé, had a future. He made a mistake, and it cost him everything. Now, he’s afraid to risk failing again, even though it’s tempting to accept Sybil’s marriage proposal. When Sybil decides to post an advertisement for the perfect husband, Devin knows he has to stop her from being taken advantage of, but there’s only one way to do that – marry her himself. If Devin can’t overcome his fear of failure, he’s going to lose everything again – including the woman he loves.

The Perfect Husband (FBI Profiler 1)

The Perfect Husband (FBI Profiler 1) Pdf/ePub eBook


The Perfect Husband (FBI Profiler 1) - Lisa Gardner Summary

THE PERFECT HUSBAND, the first book in the FBI Profiler series from The Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner. What would you do if the man you loved wanted to kill you? If you love Karin Slaughter, you'll love Lisa Gardner. When Tess Beckett married Jim, a well-respected and decorated cop, she thought all her dreams had come true. But within two years the vows she made were shattered as her husband was charged with murdering ten women. With Jim behind bars, Tess feels certain that she can move on with her life. Until she learns that Jim has escaped from prison. As a frantic and rigorous manhunt gets underway in four states, Tess knows that it's only a matter of time until her perfect husband tracks her down for the revenge he is sure to demand. And when he finds her, she must be ready. Because this time she's determined that their separation will be 'till death do us part'.

How to be the Perfect Husband

How to be the Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


How to be the Perfect Husband - Mungo Auchinleck Summary

A husband shares his best life advice for men about to get married and those who are already married. This book explains how to be a perfect husband, and you'll find yourself laughing, but don't be fooled -- there is some honest-go-goodness, spot-on practical advice in this book. An easy-to-read book written in a conversational style; you will feel as if the author is sitting right beside you in a wing-back chair.

THE PERFECT HUSBAND - Book One of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series

THE PERFECT HUSBAND - Book One of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series Pdf/ePub eBook


THE PERFECT HUSBAND - Book One of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series - Chris Taylor Summary

Isobel Donnelly has a perfect life. Married to a renowned orthopedic surgeon, she also has a successful and satisfying career as a pediatric nurse at the prestigious Sydney Harbour Hospital. Life couldn’t get any better. But then her babies arrive and the husband she adores turns into a cold and angry stranger. Her perfect world is shattered the first night he hits her. Now, she’s trapped in a violent marriage with nowhere to turn. Her husband has threatened to kill her and the kids if she ever dares to leave. In public, they’re the perfect couple, but inside, she’s slowly dying… Mason Alexander has relocated to the city to take up his dream job as a pediatric doctor at the prestigious Sydney Harbour Hospital. Recovering from a failed marriage, he’s determined to put the change of scene to good use. The distractions and demands of his new job are just what he needs to get his life back on track. Then he runs into Isobel Donnelly and his world is once again turned upside down. He’s loved her since they were children. She’s the reason his marriage failed. But Isobel’s still married to his nemesis: the incomparable Nigel Donnelly. From all accounts, the two of them are still blissfully in love. Vowing to steer clear of the woman who’s haunted his dreams for far too many years, Mason does his best to avoid her, but Isobel continues to seek him out and he can’t help but notice her assurances about her happy marriage appear a little forced. When she arrives at work with a blackened eye, he’s immediately suspicious: There’s no way she fell over toys left in the way. The thought that Nigel might be abusing her is abhorrent, but the signs are there for all to see. Will Mason be able to convince her to leave her husband…or will they both die trying?

The Perfect Husband (Platinum Edition)

The Perfect Husband (Platinum Edition) Pdf/ePub eBook


The Perfect Husband (Platinum Edition) - Indah Riyana Summary

Kata orang-orang di sekelilingku, Arsen itu sempurna. Hanya dia yang mampu membuatku, seorang Ayla yang tak kunjung lulus skripsi, tersadar untuk menjadi Ayla yang lebih baik. Bahkan, keluarga besarku sangat antusias untuk menjodohkanku dengannya, membuatku sebal setengah mati. Padahal, aku sudah mencintai Ando, pacarku saat ini. Namun, sialnya, Ando malah membuatku semakin terjebak pada situasi perjodohan ini. Sampai akhirnya, pernikahanku dengan Arsen pun terjadi. Saat kami memutuskan untuk saling berdampingan sebagai suami-istri, berbagai masalah pun datang bertubi-tubi. “Dia yang mencintaiku, tetapi aku justru mengabaikannya. Dan aku… menyesal.” Buku Persembahan Penerbit Romancious

My Perfect Husband

My Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


My Perfect Husband - Queen Ren Summary

Nesya Christabella adalah gadis yang di butakan oleh cinta monyetnya sampai bertahun-tahun lamanya. Gadis itu tidak menyadari jika ada seseorang yang lebih mencintainya dengan tulus hingga rela melakukan apa saja demi membuat gadis itu bahagia. Dia sampai menolak kaum hawa yang mencintainya bahkan bersikap dingin demi menjaga hatinya untuk Nesya, gadis cantik yang mampu membuat dirinya jatuh sampai sedalam ini. Cerita Romansa Klise yang mampu membuat hati kita di jungkir balikan oleh para pemeran tokoh. Cerita berkonflik ringan ini perfect untuk para pecinta Romansa Klise yang suka berhalu tingkat tinggi dan juga yang memiliki selera humor receh. "Aku memang mencintaimu, Febriano. Tapi aku lebih mencintai dia." NESYA CHRISTABELLA "Harapanku hanya satu, kamu membalas rasaku ini." CHRISTOPER GERALD DONSON

My Perfect Husband's Life

My Perfect Husband's Life Pdf/ePub eBook


My Perfect Husband's Life - Sophia Satyana Summary

Author Sophia Satyana tells the true story of her husband's sudden death at age fifty-six years old and the shocking story that unfolded of the secret life he had been living all along during their twenty-one year marriage. Part 1 is the story of how Sophia finds out about the secret life bit by bit. Unraveling the clues from emails and other computer findings, telephone and credit card records, and other important documents such as the deed to their home and the title to their car, a life insurance policy, and a suspicious, over-friendly co-worker reveal a less than perfect husband. Her husband had hidden a desperate sexual addiction, a deviant double personality, together with a six- year office affair, unknown and known debt, and more. His deception had been so complete that few in her circle would ever come to acknowledge the startling truth despite the mounting evidence to the contrary. Part 2: This part of the book is all about the healing that took place for Sophia to the depths of which she did not yet know were possible. "This is a riveting story of love and loss, of trust betrayed, of light and dark energies, all at play in a seemingly happy marriage. It is a story about healing the dark night of the soul that happens when your heart is shattered." "My intent is to break the cycle of secrecy and addiction, and everything that comes with this. The first step is being able to look at yourself, your life, and your relationships with a clarity and truth that may not be easy or pleasant to look at, but in the end it does set you free. As the Phoenix burns and flames, it also rises from the ashes to new heights unseen and unknown."

Now Everyone Will Know

Now Everyone Will Know Pdf/ePub eBook


Now Everyone Will Know - Maggie Kneip Summary

NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW is a memoir by Maggie Kneip about secrets-the secret about her husband that she kept for 25 years to protect her family, and the truth that set her free. With a foreword by Laura Landro of The Wall Street Journal and an afterword by Dr. Dale Atkins, frequent guest of NBC's Today show. Readers' Guide included.

My Perfect Husband

My Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


My Perfect Husband - DASP.98 Summary

Bagaimana jadinya bila Bara yang seorang playboy harus dipaksa menjadi suami dari gadis yang dianggap seperti adiknya sendiri. Dalam ego yang sama tingginya dan emosi yang mudah meledak, akankah semua berjalan lancar ? Apakah Bara mampu menahan egonya untuk menjadi suami yang baik ? Atau malah kandas pada usia penikahan yang baru sumur jagung ? Penasaran ? Baca selengkapnya disini !

My Perfect Husband 2

My Perfect Husband 2 Pdf/ePub eBook


My Perfect Husband 2 - dasp.98 Summary

Ketika semua sudah membaik dan di penuhi cinta, orang dari masa lalu datang kembali. Akankah Bara bisa mempertahankan cintanya? Atau perlahan masa lalu Bara menggeser kedudukan Clara dalam hati Bara? Atau malah Clara yang mengalah untuk masa lalu suaminya yang datang kembali? Temukan jawabannya di sini! NB : BACA MY PERFECT HUSBAND UNTUK HASIL MEMBACA YANG LEBIH BAIK :)

A Perfect Husband

A Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


A Perfect Husband - Aphrodite Jones Summary

“Aphrodite Jones is one of the chief practitioners of the true crime genre.” —Baltimore Sun Updated with a fascinating analysis of the series The Staircase. Michael Peterson was a decorated war veteran and bestselling novelist, his wife Kathleen a high-powered executive and devoted mother. They seemed to be the perfect couple—until the tragic night Michael found Kathleen at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood. He claimed her death was an accident. The prosecution put him behind bars. Then in a stunning reversal, a judge gave him another chance to stand trial. Aphrodite Jones draws on exclusive interviews and disturbing new evidence to update this classic real-life thriller of marriage, manipulation, and murder. “A richly detailed and deeply researched tale of a greedy, sociopathic killer.” —Caitlin Rother, New York Times bestselling author of Lost Girls “Prepare yourself for a journey into a meticulous criminal mind." —Corey Mitchell, author of Savage Son INCLUDES 16 PAGES OF DRAMATIC PHOTOS Visit us at www.kensingtonbooks.com

The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband 2

The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband 2 Pdf/ePub eBook


The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband 2 - Chellindy Gabriellia Summary

Terakhir kali pertemuannya dengan Laura, membawa Rachel ke dalam maut. Butuh waktu lama untuk Rachel sadarkan diri. Akhirnya, setelah Rachel berhasil sadarkan diri, perjalanan rumah tangga mereka kembali di mulai. Alka yang semakin protektif pada Rachel, membuat Rachel merasa terlindungi. Tuntutan keluarga mereka yang ingin cucu membuat Rachel dan Alka dilema. Alka yang tidak mau memaksa Rachel berhubungan dan luka operasi Rachel yang belum kering dan juga Rachel yang masih memikirkan pendidikannya. Namun, satu persatu fakta mulai terungkap. Hilangnya salah satu teman mereka dan munculnya masa lalu yang membuat Rachel semakin takut. Akankah Rachel dan Alka kembali mempertahankan rumah tangga mereka dari badai yang menerpa?

My Perfect Husband 3

My Perfect Husband 3 Pdf/ePub eBook


My Perfect Husband 3 - dasp.98 Summary

Bagaimana jadinya bila Bara diminta membesarkan buah hatinya sendirian? Dengan perasaannya yang sedih dan selalu berkecamuk tiap melihat buah hatinya. Akankah Bara mampu membesarkan buah hatinya dengan baik dan benar? Atau Bara memilih mengabaikan buah hatinya karena selalu terbayang akan Clara di benaknya? Akankah Bara menemukan pengganti Clara? Atau tetap menunggu Clara dan menyatukan keluarganya kembali? Temukan jawabannya disini! NB : BACA MY PERFECT HUSBAND 1 & 2 UNTUK HASIL MEMBACA YANG LEBIH BAIK :)

The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband

The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband Pdf/ePub eBook


The Bad Boy is My Perfect Husband - Chellindy Gabriellia Summary

Kehidupan Rachel berubah drastis semenjak perjodohan konyol yang diputuskan keluarganya di usia remaja. Menikah dengan lelaki yang sifatnya berbanding terbalik dengan dirinya, urakan dan terkenal bad boy di sekolah, membuat Rachel mengelus dada bahkan mengeluarkan air mata berkali-kali. Pernikahan yang tidak mudah, pemikiran yang masih labil, kelakuan yang kekanakan membuat keduanya tidak nyaman dengan situasi pernikahan dini yang terpaksa dijalani. Berbagai ancaman yang datang dari penggemar Alka menyakiti Rachel begitu dalam. Rahasia yang disembunyikan lelaki itu mengaburkan semua rasa yang ada. Perjalanan penuh drama dalam bahtera rumah tangga Alka dan Rachel. Mampukah mereka membangun sebuah perasaan yang sama sekali tidak pernah dibayangkan sebelumnya?

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