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Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea Pdf/ePub eBook


Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea - Lionel Fanthorpe,Patricia Fanthorpe Summary

Explores the intriguing mysteries of the sea: How were the seas formed? What gave rise to stories of mermaids, sirens, and sea monsters?

Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea Pdf/ePub eBook


Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea - Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe Summary

Seas and oceans cover most of the Earth’s surface, yet we know less about what lies beneath them than we do about stars and planets millions of miles away. The seas are filled with intriguing mysteries: How were they formed? What gave rise to stories of sirens, mermaids, and mermen? Where did the old pirates and buccaneers hide their treasure? The answers to these questions and more can be found in Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea.

Air and Sea Mysteries

Air and Sea Mysteries Pdf/ePub eBook


Air and Sea Mysteries - Sue L Hamilton Summary

This book discusses investigations involving the stories of ships and planes that have vanished including Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, the Mary Celeste, the USS Cyclops, and the French pilots of the White Bird.

36 unsolved mysteries of the world

36 unsolved mysteries of the world Pdf/ePub eBook


36 unsolved mysteries of the world - N.A Summary

36 Unsolved Mysteries of the World is an engrossing account of some breath-taking mysteries of the times to be read with abated breath.

The Ultimate Book of Unsolved Mysteries

The Ultimate Book of Unsolved Mysteries Pdf/ePub eBook


The Ultimate Book of Unsolved Mysteries - John Pinkney Summary

Baffling Murders, Bizarre Vanishings, Strange Visitors. This unique volume contains some of the most important cases John Pinkney has covered over a lifetime. His classic stories are arranged into nine sections: Dark, Deadly and Never-Solved; Haunting Encounters; UFO: The Truth is near; 'Menace' of the Mummies; The Sea's Strangest Mysteries; People Who Saw the Future; Against All Odds: The Riddle of Coincidence; Sinister Fates; Vanishings. Unsolved Mysteries not only contains many of the author's most intriguing cases, but also features 10 fascinating new reports, including Eerie Omens of the 9/11 Massacre, Tales of Three Time-Travellers, The Lost Coin that 'Chased' an Australian soldier, and The Ghostly Drum.

The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Pdf/ePub eBook


The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries - Lionel Fanthorpe,Patricia Fanthorpe Summary

Accompany the Fanthorpes on their intriguing investigations in Canada and worldwide, through years of research into the unexplained.

Mysteries of the Deep

Mysteries of the Deep Pdf/ePub eBook


Mysteries of the Deep - Phil Coleman Summary

MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP: Myths, Legends and Unsolved Mysteries of an Underwater World Covering more than 70% of our planet, much of which remains unexplored, it is little wonder that the calming waters of the deep hold so many mysteries. Since the time of the Ancient Greeks people have told tales of the sea. Be it mystical sea creatures luring sailors to their deaths or ghost ships silently sailing the ocean waves. What follows are tales of creatures, mysteries and strange encounters which will leave you seeing the seas in a totally different light.

The Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible

The Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible Pdf/ePub eBook


The Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible - Yohane Summary

We are currently living in an interesting, exciting, wonderful, and ominous time in the history of the world. Technology and the Informational Age make it possible to know instantly about world events—and some of these events appear to be extremely worrisome. In response to this situation, The Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible gathers topical treatments of the Bible’s key messages, supplementing them with insights from the writings of the world’s varied ancient traditions. Author Yohane has assembled this diverse array of sources into a sequence of thirty-eight chapters addressing questions about the Bible and God, moving through the accounts of creation and salvation, and turning, finally, to the mysteries of God’s planned ending of the world. If you listen to the news and wonder what sense to make of a confusing world, if you ask yourself whether life has any purpose or worthy end, or if you have always intended to dig into the Bible to find out its witness to God and his design for the whole creation from beginning to end, then The Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible can serve as your guide to asking the hard questions, listening for the truthful answers, equipping yourself to live in this world, and knowing God’s plans for the world to come.

Mysteries and Secrets of Numerology

Mysteries and Secrets of Numerology Pdf/ePub eBook


Mysteries and Secrets of Numerology - Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe Summary

Paranormal experts Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe analyze the fascinating history of numerology and its natural occurrence in our everyday lives.

The Unsolved Mystery of Atlantis

The Unsolved Mystery of Atlantis Pdf/ePub eBook


The Unsolved Mystery of Atlantis - Michael Martin Summary

"Presents the legend of Atlantis, including current theories about possible location sites"--Provided by publisher.

On the Edge

On the Edge Pdf/ePub eBook


On the Edge - Thomas R. Dunlap Summary

With our access to Google Maps, Global Positioning Systems, and Atlases that cover all regions and terrains and tell us precisely how to get from one place to another, we tend to forget there was ever a time when the world was unknown and uncharted--a mystery waiting to be solved. In On the Edge, Roger McCoy tells the captivating--and often harrowing--story of the 400 year effort to map North America's Coasts. Much of the book is based on the narratives of mariners who sought a passage through the continent to Asia and produced maps as a byproduct of their journeys. These courageous explorers had to rely on the most rudimentary mapping tools and to contend with unimaginably harsh conditions: ship-crushing ice floes; the threat of frostbite, scurvy, and starvation; gold fever and mutiny; ice that could lock them in for months on end; and, inevitably, the failure to find the elusive Northwest passage. Telling the story from the explorers' perspective, McCoy allows readers to see how maps of their voyages were made and why they were so full of errors, as well as how they gradually acquired greater accuracy, especially after the longitude problem was solved. On the Edge tracks the dramatic voyages of John Cabot, John Davis, Captain Cook, Henry Hudson, Martin Frobisher, John Franklin (who nearly starved to death and become known in England as "the man who ate his boots"), and others, concluding with Robert Peary, Otto Sverdrup, and Vihjalmur Steffanson in the early twentieth century. Drawing upon diaries, journals, and other primary sources--and including a set of maps charting the progress of exploration over time--On the Edge shows exactly how we came to know the shape of our continent.

Earth, Sea and Sky

Earth, Sea and Sky Pdf/ePub eBook


Earth, Sea and Sky - Lionel Fanthorpe Summary

“Earth, Sea and Sky” contains many different types of poem on a wide variety of subjects. As the title suggests, there are descriptions and analyses of the world we live in: our homes on the land, the sky above us and the seas and oceans around us. Poems are the literary equivalent of optical instruments. A telescope reveals the mysteries of distant galaxies, stars and planets: a poem reveals the mysteries at the hidden core of philosophy and theology. A microscope takes us down among the atoms and molecules from which our universe is built: a poem takes us down among the secret thoughts from which our personalities are built. Poems are the literary equivalent of different types of transport. The ballad metre trots like a well-trained pony. The sestina steams along like a commuter train calling at country stations on its way to the city. The rondel sails gracefully from port to port. These and other poetic formats can be found in this collection. Some poems investigate famous unsolved mysteries: what really happened to the three missing lighthouse keepers from the Flannans? What became of the crew of the Mary Celeste? What lies hidden in the Oak Island money pit off the coast of Nova Scotia? What happened to the Waratah? What mysterious power lurks in the Bermuda Triangle? Other poems describe remarkable characters and their lives: Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, Grace Darling of the Farne Islands and Henry Blogg, the fearless lifeboatman from Cromer in Norfolk, where the author once worked as a journalist. There are also philosophical poems which set out to examine the true nature of Gaia and the symbolic meaning of the travels of Odysseus. Other poems describe strange, historic and significant places such as the Cave of Shalinar, where archaeologists maintain that all of human history can be traced. These locational poems include Wordsworth’s home at Rydal Mount, the Tomb of Abraham and Criccieth Castle in Wales. A few of the poems create sequels to the thoughts contained in famous verses from the past, such as Shelley’s Ozymandias and Matthew Arnold’s The Forsaken Merman. In this collection Ozymandias Replies tells how much he enjoyed life and has no regrets. The Merman’s Wife Returns provides a happy ending instead of Arnold’s sadness. There are also some lighter verses: one of these looks at life aboard from the point of view of the ship’s cat; others refer to Sinbad the Sailor and a stowaway. One or two of the poems set out to cover some of life’s problems that beset us all from time to time. These include: The Age-Dragon, Be Like a Self-righting Lifeboat and The Ultimate Power.

Mysterious Ocean

Mysterious Ocean Pdf/ePub eBook


Mysterious Ocean - Peter Townsend Harris Summary

This book provides an introduction to ocean sciences that is engaging, evocative and accessible to non-experts interested in marine geoscience, while sparking readers' interest in important unsolved mysteries in marine science. The scope of the book is quite broad, but focuses on the physical ocean and its geological evolution, including the author's experiences working as an oceanographer over the last thirty years. Across ten chapters, the book traces the origins of the ocean from its formation 4 billion years ago, reviews the discoveries of the theory of plate tectonics, the ice ages and the great ocean conveyor, and discusses seafloor features (canyons, seamounts, trenches, abyssal plains, etc.), how they formed and their current environmental issues. The book concludes with a prognosis for the future ocean we might expect with global climate change and other human impacts.


Death Pdf/ePub eBook


Death - Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe Summary

The greatest human problem is that we are all born in the condemned cell. Money and medical science can extend the human lifespan significantly — perhaps up to one thousand years via cloning and cryogenics — but in the end, when the last medical miracle has been exhausted, Death still waits patiently for us. In Death: The Final Mystery, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe take their investigative skills to those last moments of life and beyond, exploring such puzzling topics as near-death and out-of-body experiences, reincarnation theories, hypno-regression, and automatic writing and other phenomena of the séance room. Evidence is drawn from trance mediums, the writings of mystics, and clear, hard facts reported by reliable eyewitnesses.

Shadows of existence

Shadows of existence Pdf/ePub eBook


Shadows of existence - Matthew A. Bille Summary

The age of zoological discovery has not passed. Every year, spectacular and exciting new species are being located and classified, adding to our knowledge of the animal kingdom. New whales, deer, snakes, sharks, and birds are just some of the creatures we have learned about in the past decade. Moreover, the seas and forests continue to conceal unsolved mysteries of zoology. Are there undiscovered big cats and unclassified apes hidden in the world's forests? Do large animals of unknown type lurk in deep lakes or in the oceans? The discoveries, rediscoveries, controversies, and mysteries of modern zoology are collected here in "Shadows of Existence", a thoroughly researched and up to date guide to the wonders of nature.

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries Pdf/ePub eBook


Unsolved Mysteries - Sandy Tasker Summary

Self-contained research activities based on mysteries such as the Loch Ness monster and the Bermuda Triangle.

Volcanoes in the Sea

Volcanoes in the Sea Pdf/ePub eBook


Volcanoes in the Sea - Gordon Andrew Macdonald,Agatin Townsend Abbott,Frank L. Peterson Summary

Well written and superbly illustrated, this work includes chapters on tectonic plates, volcanoes, erosion by water and wind, the ocean, ice and glaciers, earthquakes and tsunamis.

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