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White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism

White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism Pdf/ePub eBook


White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism - Roger Hewitt Summary

The murder of Stephen Lawrence led to the widest review of institutional racism seen in the UK. Sections of the white working-class communities in south London near to the scene of the murder, however, displayed deep hostility to the equalities and multiculturalist practice of the local state and other agencies. Drawing on extensive ethnographic research, this book relates these phenomena to the 'backlash' to multiculturalism evident during the 1990s in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and other European countries. It examines these within the unfolding social and political responses to race equalities in the UK and the USA from the 1960s to the present in the context of changes in social class and national political agendas. This book is unique in linking a detailed study of a community at a time of its critical importance to national debates over racism and multiculturalism, to historically wider international economic and social trends.

The Multiculturalism Backlash

The Multiculturalism Backlash Pdf/ePub eBook


The Multiculturalism Backlash - Steven Vertovec,Susanne Wessendorf Summary

In a relatively short time, many European governments have been purposefully dropping the notion ‘multicultural’ or other references to cultural diversity in their policy vocabularies. More and more politicians and public intellectuals have criticized a perceived shift towards ‘too much diversity’. This volume goes beyond the conventional approaches to the topic offering a careful examination of not only the social conditions and political questions surrounding multiculturalism but also the recent emergence of a ‘backlash’ against multicultural initiatives, programmes and infrastructures. Featuring case-study based contributions from leading experts throughout Europe and North America, this multidisciplinary work seeks to assess some of these key questions with reference to recent and current trends concerning multiculturalism, cultural diversity and integration in their respective countries, evaluating questions such as Is there is a common ‘sceptical turn’ against cultural diversity or a ‘backlash against difference’ sweeping Europe? How have public discourses impacted upon national and local diversity management and migration policies? Are the discourses and policy shifts actually reflected in everyday practices within culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse settings? The Multiculturalism Backlash provides new insights, informed reflections and comparative analyses concerning these significant processes surrounding politics, policy, public debates and the place of migrants and ethnic minorities within European societies today. Focusing on the practice and policy of multiculturalism from a comparative perspective this work will be of interest to scholars from a wide range of disciplines including migration, anthropology and sociology.

Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire

Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire Pdf/ePub eBook


Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire - K. Tyler Summary

This book explores why it is white ethnicity has been rendered invisible, arguing that contemporary people's conceptions of themselves are conditioned by, and derive from, the unknown and forgotten legacy of a colonial past that cannot be confined to the past.

The Politics of Ethnic Diversity in the British Isles

The Politics of Ethnic Diversity in the British Isles Pdf/ePub eBook


The Politics of Ethnic Diversity in the British Isles - R. Garbaye,P. Schnapper Summary

This book explores continuity and change in British multiculturalism. It offers an original perspective on British multiculturalism and also presents an exploration of the politics of ethnic diversity in all the national contexts of the British Isles as well as the United Kingdom.

Lived diversities

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Lived diversities - Husband, Charles,Alam, Yunis Summary

Lived diversities: Space, place and identities in the multi-ethnic city is a timely and important book, which focuses on multi-ethnic interaction in an inner city area. Addressing difficult issues that are often simplistically and negatively portrayed it challenges the stereotypical denigration of inner city life, and Muslim communities in particular. Using well-crafted historical, political and contextual explanations the book provides a nuanced account of contemporary multi-ethnic coexistence. This invaluable contribution to our understanding of the politics and practice of multicultural coexistence is a must-read for students and practitioners interested in ethnic diversity, urban policy and the politics of place and space.

Fairness, Class and Belonging in Contemporary England

Fairness, Class and Belonging in Contemporary England Pdf/ePub eBook


Fairness, Class and Belonging in Contemporary England - K. Smith Summary

Using experiences of the white, English, working-classes in Manchester, this book explores the local frustrations with feeling 'ignored' and 'neglected' by the government through articulations of fairness.

The Politics of Multiculturalism

The Politics of Multiculturalism Pdf/ePub eBook


The Politics of Multiculturalism - Ben Pitcher Summary

Taking as a case study the racial politics of the British state under New Labour, this book advances an idea of multiculturalism as the only conceptual framework that is capable of making sense of the contradictions of contemporary race practice, where racism is simultaneously rejected and reproduced.

That's Racist!

That's Racist! Pdf/ePub eBook


That's Racist! - Adrian Hart Summary

Twenty-first century British kids are more comfortable with ethnic diversity than ever before. The 'mixed race' population is rising exponentially. In school playgrounds across Britain, kids are inventing a version of colour-blind, multi-ethnic interaction that should teach the adult world a thing or two - not least about the amazing, superdiverse generation that is to come. And yet, for over a decade, playgrounds and classrooms have endured unprecedented interference in the form of official racist-incident reporting, training on the importance of racial etiquette, and the reinforcement of racial identities. Such interference is viewed by modern day anti-racists as a necessary bulwark against the creeping influence of the far-right, 'Islamophobia', and more generally the supposed covert racism of the wider population. Many official policy documents written under the influence of this approach insist a failure to tackle racist behaviour at the earliest age will allow racism to incubate and grow. Here, 'racism' is something defined by the notion of what constitutes hate speech or wounding words. Often it can be detected from an entirely innocent phrase, so long as the phrase is perceived by the offence-taker or another party or policy as 'racist'. This mindset has, in recent years, permeated public discourse on the subject. Evidence of racism - such as a gaffe by a politician or celebrity, or a footballer's on-pitch insult - is always 'the tip of iceberg' (the moment that racist society breaks the surface and is revealed to all). The idea of a hidden mass of racists in our midst explains the advent of a racism-watch approach that turns up the attenuator and trawls the nooks and crannies of everyday life for tell-tale signs. Moreover, PC anti-racism synthesises many of today's worst cultural trends: the erosion of free speech and of adult moral authority; the elevation of victimhood and of identity politics (particularly the reinstatement of racial identity); the misanthropic view of rotten, vulnerable humanity (where the state becomes purifier); the cult of child protection and the emergence of a degraded and vulgar conception of child development. It is with some irony, then, that modern day anti-racism can be argued as having taken over from old-fashioned racism as the dominant racialising force in British society.

Children Behaving Badly?

Children Behaving Badly? Pdf/ePub eBook


Children Behaving Badly? - Christine Barter,David Berridge Summary

Children Behaving Badly? is the first publication to directly address the complexity of peer violence from a range of disciplines and perspectives. Provides important insights into theoretical understanding of the issue and produces significant and far reaching implications for policy and practice developments Based on up-to-date research evidence and includes some unpublished findings from recognized experts in multidisciplinary fields Challenges many populist and damaging representations of youth violence and the associated narratives of modern youth as essentially ‘evil’

The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East

The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East Pdf/ePub eBook


The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East - S. Nair-Venugopal Summary

This volume explores Western attitudes towards the phenomenon of Easternization, drawing upon Eastern perspectives and examining the impact upon contemporary culture to argue that Easternization is another type of globalization.

Multiculturalism in Education and Teaching

Multiculturalism in Education and Teaching Pdf/ePub eBook


Multiculturalism in Education and Teaching - Carl A. Grant Summary

In the World Library of Educationalists series, international experts compile career-long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces – extracts from books, key article, salient research findings, major theoretical and practical contributions – so the world can read them in a single manageable volume. Readers will be able to follow the themes and strands and see how their work contributes to the development of the field. Carl A. Grant has spent the last 35 years researching, teaching, thinking and writing about some of the key enduring issues in multicultural education. He has contributed to a multitude of books and articles, and is former President of the National Association for Multicultural Education. In his selected works, Carl Grant brings together 14 of his key writings in one place. Starting with a specially written Introduction, which gives an overview of his career and contextualises his selection within the development of the field, the book is divided into three parts: - Race and Educational Equity - Theorizing Multicultural Education - Multicultural Teacher Education. This book not only shows how Carl Grant’s thinking developed during his long and distinguished career, it also gives an insight into the development of the fields to which he contributed.

House of Difference

House of Difference Pdf/ePub eBook


House of Difference - Eva Mackey Summary

Mapping the contradictions and ambiguities in the cultural politics of Canadian identity, The House of Difference opens up new understandings of the operations of tolerance and Western liberalism in a supposedly post-colonial era. Combining an analysis of the construction of national identity in both past and present-day public culture, with interviews with white Canadians, The House of Difference explores how ideas of racial and cultural difference are articulated in colonial and national projects, and in the subjectivities of people who consider themselves mainstream, or simply Canadian-Canadians.

Geography and Ethics

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Geography and Ethics - James D. Proctor,David M. Smith Summary

This book represents a landmark exploration of the common terrain of geography and ethics. Drawing together specially commissioned contributions from distinguished geographers across the UK, North America and Australasia, the place of geography in ethics and of ethics in geography is examined through wide-ranging, thematic chapters. Geography and Ethics is divided into four sections for discussion and exploration of ideas: Ethics and Space; Ethics and Place; Ethics and Nature and Ethics and knowledge, all of which point to the rich interplay between geography and moral philosophy or ethics.


Whitewash Pdf/ePub eBook


Whitewash - John Gabriel Summary

By putting the language used in television, the radio, the internet and press, as well as that spoken by key leaders, under the spotlight, what is ultimately revealed is the existence of a 'white' language, both coded and overt. Taking specific examples and presenting new factual evidence, John Gabriel studies the racial politics that lie behind much of the communication in the public arena. Case studies draw on contemporary political controversies and are used to explore the relationship between racialised forms of media discourse and political and economic change.

British National Party

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British National Party - Nigel Copsey,Graham Macklin Summary

This book examines the recent development of the far right in Britain with a particular focus on the British National Party (BNP), the most electorally successful far right party in British history.

The Colorblind Screen

The Colorblind Screen Pdf/ePub eBook


The Colorblind Screen - Sarah E. Turner Summary

The election of President Barack Obama signaled for many the realization of a post-racial America, a nation in which racism was no longer a defining social, cultural, and political issue. While many Americans espouse a colorblind racial ideology and publicly endorse the broad goals of integration and equal treatment without regard to race, in actuality this attitude serves to reify and legitimize racism and protects racial privileges by denying and minimizing the effects of systematic and institutionalized racism. Ina The Colorblind Screen, the contributors examine televisionOCOs role as the major discursive medium in the articulation and contestation of racialized identities in the United States. While the dominant mode of televisual racialization has shifted to a colorblind ideology that foregrounds racial differences in order to celebrate multicultural assimilation, the volume investigates how this practice denies the significant social, economic, and political realities and inequalities that continue to define race relations today. Focusing on such iconic figures as President Obama, LeBron James, and Oprah Winfrey, many chapters examine the ways in which race is read by television audiences and fans. Other essays focus on how visual constructions of race in dramas likea 24, a Sleeper Cell, anda The Wanted acontinue to conflate Arab and Muslim identities in post-9/11 television. The volume offers an important intervention in the study of the televisual representation of race, engaging with multiple aspects of the mythologies developing around notions of a post-racial America and the duplicitous discursive rationale offered by the ideology of colorblindness."

The New Politics of Race

The New Politics of Race Pdf/ePub eBook


The New Politics of Race - Marlese Durr Summary

From an initial revisiting of the Du Bois-Washington debate to Derrick Bell's essay on the pitfalls of "doing good," this volume presents fresh contemporary perspectives on the age-old problem of race discrimination.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now? Pdf/ePub eBook


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now? - Angela D. Dillard Summary

In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now? Angela Dillard offers the first comparative analysis of a conservatism which today cuts across the boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. To be an African-American and a conservative, or a Latino who is also a conservative and a homosexual, is to occupy an awkward and contested political position. Dillard explores the philosophies, politics, and motivation of minority conservatives such as Ward Connerly, Glenn Loury, Linda Chavez, Clarence Thomas, and Bruce Bawer, as well as their tepid reception by both the Left and Right. Welcomed cautiously by the conservative movement, they have also frequently been excoriated by those African Americans, Latinos, women, and homosexuals who view their conservatism as betrayal. Dillard's comprehensive study, among the first to take the history and political implications of multicultural conservatism seriously, is a vital source for understanding contemporary American conservatism in all its forms.

Obama Effect, The

Obama Effect, The Pdf/ePub eBook


Obama Effect, The - Heather E. Harris,Kimberly R. Moffitt,Catherine R. Squires Summary

Timely, multidisciplinary analysis of Obama’s presidential campaign, its context, and its impact.

American Book Publishing Record

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American Book Publishing Record - N.A Summary

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