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Arrogant Boss

Arrogant Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Arrogant Boss - Olivia Hayle Summary

Julian Hunt is a legend. A tech billionaire and a playboy philanthropist. He's not someone you meet, not without a six-month wait. Except I did--and not in that sweet, meet-cute kind of way. I wish.No, I manage to run head-first into Julian Hunt in a nightclub. It's the spill-my-drink-over-his-suit kind of headfirst, the break-my-heel kind. But the arrogant bastard doesn't leave. No, he carries me to my car. He implies that I fell on purpose to catch his attention--how dare he!--and after I've chewed him out, he asks for my number.I don't expect to see him again. After all, lightning doesn't strike twice. Except it does, when Julian's involved. Because when I walk into a business negotiation the next day, who's sitting on the other side? Julian Hunt. He's wearing a smirk and a perfectly tailored suit, and he's not there to play. He dominates. I walk out of the negotiation having--somehow!--been offered my dream job. It's an offer far too sweet to refuse.But if there's one thing more intimidating than running into Julian Hunt at a nightclub, it's the prospect of Julian Hunt as a boss. A very persistent, dominant, sexy-as-hell boss. He might have decided that we'd be perfect together, but I won't be tempted by his broad shoulders and wicked tongue. Julian might be a hunter. But I refuse to become prey. "Arrogant Boss" is a riot of a romantic comedy, starring a billionaire bad boy looking to woo the woman of his dreams, a pint-sized girl with big dreams and a ton of sexy banter. Standalone, no cheating and HEA-guaranteed!

Before You Get Engaged

Before You Get Engaged Pdf/ePub eBook


Before You Get Engaged - Dr. David Gudgel,Brent Gudgel Summary

Before You Get Engaged offers priceless advice and direction for daters who are considering popping (or answering) the big question. Author and counseling pastor David Gudgel teams with his son, Brent, and Brent's girlfriend, Danielle, using anecdotes, dialogue, and diary entries to discuss the twelve relational indicators indispensable to a healthy, lasting marriage, including: Would you marry you? Are you spiritually connected? Are you better together than apart? Have you considered what God has to say? Complete with fun and endearing proposal tips as well as ways to gently ask your significant other for more time, Before You Get Engaged will equip you with the insight, confidence, and peace to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

The Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride

The Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride - Lindsay Armstrong,Rio Uino Summary

After being suddenly dispatched for a last-minute interpreting job, Alex is left speechless at the arrogant attitude of her employer, Max. Even though she is confident in her ability to do her job, Max is looking not only for a skilled interpreter, but a beautiful companion to accompany him in high-society events. After being evaluated by Max, she is forced to transform herself into a gorgeous socialite! Alex reluctantly decides to follow his demands. In the midst of things, he bluntly issues her a warning: “Don't go against me. Especially when I'm in a good mood.” How far will his arrogance go?

The Billionaire Boss's Temptation 2

The Billionaire Boss's Temptation 2 Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire Boss's Temptation 2 - Lexi Black Summary

The last slither of setting sunlight peeks it’s head over the dark horizon as I stand in the street outside my house, setting the sky above in beautiful ripples of smokey grey, dark purple and fiery orange. It’s an enchanting sight, but I can’t seem to tear my eyes from the sleek, black Mercedes that has just pulled up in front of me. As I gawp like an open-mouthed fool, a man steps out of the driver’s side. For a second my breath catches in my throat, thinking that it could be Logan Norse - my mesmerisingly good-looking (if undeniably impertinent and arrogant) boss. But then I catch sight of the chauffeur's cap and the double breasted, shining silver buttoned jacket, and my heart allows itself to resume its normal pace. Of course I should have known that Norse would never drive himself anywhere, let alone come and pick me up to take me to the airport personally. WARNING: Mature readers only. Search Terms: alpha male romance, billionaire romance, contemporary romance, young adults romance, bad boy romance, romance short stories, second chance romance, steamy romance, hot romance books, love story, office romance, boss romance, beach reads, new adult

Tempt The Boss

Tempt The Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Tempt The Boss - Natasha Madison Summary

PREORDER THE THRID INSTALLMENT TEMPT THE HOOKUP TODAY COMING OCTOBER 22ND! Lauren Going back to work was supposed to be a painless transition, but when my new boss turns out to be an arrogant, cocky jerk, he quickly turns my professional life into a world of torture. Okay, fine, calling him an asshat before knowing he was my boss wasn't my finest moment. Hating him should be easy. I just never counted on him being so gorgeous or charming when he's not annoying me. Austin I expected my new assistant to be professional and punctual, but all I'm getting are dirty looks and rude comments. I should fire the little hellion, but instead all I can think about is bending her over my desk and breaking every rule I've ever made for myself. One look. One touch. One night. If we break the rules, our lives will never be the same again. Good thing rules were made to be broken. And besides, it feels so good to Tempt the Boss.




KEPT BY HER GREEK BOSS - Kathryn Ross,Mio Natsuki Summary

Katie was involved with her Greek boss, Alexi, but when she thought she might be pregnant, she decided to end the loveless relationship with him and quit her job. Fortunately, she found a new job in no time and was ready for the next chapter in her life. On the first day of her new job, she’s gobsmacked when she meets her boss?it seems her new company was secretly acquired by Alex, and the arrogant man still thinks he can dictate her life!

Naughty Boss

Naughty Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Naughty Boss - Whitney G. Summary

He definitely wasn't supposed to get that email... Subject: My Boss. Have I already told you that I hate my boss today? Sexy as hell or not, this pompous, arrogant, ASSHOLE asked me to pick up his dry cleaning the second I walked through the door. Then he told me that I needed to take his Jaguar to a car wash that was ten miles outside of the city, but only after I needed to stand in a never-ending line to buy some type of limited, hundred-dollar watch. I honestly can't wait to see the look on his face two months from now when I tell him that I'm quitting his company and that he can kiss my ass. KISS. MY. ASS. All those former fantasies about him kissing me with his "mouth of perfection" or bending me over my desk and filling me with his cock are long over. OVER. Your bestie, Mya PS--Please tell me your day is going better than mine... Subject: Re: My Boss. No, you haven't already told me that you hate your boss today, but seeing as though you've sent me this email directly, I know now... Yes, I did ask you to pick up my dry cleaning the second you arrived to work to day. (Where is it?) And I did tell you to take my Jaguar to the car wash and pick up my thousand-dollar watch. (Thank you for taking five hours to do something that could be accomplished in two.) You don't have to wait two months from now to see the look on my face when you tell me you're quitting. I'm standing outside your office at this very moment. ( Open the door. ) No comment on your "fantasies," although I highly doubt they're "long over." Your boss, Michael PS--Yes. My day is definitely going far better than yours...


Headline Pdf/ePub eBook


Headline - Michael Pulman Summary

Paul James is a man under the spotlight, often for all the wrong reasons. At age twenty-three, many people believe it's now time for the out-of-control Paul to grow up and kick his old party-boy ways which has given him the "ticking time bomb" stigma for so long. With all the potential in the world, Paul could find himself losing the one thing that got him to this point in the first place, the faith of his family, the respect of his friends, and most importantly . . . he could lose himself. One event will change the life of Paul James forever. With his dreams over and nothing to live for, the one thing that has criticised Paul for so long could turn into the one thing that will give him his big break and last opportunity to fulfill what the close people around him believe to be his destiny. However . . . There are more than a handful of people that wouldn't mind seeing Paul James fail in what will turn out to be one of the most controversial decisions New Zealand has ever seen.

About Last Night

About Last Night Pdf/ePub eBook


About Last Night - J S Cooper Summary

Emily Finland, twenty-five, college graduate, hot mess, lover of all things cheese. Hasn't had a date in a year. Yeah, that's not something I would put in a dating profile. Ever. In fact, I can't be bothered to date. There are so many awful guys out there. I much prefer to Netflix and chill with a pizza. But of course, my busybody best friend Charlotte was having none of that. She persuaded me to go on a blind date and even though I was reluctant, I decided to go. I never expected to meet a man like Liam Montgomery.Liam Montgomery, forty, rich, cocky, wears a rolex, likes expensive whiskey, completely out of my league. He was not who I would have chosen to have gone on a blind date with. Just because he was gorgeous didn't mean he would make a good boyfriend. Plus he was way too old for me. That didn't stop me from flirting with him though. Or from spending one very long exciting night with him. I'm not going to tell anyone about that night. Ironically, it turned out that Liam hadn't even been my intended date. Oops!Unfortunately for me, hot mess Emily, the biggest shock of my life was still to come. For while Liam and I should never have been, he's not about to leave my life quite that easily. You see I'm celebrating my dad's retirement with my folks and Liam is also there. Only this time, he's not alone.

Why Should the Boss Listen to You?

Why Should the Boss Listen to You? Pdf/ePub eBook


Why Should the Boss Listen to You? - James E. Lukaszewski Summary

This is a book about gaining influence and becoming a key trusted advisor. It is for everyone who advises leaders and senior managers (accounting, finance, human resources, IT, law, marketing, public relations, security, and strategic planning) and for outside consultants in these functional staff areas. It’s also for operations people yearning to finally be heard and heeded by their boss.

Taken by Her Greek Boss

Taken by Her Greek Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Taken by Her Greek Boss - Cathy Williams Summary

Nick Papaeliou dates beautiful women, so his attraction to frumpy Rose is a mystery. Maybe it's because she's not falling at his feet! Rose wants to detest her arrogant Greek boss, but she needs the job. As his ruthless seduction weakens her resolve, she reminds herself that after the seduction she'll be discarded. Nick's in for a surprise—for underneath Rose's shapeless clothes hides a more alluring woman than he could ever imagine….

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five Pdf/ePub eBook


To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five - J S Cooper Summary

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five, I'm glad you're happy to have moved into a new apartment, but no: I do not want to have a beer with you.I do not want to have a nude sleepover.I do not want to make you breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter how many lap dances you promise to give me.I do not need you to serenade me through the walls at 1am.And no, I have no interest in letting you take me on a date.Sincerely, Magnolia AllenP.S. And no, I do not want to know how many accents you can growl in during intimate moments. How is that even a thing?P. P. S. Also, you will never find me standing naked in your living room ever again, so please stop leaving lingerie packages on my welcome ma

The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée

The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée Pdf/ePub eBook


The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée - J S Cooper Summary

I pretended to be the girlfriend of one of the richest men in New York City.It was only meant to be the one time. I mean, it was the week before Christmas, I was shopping with my best friend and we were hungry and wanted to dine at the new swanky restaurant on the Upper West Side.For some reason the hostess misheard me when I mentioned Max Parker's name. I'd been complaining that he was the reason why I'd lost my job. Who was I to correct her when it meant that "my relationship" had caused a table to suddenly open up? And then the next week I accidentally let it slip that Max Parker was my boyfriend to get into an exclusive club. And then there was the time when I saw that Chanel handbag and Prada shoes. I mean, it didn't really hurt anyone, did it? It was just a little white lie.How was I to know that my fake boyfriend would find out that I'd been using his name? Now he's blackmailing me into playing his fake fiancé (Fiancée) in an arrangement that could only be classified as risqué. Turns out if I want to keep my apartment and not move home with my parents, I'm going to have to play along with his game. Only he's going to have to go along with my rules as well and while he smirks at that idea he doesn't know that I've got a plan of my own.

Falling for My Boss

Falling for My Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Falling for My Boss - Jaimie Suzi Cooper,Helen Cooper (Romance fiction writer) Summary

Scott Taylor was sex on legs and it was all Elizabeth Jeffries could do to resist him. When Elizabeth Jeffries was hired for a job with her party gram company, she had no idea that her new boss Scott Taylor was going to have such an effect on her. He was a handsome flirt and he liked to push the boundaries of their office relationship. Only Elizabeth, with the guidance of her best friend, has decided to push right back. She wants Scott to know that he's not the only one that can play games. Thus begins the ultimate game of cat and mouse. They both begin to tease and lure each other into their webs and then something explosive happens. The games go too far and Elizabeth is pushed to the limit. Scott doesn't know what to think when he finds out Elizabeth's big secret and the reason why she took the job. The truth causes everything to blow up, however neither one of them were to know that that wasn't to be the last job that Elizabeth would take that would bring her back into his world.

The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress

The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress Pdf/ePub eBook


The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress - Kate Hardy Summary

Aristocratic playboy surgeon Charles Radley is never out of the gossip columns—he's pictured each week with a different woman in tow. Sophie can't believe such an arrogant womanizer has been employed as her new boss! Badly hurt by men of his pedigree before, she doesn't trust the handsome millionaire. Yet red-hot sparks ignite between them…. For Charlie, Sophie's vulnerability and softness offer a refreshing change from society "it" girls. Sophie's reluctant to be seduced—but Charlie's determined to make her his very willing mistress!

The Arrogant Leader

The Arrogant Leader Pdf/ePub eBook


The Arrogant Leader - Stephen Jenks,Fritz Steele Summary

Leadership roles have been populated by people who tend to take an I’m better than you stance toward the lesser mortals around them. Unfortunately, arrogance is a luxury that organizations can no longer afford (if they ever could). We explore leadership arrogance and examine the costs on the leaders themselves, those around them, and their organizations. Learn to understand and deal with arrogant behavior so that it doesn't sabotage personal competence, relationships, and organizational survival.

Coldhearted Boss

Coldhearted Boss Pdf/ePub eBook


Coldhearted Boss - R S Grey Summary

I'm desperate and destitute when Lockwood Construction rolls into my small town with an offer too good to pass up: high wages to any able-bodied man willing to join their crew. Say no more. I throw on baggy clothes, tuck my long hair under a baseball hat, and apply for a job. Unfortunately, my half-baked idea of disguising myself as a guy is flawed from the beginning. As Shakira says, these hips don't lie. Still, I like to think I might have pulled the whole thing off save for one thing: I know my boss. Last month, we met at a bar, and after a fiery first encounter, it seems we're destined to be sworn enemies. Ethan Stone is ruthless and arrogant, a man I never would have crossed had I known how much he likes to toy with his prey. He should just fire me and be done with it. Instead, he decides to make me his personal slave. Oh right, I think they're calling it personal "assistant" these days. It's torture, all of it-his bad attitude, his ruggedly chiseled face, his desire to grind me into dust. Every one of our friction-filled battles burns hotter than the last. A girl can only hold out for so long. Soon, I'm bound to go up in flames. My objective? Survive the heat long enough to send home a paycheck. My real objective? Stop having X-rated fantasies about my coldhearted boss.

The Playboy

The Playboy Pdf/ePub eBook


The Playboy - J. S. Cooper Summary

A-list actor and former rock star Oracle Lion also known as Zach Houston needs no introductions. He's the handsome playboy of Hollywood and women around the world want to be with him. Every woman it seems, except for Piper Meadows. Piper wants nothing to do with a man like Oracle. And that's why she pretends she has no idea who he is when she first meets him. She didn't know that would make Oracle see her as a challenge. She didn't know that her lack of interest would lead to an offer of friendship that she would find hard to refuse. Piper Meadows thought she knew what a man like Oracle Lion wanted. She thought she knew what a real playboy was like, but Oracle confounded all of those ideas. For, while Oracle is a playboy; he's so much more than that. As their friendship grows more confusing, neither one of them is prepared for what happens next. As they get to know each other, they find themselves caught up in a web of hot passion, lies, and love. Then comes an explosion of secrets that are going to rock both of their worlds. They have no idea that both of their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Love Signs and You

Love Signs and You Pdf/ePub eBook


Love Signs and You - Skye Alexander,Rochelle Gordon,Nadia Stiegltz Summary

Love Signs and You is the definitive volume of romantic astrology.

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