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Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action

Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action Pdf/ePub eBook


Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action - John Fobanjong Summary

Affirmative action remains one of the most divisive issues in America, remaining unsolved since the 1960s civil rights legislation. Though many works have attempted to solve the dilemma, none have tried to identify the underlying causes of the backlash against the policy. In order to understand affirmative action's future, one must understand its evolution, its opposition, and its application both in America and in other nations. In a multi-disciplinary approach, this book examines affirmative action from comparative, historical, policy, and sociological perspectives. Also included is a list of Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action.

Battleground: M-Z

Battleground: M-Z Pdf/ePub eBook


Battleground: M-Z - Amy Lind,Stephanie Brzuzy Summary

Contains ninety-seven alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about women's studies topics, such as abortion, bisexuality, childcare, glass ceiling, nationalism, religion, sex work, and welfare reform.

Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality [2 volumes]

Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality [2 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook


Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality [2 volumes] - Stephanie Brzuzy,Amy Lind Summary

Whether in the home or in the public arenas of media, work, sports, politics, art or religion, women often become embroiled as subjects in the political, social, and cultural debates in America. People on all areas of the political landscape see women in diverse and conflicting ways—as either too liberated or not liberated enough, or whether and how gender and sexual roles are rooted in either biology or culture. Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality helps readers navigate contemporary issues and debates pertaining to women's lives in the United States and globally. This work examines how science and culture intertwine to influence how we think about our identities, desires, relationships, and societal roles today. Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality comprises lengthy, in-depth discussions of the most timely issues that are debated in today's culture, such as, birth control, comparable worth, disability and gender, glass ceiling, immigration, plastic surgery, tattooing, and piercing, same-sex marriage, and sexual assault and sexual harrassment Each essay provides a balanced overview of these hot-button topics, and a list of works for Further Reading after each entry serves as a stepping-stone to more in-depth material for students who are writing papers or researching reports.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Pdf/ePub eBook


Affirmative Action - A. M. Babkina Summary

Affirmative Action is one of the most controversial issues of our times. Proponents on both sides of the issue claim clear-cut evidence for the rightness of their arguments, yet evidence is hazy at best. This new guide to the literature presents hundreds descriptions of books, reports and articles dealing with all aspects of affirmative action including: race relations; economic aspects, reverse discrimination; preferences; affirmative action programs; public opinion; court decisions; education, and many more. Complete title, author and subject indexes are provided.

Social Issues in America

Social Issues in America Pdf/ePub eBook


Social Issues in America - James Ciment Summary

Truly comprehensive in scope - and arranged in A-Z format for quick access - this eight-volume set is a one-source reference for anyone researching the historical and contemporary details of more than 170 major issues confronting American society. Entries cover the full range of hotly contested social issues - including economic, scientific, environmental, criminal, legal, security, health, and media topics. Each entry discusses the historical origins of the problem or debate; past means used to deal with the issue; the current controversy surrounding the issue from all perspectives; and the near-term and future implications for society. In addition, each entry includes a chronology, a bibliography, and a directory of Internet resources for further research as well as primary documents and statistical tables highlighting the debates.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Pdf/ePub eBook


Affirmative Action - Kathiann M. Kowalski Summary

"Outlines the arguments of those both for and against affirmative action programs and the history behind such programs"--Provided by publisher.

When Sorry Isn't Enough

When Sorry Isn't Enough Pdf/ePub eBook


When Sorry Isn't Enough - Roy L. Brooks Summary

"This anthology is a collection of essays, written by both internationally renowned and emerging scholars, and of public documents that concern claims from around the world which seek redress for human injustice"--Preface.

Fuhrer's Heart

Fuhrer's Heart Pdf/ePub eBook


Fuhrer's Heart - James D. Ward Summary

"Fuhrers Heart: An American Story" is a suspense thriller set in the New Orleans academic world and inspired by the David Duke era in Louisiana politics. Full of suspicious deaths, action, conspiracies, and sex; the author adds to this tumultuous mix a great dose of racial tension and political intrigue. The New Orleans Gambit Weekly calls the novel "a quick and engaging read that presents an insight to how racism has endured through the ages." According to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, "Fuhrers Heart is a courageous, even-handed attempt to remind us that evil still lurks in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways." The journal Public Voices says Fuhrers Heart "expands the definition of academic infighting to an entirely new level." Novelist Angelia Menchan says it "has all the components for a thrilling, suspenseful story." One of the main characters is a young and highly ambitious African American named Michael Woods. His dreams for a better life lure him from the working class lifestyle of his family, former cotton pickers in the rural South. He graduates from college and upon receiving a PhD, is fiercely recruited by New Orleans prestigious Institute for Public Policy. Unbeknown to Michael, the liberal leaning Institute has recently been infiltrated by white supremacists portraying themselves as members of the liberal establishment. For additional information about "Fuhrers Heart: An American Story, visit www.FuhrersHeart.com.

Racing for Innocence

Racing for Innocence Pdf/ePub eBook


Racing for Innocence - Jennifer Pierce Summary

How is it that recipients of white privilege deny the role they play in reproducing racial inequality? Racing for Innocence addresses this question by examining the backlash against affirmative action in the late 1980s and early 1990s—just as courts, universities, and other institutions began to end affirmative action programs. This book recounts the stories of elite legal professionals at a large corporation with a federally mandated affirmative action program, as well as the cultural narratives about race, gender, and power in the news media and Hollywood films. Though most white men denied accountability for any racism in the workplace, they recounted ways in which they resisted—whether wittingly or not— incorporating people of color or white women into their workplace lives. Drawing on three different approaches—ethnography, narrative analysis, and fiction—to conceptualize the complexities and ambiguities of race and gender in contemporary America, this book makes an innovative pedagogical tool.

Daily Labor Report

Daily Labor Report Pdf/ePub eBook


Daily Labor Report - N.A Summary

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Diversity in Engineering

Diversity in Engineering Pdf/ePub eBook


Diversity in Engineering - National Academy of Engineering,Committee on Diversity in the Engineering Workforce Summary

This report contains fifteen presentations from a workshop on best practices in managing diversity, hosted by the NAE Committee on Diversity in the Engineering Workforce on October 29-30, 2001. NAE (National Academy of Engineering) president William Wulf, IBM vice-president Nicholas Donofrio, and Ford vice-president James Padilla address the business case for diversity, and representatives of leading engineering employers discuss how to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and underrepresented minorities in engineering careers. Other speakers focus on mentoring, globalization, affirmative action backlash, and dealing with lawsuits. Corporate engineering and human resources managers attended the workshop and discussed diversity issues faced by corporations that employ engineers. Summaries of the discussions are also included in the report.

The New Politics of Race and Gender

The New Politics of Race and Gender Pdf/ePub eBook


The New Politics of Race and Gender - Catherine Marshall Summary

Provides an overview of the political historical context of race and gender politics in schools, followed by an in-depth analysis. The chapters include work of scholars and policy analysts on policy and policy implementation at all levels of school politics in the USA, Australia, and Israel.

Understanding American government and politics

Understanding American government and politics Pdf/ePub eBook


Understanding American government and politics - N.A Summary

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Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship

Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship Pdf/ePub eBook


Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship - Thomas D Boston Summary

This volume isolates the cause of continuing disparities not only between blacks and whites, but amongst blacks as well. Key factors discussed include the current state of the economy the influence of public policies, the persistence of urban poverty, economic opportunities, changes in family and social structure and equal opportunities. The city of Atlanta is used as a case study focusing on the emergence of the new black entrepreneur, with data on black businesses drawn from records of almost 1000 black owned firms.

African American Women Speak Out on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas

African American Women Speak Out on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Pdf/ePub eBook


African American Women Speak Out on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas - Geneva Smitherman Summary

An essential voice has been added to the ongoing national debate and public discourse on race, class, and gender. African American Women Speak Out on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas is the first commentary on the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas confrontation written exclusively by African American women. Margaret Walker Alexander, Angela Y. Davis, Darlene Clark Hine, Harriette McAdoo, Julianne Malveaux, and other scholars and writers offer reflections and in-depth analyses on one of the most wrenching public dramas in recent history. Diverse and interdisciplinary in scope, the contributions clarify the significance of the event and examine the broader ramifications for the African American community and the nation.

Redress for Historical Injustices in the United States

Redress for Historical Injustices in the United States Pdf/ePub eBook


Redress for Historical Injustices in the United States - Michael T. Martin,Marilyn Yaquinto Summary

An exceptional resource, this comprehensive reader brings together primary and secondary documents related to the reparations movement in the United States. While the movement is united in its goal of "repairing" the injustices to African Americans that have followed from the long history of slavery and Jim Crow, this anthology reveals the range of opinions as to the form that repair might take. Some advocates of redress call for apologies; others for official acknowledgment of wrongdoing; and still others for material reparations: monetary compensation, government investment in disenfranchised communities, the restitution of lost property and rights. By activists and scholars of law, political science, African American studies, philosophy, economics, and history, the twenty-six essays include both previously published articles and pieces written specifically for this volume. Some essays theorize the historical and legal bases of claims for redress; some examine the history, strengths, and limitations of the reparations movement; and some explore its relation to human rights and social justice movements abroad. Others evaluate the movement's primary strategies--legislation, litigation, and mobilization. While all of the contributors support the campaign for redress in one way or another, many of them engage with arguments against reparations. Among the forty-seven primary documents included in the volume are federal, state, and municipal acts and resolutions; declarations and statements from organizations including the Black Panther Party and the NAACP; legal briefs and opinions; and findings and directives related to efforts to make amends, such as the Mandate for the Greensboro, North Carolina, Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Redress for Historical Injustices in the United States is a thorough assessment of the past, present, and future of the modern reparations movement.

The Holt handbook

The Holt handbook Pdf/ePub eBook


The Holt handbook - Laurie G. Kirszner,Stephen R. Mandell Summary

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Deeper Shades of Purple

Deeper Shades of Purple Pdf/ePub eBook


Deeper Shades of Purple - Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas Summary

Womanist approaches to the study of religion and society have contributed much to our understanding of Black religious life, activism, and women's liberation. Deeper Shades of Purple explores the achievements of this movement over the past two decades and evaluates some of the leading voices and different perspectives within this burgeoning field. Deeper Shades of Purple brings together a who's who of scholars in the study of Black women and religion who view their scholarship through a womanist critical lens. The contributors revisit Alice Walker's definition of womanism for its viability for the approaches to discourses in religion of Black women scholars. Whereas Walker has defined what it means to be womanist, these contributors define what it means to practice womanism, and illuminate how womanism has been used as a vantage point for the theoretical orientations and methodological approaches of Black women scholar-activists. Contributors: Karen Baker-Fletcher, Katie G. Cannon, M. Shawn Copeland, Kelly Brown Douglas, Carol B. Duncan, Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Rosemarie Freeney Harding, Melanie L. Harris, Diana L. Hayes, Dwight N. Hopkins, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan, Kwok Pui-Lan, Daisy L. Machado, Debra Majeed, Anthony B. Pinn, Rosetta Ross, Letty M. Russell, Shani Settles, Dianne M. Stewart, Raedorah Stewart-Dodd, Emilie M. Townes, Traci C. West, and Nancy Lynne Westfield.

Theorizing Backlash

Theorizing Backlash Pdf/ePub eBook


Theorizing Backlash - Anita M. Superson,Ann E. Cudd,Director of Women's Studies and Professor of Philosophy Ann E Cudd Summary

2nd EDITION --This book is part of a series of books with a simple twofold objective:The first aim is to expose young people to the fact that there are many careers out there. Some that you may not have considered, others you may have thought about but have rejected for various reasons. We are here to tell you that once you approach your career choice in a professional, logical and business manner there is no reason why you should not pursue your dream.The second aim is: Get educated!!!! If you are in school; stay in school. The longer you can stay in school and get a formal education the easier it will be to market yourself. Make no mistake the level of your education: primary, secondary, college or university will decide the level of the job that you end up with.Finally, this book like all the others I have written is in plain, ole, simple English so that we can all understand.So I present you the reader with the age old question.... What do you want to be when you grow up?

MultiCultural Review

MultiCultural Review Pdf/ePub eBook


MultiCultural Review - N.A Summary

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